Nasty Stripper

The strip club had the wildest nasty strippers. Men and women loved to come and see the naked bodies and how perverted they would get. Bess was the most popular as she would put on a dirty nasty show. The men would touch and feel her and even the women. She made lots of money each night.

Tonight she walked on stage naked with glitter over her tits and around her pussy. She had big firm tits and a great shaped ass. She lifted one leg and put it over her head exposing her pussy to every one. She reached down and pulled a long silk scarf out of her cunt. The stage was set with several of her toys she would use during her tease. The stage was round and tonight it was crowded with men a few women waving money to her. She started at one place and sat down and spread her legs. The young man had a twenty in his hand. She scooted to him and took his hand to her pussy and let him poke it inside her. As he poked the money in her she pushed his finger inside her cunt. She looked at him and said "Finger me Baby. Watch your fingers go deep in my cunt." The young man did just that. She then pulled his fingers out and sucked them. She grabbed his head and pulled his face to her tits. "Suck momma's nipple like a baby." As the young guy sucked she grabbed the guy next to him and took his money and pulled him to her other bare tit. She smiled and said "Mamma has plenty of tit for both of you."

The crowd went wild waving money but she knew not to rush. The longer they waited their turn, the more money they gave her. She grabbed the money from the next man and as the two sucked her tits she put the man's finger in her cunt. "Fuck me till I cum." Which he did. She then slid his face to her wet pussy and said "Lick my cunt. Tongue fuck that wet hole." The men were pushing to get to be next. She pulled the three men away and moved to the next man. She told him, "Stand on your chair." As he stood on his chair, she unzipped his pants and jerked them down till he was naked from the waist down. His cock was rock hard. She smiled and told him "Nice cock." She grabbed it and began to stroke it. As she jerked his cock men began to lower their pants wanting a turn. To turn them on she then began to lick the nice cock she had a hold of. Then she took it in her mouth and sucked him. She deepthroated every inch of his cock and sucked till he came in her mouth. She then removed his cock and grabbed his face and kissed him passing his cum into his mouth.

She did this with two more men sucking their cocks and giving them their cum back in their own mouth. A man was standing with a hundred dollar bill so she went to him and grabbed him and kissed him. He reached in and finger fucked her cunt. She spread her legs wide and every one watched as she pulled his face to her pussy. He wasted no time licking her clit and her fuck hole. She held his face tight to her cunt and told him "Stick that tongue in me. Fuck me till I come then suck that cum out and kiss me with it." As he tongue fucked her his fingers rammed into her ass. He was tonguing her cunt and fingering her ass. When he made her cum he licked her clean then grabbed her head and kissed her shoving his cum coated tongue in her mouth. She kissed his cheek and told him "I will be back."

Next was a sexy gal with huge tits with money in her hand. Bess was used to the lesbians wanting her body and she actually enjoyed them. She took the money and slid it between the girl's big tits. She slid the straps to her dress down and exposed her naked tits. Her fingers each grabbed a nipple and rubbed them making them hard as she rubbed all of her tits. She pulled the girl half on the stage and took the money before she began to suck her tits. She pulled her dress up over her ass and pulled down her panties. As she sucked her tits she rubbed her ass. She then turned her toward the crowd and with one hand rubbed a tit and pulled the nipple as her hand crept down to her pussy. Every one watched as she fingered her pussy and pulled on the clit. Then when the girl was moaning she pushed three fingers in her cunt. She finger fucked her as she twisted her nipple. The girl screamed and covered Bess's hand with cum. Bess then pushed the fingers in the girls mouth as the girl sucked them. She kissed the girl and told her "You are a great sexy slut. Hope you enjoyed the finger fuck."

Next Bess pulled out her dildo and pushed it in her cunt. She went to the next man and took his money and pulled his face down to the end of the dildo and let his mouth push the dildo in her. He pulled it in and out with his mouth as he watched it fuck her. When it was covered in cum, she pulled it out and pushed it in his mouth. He sucked it clean before she pushed his face to her open cunt and he began to lick and tongue her. When she pulled his face up, he was covered with her cum. She kissed him and moved on.

The next man had several hundreds in his hand. He had been at the club and played with her pussy many times. Tonight he wanted more. She went to him and he said "This is yours if I can fuck your cunt." She reached down and unzipped his pants letting his cock pop out. She took the money and layed on her back spreading her legs. She grabbed his cock and jerked it a few times then aimed it at her open cunt. "Go ahead. Fuck me with that hard cock. My cunt is all yours. Show every one how good your can fuck me." He replied "I am going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow. Spread those legs wide and lift your hips. My cock is on the way. Lets see what a slutty whore you are." He shoved his big cock all the way in her and began to fuck her hard. He pulled out and rammed back in. As he fucked his fingers found her clit and twisted and pulled making her cum again and again. When he finally filled her with cum he pulled out and grabbed her head and pushed his cock in her mouth. "Clean me up cum slut. Lick my cock clean." The crowd clapped and cheered. She had been fucked hard and they loved it. He then kissed her and pulled up his pants. She knew he would be back for more cunt.

She went on to several more men and one more woman. The woman wanted to eat her pussy and did great job. The men either finger fucked her or tongued her cunt. Two very young boys sucked her tits like they were nursing. The last man she was going to entertain stood with his pants down. She pulled him to her and kissed his mouth swapping tongues. He went down to her tits and sucked and licked then down to her pussy. He sucked her clit pulling it with his teeth and then tongued her cunt. He had a long tongue and was deep in her when she grabbed the steel dildo and shoved it in his ass. As he tongued her wet cunt she fucked his ass with the dildo. She held his head tight to her cunt and kept his tongue deep in her as she ass fucked him. She then reached over and grabbed his cock and began to jerk him till he came. She relesed his head from her cunt and pulled the dildo out of his ass. She pushed the dildo in his mouth as she rubbed his cum over his balls. She played with his balls as he sucked his ass off the dildo.

It was time for her to leave. She had a private room in the back and it was time to do private sessions. A man could buy her for an hour and she was always booked up. She was the nastiest whore at the club. She would do 3somes, 4somes, or even women. Nothing was to taboo for this slut.

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