Check Up Time

I could escape it no longer. As an 18 year old senior in high school, I had to get a job. Somehow I had managed to get out of getting a part time job my first three years of high school, but finally my parents could put up with it no longer. I needed a job.

If that wasn't bad enough, to get the job I had to get a work permit from my school, and to fill out the work permit I had to have to get a physical examination at the doctors. I despise physicals. The last time I needed to get a physical was when I was 16 and getting my drivers permit. Sitting in a waiting-room for 20 minutes, then being taken back to the examining room to wait for the doctor for another 20 minutes. Only to be checked out from head to toe in every crevice including having my testicles inspected by an old lady was and is not my idea of a good time.

By the way I'm Calvin. Due to a disease I had as a c***d, when I was 18 I looked really young for my age. All through my young life I experienced being a "late bloomer" so to speak, and I mean really late. I watched through middle and high school in the gym locker rooms as other k**s grew, got muscles, started growing hair on other places besides their head, and developing in "other key areas" if you get my drift. By 18 I began going through what all my friends experienced at 15 and 16 years old. I began getting taller, noticing peach fuzz on my face and hair growing under my arms. Most importantly I was getting a little hair down where it counts, and my crotch was actually growing like I'd seen other boys growing for years.

I'm not going to lie like most people who try telling their stories and say I had an 8 inch cock. Back then, while I was still developing, I had a 5 and a half inch penis (I knew because I measured while masturbating). Finally halfway through my senior year I was beginning to look more like a high school student, maybe not a senior, but at least a high school student. I had worked vigorously at weight training at an attempt to fit in with the other guys in my class, and it was finally starting to pay off. I was earning a six pack for my efforts, and some slight arm muscles. I still didn't look like a completely developed young man that's for sure, but I was getting there. With spiked blond hair and baby blue eyes, at only 5' 4", I had been told by a lot of girls that I had boyish good looks.

Boyish good looks gave me no trouble in getting a girlfriend in school, but at 18, not only was I struggling to look like a regular senior, but unlike many stories I had heard from friends and other guys at school, I was still a virgin. The farthest I had ever gotten was with a girlfriend I had earlier in my senior year. She showed my her breasts and let me rub them in someone's parents room at a party. We never got any farther before a d***k couple burst into the room and demanded we get out so they could "get it on".

Anyway, I hated physicals and had to get one because my parents were making me get a job. So with great annoyance I went to my doctors office on the day my Mom set me up for an appointment to find a waiting room full of people. As if it all wasn't enough I would have to sit there and wait for a long time to even get into the examining room.

At least I looked good. Worried that my doctor would find something unsatisfactory with my hygiene, before I left for the appointment that afternoon I got a long shower, washing every conceivable part of my body. When I was sure I hadn't missed a spot I got out, put on my best pair of cargo pants and a pull over shirt, and fixed up my hair into a perfect spike. I caked deodorant under my arm pits even though at my underdeveloped stage I really didn't sweat that often.

Admiring my cleanliness, I was broken out of my daze from the sound of a woman calling me from a now opened door leading into the doctors office. It was my time to go. I looked up and smiled weakly at the attractive young nurse that stood in the doorway.

"Right this way Calvin." She said to me in her perky voice. I followed her into a hallway where first we checked my vision. I had 20/20, at least I was good in that area. Then I followed the nurse to a scale.

"Take off your shoes and step onto the scale please." She instructed me smiling again. I took my shoes off and stepped up onto the scale. Before measuring me she looked down at her clip board.

"How old are you now Calvin? 16?" She asked innocently. I held back a growl. I was used to the mistake by now.

"18..." I replied grumbling. She smiled and marked that down on the sheet and then began to measure me. First my height.

"Almost 5' 5" now Calvin." She informed me. Next she moved the weights across the scale and calculated how much I weighed. "And 115 pounds." She continued writing it down on her sheet and looking it over for a minute. Talking to me as if I were a k** she continued "The charts show your really starting to shoot up there and grow."

