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its about 11pm my husband is not home from work yet he works long hours and always comes home late. He finally called me that he was going be late i have had a long day i was tired. i decide to take a shower before laying in bed.I pull down my short skirt and remove my blouse and slowly remove my panties as i can feel my pussy wet. I wish my husband was here to take care of my pussy i was so horny. i finally remove my bra and allow my big breast to hang as i feel my nipples extreamly hard. i look in the mirror as a touch my pussy im getting excited i just wish i had a big cock in my ass and one in my pussy. Not knowing when my husband was coming home i decide to shower and lay day afterwards and play with my pussy. i love to cum and feel the hot wet cum drip down my legs. as im taking a shower i here a noise outside. i figured it was my husband coming home from work i continued to shower. as im drying myself placing the towel over my wet nipples i say honey are you here i got no response. Tired and horny as i am i got into my closet and put on some stockings and some really sexy panties theat show my pussy . i just hope he comes home before i finish playing with my self as i wish i had a big hard cock in my pussy. as i lay in my bed in my bed my pussy is dripping wet im so horny. i spread my legs so i can rub on my pussy. i lick on my nipples and begin to play with my wet pussy it feels so good. as im playing i here a noise by the window im so horny and it feels so good im not going to stop i keep rubing my pussy. it feels so good im moaning oh yes yes. i heard a door open i figured it was my husband got home i continue to play hoping he catches me and gives me his big hard dick. i close my eye as they begin to roll back cause it feels so good the room is dark im imaging a cock in my pussy. i suddenly here a sound from the room by the door i open my eyes i can see a figure i yell whos there and no one awnsers. i turn on the light by the nightstand only to find my husbands best freind standing there. i yell john wat are u doing here. i cover myself quicly with my silk sheets. he has a stumbled look on his face he said i came over to get the 2 blurays i lend you guys. i siad thus late james is not here from work. you need to leave and ill make sure james wont find out you was here. he said hes knows i was coming over to get them. as i was walking to ring the bell i heard a noise by the window. as i get close to the window your blinds where up i couldnt beleave what i saw you was laying there playing with yourself you are so sexy. i came in so i can watch you closer. i said john your sick leave i want to go to sl**p and james will be home any minute. as i look further i can see his zipper is open and he has his cock out. i was suprised to see his big hard cock it was so big. i couldnt help myself but it really turned me on . i yelled john leasve now he said no i cant you got to finsh what you started. before i can respond he runs towards me and grabs me i yell what are u doing he said shut up im going to fuck you i know thats what you want. i said no stop please stop he said no shut the fuck up. as a tear rolls down my cheek he grabs my hair and stuffs his big cock in my mouth. he said suck it you little whore i should off fucked you a long time ago. i was crying but i was really turned on i felt my pussy get wet afraid he will hurt me i start to suck his cock it was so hard i can feel it throb in my mouth. i begin to stork it and ask him is this wat u want u son of a bitch he said fuck yea u little whore. i never got talked dirty and i kinda liked it. his cock was like 10 inches bigger than my husbands. he yelled at me bend over i said no john stop he yelled again bend over i said no john this is wrong. he said shut the fuck up and he forcdly bend me over the bed. i still had my panties on as he rips them to the side and slides his cock on my pussy oh it felt so good. i want it in me so bad he slides it upwards and says this is what i want i said no not the ass your to big. he said shut the fuck up and he slammed it in my ass i wanted to scream but it felt so good as he entered my ass. i start to moan as i ride his big cock in my ass. it feels so good i want his cock as i start to enjoy it i hear a car pull up . it was my husband a panic i said john stop go get out here my husband here he said no im going fuck you right you little whore i said stop. before i know my husband had walked in to my supprise he was naked with his cock out. as i went to speak he said to me shut up u little whore i know you like it. i see john did exactly as i asked him. as a tear rolled down my cheek my husband grabs my hair and sticks his hard cock in my mouth. he said you little whore suck my cock as john fucks u in the ass i want to shoot my load in ur face u horny whore. john continues to fuck me hard and im liking it i can feel johns about to come in my ass and my husband yells fuck her as they both cum one in the ass and the other on my face i cum so hard i was screming and my pussy was squirting like the little whore that i am. i really liked that night wished it happen again
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4 years ago
good one lady,
i just shot a huge load
4 years ago
fantastic story babe just wish it was me buried in that tight and ready ass while hubby fucks your face
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago