Sexual chemistry

Standing at the platform one morning , I feel this electric sensation run through my body -- the hairs on the back of my neck stand up -- and I feel goose bumps.. even though I'm hot from all the bodies around me -- I even have a dress on - red with spagetti straps --low cut but tasteful - have a important meeting today can't look to slutty *smiles* but mmmm very nice - curly hair today - not too much makeup - dont need any - can't hide the freckles lol anyways .. I look around for a sec - I just have this feeling that someone is watching me -- I look to the left - nothing - then to the right - nothing -- well there is people looking around and at me - smiling -- I casually look around and behind me -- then I see you -- instant hit over the head with a brick -- chemistry-- send a jolt to my pussy chemistry -- make me stop breathing chemistry --- want to fuck you right here and now kind of chemistry -- then all of a sudden we hear the subway and people start to move about getting rdy to jump on --we all squeeze into the c-train - I look around trying to see you but dont - feeling a little disappointed then all of a sudden I feel something behind me - pushed up against me --then I feel hot breathing on my neck - I knew it was you - my heart started breathing faster - my breathing started to become short and fast - not sure of what to do - I didnt say anything - neither did you -- I felt your hand on my ass -- trying not to moan -- the train is packed if you looked at us - you would not see anything - mmmm you pulled me closer into you -- omg I could feel your hard cock through your pants -- you lift my dress up --oooo and pull me as close as you can to your cock -- the train jerks itself and you take advantage of it and rub your cock against my ass *moan* -- you whisper in my ear -- I could take you right here and no one would notice - you leave your hand under my dress and make your way to my pussy mmmm you start to rub it through my lace panties --feeling my wet juices soak them already - I start to breathe faster -- you rub a little faster -- I cant believe you are doing this - here - I want to cum - but I hold back -- I move your hand away - not here I tell you -- you say why not -- I turn around and look at you -- if we have this kind of connection -- I need to have you in every way possible - naked - alone - to explode with you -- can you make that happen I ask you ??
you look at me and smile - of course I can - you reach into your suit jacket and pull out a business card and hand it to me - you need to call me as soon as you get to work and we will set something up -- next thing I know - you put your finger in your mouth and suck on it -*moaning* omg -- mmmm looking forward to more - fuck -- next thing I know the train stops and you get off - my pussy is missing you already - the train carries on - my breathing is still going fast - my pussy is throbbing and so wet *moan* - I cant concentrate and almost miss my stop - I get off and walk to the office barely focusing on what I am doing - thinking about what we would possibly do together -- making my pussy even more wet - omfg - cant take it anymore - i look at my watch and realize that i'm early - I go to the nearest bathroom -- go in the cubicle - lock the door - lift up my dress - pull my panties down - and start to rub my clit and fuck my pussy -- *groan* -- getting my self off from you making me so horny doesnt take long -- I start to cum and have to hold the moaning in - other women in the bathroom -- oh god feels so good - had to release myself -- I straighten myself up and wash hands etc -- I go to the elevator and wait -- trying to compose myself - thinking about you - wondering if you were doing the same thing -- jerking off in the bathroom *moan* -- getting horny again thinking about you
cant wait to figure out whats next I reach my office and close the door -- standing there for a second - then go sit down -- still cant focus properly - only have one thing on my mind now - when I can fuck you - plain and simple -- I felt that hard cock in your pants and I want it in my pussy - and my mouth - and my ass - *groan* -- my pussy is throbbing sitting there wet from cumming .. I 'm holding your business card in my hand wondering if your at work yet -- if and when I should call -- I know I'm going to call - I have to - the chemistry was so strong between us -- I keep thinking how it will be when we are together - as one *moan* -- I pick up the phone and dial your number --your secretary answers and I ask for you -- she asks what is regarding *moan* - I want to say it's the horny cum slut he met on the subway but I tell her its just a friend -- she puts me through -- you answer -- your voice *groan* omg - I try to answer back but just starting breathing heavy - mmmmm you moan - its you isn't it - you say -- I say yes -- *moaning* - I knew you would call - now where do we go from here? -- He says we have to fuck - what do you think? omfg -- I whisper yes -- alright then you say - how are you for Saturday ? do you think you can manage a couple of hours alone ? I tell you I will figure it out -- we agree to meet at a hotel at 1: 00 ...........I wake up Sat morning - my pussy is so wet -- was dreaming about being with you - but then I realize that it's not a dream now - its reality - its gonna happen - I deal with my day to day life - counting down the hours - making arrangements for the time I'm going to be with you -- getting rdy - I go to the hotel - few mins early - trying to compose