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Sharing the girlfriend with a dildo

This is true, it happened just the other day.

My girlfriend likes to use her dildo while I watch and wank. It's a big thick black double ended dildo and she likes to see how much of it she can take. I love seeing that thing slide into her gorgeous hairy pussy. I love hearing her grunt and moan as she f***es more and more of it into her.

Sometimes I like to watch the double penetration videos on xhamster, the ones where the girl gets two cocks in her pussy. I mentioned this to my gf but she just gave me one of her "yo... Continue»
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She wants to try something

So as our friends on here will know my GF now shares this xhamster fun with me and lately we've been watching a few of the videos that I've listed in my fave list. Last night we watched the last 20 mins of this video

Now that's one of my fave videos, I love all the creampies the girl gets and as we watched and fucked I made sure my GF got a huge sticky load of her own.

This video has given the GF a lovely and filthy idea - she wants me to fuck her doggystyle and cum in her four times. I tend t... Continue»
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in the car

Had my car a few months now and up until a few days ago the girlfriend and I had not christened it. This happened just last Friday.

I picked her up from work at 8.30 one night. I told her I had a surprise for her in the glove box. She opened it up and there was a bottle of lube. She knew what I had in mind. I pulled up in a dark corner of a car park and unzipped my flies. She leaned over, took out my cock and started sucking. I looked out the window and could see people walking by on the other side of the hedge the car was facing. It was weird seeing people go by as I was having my cock suc... Continue»
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My neighbor watches me

When the upstairs rooms were having a bit of a change around I had the main computer downstairs in the living room just in front of the window. I woke up one morning with a raging hard on. As I lay in bed stroking my cock through my boxers I decided I wanted to watch some porn. I came downstairs with my robe open and stroked my cock whilst I waited for the computer to come on. As I did so I could see that somebody was moving at the window of one of the flats opposite. These flats are just the other side of our (rather small garden) so the view of your neighbor is very good. I couldn't figure o... Continue»
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[Story] Rachel's many orgasms

I was going to put this in my blog but it was too long really so I'm posting it as a story. This happened yesterday....

It sucks to be working on a sunday, luckily I had the day off but Rachel didn't. I'd spent a horny day on the computer waiting for her to come home because normally sunday is our big sex play day. What with her working and having a bit of an upset tummy there was a good chance of no sex at all let alone lots of lovely kinky play.

Rach got home about 6pm and I made her a nice big, hot cup of coffee and some hot toast with lashing of butter. While she was eating her toas... Continue»
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[Story] Teen finger love

I was eighteen and my girlfriend, a petite, 5ft brunette with glasses and a pretty smile was fifteen. It was a warm August day (I know, wow!) and I was sat with her in the back garden of her f****y home. I took off my shirt to cool down and so did she, just wearing her little bra. I could see her pert tits and the outline of her nipples through the material. By this point our lively conversations died down as we spent more time checking each other out than talking.

As the sun got higher in the sky the temperature increased and I began to wish I had worn shorts instead of jeans. My girlfrie... Continue»
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treated like a slut

A three day dry spell resulted in the build up of sexual frustrations which culminated in an argument. I was not prepared to argue and so I decided to take charge.

"Oh let's go out for a ciggy," Rachel said as we both got tired of sitting and squabling. She rolled a cigerette and as we were about to go out of the living room I remembered one of her particular kinks - she likes to be surprised by sex. As she opened the door I pushed it shut again immediately, I took her petite body in my arms and kissed her deeply. Soon my kisses were on her neck and my hand was inside her bra. It was long b... Continue»
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new years celebrations

started with my girlfriend taking my cock in all her holes. as i fucked her tight ass she DP'd herself with a cucumber in her cum-filled pussy. I unloaded my cum into her ass and when she withdrew the cucumber it was covered in my spunk from earlier. a really hot day!

later we fucked again, to thank her for my earlier orgasms i made her cum on my cock three times....

then on new years day we woke up a slight hangover but feeling we horny we had a quickie before heading to mcdonalds for the kind of shit, limp hangover busting burgers that only maccy d can provide. in the evening we played... Continue»
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[Story] Our first threesome

Thought I would share my first swinging experience when I was with my ex. (for the sake of this I’ll call her Rachel). Rachel was 23, petite, about 5ft6 with bright red (dyed) hair.

This all happened about six months ago, we’d just come back from a really nice holiday and needed to catch up on some sl**p. We were feeling very loved up so she stayed over at my place. I woke up nicely refreshed and left Rach in bed while I made us both a cuppa. I took it back to the bedroom with me, I could see her laying on her tummy with her beautiful peachy arse poking up at me, wearing nothing but her tin... Continue»
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first post!

Looking forward to having my cock sat on this evening by my favourite l'il slut.......she's having a long bath right now so maybe a bit of anal too! Keeping my fingers crossed hehe
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