Daddy found his lil girl

Being homeless isn’t the zany, fun, carnival ride you might expect. And not what one thinks can ever happen to them. In fact it’s one of those instances in life where you see a homeless person or persons and you feel remorse for their situation but then it’s dismissed just as quickly. That’s why when Dana and I split up; I just figured I would pick up my single life where it left off, but no. My ex took everything, even saw to it that lost my job. But I couldn’t understand why, I thought we were happy. Then she took our 16 year old daughter Monica and left the state. After drifting from this part of Seattle to the other, for months upon months, I bumped into one of our mutual friends. Actually Shelly was more Dana’s friend than mine, but she was astounded that I had wound up the way I did. She said that she almost didn’t even recognize me. Hell after 11 months of sl**ping in alley ways and high rise parking lots, I didn’t really recognize myself. We talked for a few minutes and she sobbingly confessed to me that she had helped bring me to the predicament that I was in. And that it never ever occurred to her that I would wind up homeless. As angry as I was, what good would it do me to hold a grudge against her? So I forgave her and turned to walk away. Shelly stopped me and gave me what money she could and ran away completely distraught. But in the course of our conversation she let slip where Dana had fled to.

I made my way to Colorado the only way I could under the circumstances, thumbing, sneaking into trailers and stowing away in box cars. But no matter where I was my thought were always of my Monica. And sometimes they were of making mad, passionate love to her. I know that sounds horrid from her father. But ever since my baby girl was 14, I could see something in her, beyond the physical that attracted me like nothin I have ever known. Before being left destitute I remember the fantasies I had for my daughter. I so wanted to feel her petite frame against me, her perky breasts in my hands, the taste of her wet pussy on my tongue, her beautiful crystal blue eyes (I know, red hair and blue eyes. I never knew it was possible) looking into mine as I shoot a load of hot cum down her throat. But no matter what I tried, or how far apart we were, she was the love of my life.

I finally made it, a little town called Eagle Colorado. The first thing I did when I got into town was look for signs of my once f****y. Having found none I found a 2 day old paper and looked at the help wanted ads. Nothing…. as I was looking for a quiet corner to sl**p in I overheard a conversation, one person telling another about a farmer that had broken his leg and was looking for some help running the farm. Well I’m no farmer but hell, work was work. After a night of no sl**p I went looking for someplace to try to clean myself up a bit and then asked around the way to the Mora’s farm. I walked out to where the farm was supposed to have been, I knocked on the door and an attractive middle aged woman answered the door and asked what she could help me with. Wow, people here are much nicer than I’m used to. I explained that I had heard about them needing some help, and then she asked me in to meet her husband. He introduced himself as Martin and his wife’s name was Angel. Martin and I spoke for a while and he agreed to hire me. They asked where I lived and how they could reach me when I wasn’t working on the farm, ashamed, I hung my head a bit and simply said that I was, regrettably, between homes at the moment and that if it was an issue then I would be on my way. No hard feelings. After mulling it over for a few minutes they agreed to let me use the guest house.

The guest house was set about 30 yards from the main house with a garden and a nice sized pool between the two. And a tall wood fence that hid the guest house from the main house. It wasn’t what I would call roomy but it was private and had everything I would need, a small kitchen, walk in shower, a small living room and a small bedroom, Martin and I greed that I would get settled in and then I would begin work the next morning. To make a long story short, things were going well. I wasn’t going out of my way to find Dana or Monica because I knew that I would run across them eventually. About two weeks later that’s exactly what happened. I was in town picking up some lumber at the mill, I glanced into a dance studio and there was my not so little girl. She loved to dance, ballet, of course and after watching her from a distance for a few moments I noticed that she was as good as she ever was, better even. My first instinct was to go barging into the studio and proclaim my presence to Monica but I was afraid of the consequences. I had no idea what story Dana might have told her to ex plain my sudden disappearance or their rapid departure from Seattle. So I decided to hang back. She dances in the evenings so after I was finished on the farm I would come into town and watch her.

This went on for almost a month until one evening I decided to follow her home. However home she did not go. I followed her to what I assumed was her boyfriend’s work and from there I followed them to a secluded spot in the woods. I sat watching the car they were in, noticing the windows fogging up and the car shaking. I tried not to imagine what was going on in there.
The thought of her pleasing another man made me want to hork. After another couple of minutes the passenger door flew open and my baby girl came flying out, but she was staggering and looking very upset. The boy she was with got out and was yelling at here to “get her ass back in the fucking car” but she ran. No way was I going to let this stand. I grabbed the mag light out from under the seat of the truck and flew out at the boy after my daughter had run off, and then the little bastard she was with jumped in his car and took off as fast as he could. I ran after Monica and as I caught sight of her I saw her fall, I guess she collapsed from all that had happened. I gently picked her up, cradling her in my arms, she looked up at me. She was seriously out of it and mumbled that he tried to **** her, and then she fainted. I wanted to take her home but I didn’t want Dana to know I was here, so I took her back to the farm and put her in my bed. I didn’t take her clothes off, but even at that I could see that she was developing into one hell of an exquisite example of womanhood. She was about 5’5, 105 pounds with breasts that were a modest size, maybe a 36-C, short playful red hair and extremely soft features. She reminded me of a porcelain doll. I was also reminded that despite being my daughter. I was romantically in love with her, but more deeply than I have ever loved anyone or anything. But I could never bring myself to act on what I felt for her. And those feelings would stay locked in my obviously twisted mind forever. I left her to sl**p off the affects of whatever “boner boy” had done to her and I went to the sofa.

The next morning arrived quickly; I didn’t sl**p much for keeping a close eye on my Monica. But she must have woke up while I was in mid cat nap. And I’m assuming realizing that here daddy was there, came into the living room and joined me on the sofa. I awoke to her head resting in my lap; her breathing was steady and normal. And my gods was she beautiful. When I had seen her in the studio window, looking like a finely carved out statue, her hair was kind of a sassy, messy looking. Kind of like it was now. I was in awe of her! When she woke a while later she threw her arms around me very tightly. Little sobs coming from her. “Daddy, what happened to you?!? Mom said that you walked out on us and that she had to leave to try to get over you”. I was soo furious I didn’t have the words. “Baby, I don’t want to put your mother in a bad light, but she lied to you. She kicked me out of the house and by the time I knew what was happening, she had gathered up what she could and ran with you.”