myself -- its not working - I 'm standing in the lobby when I feel my phone vibrate -- I look - its a text message from you *moan* - meet me in the lounge it says - I go in there - its' dark but I see you at the bar - your looking at me - smiling - waiting for me - you take my hand and I think we are going to sit for a drink but you immediately start walking heading to the elevator - we get in and theres no one else in there - you through me up against the wall and start to kiss me passionatley - roaming your hands all over my body - you moan because you realize- I'm wearing a trench coat with nothing on underneath *grins* -- yes baby I'm totally naked for you mmmmmm I reach down and rub your cock - its hard as a rock through your pants -- mmmm do you know how bad I want this ? you moan as I feel your tongue inside my mouth - I take it and suck on it - just like I want to on your cock - oh fuck ya -- the door dings and we break apart - you take my hand again and pull me down the hallways we are almost running -- we get to the door and you swipe the key and we go in ..........we walk into the dark room - the blinds closed - hard to focus for a second - but that doesn't matter anyways - what matters is we are together - but you knew exactly where to go and what to do in your room - you were waiting for me - you walk over to the dresser and pour some champagne into 2 chilled glasses sitting in ice -- then turn on some music - its I want to rock with u from Janet Jackson *grins* -- you hand me the glass to take a sip which I do then you take the glass from me -- you take my face and start to kiss me -- then slowly start undoing my coat --mmmmm you pull it from my shoulders and let it fall to the ground - you pull me back a bit to look - you *groan* -- my nipples are rock hard for you -- you look down and see my red boots - up to my knees mmmmm I like you say -- I have to look at you - and start to unbutton your shirt - pulling it off of you -- and undoing your pants - you help me slide them off -- your not wearing any underware *groan* - your cock pops out immediately at me -- nice and hard - omfg -- I go to grab it but you wont let me -- you tuck him up towards you and pull me close -- the song is still playing and we start to move with the music -- mmmm dirty dancing baby - I straddle your leg as you dip me back - leaning into suck my tit -- *moannnnn* then pull me back up and kiss me - hard and long -- we sway back and forth to the words -- oh baby -- I've waited for this -- I knew it would be worth it - we explore each others bodies with our hands - touching and squeezing each others asses -- *moaning* -- I want you in everyway - please take me -- you pick me up and carry me to the bed lay me down on the bed and I think you are going to kiss me - you do but not where I thought *moan* - you slowly kiss my neck sucking and nibbling on it for a bit -- then you work your way to my breasts mmmm licking and kissing and sucking my nipples *groan * then kneeding and massaging my whole titties - licking them -- kissing them -- mmmm yes baby -- then you kiss my stomach and work down towards my pussy -- shes so wet - waiting for you - I *moan* from your touch - you *kiss* my outer lips - and I look down at you - you *smile* and go between my legs -- you spread them wide open -- my lips start to part for you -- you drag your tongue up my slit *moaning* -- my breathing goes crazy -- you ask me if I want more -- I say oh fuck ya baby -- eat my pretty pussy -- please -- she needs your expert mouth - omfg - you lean back in and start to eat my cunt - omg - you suck and slurp my clitty - lapping up my juices that is already coming out of me - *yessss* - omg - feels so good -you stick 2 fingers into my cunt hole -- and start finger fucking me - omg omg
flicking your tongue faster and faster on my clit -- I start to hump your fingers - cant hold it any longer -- I grab your hair and cummmmmmmm ooooooooo my god -- you replace your fingers with your tongue and fuck my hole with it -- licking and eating my sweet juices --- oh fuck --
you finish and crawl up on me -- kissing me -- letting me taste myself - mmmmm I want to return the favour I say .... I move myself to the edge of the bed - sticking my head over the edge --- stand up baby -- and come here - you get off the bed and walk over to me -- I lean back my head and getting rdy for your big hard cock .....I'm laying on my back - with my head over the edge of the bed - tilted back - ready for you to slide your big dick down my throat mmmm you come to me - your so hard -you straddle my head -- you think I'm going to put your cock in my mouth --*smiles* --I lift him up and take your balls into my mouth mmm sucking and slurping on them slowly -- so soft baby - rolling them around my mouth - teasing them with my tongue - I gently stroke your cock with my fingers -- running my thumb on the tip of your cock - smearing your precum - I take my finger and suck on it with your balls still in my mouth - mmm - I take your balls out and pull your cock back down -- I tilt my head back a bit more - and tell you to lean down -- you take your hands and place them on my tits and start to massage them again - I take your cock and slide it into my mouth -- oooooooo I start to slurp it - savouring it -- slowly sucking on it mmmmmmmm so good - I knew it would be -- You are so horny your trying not to blow your load -you slowly start to face fuck me -- humping my mouth - I dont have to do any work except suck your dick - so good -- you thrust your