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treated like a slut

A three day dry spell resulted in the build up of sexual frustrations which culminated in an argument. I was not prepared to argue and so I decided to take charge.

"Oh let's go out for a ciggy," Rachel said as we both got tired of sitting and squabling. She rolled a cigerette and as we were about to go out of the living room I remembered one of her particular kinks - she likes to be surprised by sex. As she opened the door I pushed it shut again immediately, I took her petite body in my arms and kissed her deeply. Soon my kisses were on her neck and my hand was inside her bra. It was long before the other hand was inside her trousers and inside her panties. As I stroked her clit I slid one finger inside her all ready wet slit.

I yaked down her trousers and panties and bent her over the back of the sofa. I could hear her breathing get faster as I unzipped my jeans pulled out my hard seven incher. I wasted no time plunging my erect cock deep into her pussy. She gasped as I penetrated deep and started giving her short fast strokes. Soon Rachel was begging for me to fuck her harder, I pulled her hair and brought her face up close to mine.

"Tell me what you want you dirty slut" I said.
Her reply ensured she would soon get what was coming to her. "I want your cum in my pussy."

I pushed her face down again and smacked her ass hard. Her tight pussy opened around my cock as I drove it into her harder and faster with her moaning all the while.

"Cum in me! Cum in me! Cum in my dirty cunt!"

I smacked her ass again, held her tight around the waste and unloaded three days of cum inside her.

"Oh I can feel it. It tingles. Oooh it tingles" she said as my balls continued to empty their load deep inside her.

The argument was over, the dry spell had ended, my balls were empty and the cigerette tasted especially sweet.

We decided to share a bottle of wine after but before it was opened I couldn't resist taking her by surprise again...
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