revenge of the sluts

ME and Tammy sat in our rooms in or two mistress Pheobe and Paige's house. As usual we had dog collars around our knecks and we were attached our 'kennels' our kennels were cages in which we slept in should we miss behave. They were never cleaned and there wasn't a toilet in there. When we were put in there we were tied and gagged until we were collected. "You know," tammy said "Mistress's are always saying we're putting it on when they whip us or put them nipple clamps on us."
"Yeah but what can we do about. As we joined Trinity SLut school we have no human rights anymore except they can't kill us and they could get away with that."
"I don't mean try to escape Ali i mean show them how much it hurts and how humilliating it is for us. I mean i quite like this as i really love being tied up and stuff and you've been me mate for donkeys years but they always act as though we're putting it on."
"HOw're we meant to show 'em how much it hurts?"
"Are you really that thick? Give em a taste of their own medicine. Make them have sex like lesbians do. whip their pussies. The possibilitties are endless. We'll finaly have some proper fun! What about it?"
"I'm so in! What should we do first?"
"Well how aout . . . . ?"

What should our sluts do to their mistress's? If you do not reply i will not continue this story.
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3 years ago
if they are not locked down tie & gag 1st one then the other misstress. ONLY DO ONE AT A TIME whip them both keep them tied up so they can not get loose whips paddles canestease them until they almost cum then do the other. everything done to them. but alternate
3 years ago
Im with ariana
3 years ago
everything that the 2 subs have had done to them, please write some more
3 years ago
i think they should do everything that is possibl, tied spanked plugged teased used&abused