Showing no apparent interest in the matter I let her lead me to an examining room at the end of the hall. We went in, and I sat up on the examining table with the annoying rustling white paper always stretched out across it. She quickly took my temperature, bl**d pressure, and pulse. Of course, that was all that the attractive young nurse would be doing for me. She informed my that the doctor would be in to examine my shortly and left the room. I sat there for what was much longer then "shortly" staring at the closed door waiting for it to open and for good old Dr. Gamson to enter the room. She was nice enough. Of course she treated me 3 or 4 years younger then I actually was, but so did everyone else. Also getting my balls rubbed by an aging 50 year old woman wasn't exactly the best thing in the world, but I would manage.

Finally the door opened, letting out a sigh of relief that I could get the hell out of that place soon, I was disappointed to see another young nurse enter the room holding a clip board. This nurse how ever was much more attractive then the first nurse.

She had a short black skirt on, showing off long smooth tanned legs that seemed to go on for miles up into the small skirt. She wore a white coat typical of anyone working at the doctor's office, however the top few buttons on her coat were undone showing just enough of her ample cleavage. She had long flowing light brown hair that was pulled back in a pony tail. She was the hottest nurse I had ever seen.

"Hello Calvin, I'm Dr. Brown, I'll be filling in for Dr. Gamson today." She said smiling and shutting the door behind her as she walked towards me sitting with my legs dangling over the side of the examining table. I sat dumbfounded and confused. I was too busy staring her up and down to be sure that I heard her right. Did she say doctor? Doctor as in the one that would be giving me my physical that day? Excited and confused I stared at her for a few more moments, until I noticed she had her hand extended for a shake. Coming back to reality, I blushed and meekly shook her hand and got out a weak "Hello".

Turning away from me for a moment to set the clip board down on the counter and get things ready. I only partially heard her as I took the opportunity to scout out her lusciously tight ass through her tight black skirt. She turned around, I diverted my eyes back to meet hers quickly and felt myself blush again as she had to repeat her question.

"So your here to get a physical for your workers permit?" She asked again kindly, whether she noticed my gawking or if she just didn't care, she didn't seem at all annoyed. I shook my head yes, not wanting my voice to squeak or give out like it had started doing when I was nervous.

She wheeled her stole out in front of me and sat down on it facing me, with her clip board in hand she leaned over and began asking me the usual questions that opened up the examination. I vaguely paid attention to the questions, only enough to make sure I answered them correctly, because with her bent over with her elbows resting on her knees, I had a perfect view down her white coat. Which to my surprise I noticed that she only wore a black lace bra under.

"Okay now I'm going to test to make sure you're breathing properly." She explained, getting off her stole she turned back to the counter. I took the chance to shift the aching hard on I just then realized I had in my baggy cargos. I shifted my package in my tight briefs so that it no longer formed a tent in my pants. She turned back around and smiled, now with the stethoscope around her neck.

First she checked my heart beat, and my breathing from the front, and from the back.

"Now lay down on your back please." She instructed. I obeyed, feeling my crotch twitch at the command to lay down. I took a few deep breaths to try and settle the butterflies in my stomach as she hovered over me. She pulled up my shirt slightly revealing my growing six pack of a stomach and belly button. She moved the stethoscope over my bare stomach instructing me to take deep breaths through my mouth. She also used her smooth hands to feel certain parts of my stomach, my skin tingled with her touch.

Before pulling my shirt back down to cover my skin she casually commented "You've got a nice six pack growing there Calvin." I blushed from the compliment and didn't reply. No one usually commented on how good my body looked, only how young I appeared.

"You can sit up now." She told me, and then turned back to the counter. With her back turned preparing, I became suddenly aware of my raging hard on in my pants. I blushed even with her back turned as I wondered if she noticed. I fought desperately, deciding to divert my eyes away from her. Thinking of wrinkly old Dr. Gamson to ease my hormones. I succeeded in taming my cock for a moment as she turned and checked the reflexes in my knees, and then checked in my throat, my ears, and my eyes.

"So how old are you Calvin? 19?" she asked. I blushed again. No one had ever over guessed my age.

"18." I managed to simply reply.

"I see, your really developing into a nice young man." She told me.

"Yeah sure..." I said bitterly, rolling my eyes.