I explained all that had transpired, being homeless, how I found her and getting out to Colorado, leading me to where I was, and that I followed her when she was with the asshole that tried to **** her. She got so angry….at me!?!? She was so sure I was lying, even after I had given her Shelly’s number to call and confirm my story. I told her to call my old work in Seattle and ask them. She just stormed out and ran off. I sat on the sofa with my face in my hands and sobbed. The ache I felt in the pit of my stomach felt like someone had shot a cannon ball at me, point blank. And my chest felt like I had a Panzer resting on it. I was balling so hard that I actually vomited. I had found my baby girl only to lose her again. What would I do now? From my point of view, Monica was my only reason for existing.

I pushed my issues aside as best I could and soldiered on. I had lots of work to do and I didn’t want to break my promise to help out on the farm. Gods know I didn’t want to, but I set about doing what had to be done. I worked harder that day than I ever had. I worked until late that night. Went in, showered, went to bed, got up and went back to work. I tried so hard not to think about losing Monica again because it physically hurt too much and all I would do was break down and cry. I didn’t even stop to eat. This went on for a few days, I think. I noticed Martin and Angel watching me every now and again but I never stopped to talk. Friday came and I was working as hard as I could and I glimpsed martin watching me from a window. Maybe he knew something that I didn’t, because that night as I d**g myself into the guest house and before my exhausted eyes stood the one person who could repair the broken lump I had become. I stood and stared at Monica; dirty, sweaty, not having eaten for days and feeling rather weak. She had tears in her eyes and was holding a book, looking at me like she had reached in my chest and replaced my heart with a void, well she did, but not with any intentional malice. She looked at me and all she could mutter out was “I…I love you, Daddy”. In all my days I never heard sweeter words. And from the only person in the universe I wanted to hear them from. My heart was ready to leap from my chest and dance a jig. I fell to my knees and threw my arms out to her and she bolted into them with my head in her belly. She felt so good in my arms. A feeling I was sure I would never know, again. We held each other for what seemed like days. She smelled like wild roses and felt warm and safe.

Monica looked down at me and gently kissed my forehead. As hard as I was trying not to, I was balling from being so happy. “Baby, I thought I would never see you again?” She explained to me, “when I left here, I ran, and ran and then I walked and walked. But the more I thought about everything I thought I knew coupled with all that you had told me, less and less made any sense. After a few fitful nights of little sl**p and after mom would go to work I went looking for anything that would help me understand what had happened in Seattle. Then I found moms diary. And everything was there. Mom had it all written down, I can’t tell you why she would write it all down, but she did.” “After I read that I was in shock at what mom had done to us and how horrid and cruel I acted towards you.” “I had to come back, she said, but I didn’t know how to face you.” “And that was made even worse when I got here. I went to the Mora’s door and they asked me in, and said they were out at the pool when we woke the other morning and they over heard everything.” “And after I ran out, Mrs. Mora came down to check on you, but she said all she could see was you wadded up on the sofa, sobbing violently.” “I guess that was true, honey” I told her. She continued “Mrs. Mora also told me that since then all you have done is work and sl**p, she’s worried about you.” “She said you don’t talk unless you have to and you haven’t eaten in days.” Again I explained, “All I have lived for for the past two years was to find you and get you back. And when you ran out, that dream was obliterated. I guess I broke inside.” And with that, Monica began sobbing, again.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the sofa and we held each other. She looked up at me and pressed her lips to mine. It was passion; I felt the electricity between my daughter and I, but denied it. I was shocked but let it go. I figured she was just being emotional. After we had both had time to reign in our emotions, it was two in the morning. She asked if she could stay with me, and of course I agreed. “Monica, does your mother know I’m here? Did you tell her?”I asked. She answered “No, Dad! After I figured out the truth, I decided she didn’t have the right to know anything, maybe ever. I don’t think I can forgive her for taking me from the man I love.” I know the look of shock on my face was a sight to behold. “Umm what did you just say?” I asked with a slight grin. “Oh, Dad” she said lovingly. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” I took a shower and threw on some sweats, and I gave Monica one of my big t-shirts to sl**p in. We sat on the sofa and talked and she told about her last year of high school, and all of her friends that went off to college. Before I knew it she was sl**ping soundly. We woke the next morning still on the sofa the only thing was, her shirt was gone. She was topless, wearing only a pair of white lacy panties that only covered the top half of her small, shapely, lightly tanned butt. I had to admit, she was so sexy. Her head was in my lap and I had my hand on her firm breast. And her hand was up my shorts, fingers wrapped around my extremely erect dick. I tried to disengage her hand form my cock without waking her but I was unsuccessful as she roused quickly. I felt her grip my shaft a little tighter and she looked at me with a sly grin and deep green wide eyes. “Why daddy, you DID miss me, didn’t you?” I had to know what was in her mind. “Monica, honey; what’s going on with you? One minute you treat me like your dad, the next like I’m your lover. “Geez, Dad, don’t be so provincial.” With that she wandered off to the bathroom.

I set myself to making breakfast with what little I had in the house, and decided that it might be a better idea if we went out to brunch. Monica and I drove into town and stopped at a little dinner. But as we were walking in I noticed Dana’s car and pointed it out to Monica. “It might be better if we went somewhere else.” I said. She wasn’t shy about the fact that her mother would find out that I was there eventually and that Monica was 18 now and could make her own decisions. So I let Monica take the lead. She and I walked in and it didn’t take long for my ex wife to see me. Dana bristled and stormed over to us and grabbed Monica’s wrist to lead her out and said “come on we’re leaving this asshole here.” Monica yanked away from her and ran into my arms. She turned to her mother and hissed “NO….I know what you did. You didn’t have any right to take me away from my father and then lie to me about it. I’m staying here.” Her mother screeched back “You either come with me or I will forget you’re my daughter. I’m leaving town tonight and I will forget about you.” As I stood in shock watching mother and daughter yelling at each other, all I could think was, “why does this woman hate me so much?” But I didn’t ask. Monica whirled around to her mother and said “good, forget about me. I don’t have a mother, all I need is this wonderful man, my father, the man that protects and takes care of me.” Dana looked at me with eyes that could set the planet on fire, and walked out.

