Slaves part 2

I liked his cock in my mouth hard from a boner. It was weird and cool i felt myself licking it over and over again. Then he thrust his cock into my vagina after putting a dildo in my mouth and forcing me to suck it. I came and went into what seemed like hundreds of organsms and cums. Then master chlorofomed me.

I found myself tied spred-eagled to a torture rack. Not that i was botherd after a year and a half of slvery you get used to it. Master came in with my joint owener Mistress. She was more into the whole torture stuff then Master was but he was dammned good at it when he wanted to be. They carried whips dildo's nipple-clips and my favourite the vibrator
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3 years ago
nice but so short. 1 was better & this as part 2 , but needs filled out
3 years ago
like this one xx