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She wants to try something

So as our friends on here will know my GF now shares this xhamster fun with me and lately we've been watching a few of the videos that I've listed in my fave list. Last night we watched the last 20 mins of this video

Now that's one of my fave videos, I love all the creampies the girl gets and as we watched and fucked I made sure my GF got a huge sticky load of her own.

This video has given the GF a lovely and filthy idea - she wants me to fuck her doggystyle and cum in her four times. I tend to be ready to go again after five minutes or so after my orgasm so the challenge has been put to me, fuck her four times in succession and put four loads of cum in her pussy while she remains in the doggy position. The idea being that when she moves and parts her pussy lips a huge wad of spunk will come out!

I will post an update and maybe some pics after we try this on sunday night.
Posted by sexymarty 2 years ago
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1 year ago
The chic in that video must be the biggest slut on the planet
1 year ago
Sounds fun, would love to help you two out with that. My record is 7 times in succession. let us know how it goes.
1 year ago
Would love to see the pics of that
1 year ago
Cannot wait to see her beautiful cum dripping pussy.

Has she considered you recording four of your friends creaming her delicious pussy?
2 years ago
sounds like a challenge id be happy to fill her up with a few extra loads mate