I decided it might not be a good idea to eat in the dinner. However I was again overruled by Monica. She had become so f***eful and opinionated in my unfortunate absence. We sat at our table side by side and all I could do was stare at her. Finally she looked at me with her big blue eyes shining and asked “Dad what are you looking at?” All I could think to respond with was “everything!” And I even said it out loud. She looked at me, “Dad you’re so sweet. You always make me feel like a lady. I love you!” Two years apart and my little girl had become a grown woman. Hell, all I had to do was look at her and my prick sprung to into the biggest erection that I have ever had. Somehow she noticed and slid her hand over it and squeezed it. Her breathing quickened and she moaned softly and just smiled and winked. I was beginning to think I was being sized up, no pun intended. Monica and I finished our meal and headed to her moms house to get her things and then back to the farm.

As we pulled in the drive the Mora’s were leaving. They stopped and told me that Monica was welcome to stay as long as she liked, and that they would be gone till late that night. That worked well since Monica had nowhere to go now that her mother had discarded her. I sent Monica into the guest house to put her things away where ever she could find a spot, and I set out back to work in the barn.

I’m not sure how long I was working when I heard a splash. I deduced that Monica had gone into the pool so I decided to check up on her. I walked over to the pool, right to the edge and looked to see my little girl swimming in a bikini that wouldn’t have covered the pimple on a frog. She looked up and asked me “do you like it daddy?” I couldn’t believe my eyes “Gods yes, baby.” I answered and I quickly retreated before she could see my raging shaft. I ran off to the back of the barn to rub one out. All I could think of was my gorgeous daughter and how I wanted her to pleasure me in so many ways. And have her let me pleasure her. Gods in heaven, what was I thinking? I’m a 40 year old man in love with and lusting after my 18 year old daughter. Consumed by my own thoughts I didn’t notice Monica approaching. I was stroking my cock as hard and as fast as I could, finally shooting one, then two, then three large ropes of hot baby gravy on a bale of hay, I didn’t notice the object of my lust and affections standing in the room watching me with her hand under her bikini and rubbing her clit feverishly. “Nice dad, you got some distance with that. You have a great looking cock, but next time you should shoot that gun at something more worth your load”, as she rubbed her hands over her body. I was dumbfounded but beginning to realize that my feelings for Monica might be the same that she had for me. But that couldn’t be. She was in the flower of her youth, and I was a middle aged farm hand.

Well the work day had finally come to an end and I walked into the guest house. I was headed to the shower when Monica asked me to dress kind of nice when I got out so I dashed into the shower scrubbed up and I got out, got dressed in the best I had. Jeans and a white button up. I walked into the kitchen to a beautifully set table and a delicious looking diner. Monica walked into the room and my heart stopped. There was my little Monica standing there in a beautiful black dress with her red hair brushed but naturally messy, the way we both liked it. She had on a pair of long dangly ear rings that looked fabulous next to the pale-ish skin of her long thin neck. Her make-up was done just enough to highlight her delicate features, and she was bare foot. It was the cutest thing. My Monica hated to wear shoes if she didn’t have to.
But my gods, the way she looked made me realize why I was in love with her, even if it wasn’t right. She looked at me like I was the only man in the world.

The intensity of the feelings I was having almost brought me to tears. We sat and ate diner slowly and discussed what we wanted to do for the foreseeable future. She told me she wanted to live with me and go to community college. She said she wanted to major in business management, But also wanted to continue with her dancing. All I could say was that no matter what she decided to do, I would be behind her 110%. Tears welled up in her eyes and she stood and kissed my cheek and walked outside. I followed after her and asked what was wrong. “Nothing daddy, I’m just so happy to have you back in my life. I don’t want you to ever leave me again.” I held her and reassured her that I would be around as long as she wanted me to be. We sat outside and talked and drank cheap wine. We spoke on all manner of subjects, until it got late. And it was time to go to bed. Bed, there was one full sized bed. We both looked at it for a minute and she looked at me “I don’t care if you don’t.” Oh, I’m an evil, evil daddy, I thought.

Monica got into the button-up that I took off; she said that it smelled like me and that it was comforting, however she had nothing on underneath it. We crawled onto the bed and Monica cuddled up as close as she could to me with her head on my chest. And we both drifted to sl**p. It was about 5 am when I woke and I was spooned up behind my baby girl, all the while conscious of my semi-hard cock pressing against her ass. I knew I should put some distance between us, but it felt so good, I didn't want to move. When I heard the steady rhythm of Monica’s breathing and I knew she was still asl**p, I took a chance and cupped her breast on the outside of her night shirt. It filled my hand nicely and I felt her nipple pushing into my palm. I didn't sl**p a wink after that. I didn't want to miss a single minute of holding her in my arms. When the alarm went off, I reached across the beauty that I was lying beside and hit the snooze button, hoping to prolong our closeness. My cock had throbbed all morning, pressed against her. Monica opened her eyes and started to stretch."Oh Daddy! Time to get up!" she giggled. She turned around to face me, throwing the covers off me. I rolled over onto my back and tried to cover myself again. "Nooooooooooo!" I jokingly protested. Monica straddled me easily and leaned down to kiss my cheek. "Come on daddy, wake up!" she said, tickling me by grabbing at my waist. As I pretended to fight her off, grabbing at her waist, I caught glimpses of her bare pussy as she struggled to get away. She had just a small patch of red hair. I felt my cock harden even more inside my sweats. I wondered if she felt it under her ass. She stood up on the bed, her feet on either side of my hips, giving me a better view of her eighteen year old pussy. I groaned under my breath, fighting my urge to fuck her right there. Monica jumped down off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom and I breathed a sigh of relief. I threw the covers back and laughed to myself. My cock was standing straight up, tenting my sweats. I ambled outside and aimed my hard cock at the woods. It took a while, but I finally was able to relieve myself. I went back to the bedroom to pull on a pair of jeans, but my cock was still hard from thoughts of holding Monica in my arms most of the night. I lay on the bed and pulled my throbbing cock and balls out. I had to relieve the pressure or I would explode. With great urgency I jacked my cock, working myself into frenzy. The side of my hand slapped against my balls.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I moaned, working my hand up and down my shaft.

It didn't take long before my balls tightened up and long ropes of cum shot out of the end of my dick, straight up into the air and landing on my stomach and chest, gradually calming down to short spurts. I heard the shower stop and quickly grabbed a towel to clean myself. I jumped up from the bed and ran to the kitchen, giving my hands a quick wash in the sink.