"No, seriously. It takes longer for some then others Calvin, but by the looks of things now, you'll be worth the wait." She complimented. For what seemed like the hundredth time that afternoon I blushed.

"Okay Calvin, now we're going to have to check for a hernia. Have you ever had that done before?" She asked.

I gulped. I was pretty sure I did have it checked before. And if I was sure, I was in for trouble. I nodded uneasily and replied shakily. "I'm not sure, I think."

"Okay well, your going to have to get off the table and stand with your back to the door in front of me." She informed me as she put on a pair of latex gloves and sat down in a chair against the far wall. I hopped down from the table trying to think of some way to get out of it. There was none, so instead I decided to think of Dr. Gamson examining me, that would surely combat my raging hormones. On shaky legs, I stood before her looking down as she marked something off on my form on the clip board, I got a brief view of her black lace covered breasts.

That almost got me there, but I quickly darted my eyes away and began to think of Dr. Gamson's old body sitting in the chair about to examine my groin. The image was enough to shrivel any growth that had began in my crotch.

"Now if you'll quickly drop your pants and underwear I'll check as quickly as possible." She stated, as if it were no big deal. It was to me and my heart felt like it were going to jump up my throat and out of my mouth. I reached down and unbuckled my belt. My hands fumbled nervously over the button to my pants. When I finally got them undone I decided to take the fastest approach, and pushed my thumbs into the elastic of my briefs pulling them and my pants down to my ankles at the same time.

"All right." She calmly said aloud, as I looked forward at the wall in front of me. I felt her hands touch the skin around my cock. Pressing firmly in different area's and mumbling an "uh-huh" every so often, she moved her hand up to where the first stages of pubic hair were beginning to grow at the base of my thankfully limp member. She pushed firmly in that area and seem satisfied.

"Okay..." she started, relieved, I almost went to pull up my pants, but she continued. "Now I'm going to test you for testicular cancer." With those words, I almost fainted. I would never survive with a fox of a young woman like Dr. Brown feeling my nuts. I gulped. She went on as if she didn't notice. "Pay attention to how I do this, because you are in the danger area as far as age is concerned for getting testicular cancer. You should gently rub your testicles like this..." I felt her smooth gloved fingers reach out and touch my hairless ball-sack. "-and check for any tenderness or soft spots that you may feel. If you catch them early, it can be easy to stop the growth of the cancer." She continued to inform as she rubbed my balls.

All of a sudden, my barrier was broken, I couldn't think of un-erotic thoughts even if I desperately tried. All I could think was that a beautiful woman was rubbing my balls. I felt the bl**d flowing to my penis, and I began to grow, uncontrollably. Sooner then I could stop it, and sooner then she could realize, I was completely hard.

I looked down completely embarrassed as she noticed my now rock hard prick. She finished examining my testicles. Beat red and ashamed I hurriedly reached down to pull up my pants mumbling apologies. "Oh God... I'm.... I'm so sorry- Damn it I'm such an idiot-" I ramble, my face red as I grab a hold of my pants and underwear around my ankles to pull up. Then to my shocked amazement, Dr. Brown reached a hand down and stopped me from pulling my pants up.

"No, Calvin, It's okay! Really!" Finally I stopped trying to pull my pants up and looked at her in the face, she seemed perfectly understanding, and still incredibly sexy. "It's perfectly normal Calvin. I'd be a little worried if you didn't react this way. It's just part of being a man, you have nothing to be ashamed of." She tried to assure me.

It did nothing to calm my embarrassment. Standing there with my pants and underwear around my ankles, and my five and a half inch hard cock sticking out towards my doctor, I was dumbfounded and upset. "It's just... I.... I've never... Isn't it too sm.... well... really I'm sorry, I'm pathetic." I stammered. I began to reach down to pull my pants back up.

"No, Calvin it's not too small. Your a growing young man. Your very attractive." She again tried to assure me.

"Yeah, your just saying that to get me to try and calm d-" I started to say, until Dr. Brown wrapped her right hand around my stiff cock. "what-" I stammered but stopped.

