girls at fitness centre

i use do workout in a gym.i met a girl who became my friend in gym she is tracy a 18 years old young girl. we became good friends and one day she asked me for sex. i was interested but i was said no, she was asking day upon day she came close and asked me to fucker her as she never had sex before. i could not control my self. i told her wait till everyone goes out of the fitness centre,i told my trainer Sam to close the doors as i'm going to have sex.

tracy started kissing me and i slowly started removing her dress and kissing her she was nude, she removed my dress and started sucking my dick. i was nude i started sucking each bod parts of her and i started sucking her boobs they were so soft,she was in my arms.i started sucking her pussy it was yummy i saw it was not broken,i laid her on bench i started sucking her pussy and slowly i opened her legs wide and inserted my dick in her dick hmmm, god it was a hell i liked her tight pussy she was screaming asking it to take it out but i did not do it.i pushed deep in her she was bit bleeding, she was in my arms,Sam was seeing all this. even he want to join in sex, he removed his dress.she was scared but i was interested we both stated sucking her. she was screaming and asking to leave her. but no way, i was fucking her pussy,he was fucking in her ass, sam cock ws really big like me and both were enjoying, she was screaming her pussy turned in to red, we both interested our both cocks in her pussy. we both enjoyed a lot and sam cummed on her tits , but i want to put in her mouth i put that my cum in her mouth, from that time i fuck her every week, when i like to fuck her comes to my home, even we both have threesome sex with my friends
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4 years ago
4 years ago
wow that was a great concept but terribly written