The Ranch

When Ben first saw Val, she was a street whore. She was so young only sixteen and so pretty. Her body was developed and he could not take his eyes off her. He picked her up and drove to a vacant lot. He told her to get naked as he wanted to see her sexy body. As she stripped he began to touch her skin. She had nice round tits and as her panties came off she was shaved and bald. He told her "Unzip my pants and pull out my cock. Then lick me first then suck me down deep in your throat. Get on your knees with that nice ass in the air so I may touch you as you suck my hard cock." She unzipped him and pulled out his long cock. She rubbed him and stroked his balls. She then put her face in his lap and began to lick him. His hand slid down her back to her ass and he rubbed her as he found her split. He softly told her "You have a great ass. I am quite fond of a sexy ass. Now spread your legs as you suck me." Val began to suck Ben as she spread her legs for him. He moaned as she sucked and said "Take all that cock. Suck me hard. I want to feel it deep in your throat." As Val sucked him hard and deep his fingers found her ass and he rubbed and then inserted two fingers in her and began to finger fuck her.

She did a great job sucking cock and he grabbed her head with his free hand and shoved her down deep and held her there. "Yes, suck that long cock. Gag and suck. Put your finger in my ass and make me fill you with my cum." Ben pulled his finger from her ass and as he held her head tight to his cock gave her a dozen smacks on her ass. She pushed two fingers in his ass and felt him fill her mouth with his warm juice. He kept his cock in her till she swallowed every drop.

He told her "Now lay on your back and spread your legs. I am going to eat pussy till you cum as my cock stays hard for hours then I am going to fuck your cunt then your ass." Ben liked the street whores but Val seemed to be special. She was young with enormous tits and a firm round ass. He could not wait to taste her pussy. As she layed back and he spread her legs wide he fingered her clit then licked it. He sucked it till it got huge. "Your clit likes to be sucked. It is so big like a young boys cock." As he sucked the big clit his fingers rimmed her hole. She was wet and warm. He pushed his middle finger in her clear to the third knuckle. He whispered "You like my finger in your cunt. Let's see how many you can take. I want four in you before I am done finger fucking you. Then you can bounce on my cock as I suck those giant tits." He put more fingers in her as he fucked and felt her cum and soon had four in her as he fucked her deep and hard. He felt the walls of her cunt pulse against his fingers and kept finger fucking her making her moan and thrash beneath him. She was young but he could see she was a horny and sexy whore. She so far she did everything he wanted her to do. And he was just getting started.

He pulled his fingers out and licked her pussy clean. She tasted delicious and he pushed his tongue in her cunt where his fingers had been. She arched her back raising her hips to his tongue and he knew she wanted to be tongue fucked so he pushed his tongue in deep till he felt the young cunt cum. He made her cum several more times and he liked that she could cum over and over. He pulled his tongue out and sucked on her pussy lip. He sucked hard hoping to make a bruise that he would see later.

He sat her up and told her "My cock needs pussy. I want you to straddle my lap facing me and put my cock deep in your wet cunt. Then rotate your hips fucking me till I let you stop. Arch your back and push your tits to my face so I can feast on your monster globes. You have huge firm jugs for such a young girl. Now slide that cunt down on my cock." Val inserted his cock deep in her hole. She heard him moan as she felt so good. She began rotating her hips fucking him as he groaned. She felt his big thick cock deep up inside her and she wildly fucked him. Ben then grabbed a nipple with his teeth and bit and sucked. He traded back and forth as she thrust her tits to him. He sucked the nipples and the sides and top of each big tit. He knew she would have marks from his biting and sucking. He moaned to her "I have never had any one that can fuck me like you can. And you have such a sexy body. You know how to please me. I am going to fuck you for hours, maybe days." He did fuck her for over three hours. His cock was sore but he could not get enough of her.

Ben then told her "Turn around and ride me cowboy style only I want my cock in your ass. Let me rub this fuck lotion in your ass then bounce that sexy ass on my cock." He took the lotion and shoved it deep into her ass getting her wet and ready for his cock. "Now you are ready for some ass fucking so slide down my cock." She turned her back to him and put his cock to her ass and began to slip down on him. She went slow to get the big cock in her with no harm. It was not long before she had him deep in her ass. "Rotate those hips and let me fuck that tight ass. You feel so good. I can feel ass surrounding my cock. Lean back against me so I can grab your tits. I am going to pull on your nipples as we ass fuck." As she leaned back his hands covered her big tits. He grabbed a nipple in each hand and pulled and twisted them. The more she rotated on his cock the harder he rubbed a pinched her swollen nipples. He rasply said to her "Yes, baby, fuck my cock. That's it. Push it deep and ride it hard. Grab my cock with that ass and fuck it till it feels like it will fall off. I love fucking an ass and yours is the tightest and the best."

After fucking her ass for a long long time he finally pulled out and knew her ass and cunt was sore as his cock was raw. It was the best fucking he had had for a long time. This young whore had the body of a goddess and could fuck like no other person. He rubbed his hands down her body and saw the bruises all around her nipples and over the top and sides of her tits. He had gotten quite rough as the young girl let him fuck her cunt and ass. He told he "Spread your legs. I want to see if I left a bruise on your pussy lip like I did on your tits. You are so fucking sexy I got carried away. But I like seeing my mark on your body. Your tits are covered and I bet those nipples are sore." As she spread her legs he did see a bruise on her pussy lip. It made him proud to see he had left something for her to remind her of him for the next few days. His cock was aching from all the hours of fucking this young nympho.

She smiled and looked at him and kissed him pushing her tongue in his mouth and over his teeth and against his tongue. He tongued her back and felt her naked body push against his skin. He pulled her to him and kissed her deep as he fingered her pussy. He said "Do you want to fuck some more?" She looked at him and nodded then ran her hand down to his abused cock.
As she tongue kissed him she stroked his sore cock making it so hard "Baby, my cock is so sore. Kiss it and make it feel better. She went down to his lap and began to kiss his cock over every inch. She kissed and licked soothing him. Then she took him deep into her mouth and sucked. He began a fucking motion in her mouth as he moaned to her "Yes, suck me. You know how to make me feel so good. Lick my cock, suck my cock. Suck my cum. Baby you are the best cocksucker." She sucked and sucked and licked till she made his cock fill her throat with his cum. She swallowed every drop and licked him clean. Then she kissed him as he tasted his cum on her tongue.

He looked at her and asked "Want to come with me to my house and live there and fuck me every day and night? Be my personal whore? I will take good care of you. I will buy you anything you need as long as the sex never stops." She agreed and he fucked her one more time before they began to drive to his house. She sucked his cock all the way as he drove making him cum twice. He fingered her ass as she sucked him. At his house they both were still naked and he took her to the shower and told her "First we shower and fuck under the water then I want to fuck you in every room and on every piece of furniture. Come on you beautiful sexy nympho. Wash my cock then the fucking will begin."

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Another good one. Thanks
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Great story. I love big clits.
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lost me when you described her clit as along as a young boys cock....good going mr.garrison