"If I was just saying that, would I do this Calvin?" She asked. Not waiting for an answer, she began slowly pulling her hand up to the tip of my dick, and then back down to my base. I let out a sigh. The only hand my cock had ever felt up to this point was my own, and this felt 10 times as wonderful. she repeated the process, quickening her pace. I looked down at one of the hottest young women I'd ever seen giving me a hand job in utter amazement. Dr. Brown leaned forward and spit on my shaft as her right hand continued to stroke me, she cupped and squeezed my hairless balls. I felt my cock begin to tense and my nuts squeeze. Dr. Brown must have also sensed it because she abruptly stopped jerking my meat.

"Now sit back up on the table for the next part of the examination Calvin. The oral examination." She said seductively. I quivered with excitement and felt my legs almost give out. I stayed on my feet long enough to step out of my pants and hop back up on the examining table. Dr. Brown got out of her chair, stopped at the door to lock it, and came towards me. I leaned back as her head lowered to my crotch. I felt as if I would have an orgasm the moment I felt her mouth wrap around the tip of my cock. I shuttered again with excitement and let out a sigh.

Dr. Brown began slowly bobbing her head up and down over the top of my penis, letting her tongue run along my shaft sending shivers of pleasure radiating through my body. Dr. Brown gradually quickened her pace, wrapping her right hand around the part of my cock not buried in her mouth and jacking me off. My head spun with excitement and pleasure. Suddenly, Dr. Brown moved her hand off of my prick and slurped my entire five and half inches into her mouth and down her throat.

She quickly bobbed her head up and down over my entire member a few more times before I felt myself tighten again. I felt my dam about to break and knew I was about to explode. This time it didn't stop Dr. Brown who engulfed my penis one last time before I felt it begin to convulse. I felt my head spin and my vision blur as unbelievable pleasure was released from one tiny hole at the base of my cock. I had never reached an orgasm of that magnitude from masturbating and up until that time I had even had trouble producing any ejaculate. This time however I felt spray after f***eful spray of my white man liquid hit the back of Dr. Browns throat. She took it without even gagging, swallowing every last drop and letting my cock pop out of her mouth as she pulled away with a wet plopping sound. A last bit of white cum oozed out of my dick hole, which Dr. Brown scooped up with one gloved finger and licked it up.

She began calmly pulling off her latex gloves, smiling. Suddenly reality hit me and I realized what had just happened, and just as quickly ended. I felt myself blush as I looked up at the clock and realized what had seemed like years of pleasure was really only three minutes of a combined hand and blow job. I blushed again.

"Oh man... I'm such an idiot... I'm so sorry... I blew it already... God I'm such a-" I blurted.

She again reassured me. "No... No! Calvin! You did fine. You'll learn, you'll learn... Besides, I'm sure your enough of a man to have a little rest and go at it again." She said smiling.

I looked into her beautiful eyes and managed a smile through the embarrassment.

"What would you say to this?" She asked innocently. She reached up and unbuttoned her white coat. Letting it drop to the floor. My heart began beating almost out of my chest. She then reached behind her and quickly unsnapped her black lace bra. pulling it off and tossing it aside I stared as if in a trance at two perfectly round and full breasts. Her nipples were at attention in the middle of her luscious tits. My mouth watered, before I knew it I was hard again.

"That's my man!" She exclaimed. "Now lets move on." With that Dr. Brown stood up, and unzipped the back of her small black skirt. pulling it down she stood there in a black thong. As if she sensed my nervousness she again was there to assure me. "Now don't get too nervous, I'm here to walk you through it, now take off your shirt first of all." She instructed, I responded by pulling my shirt over my head, revealing my hairless chest, and six pack. She grinned. "You look wonderful Calvin."

Without another word she came back over to the examining table and ripped off the annoying rustling white paper stretched over it. She jumped up onto it and turned to face me. I looked nervously at the sexiest women I'd ever seen, topples, and in a thong, lay down on her back. Her legs were spread so that I sat between them. I turned pulling myself all the way onto the table between her.

"Now tell me what you want to do Calvin."

"I want.... to- I want to eat you... out..." I stammered.

She frowned only slightly. "Tell me like a man Calvin!"

