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My neighbor watches me

When the upstairs rooms were having a bit of a change around I had the main computer downstairs in the living room just in front of the window. I woke up one morning with a raging hard on. As I lay in bed stroking my cock through my boxers I decided I wanted to watch some porn. I came downstairs with my robe open and stroked my cock whilst I waited for the computer to come on. As I did so I could see that somebody was moving at the window of one of the flats opposite. These flats are just the other side of our (rather small garden) so the view of your neighbor is very good. I couldn't figure out if it was a man or a woman at the window but they seemed to be enjoying what I was doing and it was kind of a turn on. I've never had anyone spy on me before let alone someone spying on me with my cock in my hand so I carried on. I logged onto x-hamster and watched one of my favorite videos. The person was still at the window when I came, my spunk shooting up into the air.

A few days later I saw the same thing again, a movement at the window in the flat opposite whilst I was sat wanking my fat dick on the sofa. This time I was clearly able to see it was a woman that was watching me. She had slight Indian features, a petite body and long black hair. I could just about make out she was wearing a low cut top. I kept glancing at the window as I stroked my manhood but every time I did so the lady moved away. She clearly didn't want me to know I had an audience! I let her continue to think I hadn't seen as I wanked stroked myself to a nice big orgasm.

This kept happening, even when the PC went back upstairs I wired up the laptop to the TV so she could see what I was watching whilst I tugged on my pole.

My girlfriend came home one day feeling horny, like a good chap I obliged and allowed her to straddle me on the sofa. She slipped off her panties, pulled my cock out of my boxers and pushed my raging hard on into her nicely moist pussy. She rode me furiously as I smacked her butt and she came at least twice. When we were done I realized the curtains had not been shut and with the main light on and virtual darkness outside anyone would have had a great view of what we were doing.....especially my favorite nosy neighbor who had been at the window the whole time. As we got dressed I looked out to see her main living room light come on and a tall dark haired man walk into the room. I saw clear as day as she walked up to him, planted a huge kiss on his lips and jumped up into his arms. He then nuzzled her neck and the moved downwards to push his face between her breasts which she had kindly pulled out for him. She had clearly put on a good show for her, enough to get her all worked up enough to pounce on her boyfriend as soon he walked through the door. They kissed passionately again for a few moments before they dropped down and disappeared from my view. Every now and then I could see her head just bobbing into view, I like to think he bent her over and gave her a good hard fuck.

I have a feeling she's told her boyfriend about the things she can see going on in our front room because I often see him having a look now and then. I leave the curtains open until my girlfriend gets home ("eww a peeping tom. that's not sexy that's creepy!" she says) just so they can have a look.
Posted by sexymarty 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Oh -- how fun! Please, keep us all up to date on what happens next!