FridayNightDelight wants to dry hump me

i asked my friend mr delight to write me what he would do to me if i ever came to him- he replied with this :)

mmmmmmmmmmm well i'd start by kising you then i would say 'i bet you have had a hard day' you'd say 'yeh i have my feet hurt' id go awwww poor baby, i'd slowly drop down to my knees where i belong, id start rubbing up and down your legs, soothing you and helping you relax, you can see its gettin me turned on so u push your heels against my crotch real hard and say, 'little man can wait unitl later.'

i then gently lift up your leg and begin to lick and suck your high heel, you look and smile at how turned on i am by it, you look so relaxed and wet as i slip off your shoes and begin to rub your feet taking my time nice and slowly, then i can resist and begin to lick and suck your toes, you get as turned on as me.

we stand up together you get my cock out of my jeans and start to wank me i then f***e a hole in your pantyhose and i let them get me off, the material is amazing against my cock, pre cum drips down your thighs as i thrust in an out of the hole i created, so i pull my cock away from the pantyhose and cum all over your feet... you make me clean it all up and give me a kiss as a prize

great so see a man who doesnt want to fuck my pussy :) thank you xx

88% (7/1)
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2 years ago
i can make u cum with my toungue
4 years ago
WOW its good know yo got a foot fetish too
4 years ago
all just talk for you. you'll never act on any of it....
4 years ago
i would want both