I Love My Math Teacher

Disclaimer: This story is fictional.

I’m a senior guy in high school and I hate math. The only thing that makes that class worthwhile is that my math teacher is the sexiest man I have ever seen. I always ask him questions during class so that he comes over to my desk, allowing me to smell is musky and sexually arousing scent. It made me think sexual thoughts every time I was around him. If only he knew how many times I had lain in my bed, masturbating to yearbook pictures of him. He was about 5’5’’and extremely muscular. He went to the gym almost every day after school. I would see him in the locker room undressing to his underwear several times and he would have no idea that I was staring at him. He had a full head of silverfish hair and a filled out, thick beard to match. His smile was dazzling, making me want to kiss him every time that he showed it through his beard. When he undressed in the locker room, I could see how much of a bear he really was. His chest, legs and arms were all covered in rough and manly hair.
One day, I decided that I would drive to school to see if Mr. Roberts was there. My parents were going to be out of the country for about a month, meaning I could do whatever I wanted. It was a late Friday afternoon, about 6p.m. When I pulled into the school parking lot, I saw that his car was the only one there. This meant no one else could be on campus at this point. Once I parked my car, I took my bicycle lock that I keep in my trunk and locked the gate of the parking lot behind me. Now I could be absolutely sure that no one would unexpectedly stumble onto campus.

I made my way to Mr. Roberts’ classroom and dirty thoughts raced through my mind. I was getting aroused by the simple thought of being alone in the same room with him. This was going to be a long day.
I walked down the hallway towards Mr. Roberts’ classroom and heard music that was slightly reminiscent of a porn video I watched the day before. When I got to his classroom, I saw that his door was open and decided to pop my head in silently. Mr. Roberts was watching a gay porno! This was amazing, the man I hoped would one day have sex with me was gay! This was so exciting, I squeaked a little.

This was enough to draw attention to myself. Mr. Roberts was startled and turned around in his chair with his dick in his right hand, mid-masturbation. His dick was thick and juicy, abut to squirt massive amounts of sweet man juice. As soon as I saw that big rod of his, my mouth opened and my dick hardened. He was completely naked and holding his dick right in front of me.
“Please don’t tell anyone that you saw this. I would lose my job,” he said worriedly. Now I had some leverage on him. This was going to be an interesting couple of weeks…

To be continued in “My Math Teacher and Me…” Coming Soon.

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3 years ago
wow cant wait for more ;)
3 years ago
Now that is not nice, you a real cock teaser...bitch
3 years ago
Sounds interesting.
3 years ago
i think part of this r true, aren't they?