I paused, took a deep breath, and let it out. "I want to lick your fucking pussy!" I stated with more confidence and meaning. She smiled. "Okay then, show me what you got."

Leaning forward to her crotch, I took in her intoxicating smell. reaching out I pulled the thin material of the front of her thong to the side with my left fingers, revealing her moist sex mound. She was completely shaven, and if my dick could get any harder, it did; painfully hard. Not really knowing how to do it, I went with what the porno had taught me and stuck my tongue out of my mouth. I slowly lowered it into her hairless gaping pinkness. Picking no spot in particular I began licking it furiously. It tasted like nothing I'd ever tasted before. I lapped greedily on the juice she was producing in her slick pussy. Lapping up and down as fast as I could, I tried not to let the only slight sigh I heard from Dr. Brown get me down too much.

"Calvin, you need to find my clit." She calmly stated, as I continued to work up a sweat licking at her warm sex. I stopped and looked up her body, over her tit mounds, to where her head was lifted off the table looking down at me.

"Your what?" I asked.

"She smiled, amused. "My clit sweety. My sweet spot, my pleasure box, the spot!" She explained. It rang a slight bell.

"Ooh!" I said, blushing, I looked down at her inviting gaping pussy slit. "And that is..."

"Here." She stated, bringing her hand down to her crotch, she pointed to a pink area just with in her vagina. "Try licking that." She suggested.

With my left fingers still holding the fabric of her thong up against her thigh so I could access her pussy, I brought my mouth back down to her crotch and this time targeted the area that she pointed out with my tongue. Touching her clit, I immediately felt the reaction that was a slight jump of her body. I smiled, my tongue still sticking out and my head buried between the legs of my doctor. I began flicking my tongue again, this time not leaving her pleasure box.

"Oooo yeah Calvin! That's the spot. Now put your fingers inside me." She demanded. I reached my right hand up to her pussy hole and began feeling for her entrance. With my middle and index finger pointing, I found her slit and let my fingers glide into the tight warmth of her vaginal passage.

Tongue still flicking furiously at her clit, and fingers now moving in and out of her now even wetter cunt, I felt her body responding as she began humping up into the air, shoving more of her cunt into my face.

"Thats right Calvin!! OOH! YEAH! KEEP IT UP!! THAT'S HOW YOU MOUTH FUCK ME! SHIT!" She stammered, her breathing irregular. I felt d***k with power at what I was doing to this experienced sexy woman. With two fingers and a tongue I had her shoving her groin up into my face.

"Ooooh! Here comes an orgasm!!" She exclaimed, arching her back, burying my face in her hairless snatch. I felt my fingers and mouth being flooded with warm juices. They tasted sweet on my tongue. Dr. Brown gasped for air, glancing up, I saw her biting her lip to hold back a scream that the entire doctors office would hear.

Finally she slumped back down onto the table. I pulled my face back and viewed a small pool of sticky liquid forming on the padded table below her dripping cunt. I pulled out my fingers with a warm and wet slurp. Smiling, I savored her taste in my mouth, and reached down u*********sly rubbing my aching hard on.

"I know what you want to do with that!" I heard Dr. Brown say. Looking back to her, she had her eyes on my cock that I was rubbing. "Well, what are you waiting for, put it in me Calvin, your ready for it." She encouraged. Not that I needed it. Reaching to her skinny waist and curving hips, I grabbed hold of her thong. I pulled on it, and she lifted her tight ass up off of the table for a second for me to pull them down her long smooth tanned legs. When I got them past her feet I tossed them off the examining table.

"Well, take me Calvin!" She urged. I looked at her sweat gleaming round tits, and her now dripping sex.

"Don't I need a..."

"No. But it's good that you asked. Don't worry about it though, I've been on the pill for a while now." She explained. Understanding, I nervously inched over to her spread legs, holding myself as if in a push up over top of her. I looked down at her beautiful body.

"Just stick it in?" I asked, unsure.

She giggled. "Yes, don't be nervous."

Holding myself up over her with one arm, I gripped around my cock with my right hand and helped guide it towards her crotch. Poking down once only to hit her inner thigh, I cursed inwardly and tried again. This time feeling the moist and warm feeling of pussy touching the tip of my cock. I thought I was going to explode all over the outside of her pussy. Thank God I didn't.

