Gym lesson

Mr Grey was our Gym teacher. He was ruthless and cruel. We all hated him. One day i had fallen over and twisted my ankle. After waiting for everyone else to leave he came up to me. "Come with me Ali." I limped after him and into his office. I expected a bollocking but got something much worse. He pounced on me and held me down. I yelled at the top of my voice and i'm the one who always gets a singing part in the musicals. He tied my wrists together then sat me down giving me a hard spank to stop my yelling. "I was hoping you'd get injured. You see i have this forever building sexual pressure and you are so gorgeous. But after tonight i'm afraid it'll be impossible for you to ever be free. but first i'm gonna have my fun." He took off his oversized gym shorts and stuffed them in my mouth then went in his socks and underpants. He shoved a ballgag into my mouth and buckled it tightly, so i could hardly make a sound. Then i was laid on his desk and given a firm arse spanking with a paddle twenty times!. My arse was bright red. Then i was tied to his office chair and he cut my top, bra, pants and shorts off leaving me completely naked. I mpphed as he looped rope around my breasts and they were attached to a hook on the ceiling which really hurt, a lot. Then he thrust his manhood into my womanhood over and over again squeezing my boobs licking them and my face forcing me to cum. This was unbeliveably painful but no matter how much i tried to scream it came out barley a wimper. Then he produced what i belive is called a spreader bar and attached my ankles to it after spreading it as far as it could go. I was in an almost perfect split. Then he grabbed a cane and told me to walk to the changing rooms. It was agony but i managed it just. Every time i stopped my arse recived a firce caneing. I was lead into the six form changing rooms. He put a collar aorund my neck and attached was a chain to it. So now i was suffering the worst humilation ever. I was tied gagged naked and chained up like a dog to a bench with my fifty odd gym teacher as my captor. He tied a rope to my crotch pulling it tight then tieing it to my waist then pulling it and making me yelp. He laughed as i struggled and squirmed making myself yelp into my gag even more. A sl**ping mask was put over my eyes and i was lead somewhere. Every time i moved the crotch rope bit into my womanhood making me jump and even more unsteady on my feet Then i felt myself being layed down and then nothing. Art first i thought he'd went to get something but then i was raised off the ground and hoisted up until i found myself swinging in the air upside down by the spreader bar. My mask was removed and Mr Grey stood in front of me. I could only see his legs and guessed my woman hood must be at reaching point for his manhood. "You know i've always wonderd what it would be like to have a pretty girl at my desposal. I think i might keep you. My own little whore. My mates will love this." I shook my head begging throught the gag but he was too buisy having sex witrh me. I cried out in pain. He walked out and for a moment i thought he was going to leave me here for the caretaker to find in the morning but then he came back pushing a trunk. I was lowerd down and my spreader bar was removed. I was told to lie down or be whipped so i lay down and my legs were tied together then attached to the rope around my wrists holding me in a hogtie. I was then carried to the trunk and put inside it. He shut the lid and too my relief there were a couple of holes meant for breathing the size of my pinkie finger nail dotted around. I was left and then wheeled out of the gym and into the back of a van i think. As i was driven i couldn't help think- what would he do with me now?

What do you think shpuld happen to Ali? Post comments or i won't continue.
Love Sexyk**s! xxxxxxxxxx
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3 years ago
hi i'm the writer and she was a virgin and i'll write a second part and i'll answer your questions OK?
3 years ago
was she a virgin?
good discription of her
3 years ago
how was she picked for this to be done?
how much is he paid or is he killed because of his trail/connection to him?
where does he take her?
who bought or picked her?
is he just a middleman?
3 years ago
thought it was pretty good story
3 years ago
Please comment or i won't know what or wheter to even do part 2!