Sex Slave

He told her what to do and when to do it. He used her for pleasure and liked others to use her as he watched. Tonight he told her "Go to the pleasure room and strip naked. Be on your hands and knees when I get there." She did as he said but she knew he was in a very mean mood. She was down on all fours as he entered naked. He opened the drawer and removed several sex toys. He put a gag ball in her mouth then a collar around her neck. He attached a long rope to the collar. He pushed a large butt plug in her ass and a bigger dildo in her pussy. He pulled the rope down between her tits and thru her legs and tight to the plug and the dildo then up her back. He pushed her up so she was only on her knees and attached a chain to the ring thru her nipples he had pierced himself. He attached the chain to her collar pulling it tight and stretching her nipples. He then reached and rubbed her large tits. He liked that she had such huge globes. They were perfect for torture and sexual pleasure.

He then brought out his small wip and gave each tit five whacks. He liked to see the welts on the big breasts. He rubbed the welts and pushed her back down on all fours. He told her "Spread your legs wide. I want to see your cunt. Put your shoulders down on the floor." He then lifted the whip and brought it down hard on her ass. He gave her twenty strokes then whipped down her legs and then up to her back. He saw the welts swell as he kept hitting her ass and back. He untied the rope between her legs and let it drop just as he smacked her pussy lips. He knew this hurt and that is why she was gagged.

He removed the dildo from her cunt and replace it with four fingers. He finger fucked her as he found her nipples and pulled on the chains. He then softly told her, "Lay on your back and keep those legs spread wide. Tonight I have a surprise for you. I am going to pierce your pussy lips so I can attach the nipple chains to them. I have a young man coming to do that now. There will be three hoops down each lip and one across the top. I am going to attach chains so I can pull those pussy lips wide open. Then I can show off your cunt to any one I choose."

Soon a young man walked in with his tool box. He was ready to pierce. She layed there with her legs spread as her master told the boy what he wanted pierced and where. Next he told the boy. "I want you naked as you pierce her. I like to see cock around my nasty whore." The boy removed his clothes. When he was naked the man looked him over and said "Yes, you will do. Nice cock." Then he grabbed it and stroked it till it was hard. "I love a hard cock. We shall all play when you are done piercing her pussy."

The boy grabbed her pussy lip and quickly put three hoops thru one side then the other. He then pierced the top above the clit. The man gave him six chains and told him to attach one to the hoop thru each nipple then to pull another around one leg pulling the pussy lip wide and then to the other leg. When he was done and the cunt was well exposed the man said "I love to see that cunt wide open to lick, finger and fuck. Now I want you to lick her clit and then her cunt for me. She is a slut and must be treated as such." The boy wasted no time licking her and sucking her clit before her moved to her fuck hole. He sucked on the hole then tongue fucked her. The man yelled "Yes, keep tonguing her while I jerk your cock and stretch your balls." He reached between the boys legs and cupped his balls as he pushed the boys head tight to the girls cunt. "Suck that cunt." He then grabbed the boys cock. The man's cock was rock hard by now and as the boy bent over the girl the man shoved his cock into his ass.

As the man ass fucked the boy he told him "Suck that clit and tongue her cunt. Use your fingers too. I am going to fuck your ass till you cum. I love young boys a lot." As the boy tongue fucked the girl he finger fucked her ass with four fingers. She was moaning and moving her hips wanting more from this young boy. The man had his cock buried all the way in the boys ass as he fucked him and pulled his cock and his balls. The young boy had a long cock with baseball size balls. They filled the man's hands as he pulled on them. As the man ass fucked the boy he began to spank his ass. He fucked and spanked harder as he enjoyed seeing the ass stretched and his hand print across the young ass. The man and the boy came at the same time with each screaming.

They both stayed hard and the man told them "I am going to fuck this whore in her cunt and you are going to fuck my ass. I want that cock buried deep in my hole, every inch as I fuck this bitch hard. Then when I tell you, switch your cock from my ass to the slut's ass. We will fuck her till she screams begging us to stop." The three began their fuck session. It was rough and wild. The boys big long cock was all the way in the man's ass. And the man had his cock in the girls cunt as it was still spread wide by the chains. They fucked each other for over an hour when the man told the boy "Now fuck the bitch's ass with that long cock. Every inch all the way. Give it to her rough and hard." The boy slammed his cock in her ass and heard her scream as the monster cock went in deep. Soon both were fucking her holes not caring how rough they were. Another hour went by before they came in her.

The man left his cock in the girls cunt and told the boy "Get your cock hard and shove it in her cunt with my cock. We are going to double fuck this slut till she can't walk." The boy grabbed the man by his hips and got close and pushed his cock in the young girls cunt. As he pushed in she screamed "No. Don't do that. You are too big." The man slapped her face several times and told her "Shut up. Take this cock like the cock slave you are. We are going to fuck you till it hurts. And it will hurt bad." It took a while but both cocks were in the tight cunt. Then they began to hump her fast and hard. If she screamed the mad hit her in the face and told her to "shut up bitch". The man like the feel of the young cock rubbing his cock in the tight cunt. It was like he was being cock fucked against his cock. It was a great sensation. One he wanted often now.

After fucking her for a long long time both men filled her cunt with their cum. It was running out and on the table. They pulled their cocks out and the man told the slut to lick the cum from the table. Then he told her to lick his cock clean. He then told the boy to come over to him and he sucked and licked the boy's big cock clean. He pulled the girls head over the side of the table and told the boy. "Face fuck this slut. I want to see you gag her with that long cock. As you fuck her face, I am going to fuck your ass. Now fuck her deep. If she tries to make you stop, Pull the chains on her nipples or her pussy lips so she knows to mind like the sex slave she is. She is a fucking slut for anything we want to do to her. Pinch her clit or her nipples. Make her scream. Punish her." The boy then began to slide his long cock down her throat as she gagged and tried to pull away. He gripped her head between his legs and kept his cock in deep. He yelled at her "Suck my cock bitch. Show me what a good cocksucker you are."

As he pushed his cock in deeper he felt the man's cock go in his ass. He loved the feel of the cock in his ass and he began to fuck the girls face harder. The boy yelled "Yes, suck my cock as he fucks my ass. I love to be doubled up by both of you. Don't stop. Fuck me hard. Suck all of this big cock." As the young boy was fucked and sucked he was screaming with pleasure. Never had he had such a delightful day. The old man had told him he had a hot slut and he sure did. He and the man had taken a double dose of the pink pill so their cocks were good for hours. The young slut was going to be sore when they got done with her. When he arrived he had heard the man whipping her and he was going to ask if he could whip her also. He smiled as he jerked the chains on her nipples and pussy.

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