Reaching her own hands down to our crotches, she used her left fingers to spread open her cunt hole, and her right to grab my prick by the base and help me get the plug into the socket so to speak. I felt my dick surprisingly easily slip into her hot tunnel. Her pussy clamped tightly around my cock as I slipped it in to the hilt. When I got there I paused for a moment taking in the sweet moment of first penetration.

Using both of my hands to hold my upper body over her laying form, I pulled out slowly, and pushed back in. I began humping roughly and awkwardly down into her. My cock slipped out of her hole once.

"Shit!" I blurted out, reached down frustrated, and put my dick back into her gaping pussy. I began humping again looking down at the best looking woman I'd ever seen. She didn't seem to be enjoying it as much as I was. "Am I doing something wrong?" I asked.

"No. Your doing fine, this just isn't the best position. Try like this." She exclaimed, and as she spoke, rolled slightly over almost onto her side, lifting her right leg up. "Get onto your knee's" She told me, and I got up to a kneeling position. Her right leg then came down and rested on my shoulder.

"Now hold onto my right leg and just fuck. Don't think about it, Calvin, Just go with it. Find a rhythm," She informed me. I took in her advice, my still rock hard member still inserted in her cunt. I had more freedom to move this way and I tried again, pushing deep into her until my small amount of pubic hair brushed against the smooth skin above her pussy.

I pulling almost all the way back out and repeated the process. I felt like I knew what she meant by finding a rhythm, my hips moving in and out seemed to find one of it's own. As I began to pick up the pace, Dr. Brown responded, and began pushing her pelvis towards me as I shoved into her, and away from me as I pulled out.

"See, it's much better this way... Ooooooh and it feels so great!" She exclaimed reaching up and rubbing her hands over my six pack. With my free hand I returned the favor and felt over her sweating tits. Feeling her soft flesh in my hands, I squeezed each nipple one at a time, and increased my speed more.

She responded by countering my thrusts faster and harder, our crotches slamming together and my balls slapping into her pussy loudly.

"Oh! That's it! Yeah! How do you like that Calvin!?" She stammered in a shaky voice as I continued savagely fucking her.

"Fuck it feels so good!!" I replied stammering and sweating.

"FUCK ME HARDER!" She demanded, and reached around my waist with both her hands grabbing my small hairless ass. Squeezing it tightly she began pushing me down into her slick hairless cunt.

"OH FUCK YEAH" I replied going even faster and faster, my head spinning! Our bodies continued to slam into each other with intense sexual f***e. Dr. Brown took her leg off my shoulder, and still taking in my prick, she wrapped her legs around my waist. She used this to pull me completely into her with extreme f***e.

"Shit I'm gonna cum!" I warned.

"Me too! Cum inside me Calvin! CUM INSIDE ME NOW!" She exclaimed almost too loud. With that she threw her head back and fought a scream. I felt her cunt clamp around my cock like a vise and flush over my prick. On top of this I felt myself swell and my balls tighten. My eye's flashed light and I felt as if I were going to pass out as an orgasm ten times as powerful as the one I received from her mouth fucking racked my body. I felt like I was being completely drained of everything as my hot white liquid sprayed out of my cock head stream after stream filling my doctor completely up. Exhausted, I collapsed down onto her, our bodies a naked and sweaty heap on the examining table.

"Calvin...." She said breathlessly. "Congratulations, you're a man." She stated.

On top of her, I beamed proudly, but exhausted. "Thank you," I managed to reply.

I passed my physical that day, and felt better about myself and my body then I ever had up until that point in my life. I never saw Dr. Brown again after I left the doctor's office that day, but the day she helped me realize how much of a man I really was will stay with me forever.
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Another winner
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unlikely but hot nuntheless.
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GREAT Story... You had me Jcking Off and Spourting sticky Cum TWICE before getting to the end! Please tell me that it is a Real Life Experience... I Nedd a Check up Now!
I'm Johnny in Los Angeles and this is the Cock that needs a "Long, Hard Exam":
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loved it