Breakfast At The Office

Breakfast at the Office

I wake up so refreshed but very horny. I decide to get to your office early before you arrive. I bought your favorite coffee and some chocolate eclairs. I get to your private office and I put your coffee and eclair on your desk then I get under your desk waiting to surprise you with the best breakfast you ever had..

You come in and you noticed the coffee and eclair on your desk. You're a bit hesitant but you come over to your chair and sit down. You pull your chair in towards your desk and then you see me under your desk. Before you say a word, your boss walks in and he wants to have a meeting with you in your office. You're a bit nervous as I'm right there and I'm rubbing your thigh through your slacks and you gently push my hand away. I'm very determined to give you the best breakfast ever and I'm not at all concerned about the boss being there. It makes me more excitedly aroused and I continue to massage your thighs and I gradually moved toward your bulge which has become much bigger. I keep touching you and you try to fight me off but you can't and you have to finally surrender.

I reach up to your zipper and slowly unzip to which your cock pops out with a massive hard on. You move your chair closer to the desk. I take your cock in my hand and I slowly start stroking your hard cock. The veins are almost bursting out of the thin skin around your beautiful cock and the head of your cock is glisening with pre-cum. I tongue the tip of your cock and lick up all the delicious cum of yours. As soon as I lick it up more pre-cum keeps coming out of your cock. I don't want you to cum right now. I have to serve you some breakfast. I get out the goodies and I first spread some chocolate sauce on your cock and I continue to make you sqream in you chair. At this point your boss says, "Are you okay, Michael? You're seem uncomfortable right now." you reply. "I'm fine, just a little stiff today" I just about laughed because you are very stiff and your not in any pain at this moment.

I continue to lick and suck away at your chocolate coated cock. Then I take my eclair and decide to insert your cock into the hole in the eclair where the custard filling is. Knowing the custard will come out on the other end, I take a bite into the soft creamy eclair and I slowly push the eclair further down your cock. I lick your tip and more pre-cum is coming out mixed with the custard. It's so very yummy and you have one hand on my head now. You don't want me to move. I know your loving this and your trying so hard not to make any pleasurable sounds. Your talking but I can tell your having a hard time and I'm loving every minute of it. I do know that you'll be getting back at me later...

Your boss leaves and you ask him to close the door as he leaves. He knows your stiff but I know where you're very stiff..I take bits of the eclair, careful not to bite you. I take a bite and I wrap my mouth around your cock and pull off the bitten piece of eclair and suck and lick your tip. Each bite gets your cock deeper in my mouth. You are moaning in pleasure and saying "You're so nasty and very bad" and when I get down to the last bite of eclaire you hold me head so you can get your cock deep down my mouth to my throat. You let me mouth fuck your cock slowly then faster till you say'Baby I'm going to cum" I take the last remaining eclaire still around the base of your cock and I pull it up to the head of your cock and just then you explose your hot creamy cum mixed with the eclaire and custard. I had to swallow a few times as you had a big cum load.

I went back to your cock and licked off any remaining eclair and cum.. I put your now softened cock back in your slacks and I get up from under the desk and we enjoy out coffee's and you eat your eclair as I already had mine earlier..

Hope you enjoyed this story...
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2 years ago
Good shit... Loved it
2 years ago
Not a lot of second person stories! Love it
3 years ago
Wow! A fabulous story. Great! xxx
4 years ago
I would have bent you over the desk as soon as my boss left the room and would have fucked you deep and hard
4 years ago
Excellent story. What a hot woman you are!
4 years ago
nice, made me so hard
4 years ago
Naughty ... hehehee
Yeah I wonder if you could stay still if I was under your chair !!!!
4 years ago
I love the story!!!
4 years ago
my kind of woman love it so much
would love you under the desk
4 years ago
ive done this but without the eclair
4 years ago
I would enjoy having you in my office, or anywhere sucking my cock of all its cum! NICE STORY!
4 years ago
love the story , and would be coating your sexy body with custart till your pussy was nice and creamy , then lick you all over