cock deep into my mouth , deep throating me -- you fuck faster -- r****g my throat - omfg - squeezing my tits as hard as you can -- *gagging* -- omg baby -- I squeeze your gorgeous ass cheeks and give them a slap - oh fuck *moaning* I feel your cock start to swell in my mouth -- you start to grunt - and give one last thrust and omfg omfg -you scream with so much pleasure - you shoot your huge load down my throat -- I *choke* a bit at first till I start to swallow ooooooooooooooooooo gulping and gulping your juices - omg baby mmm so good - I suck your cock dry and you start to lose your balance as you pull your cock out - you lean on the bed and collapse on it *giggle*we are both laying down beside each other - your cock is still hard with cum dripping off of it - I lean into it and lick it off mmmmmmmmmmmmm god I still want you - but you groan and tell me you want to fuck my pussy - *moaning* omg I want that too - so bad -- I roll over and position my self on my knees and hands -- I look back at you *smiling* and shake my ass at you *giggle* - you immediately get up and position yourself behind me -- I lean down on my elbows and spread my legs a bit so you can get a good look at my swollen cunt lips and hole - *moaning* - you take me ass and start to squeeze my cheeks and massage them and smack them --- ooooooooooo then you start to play with my pussy lips and rub them - gliding your fingers up and down me -- clitty fucking me - omg -- then you stick a couple of fingers into my hot cunt and *groan* -- you start to finger fuck me - omg omg I squeeze your fingers with my pussy which makes you fuck faster --- omg please put your thick big cock in there -- omg I need it baby -- please

you cant resist me any longer and straighten up and pull me closer to you and smack your cock on my lips getting it wet -- then you put it in my hole and shove it it -- WE BOTH MOANNNNNNNNNN omg omg -- you slowly start to fuck me - in and out in and out -- omg omg feels so good - you cant take it anymore and go a little faster -- and faster -- and harder - harder -- I start to grind my ass and slam it against your cock -- ooooooo you lean down and grab my tits and hang on to them - squeezing them as you start to fuck me faster -like a dirty dog fucking his bitch - omg omg omg -- ya baby - fuck me harder please -- yes - thats it - this is what you wanted isn't it -- to fucking use me like the slut dirty whore that I am -- *groan* -- fuck me harder-- you thrust your cock so deep inside me -- I can feel you about to explode -- you squeeze me nipples and make me cummmmmmmmmmm -- oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaa -- you lean up and grab my hips and thrust - thrust - thrust - I feel your cock swell up and explode in my pussy - you *screammmmmmmmmm* --- oh fuck oh fuck we are both so sweaty -- *moan* -- you kind of collapse on me - both breathing so hard omg baby -- so good - omg so good - you pull out and lay down on the bed - pulling me down with you - you grab me and spoon behind me -- cuddling -- trying to calm down - your kissing my neck -- rubbing my body - I love your touch lover - you feel so good with your arms wrapped around me - your cum soaked cock up against my ass mmmmmm dont want to ever move from here -- you *giggle* - you have no choice baby doll you say -- you have to move -- and your going to move -- all over my cock - my slut whore bitch -- you are going to ride me baby - I *moan* as I turn around and face you -- you reach for me and we kiss passionatley - our tongues finding each other - playing - sucking - dancing - our hands roaming each other again - exploring - your cock is hard again against my pussy - mmmm you feel so good baby -

you wrap your arms around me and pull me up ontop of you -- you guide your cock towards my cunt hole -- and tease it a little -- I straddle your hips more and let you put your head into my hole -- I tease you a bit - putting it in and out of my hole squeezing my cunt around your head -- mmm feels heavenly baby - we both cant take it anymore and you push down on my hips - thrusting your cock up into my pussy as hard as you can -- I *scream* a little - omfg - I feel your hard throbbing cock in my pussy - just sitting on you - enjoying the pure pleasure sensation of your hard member in my cunt *moan* - how I love the feeling of it baby - I start to slowly rock back and forth on you - you put your hands on my tits and gently kneed them mmmmm rubbing your thumbs back and forth against my hard nipples -- I look at you and you lick your lips - and I ask you if you want to suck them you nod your head really fast yes- i lean down and gently feed you my one tittie - you suckle it - nursing it -*moan* - omg feels so good to be sucked and fucked *groan*

I start to pound my pussy down on your shaft - harder and harder -- closing my muscles around your hard cock - squeezing them - mmmmmm fucking you faster and faster -- suck my titties baby - put them together and put both my nipples in your mouth *groan* -- yes thats it -- suck them -- fucking you faster and faster --harder and deeper -- you thrust your cock up into my pussy -- then I feel you tense up -- and shoot your hot load into my cunt -- omfg --- so much -- I match your thrust and explode my orgasm all over your soaking wet cock -- oooooooooo so much cum its leaking out of my hole -- fuck baby -- I collapse on top of you .. breathing heavy trying to calm down mmm we fall asl**p *smiling*
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4 years ago
very good story