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My b*****r and I

I remember back when I was 11 years old, my b*****r and I went for a ride in his new car. He was 18 and had just gotten his license and was so proud. We rode for a while when I looked over and noticed that he had his dick out. He smiled at me and asked me to suck it. I was hesitant at first but he finally talked me into it. It was so big. I played with it at first and then he pushed my head down to it and I open my mouth and took the head of it in my mouth. Then slowly I lowered my mouth all the way down on it and began to suck it. He told me that it felt so good and began to pump it in and out of my young mouth. He began to moan and told me was going to cum. He told me to get ready for it and to keep sucking. He began to cum in my mouth and I gagged but continued to suck. It filled my mouth and some of it dribbled out but I swallowed most of it. That was the first of a series of sex experiences with him. We went out quite a few more times until he got a girlfriend. After that ended I encountered another boy who was 21 and started a thing with him all in his car. I love sex in a car..
Posted by sexyjane5 2 years ago
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1 year ago
That is great
1 year ago
good one dear
2 years ago
very hot. would love to hear more about your naughty family
2 years ago
Good girl hope you enjoye it?