First time with a women

Someone asked me how I knew I was Bisexual,so this is how it happened.
My girlfriend and I were sitting by her pool watching our k**s in the pool.We were both wearing bikinis.She said"Rose you have some hair sticking out of your bikini,throw a towel over yourself."I was embarrassed.After the k**s got out of the pool we sat them down and made them lunch.I had the towel wrapped around my bottom.She took me to her bedroom and told me she would cut my hair for me if I wanted her to.I was still embarrassed and I said no.She insisted saying she could see it better than me.I finally agreed.I took off my bikini bottom and laid on the towel on her bed.She had this small electric shaver and began shaving my pussy hair.Between the vibration from the shaver and her brushing the loose hair off with her hand I was getting a little turned on.I tried to control myself but I was getting moist and she noticed.She said"what's this are you getting wet,am I turning you on? I embarrassingly nodded my head.She started to rub my pussy mound gently and leaned in and kissed it.She was getting me wet.She licked my pussy pushing her tongue into my clit.I fell back on the bed and pulled my bikini top up to play with my tits.She was ravaging my cunt and I was moaning in delight.Within minuets I was coming and she sucked my cunt getting every drop of it.I was still embarrassed but she reassured me this would stay between us and no one would know.Since then I have had sex many times with her and some other women when I have had the chance.My husband knows nothing about it.
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3 years ago
Love it.
3 years ago
i love exploration it is what life is all about

keep exploring
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
good but short