An adventure at the adult movie store pre-view boo

Well the time had come for me to renew my collection of hired adult movies. I gathered them all into a briefcase and set off to the adult movie store in the city. (I live in a small town 56 km from the city)

Upon arrival at the bookstore I handed in the old movies and started perusing the "New arrivals" section. I selected a few titles which caught my fancy and being quite horny from reading the write ups decided to "pre-view" one in particular in the booths at the back of the store.

Obviously my motive for this decision being that it was a long way to ride back home without first relieving the tension in my pants. I entered the booth pulled the curtain closed, inserted the tape, pushed play and loosened my pants.

As the movie started, I slowly removed my raging boner from my pants and started moving my hand up and down my shaft to the rythm of the opening music, playing on the movie. The first scene was depicting a beautiful redhead giving this guy a slow and intense blowjob, as she was sqauting before the guy spreadeagled, she was rubbing her lovely mound, bringing her vulva together and spreading them out again. The scene was just what I needed to get into the swing of things so to speak.

As I started to really get into the scene and stroke my pulsating dick, in unison to what I was viewing, the curtain was suddenly drawn aside and a short bald guy slipped into my booth, before I could react, or even ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing, coming into my booth uninvited, he sqauted between my legs and gently, yet firmly, took hold of my member and gave it a stroke or two.

I was too flabergasted to speak, really gobsmacked so to speak! Here a complete stranger had burst into my "private" little space, whilst I was busy masturbating and just took over what is supposed to have been a private little moment.

As I was still thinking what I should say to this stranger, he took my dick into his warm and wet mouth and started massaging my balls as he sucked on my dick. He seemed to have a certain insatiable hunger the way he went about sucking my dick, the sensation rushing up my dick seemed to enter the base of my spine and run with a chill all the way to the very top of of cranium, exploding in mind blowing gushes in my brain. It was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced in my entire life.

I was so engulfed in what was happening to me, that I totally forgot that this stranger had entered my life only a few moments ago. I sat back in the chair and allowed this man to do with me what he and I so very badly needed. As he continued sucking on me he took his fingers and placed them in my mouth. I sucked on his fingers for a few moments and he removed them form my mouth and started drawing small circles around my ringpiece, I could feel the muscle in my spincher contract in anticipation of his invasion of my anus.

My balls were starting to throb when he slowly pushed his digits into my ringpiece, I felt my penis pulsating and I knew that I was about to cum.The stranger rotated his fingers in my arse and started rubbing against my prostate, at this point I totally lost my composure and the most intense orgasm of my life.

It actually felt as if I was pissing, my ejaculate was not the normal sporadic spurts, it was more like a continous stream pouring from me straight into the strangers hungry mouth. He continued sucking with such gusto that it felt as if my balls were in his mouth as well. As my orgasm subsided the stranger stood up and lifted me from the chair.

Without saying a word he turned me around and pushed me up against the wall in the small cubicle. I did not look around as he fumbled with his own pants and the next thing I felt was his thick dick pressing against my arse, before I could say "what the..." his thick solid dick was ripping my arse apart. At first I felt a searing pain shudder through my very being. It felt as if somebody had shoved a red hot poker into my rectum, then the pain turned into a extreme peverse pleasure. I actually started to push my backside backwards as he withdrew and held my arse their for him like a bitch in heat waiting for his next thrust.

It only took the stranger a few minutes and just as I was really starting to get into the whole, being fucked in the butt thing, he sudenly said oh my god im cumming and proceeded to shoot his load staright up my arse.

He then pulled up his pants and left the cubicle without saying another word to me.

To this very day I am still waiting and frequenting the same booth in the hope of having a repatition of that special treatment I recieved...anybody out there interested?

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1 month ago
Yes I'm here for you I will suck you eat your asshole out and fuck your asshole with my little cockle
1 year ago
Great story and very well written. I always enjoyed stripping naked in a porno booth and leaving the door unlocked hoping that someone would enter and use me for their sexual enjoyment and it would usually happen. I knew that who ever entered would take one look at me standing there naked and he would realize that he was in charge and that I was there for his pleasure.
2 years ago
Well Done.
2 years ago
luv the story got me hard
2 years ago
i want u can i join u
2 years ago
fuck - enjoyed the story m8 - had me hard and real horny - wishing and fantasiing i was the baldy
3 years ago
Very nice...I would have hated to get fucked after I shot my load...I like to stay horny while being invaded...I know it's all in my mind, but if I cum before I get fucked I don't enjoy it...I'm a size freak so I did like the story...
3 years ago
you sound like you were pent up with lots of sperm to swallow. I sucked a lot of cocks in movie places and when your as cock hungry as I am I bet I would give the better pleasure then the bald guy did. I'm a master cock sucker.......yum
3 years ago
nice story, never heard of this kind of place tho.
3 years ago
i loved this one and would love to do that to u