As I pulled eggs and bacon from the refrigerator, Monica walked into the kitchen and moved up behind me, her taut body wrapped in a towel. She slid her arms around my waist, pressing herself against my bare back. She kissed the back of my neck, sending shivers through me. "I love you, Daddy," she told me."I love you too, baby," I replied, "You’re my best girl." "I'm your only girl," she teased," But that was exactly the way she wanted it. I turned around to face her, glancing at the swell of her breasts as the towel pushed them together. I badly wanted to bury my face in them, tongue her nipples. She was the only woman I wanted. Changing the subject, I told her, "Have a seat sweetie; I'll have breakfast ready shortly.” Monica sat down on a chair that was nearest to the sink. Her legs parted slightly, causing the towel to fall away from her thighs. I tried my best to refrain from staring at her. My cock was throbbing again and I found it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. I wondered if she knew what she was doing to me."Need some help daddy?" she inquired. “No thank you honey, you just sit and relax and let me cook.” As we ate all I could do was look at my lil girl. I was drinking in the fantastic woman that she had become. And when I broke from my fixation on her I noticed that, once again she had managed to f***e my member into an erection that, if I stood up, would knock glasses off the table. But I had to get up eventually, so I stood to refill our coffee cups and I saw her eyes focus in on the bulg in my pants. Then she looked down at her own towel covered body, now fully aware that the towel wasn’t covering all of her nudity. And with that in mind she noticed that there was a tingle that crept from her now moist pussy, up to her breasts and down again. And her nipples were poking out of her towel. This really didn’t bother her though, she wanted her father, wanted him as a lover, a partner, as a man. And given that just the look of her in a towel made my cock stand up and salute, she was pretty sure I wanted her to. And I definitely did!

As she got up from the table her towel began to slip and she caught it but not before her C-cup breasts were exposed to the world, the world being her father. Monica blushed ever so slightly and looked at me. And saw me taking in the nakedness of her firm, round, perfect tits. “You like them, daddy?” she purred in a sultry voice. I wanted to lie and chastise her for not being more modest in front of me, but what came out of my mouth was “yes baby, I really do.” Monica took my hands in hers and asked me “what do you think of me, daddy?” “Honestly?” “"Hear my soul speak: The very instant that I saw you, did my heart fly to your service." I said. Monica took my hands in hers and gently placed them on her boobs. She moaned softly, “Oh fuck daddy, your hands feel so good on me.” I could feel her heart beating in her chest, I knew I should have stopped this i****tuous act but I couldn’t. I knew I wanted her. I knew I wanted to fuck her and make her mine forever, but she was 18 and had a whole life head of her to live. I cupped her breast in my hands and softly sliding my thumbs over both her button sized nipples. As I did she breathed in a sharp breath, she was trembling as I manipulated her hard nipples. It had been a long time since I touched a woman, but I remembered how. Thank the gods for the bicycle!!

Monica placed her hand on my cock, somewhat surprised that she could feel the heat flowing off my throbbing shaft. She began to rub it through my sweats causing a moan of approval to escape my lips. I drew her close to me, wrapping my arms around the woman before me, her pert little nipples digging into my chest. She was still stroking my member through my pants and my heart was beating so hard I thought it would shatter my sternum and leap out of my chest at the thought of what we were doing. Monica leaned in to kiss me but this time it wasn’t the cute little peck of a daughter to her father, it was the deep passionate kiss from one lover to another. I placed my hand on her cheek as our tongues battled for supremacy. I wanted to make sure this was what she wanted. “Baby, are you sure? Once we go to that place there’s no undoing it!” She answered my question by sliding her hand down the front of my jeans, still looking me straight in the eye and pulling them down far enough for her to free my massively hard dick from its imprisonment. She stared at the pole now protruding from my middle, “Oh Daddy, it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I have to have it; it has to be mine and no one else’s.” I kissed her again and she continued to stroke her father’s cock. “Baby, I’m gonna cum” I told her. “Good” she said as she went down onto her knees. I want nothing more than to please you. And with that my cock thickened and spurted hot semen all over her boobs and belly. She giggled and began to scoop my cum off her belly with two fingers and lick them clean.

I couldn’t fathom all of this and I reluctantly pulled away from her and covered my shaft as I said “baby, this is wrong. We can’t do this. You’re my daughter, if I let this continue you will hate me someday and I can’t face that. I’m sorry.” And I handed her the towel and left her and went to get dressed. I walked back out into the kitchen the only thought in my head was “you dumb ass. You had what you have wanted for years, standing right in front of you.” There sat Monica, pouting and upset. I looked at her and said “baby, I love you more than you can possibly imagine and I don’t want anything to risk you leaving me.” “Dad” she said “You never have to worry. I love you to, and we will never have to be without one another ever again, I promise.” “I will be out in the north field building the new fence. Come out and see me later. I love you, very much.” She reciprocated and smiled. Out the door I went.

The day was heating up, a lot. I had already taken my shirt off and was still hot. I had about half the fence up when Martin rolled up in his truck. He got out and asked me to take a break to talk. “Sure Martin, What’s up?” I asked. “Well” he said. “The Mrs. and I have been talking. I have decided to retire and we would like you to stay on permanently.” “What do you think?” I thought for a minute. “I would like that. I would like that a lot, thanks.” “What about my daughter?” I asked. “That’s the other subject I wanted to talk on.” “We have been noticing the two of you; you look like you have a good relationship.” “We do.” I said. “But sometimes I worry that she’s not around k**s her own age.” “Your young and dumb, aren’t ya son?” he laughed as he lightly punched me on the arm. “That lil Philly’s in love with you, boy. I’d take a corpse not to see it.” I didn’t know what to say. “Let me tell me tell you somthin, boy. Now we don’t advertise it, because we know how the world works. But that young lady I’m married to is also my little cousin. We feel for each other the same way you and your lil one feel. I see it every time you’re together.” “Yeah I know, I can’t get enough of her.” I admitted. “Don’t waste it, son.” Martin advised. “If you follow your heart, you’ll be right as rain.” He looked over his shoulder down the hill, grinned, got back in his truck and drove off.

