Office sex again

For any that has read my first story about my office antics then this is the progression of this fun. When I first over heard the three guys talking about fucking me it had really turned me on. I went home and told hubby who encouraged me to dress sexy for the office. Sexy not slutty, so nice business skirts blouses etc but with stockings and heals. It was huge turn on when Phil one of the guys gave me a lift to work then after taking me for a drink before him taking some pics of me in the office then fucking me. It was so hot.
Over the next few weeks Phil would give me a lift to work a couple of days a week. I would dress for the ride home and he would drive into some woods and he would strip me down just to my suspender belt stockings and heals and have me over the front of the car. He would tell me how the others had enjoyed the pics of me and the stories he was telling them off how eager I was and how the thought of being caught heightened my orgasms. I wasn't sure if what he was saying was true or just to make me randy. Then one day Phil picked me up and took me to work. Later in the afternoon he came to me to tell me that he had to go early and wouldn't be able to give me a lift but the boss Jim had said he would give me a lift when he had finished.

Everyone left except Jim after a while he phoned to ask me to go to his office. He asked me to sit whilst he finished up, he kept looking up then eventually he asked me to go and look at something he had been working on... I stood beside him as he clicked the mouse on his computer and one of the pics Phil had taken came up on the screen, then another and another. Jim said he was really fortunate to have such a sexy P.A. I asked when Phil had shown him the photos, apparently only a couple of days after they were taken and Phil had told him that the thought of the 3 guys fucking me really turned me on. I was wearing some black seams today and Jim commented that he had noticed I had dressed for the trip home with Phil. He asked if I was disappointed he had to leave early, and then told me he loved the photos and wondered how I fealt with them up on his screen. I could feel my nipples stiffening and moisture between my legs. His hand slipped under the back of my skirt, gently stroking its way up the back of my thighs. It fealt so good. He told me to undo my blouse and release my breasts from the cups of my bra telling me there were no pics of them but he knew I had a good cleavage. His hand searching, turning me on, I did as he asked and slowly unbuttoning my blouse, he turned me to face him as I lifted them from their cups, my nipples hard and erect. He pulled me towards him nuzzling his face between them then sucking on one then the other nipple. His hand reaching down and up under the front of may skirt, working its way up the inside of my thighs until his fingers were pushing through the side of my flimsy knickers. Hmmm it fealt good. Jim said "Phil was right he said if I let you know I'd seen your pics you'd get horny". Phil had told him I had dressed up for the drive home, so they had conspired for me to be in Jim's office. As his fingers worked my pussy he was telling me he's wished he had known he had so such a hot P.A for the past 3 years, he would have had me on his desk long before mow.. He told me to lean across his desk, he moved behind me and slid my panties down and I stepped out of them, his hands pushing my legs apart. He reached around me squeezing a nipple as I heard the zip of his pants coming down, I reached behind to feel him. My god it was huge!! he reassured me he would take it slowly and so gently he gradually eased into me, slowly at first but gaining momentum. It was the biggest cock that had been in me, I pushed back against him matching his rythm, he came all to quick. but it was ok. He pulled out and cleared an area on his desk and asked me to lay on it so he could look at me. He undid my bra and got me to lie on my back drawing my knees up and parting them rubbing my clit telling me he hadn't done yet. He moved around and put his semi erect cock so I could suck it. It looked beautiful and was soon back to full hardness, I wanted it back inside and so he slid the tip in slowly teasing me. Telling me there were a few others that wanted to do this to me. asking if I was game. He told me that he thought I would just love it if some one else walked in right now. He kept on with this sort of talk making me gush all over him, my nipples and clit were so hard. He kept it going telling me how hot I was as he pumped my pussy, making me cum several times. He pulled out and put the head of his cock close to my mouth so I could suck on it and he exploded into my mouth. Hmmmm that was so good. After he told me not to put my panties back on but just to make myself presentable for the ride home.

We walked to his car and once out of the company gates he asked me to pull my skirt up and show him my stockings again, telling me he would stop where Phil takes me for one last load.

When I got home I told Pete all about it whilst he sucked and teased my pussy.

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