Nice black man seduces me like in Movie "Ahh

One night, I needed some alone time, so I went out into town. I decided to stop somewhere and eat some dinner at one of my favorite places. I was considered a regular there. I was there for quite a while, but you wouldn't believe what happened during that time.
There was someone there who I had never seen before though. After asking a few of the other regulars there that I had befriended, I figured out that it was the boss's oldest son who was going to take over the restaurant when his dad retired (which I heard would be very soon). His name is Johnny. Johnny was a 6'6" black man who was around my age and was very fit looking. What I started noticing throughout the night was that he kept looking over at me. I decided since I didn't really have the best of days, I want to dress up nicely to help myself feel a little better for when I went into town, so I thought it was safe to assume he was checking me out. It was after 15 minutes of ordering my dinner, Johnny came to my table with my food. But then, he sat down on the other side of the booth to eat with me! This really surprised me! He told me that he had asked all the other employees who the regulars were so he knew what sort of service to give them. I told him I appreciated him sitting with me since I was alone. Then he said "By the way, you look way too sexy to be eating alone. You don't deserve to pay for this on your own!" I giggled a little bit and said thanks. Then, I noticed as we would talk more that he would start rubbing his feet up to mine, and flirt a little bit. To my surprise, we were actually talking until it was closing time! When one of the guys (who normally locks everything up) asked Johnny what all he needed to do, Johnny just told him to head on home and he would take care of everything. The thought of what might happen since we were the only two people in the place got me a little horny, then thinking more as we talked a little bit got me a tiny bit wet. Then, Johnny grabbed both of my hands and told me to lean forward with my eyes closed. He gave me a small kiss on the lips and then whispered in my ear, "Meet me in the back office." He got up, and walked to the back. I sat there for a couple of seconds, and trust me, I was really horny now. I had only seen black cock in porn videos, watching as those huge shafts went all the way into small white girl's pussies (I was only 5'5", so I could only imagine how deep he would go into me). I always wanted one inside of me, and I knew this could be my chance. I got up and walked into his office and he was sitting on the office desk. He told me to lay on my stomach on the desk. I thought about it for a second, and then decided to. He pulled down the straps of my dress and started to massage my shoulders. He knew I had a rough day so I guess he wanted me to ease up first. While he was massaging my shoulders, he then bent down. At first I felt a soft breath on my neck, and then he started softly kissing it. Then he started moving over to the side of my cheek. Then, He slowly turned my whole body around and started kissing my neck again, slowly moving up to my mouth. I was really horny and wet at this point. I knew that there was no turning back. But then, he whispered in my ear, "That's all for now, but come back tomorrow night just after closing time. I'm running the restaurant the whole week." Then, he pulled my dress back up for me, I put my shoes on, and then left. I was way too wet and horny by the time I got home, so I decided to watch some more BBC porn to relieve myself. The next day went by so slowly, but then came that time when I drove to the restaurant to meet up with Johnny. I walked in, all lights off, except for the back office room light. I walk in and there he is with a little smile. He did the same exact thing as he did the night before, except he had told me to take off all of my clothes except for my panties (I wasn't wearing a bra). He would kiss me on the office table, holding me up with one hand and playing with each boob in the other hand. He then slowly moved his hand down to my pussy. As he placed his hand inside of my panties, he whispered in my ear, "My little girl is very wet tonight." He started rubbing his hand slowly over my wet pussy lips as he and I started french kissing each other. Then, Johnny stuffed one finger into my pussy. I hadn't really had sex that much in my life, so I was still a little tight. He only went in and out of my pussy about 10 times and then whispered in my ear, "Meet me tomorrow at the same time." DAMMIT! This guy really knew how to toy with a horny girl's mind! Yet again, I had to relieve myself once I got home because I was so horny it would have kept me up all night long. The next night rolled around. Yet again, the same things happened as the previous night. We kissed, I then took off ALL of my clothes. He fingered my pussy some, making me extremely wet and horny, but then, he pulled his fingers out. As we kissed, I heard him undoing his belt. Finally I'm going to see a huge black cock in person! I heard his belt come off, then the button, then I heard his zipper, and finally his pants and underwear hit the floor. He stopped kissing me, and when I looked down, I was look at 11 inches of black meat pointing straight out. He got me to get on my knees. I knew what he wanted. I was pretty good at deep throating, so I knew it was my turn to give him some of the pleasure. Of course, this was an 11 inch penis, so I knew I couldn't get it all in my mouth, but I was going to fit as much as I could. I slowly wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and played with it with my tongue in my mouth a little bit, and I heard Johnny give a little deep moan. Then, he placed his big hands on the back of my head and gently started pushing my head towards him. I wanted to see how much I could take, so I went as far as I could the first time, even gagging just a tiny bit. I pulled my head off keeping my fingers where my lips had reached, and I got about 8 inches into my. Johnny went, "Damn woman!" I smiled and then started again with his cock in my mouth, slowly going in and out, in and out, listening to the moans he would make. I was so horny, I decided to rub my pussy while I did this, but then to no surprise, he pulled my head off, stood me up, and as he was about to lean to my ear, I looked straight at him with a little smile and said, "I know, same place, same time tomorrow night." He smiled, we both got dressed , and left. The same routine happened with me, went home to reach orgasm and then went to bed. Next night was the best though. Everything happened the same again. He massaged me, we kissed, he fingered my pussy, and I got down on my knees and took his long shaft into my mouth. This time, I was going faster with my mouth over his cock. We went on with it longer, and when I pulled my lips off of his cock, he looked up, moaned, and streams of his warm cum shot all over my body. When he looked at me, I was licking all the cum off of my body. He had this horny look on his face. He then picked me up, placed me on the office desk (sitting, facing towards him), and told me to lay on my back. This was it! I was finally going to have this pleasure master's 11 inch cock inside of me!He toys around with my pussy with his tongue first. I knew that some men would do this, but never though it would happen to me though! He actually made a message with his tongue on my pussy!
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BBC breeding is hot. Show us the porn you watch on your profile
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very sexy