I looked to where Martin was looking and saw my Monica walking up the hill. She was carrying something and had a sly grin on her face. The area I was working in was remote and it took her a few minutes to reach me. In the mean time I finished the section of the fence that I was working on and then I stopped. I watched her as she walked up the hill and she was carrying a picnic basket. She was wearing a white tank top with her red bikini top underneath and a pair of jean shorts. Her red hair was blowing in the light breeze. She grinned at me and pointed to the basket. “Mrs. Mora put this together for us. She thought we would like to have a late lunch together.” “I caught a strange vibe from her, like she knew something I didn’t.” I simply offered a sheepish grin and hugged her. I asked her in a raspy, husky voice “so what ya got in the basket, lil girl?” She poked me in the rib with one finger and whispered with a mischievous smile “Stop you, or you’re gonna get into trouble.” “Wouldn’t want that now would we?” I teased sarcastically. “What could you possibly do to me?” I asked, half sarcasm, half invitation. “Oh dad, if you only knew what was in my head.” “Well maybe you should tell me, then” She got really quiet, looked at me for a moment, and then proceeded to spread out a blanket right next to the fence I was building and put the food out. She wouldn’t even look at me. I got scared; maybe she was regretting her decision to stay with me. We sat and she stayed busy while I looked at her. “Honey, are you alright?” I asked. “Yes daddy” she replied dryly. “Monica honey, are you rethinking your decision to stay here with me?” She shot me the angriest look and her blue eyes darkened and blazed with frustration. “GOD NO, HOW COULD YOU EVEN ASK ME THAT?!?!?”

“Well, sweetie, you got so quiet and now you won’t look at me.” She sat there for a moment, fuming, leaped at me, landing right on top of me, knocking me back onto my back. She had all her weight on me with her hands on either side of my chest. Looking me in dead in the eye she and exclaimed with an urgency that was rare, even for her. “Daddy, we both know that we are in desperate love with each other, and I’m fed up with dancing around our feelings for one another. How could I want to leave you, haven’t you figured me out…what I’m feeling? Dad I’m completely, hopelessly, head over heels in love with you.” Her eyes began to well up. “You’re all I think about; making you happy is what I want to do. And I realize that I’m having these feelings for my father. I just can’t bring myself to care.” This lovely woman was professing her love for me. I melted, if I could have enveloped her into me I would have. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close “Monica baby, I want you to listen to me very closely. You’re my daughter and on that basis I love you more than you know. I’m only going to say this a million more times; you are an insanely beautiful woman and on that basis, I am deeply, uncontrollably, irrationally in love with you. I have been for years. I’ve tried to deny it, I’ve tried to control it, I’ve tried to bury it and I’ve tried to ignore it but I can’t anymore.

Her eyes were still looking straight into mine, a few tears fell onto my face and the only thing I could see was this young goddess with so much love and passion. She slowly pressed her soft full lips to mine and ever so softly invaded my mouth with her warm wet tongue. I took it in willingly teasing it and playing with it. The longer we kissed the deeper and more feverish our passion became. If my figurative heart and soul could be made tangible, containable, I would have given them to this woman wrapped in a bow. I could feel the rod in my pants growing longer and thicker and becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I think that Monica could feel it because she took her weight off of me and began to spread her kisses down my neck ever so slowly. The more my new lover touched me the quicker my heart began to race. I could feel our breathing become faster. She moved to my side and gently kissed her way to my chest and began to rub my massive erection through my jeans. Gods I couldn’t believe how my little girl was making me feel. She was already a better lover than anyone I had ever been with and I knew it was only going to get better. My jeans were containing my cock too well so I unbuttoned my jeans to let it out of its cruel confinement and Monica’s eyes grew wide. “Daddy it’s so hard but I’m glad it’s not too big. I couldn’t take it. Monica slid her tongue down my not so flat belly and licked the head of my engorged shaft. “Daddy I can taste the precum. Your cock tasted so good.” She stroked my shaft while lightly licking around the swollen head. I felt like a pressure cooker that was about to explode.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more she sucked the entire thing into her mouth all the way to the hilt. She gagged a little but managed it. I removed my shoes and jeans; thank the gods we were in an area where no one would see us. I began to remove Monica’s clothes, too. I wanted to taste and feel her pussy as I have been wanting to for so long. She assisted me in striping her to allow me access to her now wet pussy. She was bent over me, sucking me very well. I slid my fingers over her slit and I could feel her extremely wet lips. And I used some of that moisture to slide a couple of fingers into her sex tunnel while I rubbed her well swollen love button with my thumb. Monica popped my cock out of her mouth with a gasp “OHH FUCK DADDY, DON’T STOP, I’M GONNA FREAKIN CUM! GOD ALMIGHTY, I’M GONNA FUCKIN CUUUUUMMMMMMM !!!” And with her scream my hand was immediately covered in my baby’s cum juice. And her back arched so much I thought she was going to snap. “I want to 69 with you, lover.” I exclaimed as I pulled her legs so that they were straddling my face. Her pussy was the loveliest I had ever seen with a patch of hair right above the slit in the shape of a diamond. I reached around her thighs to allow me easier access to her mound and positioned her feet under my head to rest on while I devour her wetness. I slid my tongue gently over her lips and lightly flicked her clit. Monica, as she was moaning and writhing on top of me, was bobbing her head up and down on my increasingly sensitive cock.

I warned her, “Baby, daddy’s going to cum very soon, Oh gods.” “Cum with me daddy, I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste your load.” I increased the speed with which I was fingering her pussy and ribbing her swollen clit but to bring her over the top I slipped my other two fingers in her ass. As I fingered both of her tight holes she was almost screaming and sucking my pole at the same time. We both reached orgasmic heights that, to me, were unheard of. Monica came so hard that I could feel every muscle in her body turn to granite and she was screaming and stroking me with my shaft still in her mouth. And that pushed me into blowing the hugest load of cum into my baby’s mouth that I had ever released. It was dribbling out of her mouth and down my balls. Monica tried very hard not to let any of my semen escape her lips, but there was just too much. She took me out of her mouth, “Dad I’m sorry, I couldn’t swallow it all. I guess I’m not very good” She frowned and wiped her mouth. I smiled and pulled her to my chest as we were both still trembling, “oh, no sweetheart. You’re the best I have ever had or even heard of. You were and are amazing!” We were both still shaking from the orgasms that we experienced. I kissed her sweetly and sat up, still cradling her in my arms. “You know this will change the nature of our relationship forever, right?” “Yes I do.” She replied. “And it’s about damn time too. We have both wanted this for far too long for it to be a mistake!” I looked her in the eyes. “I love you, baby. I have never been happier.” My gorgeous daughter and new lover smiled at me a smile that filled my heart. “Don’t you want to fuck me, dad? I want you to make me yours.” “Do you think that sex makes you mine? Or is it that we want to be together, that binds us?” “Good point, Sir.” She smiled shrewdly. We sat and ate and talked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

