Maid fucked

The Maid
Friday evening, as part of my cleaning business I arrived at a large residence. You opened the door and welcomed me. You then went off to your desk and back to your work. Meanwhile I took my coat off and got all my cleaning things out. I finished cleaning your bathrooms, hallway and started cleaning the rooms. I walked into the living room in my maid outfit and began cleaning and dusting off the bookshelves. You peaked at me from other room without me noticing as the clicking sound of my heels stirred your senses. You felt turned on by my maid outfit and the hosiery on my legs as well as the sexy heels I was wearing. As I continued to clean, you got up and sneaked up behind me, grabbing my buttocks. At first, I felt threatened and pulled back. But you gently, said “don’t worry, I won’t hurt you” and started to run your hand down my legs and what turned out to be sheer stockings with garters. Your delicate touch, eased me and then excited me and send shivers down my body. You kept touching my legs and silky sheer stockings, finally touching my black g-string panties. Making your way to my pussy, already feeling moist, massaging it through the g-string. My legs shook, and turned inwards in arousal. I’m sorry you said, and took your hand away from my pussy. That’s fine, I like it, I said, and grasped your hand, putting it inside my g-strings. You felt my smooth, shaven pussy and got an instant hard on as you rubbed and felt my moist pussy. I felt so horny, something I’ve never experienced at a client’s house. I reached for your crotch, feeling your hardening cock. I could not resist it. I then went on my knees in front of you, unzipped your cock and stared at it holding it and jerking it slowly with my right hand. Seeing your smooth shaven balls and cock, I said wow you’re so nice and smooth down here. All I got from you was a mmmmmm moan sound. I took your testicles and began sucking them one at a time, while still slowly jerking your cock. Finally, I ran my tongue up your shaft, making my way from your balls to your cock head. I then took your cock head between my lips, running my tongue around your head several times. Then running my tongue under it, smacking your mushroom head against my tongue under it. You moaned in pleasure, I then took the whole cock in my mouth, and using my lips I began sucking it, making it grow. Each time I did this, I gave this “smack” sound, almost like I wanted to suck it all in like a vacuum. You stared down at my heels and black stockings as you admired my sexy legs, feet and my body. Oh suck my cock baby, you’re so good at it, you said. You hardened, you said: I can’t take this anymore, you picked me up and threw/put me on bed. With my face towards the pillow, you slowly inserted your cock, pulling my g-string panties to the side and began to fuck me doggystyle. My moist pussy allowed you to slip your big hard cock into it with ease, even surprised me as normally I have to wet it to make a cock go into my tight pussy hole. Slowly, you fucked me, taking your time, massaging my tits that were now hanging down. Touching my nipple, ohhhh I sounded. Then you started fucking me harder and harder. Finally you shot a load of white cum inside me. Your cock was shaking hard inside me. I also came at same time you reached your climax, moaning harder. Then I realized, In all the excitement I didn’t even think of the condom. You hopped off the bed, and went to clean yourself. Afterwards, I felt so shy, quickly cleaned my pussy with a napkins nearby. I pulled my panties again, as to cover my pussy, feeling some of the fresh warm cum in my pussy. I grabbed my skirt and put it on. I then put on my coat. You came back then, and handed me a check, saying that there’s a bit of extra for the extra work you had me do. You then asked if I’d come back again next week, I took your check and put a shy smile saying that we’ll be in touch. I took a glance at the check and instead of the usual $300 it said $1300. I put my coat back on and said good bye. While walking back to my car, I felt my moist panties and stockings, as the cum must have dripped down from inside my pussy mmmmmmmmmmmm He fucked me hard I thought. I better get home and change and shower. I somehow had a feeling that I would be coming back to do some cleaning at that residence.
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1 year ago
that was good. I picture all of it in my head
1 year ago
Gr8 story thanks