I finally got back to work on the fence, but not before watching Monica traipse back down the hill, her sexy tight little ass wiggling in her shorts. Wow she’s perfect. The more time passed the more I was feeling complete. I was working, I had a home and to top it all off I had the love of an amazing woman. My life was rolling pretty well. I worked for a few more hours and decided to knock off for the day. I packed up my tools and headed back to the house. I noticed as I pulled up in the drive that the Mora’s truck was gone. I assumed that they went out to dinner or something. Come to find out it was Monica that was absent. I walked into the guest house to a note on the table.

“Daddy/My beautiful lover; I have gone into town to the studio to train. I will probably be gone a while, so if you want to eat without me go for it. I love you with all my heart and will see you soon. All my love, Monica” I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I was so disappointed that she wasn’t there. Maybe it was the new relationship thing or simply not wanting to be lonely, but I hated it. So I decided to go into town and watch my girl train. I loved to watch her dance. As I sat down on the floor of the studio she was just walking in. She pulled back the hair from her face. She turned to the window to sway in the moonlight. I couldn’t believe how I was seeing her, even her shadow has grace. She lifts her hands up to the sky. She moves with the music, the song is her lover. The melody’s making her cry. She’s spinning between constellations and dream’s, her rhythm is my beating heart. Then she noticed me and her face flushed. She smiled and blew me a kiss. As I watched her dance, for some reason it was like I was seeing her dance for the first time. I watched her dance for what seemed like hours. Every move, every step, every twist kept me mesmerized. There wasn’t any part of this woman that I wasn’t a slave to. I never had any clue that any woman could have the power over me this way.

After she was through we decided to take a drive. It was long after dark, about 9:30. I love driving at night. I find that I can think about the events and problems in my life with a bit more clarity, except tonight. All I could think about was the sexy little red head cuddled up next to me in the truck. The dashboard lights were barely bright enough to see the gauges but they still offered an outline of Monica’s face. She was very quiet as was I so I asked her, “What are you thinking about, love?” “I was just thinking about how I feeling while you were watching me dance tonight.” “Did it bother you?” I asked. “No” she replied “Just the opposite.” “For the first time in a long time I was able to feel the passion and joy in my dancing that has been missing.” “Cause your old dad was there.” I joked. “Yes and no.” She said as she jabbed me in the arm. “And you’re not old!” “Ok, then what do you mean?” “It was partly cause you were there as my father, but more so cause you were there as the man I’m in love with.” She explained. “You see” she continued “Before you disappeared I used to think about you watching me when I was dancing and it always made me feel special and a little horny. Then you were gone and I thought it was because you didn’t love me.” I could tell she was beginning to cry. So I held her tighter. “But the last few months I felt like I was beginning to feel better about my routines and now I know why. You were watching me from a distance, I know you were.” “Yes I was.” I readily admitted. “Tonight was almost the same, just more intense. While you were watching me I almost felt like I was making love to you, without a touch, and that’s affected me so deeply that I don’t really know what to make of it.” “That’s kind of how I feel when I’m watching you, like you’re dancing for me only, like you’re beckoning me to take you.” “I am!” she admitted. “I always want you, and I always will.”

I could tell my girl was getting tired so, I suggested that we go home. “That’s a good idea, dad. We can curl up with a good movie and cuddle.” “I like that idea. I like that idea a lot.” I told her. On the drive home our bodies were in constant contact with each other in one way or another. I felt like if I wasn’t touching Monica I might cease to exist. I feel like a c***d, experiencing love for the first time, but I had to have her near me as much as possible. As we walked in the door of the house, we both got into more comfortable clothing, me in some shorts and Monica into one of my button downs, without buttoning it and a pair of purple and black booty panties. Gods she was stunning. “Baby, as soon as I can take my eyes off of your exquisite beauty; I will make us some popcorn, ok?” “Oh dad, you’re too sweet. I’ll be on the sofa waiting for you.” “Ok, love.” After I finished I walked into the living room and there she sat, sl**ping peacefully. She had a quilt over her feet, but the shirt was only covering one breast and was showing her panties. She was a vision of sexuality. But I didn’t have the heart to wake her. I scooped her up in my arms and took her to the bed. I lay next to her and held her close as I drifted off to sl**p.

“NO, I CAN’T LOSE YOU, NOT AGAIN! MONICA, WHERE ARE YOU? I CAN’T FIND YOU, WHERE DID YOU GO? NO, WHERE DID YOU GO? I DON’T….. “Dad…dad…daddy!?!?” Monica was on her right side leaning on her elbow shaking me awake “Are you alright, dad?” “Yeah honey, I’m ok. What’s up?” “You were yelling in your sl**p.” “Ohhh, I’m sorry for waking you, babe.” I looked at Monica apologetically. “You’re still worried about me leaving you?” She whispered. “No, no I’m not.” I lied. “Why would you ask me that?” “You were yelling in your sl**p, talk to me.” She demanded “Maybe a little bit, it will take some time I guess.” Monica leaned in to kiss me. I met her half way and accepted her tongue into my mouth as she did mine. We fell back onto the bed and she climbed atop of me. Her attire was exactly the same as it had been when I put her in the bed 3 hours ago. Monica was straddling me now and I could feel the warmth of her pussy resting on my rod and my dick was getting harder by the second. I began to wiggle underneath her but she stopped me. “No dad” she whispered to me “Just lie still. And let me play.” “I want you to feel me on top of you, every muscle in my body, and every movement of my hips, every breath, and every heartbeat. Know that I will be yours forever!”

She looked me dead in the eyes and began to maul her tits and pinch her nipples. Moaning and purring with delight, Monica started to lightly buck her hips back and forth on my cock, both of us still wearing our underwear. Her moans got louder and louder and f***ed herself down on my now, throbbing prick. Never letting it enter her but massaging her clit on it like a hotdog in a bun. I wanted so badly to reach up and touch her but every time I tried she looked at me like a naughty boy sneaking around looking for presents. Monica’s breathing and her thrusts became more and more rapid as she approached her boiling point. With-in a few more minutes she was almost screaming as she came on me, never breaking eye contact, (which to me was indescribably hot), soaking her panties and my shorts with her cum. Then she collapsed beside me and tried to regain control of herself. She grabbed my dick and looking a little bit shocked at how wet it was, said to me… “Now baby, do you feel my cum and my breathing and my pounding heart, all that is for and because of you.” As she spoke my eyes began to tear up. “You will never be without me again. I promise you, I’m yours in every sense of the word. I love you, Will!” That was the first time Monica ever addressed me by my first name…I liked it!

After Monica and I f***ed ourselves up and out of bed the morning went forward pretty much like normal. I however had had enough of the waiting game and was more than ready to take our sexual relationship all the way. And thinking about it I had forgotten the reason I was holding back in the first place. Soo, tonight…tonight I will make love to Monica. I would spent the afternoon, in the fields and plan it. Out to the barn, on the tractor and off I go. Noon rolled around and I was beginning to get hungry, 12:30 and usually Monica was here by now. 1:00 and I was getting worried, until up the road she came. In the truck which was odd because she like to walk. Monica jumped out of the truck with a devil’s grin on her face and a basket of food in her arms. “What kept you girly”? I chided with a half smile. “You’re usually here by 12:30.” “I know…I’m sorry. I had stuff on my mind and I lost track of time.” If I didn’t know any better I would say my dear daughter was glowing. “Lunch better be good.” I joked. Monica whispered “Ohhh, it will be the best yet”!! Not looking at me but grinning. We sat on the tractor and ate, and talked, but, for some reason I wasn’t inclined to eat much. My attention wasn’t on food or work or even where I was. The only thing I could see was this read headed beauty sitting in front of me and looking at me with those pale blue eyes. I knew everything I need and want is there. I was sitting in the seat and Monica was straddling the motor directly behind the steering wheel. I stood leaning forward on the steering wheel and I pulled her face to mine, kissing her passionately.

I reached up and cupped her breasts in my hands, sliding my thumbs over her nipples. I heard her suck in her breath deeply. She was shaking as I gently touched both nipples. Monica pulled her t-shirt off and to my surprise she didn’t have a bra on and this only fueled my passion more. I pulled her closer to me setting her on the wheel as she reached down and touched my hard cock, causing me to moan. Monica could feel the heat of my shaft through my clothes. She slid her hand inside the waistband, grabbing at my throbbing erection. I gazed at my daughter, as if making sure it was all right to be doing this with her. And that it was really happening. "Oh lover, that feels so good," I whispered. I pulled her closer, wrapping my arms around her, pressing her tits against my bare chest. I could feel her hard nipples digging into my skin. She continued massaging my cock, moving her hand up and down the shaft. I slowly unbuttoned her faded and tattered denim shorts and slid them over her long athletic legs. Then I spread her legs and closed the gap between us. I held her tight against my chest, my heart racing at the thought of what we were doing.

I made a trail of kisses down her neck to her tits. I took one nipple into my mouth, sucking on it in earnest, as Monica groaned and ran her fingers through my hair. Looking down between my lover’s breasts I could see that Monica’s smooth pussy was glistening with her wetness. She lightly guided the tip of her fingers of her left hand up and down the length of her slit. Gazing into my eyes, she brought her fingers up to my lips, allowing me to taste her sweetness. I groaned as I tasted her.

"Touch me, Will," Monica whispered huskily. I felt as if I was being sucked into another world, another time. I hesitated, and then moved my hand to my daughter's pussy, sliding it between her legs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Monica purred softly.

Monica moved her hips forward slightly, causing my hand to rub against her smooth pussy lips. A moan escaped her lips as she clung to me for support. Her muscles felt weak and she was trembling uncontrollably. I loved the feel of my baby's hot pussy. It felt so much better than I had ever imagined. The skin was soft and sensitive. I pulled away from Monica and fell to my knees in front of her. Her eighteen year old pussy was glistening wet with her juices. I moved closer, inhaling her young girl scent. My nostrils flared as I breathed her in. I slid the tip of my tongue along her slit. I moved slowly up to her puffy mound, sucking in as much of it as I could into my mouth. My hands slid around her thighs, kneading them and pulling her closer.

I used the tip of my tongue to separate Monica's delicate pussy lips. Her sweet taste flooded my senses enticing me to consume more of her juices. "Ohhh William," Monica was finally able to say, "That feels wonderful, don't stop, baby, please don’t stop!" she pleaded. I continued my attack on this exquisitely beautiful woman’s tight pussy. I pulled gently on her pussy lips with my teeth, sucking them into my mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Monica moaned weakly.

She steadied herself by sliding her fingers into her father's hair and holding on. I elongated my tongue and dipped it into the tight hole of her virgin pussy, pushing in as deep as I could. I heard Monica suck in her breath as she gasped. Then, pulling back, I made a long slow lick up the length of her spread pussy. "Ohhh Will, lick my pussy!" Monica gasped. I didn't need any further encouragement to continue on. Opening my mouth wide, my lips formed a vacuum around her entire pussy. I sucked hard as the tip of my tongue flicked over her slick engorged clit. I enclosed my mouth around the hard little nub, as I flattened my tongue against it. "Ohhh fuck Daddy!" Monica growled, "I'm cumming, I’m cumming so fucking hard!"

Her body stiffened as her orgasm overtook her, rocking Monica to her very core. Her pussy gushed with copious amounts of her sweet nectar. Her juices soaked my face as I reluctantly pulled back, allowing Monica to calm down. I stood and held my trembling lover against me. I sat down in the seat of the powerful machine and Monica proceeded to remove my shoes and jeans revealing the object of her lust. She gently took my brick hard gun barrel into her hands and stroked it gently. She bent down slowly, never breaking eye contact with me. She began to slowly lick the head of my cock, circling the head with her tongue, and then up and down the length of it, licking the precum off every time she reached the tip, while massaging my sack at the same time. Then all of a sudden she engulfed my shaft in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down slowly while stroking me. “Ohhh…gods baby. That feels so damn good.” I said. The best part was she never broke her eye contact. “Fuck lover, you’re gonna make my shoot my load”. Monica started sucking faster and harder, knowing I wouldn’t last much longer. I was so close but I screamed “Stop, baby stop! Don’t make me cum yet.” as I pulled her up. I kissed her deep and slow trying to calm us both down a little. Our foreheads pressed together, our breathing rapid and heavy; our eyes locked in a f***eful passionate stare, our hands exploring each other’s bodies.

I was speechless and shaking violently with lustful desire, she knew what I wanted. She was so soft and fragile, yet strong and willful. The only words she could whisper were “Now…I have to have you now! No more waiting no more questioning.” I was about to speak, I don’t remember what but she just put her finger to my lips to silence me. Monica straddled me in the seat of the tractor and delicately placed the head of my now raging, throbbing shaft between her soaking wet labia easing herself down slowly onto it.

Every inch or so she would pause to breath and allow her tunnel the time it needed to get used to the meaty invader. “Ohhh fuck yes, baby. I want it all.” She demanded. After a few minutes she was completely impaled on all 8 inches. "Yes Will," Monica purred urgently. "Does it hurt, sweetheart?" I asked. "A little, but it also feels so good." “Should we stop?” "Hell no!” she blurted out in a panic. “I need you William; I want your cock in my pussy, fuck me!" Monica begged. She felt so full of my cock. Her mind raced. She felt her pussy contracting over my cock and was slowly getting used to me being inside her. Instinctively her hips moved up on my cock. I moaned as I felt my daughter's pussy caress me. "Ohhh fuck baby," I moaned, "that's so good." Spreading her legs wider, Monica yelled "Fuck me Daddy, fuck my cunt!" Hearing my eighteen year old daughter talking dirty drove me crazy with lust! I began moving my cock in and out, ramming it deeper with every thrust. Each time our bodies met, my balls slapped against her firm ass. "Ohhh Daddy, I'm going to cum!" Monica cried.

"Yes baby, cum on me, cum on my shaft!" I commanded.

After several hard thrusts, I felt her cunt contracting around my hard throbbing cock. Monica’s orgasm tore through her being, making all her muscles tighten then release. Wave after wave of unspeakable pleasure swept over her, lasting what seemed like hours. “My fucking god Will, I have never felt anything even remotely close to that before!” I began to slow my thrusts, but Monica protested.”You haven’t cum yet, my love. You need to keep pounding that meat monster into me until you do.” She said with a sly grin. “Ok, sweetie, but I want to move off the tractor so that I can get a better angle on you.” Her eyes got brighter, “Ohhh that sounds delicious!” She purred. “You realize we don’t have a condom, don’t you?” I belatedly warned. She took my hand and guided me down off the farm equipment, “I know baby.” She said plainly, “And I don’t care. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Our c***d will be beautiful!” Monica kissed me then turned her back to me, rubbing her sexy ass on my engorged prick with my hands on her hips.

“William?” she cooed. “I squeezed her waist “I love it when you say my name.” “I’m glad lover, what would happen if I did this…” She bent over right in front of me, pressing her ass to my dick. I didn’t even try to answer her; I simply slammed my cock into her sopping cunt all the way hitting her cervix. “OHH MY GOD WILL…” She gasped “MMMM, FUCK ME LIKE YOU HATE ME BABY!!” I’m a man that believes in giving a woman what she wants. But in this case it’s a genuine pleasure to give my woman her way. Monica white knuckled the front wheel of the tractor while I slammed my pipe as deep and as hard as I possibly could. She looked back at me her breasts rocking back and forth with the f***e of my thrusts. “I’m rubbing my clit, baby…I’m gonna fuckin cum again! I’m gonna cum soo hard for you, Will.” Her words flowed through my mind like a lustful tidal wave and my balls tightened up. I was able to muster up a few more thrusts then “GGGYYYEEEAAAAHHHH…” I exploded deep inside her, hips jerking forward, filling her dripping cunt. “FUCK, BABY…I FEEL YOU CUMMING!” She screamed into another mind shattering orgasm. I thrust a couple more times for good measure and then stopped. We both fell over into the grass and Monica moved to my side. I held her in my arms for a long while, and I suggested we get dressed. Fully clothed we sat leaning against the back wheel of the tractor holding each other as close as possible. “Baby, that was so wonderful.” I said with tears in my eyes. “Then why are you crying?” this lovely woman asked me. “Because…I never knew I could love someone so completely. And feel loved so completely. And know it’s never gonna end.” "I love you Will," Monica replied, "I'm yours, in every way…forever!"

At that moment, Martin rolled up on his motorcycle and looked at me like a proud father. “You two look plum tuckered out.” “Did you see anything?” I asked. “Naw, but you look like I did when the Mrs. would bring me lunch. Girl, you need to take your man home. I think yawl er’ done for the day.” Monica just sighed “Ohhh no…sir, we’re just getting started!” Martin looked at me with a huge smile, laughed and rode away.

Time went on and mine and Monica’s love for each other just grew stronger, richer and deeper. As it turned out a lot of people in that town were of the same mind and Martin, Monica and I, where love is concerned. We had a small wedding, there on the farm and eight and a half months later as I write this, my gorgeous wife Monica and I are expecting our first baby.

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15 days ago
Wow, what a passionate story. And, they lived happily ever after.
1 year ago
Wonderful story my man, it was a very heartfelt and erotic bit, I loved it
2 years ago
2 years ago
There's an old adage that goes, "...this is one for the ages...", meaning figuratively--and quite literally--this is the top, A-one, celestial, none better, exquisite, marveluous, gigantic and I might add, one if not THE best of story of love--totally pure love--I've read anywhere. And when one considers the incestual aspects of a DEAR father's and DEAR daughter's almost lifetime inner, emotional and conscious attraction of and for each other, the bottom line this is without a doubt TOTALLY BEST, bar-none!!!!! Do I hear an AMEN? And, Amen!

By the way, a disclaimer. I'm a total romantic!!
2 years ago
This is one of the most memorable, sensual, heart-warming--and sexually stimulating--stories I've ever read!

2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
nice story i like it
2 years ago
2 years ago
AWESOME story. keep up the good work.