Rich old man and my wife

by ace


The first time I met him was at a staff party; everyone was
pretty shocked when he turned up, he was a billionaire media mogul after all,
and we were just a small newspaper he'd obtained when he bought a bigger outfit
in Chicago that
owned us.

But there he was, in the flesh, right in our grimy little

He spent most of the evening talking to my wife.

Now Joyce was never a woman who stopped traffic, she wasn't
in the same league as the models he was normally associated with, or the
supermodel he'd recently married. My wife was [and still is] a beautiful woman,
but it's her personality and intelligence that sets her apart.

"What were you talking to him about last night?" I asked her
the following evening, the first time we had time to talk.

"Lots of things. He's such a nice man, Rick; and so

"Did he say anything about the future of the paper?"

"Not really. He asked me a lot of questions though."

"What kind of questions?"

"About the staff mainly, but he was really nice."

"You said that."

"I told him about your ideas to help the circulation. I
think he liked them."

We were still talking about him when there was a knock on
the apartment door. I opened it to find Him standing there; Him, our new owner,
my boss, the billionaire entrepreneur, alone at my very humble door!

He offered me his hand; "Rick isn't it?" he asked.

"I... yes." I said, stunned.

He shook my hand and entered. I wondered how he'd gotten
through the downstairs door without getting buzzed in; I never did find out.

The big man looked around our small place, until his eyes
settled on Joyce, who seemed fairly flustered.

"I wanted to talk to you in private." He said, "Mind if I
sit down?"

"Of course not, please..." I stammered, still not believing
He was here. "Can I get you anything? Wine, juice?"

"A glass of wine would be nice." He said, seating himself on
our sofa. "Sit with me, dear." He said to my wife, patting the cushion next to
himself, "I enjoyed our conversation last night."

I poured us each a glass of wine, feeling confused and
threatened, yet helpless.

"I came by the newspaper last night to announce my intention
to shut it down." The big man said, putting his arm around Joyce's shoulders; she
just looked straight ahead into empty space, her eyes big and round, like an
a****l on a lonely country road shocked by the headlights of an unexpected

"I'm sure you know that the losses it runs are significant."
He continued, "But then I started talking to Joyce here, about all the people
involved. You all seem so nice; well, what's the point of all my power and
wealth if I can't give a second chance every now and then."

I struggled to come up with some words; I'm a writer, not a
speaker. "But sir, I'm just a junior editor. Why have you come to me?"

His powerful hand clamped my wife's bare shoulder; she was
wearing a simple strapped smock. Joyce just stared at me in shock, as if
seeking some direction from me; but I had none to give her.

"Because of your wife, Rick. I'm very impressed with her; a PhD
in mathematics is really an achievement. Now she's told me of your energy and
ideas. I like the idea of throwing a new man into the ring, giving someone a
chance to make a difference. Perhaps you can turn the paper around, perhaps you
can preserve all those jobs and the families that depend on them. The position
pays well, so Joyce could stay home and work on her theorems. Would you like

My throat was dry; was this a joke? "Yes; yes sir I would."

"Excellent. I like to do something really good every now and
then; I also like to do something bad on occasion. Sometimes, I do both simultaneously."

And with that, he shifted his hand to the back of Joyce's
head, and twisted her face around towards him. He wrapped his other hand around
her neck for good measure, and he kissed her, he kissed my lovely young wife on
her mouth. Her eyes bulged in shock, but she let him kiss her, making
absolutely no effort to stop him. How could she, after what he'd just said?

I stared in helpless shock; what should I do? A hundred
jobs, our local paper, my future, or my wife? He was a hundred times the man I
was, and we all knew it. A million dollars was pocket change to him, the
business I worked for was just a nuisance.

"Now here's how this would work." he said, breaking the
kiss, and running his hand behind Joyce's back. "You'll do an article about me,
you'll accompany me around for a few weeks. It will be mainly complimentary,
with just enough criticism to make it seem balanced."

He brought his hands to my wife's thin pale shoulders and
pulled the straps of her smock down before I realized he had just unzipped her
dress; her small firm breasts stood proud, the pink nipples erect in the cold
air of the room. Her face was blank with confusion, and I guess mine was
probably pretty much the same.

"Your publishing director is retiring in a month anyway.
I'll promote you to the post, everyone will say it was because of the article,
no one will ever guess the truth."

"And what is the truth?" I asked.

He turned to me for a moment and smiled, before tugging her
dress right out from under my astonished wife and threading it over her long
thin legs.

"I think you know the answer to that, Rick. Let's not
discuss the specifics, all right?"

I looked at Joyce, and she looked back at me, her big innocent
eyes begging for an answer to this conundrum; how could we agree? Yet how could
we refuse?

In the next few seconds, his shoes and trousers were off, he
pulled my wife's panties off, her milky pale legs were splayed out, and right
before my bulging eyes, he was holding a large and stiff old penis against her

"Relax my dear." He coaxed her persuasively, "Just relax and
lean back."

"But I couldn't!" she objected feebly.

"Of course you can, my dear." He answered her, the full
f***e of his considerable personality focused on her. I was simply ignored, as
if I was no longer there.

My tongue was swollen and parched, my limbs had gone weak;
what kind of a man were we dealing with? who could do such a thing and expect
to get away with it?

He could.

Joyce is a delicate creature, with thin limbs and long
slightly wavy orange hair. Her complexion was smooth as a baby's; at 24, she
was still asked for ID when we went to clubs. Her slim fine youth was in stark
contrast to his large grey middle-aged bulk. Her innocent beauty was the
opposite of his corrupted desire.

He lifted her long legs in either arm, opening her and
pushing her slightly back. She stared up at him silently, as helpless and stunned
as I was.

I felt a weird numbness, like when I'd had a bad car
accident once. I had not yet acknowledged what was happening, that an overwhelming
f***e had suddenly crashed into our lives, and was now taking my wife right
before my eyes.

On his knees on our carpet, the powerful man maneuvered his
stiff rod to Joyce's spread pink snatch. She stared at him silently, her mouth
hanging open, the tension of this weird moment painted across her face.

His penis rested on her for a moment, then he pushed his
hips forward, and the tip entered her; before my eyes, my young wife was being
defiled by the billionaire.

"This is wonderful!" the media mogul exclaimed as he worked
his bottom tighter into the valley
of Joyce's smooth spread
thighs. She looked at me for a moment, her clear eyes impossible to read, then
looked away.

"There's just no feeling like this in the world; total
domination, complete power, to take a young wife while her helpless husband
watches." He said, sliding his big stiff member right into her. I realized that
there must be some lubrication coming from one of them.

"I have thirty-five
thousand employees, I have dinners with world leaders, but this is true power. How
old are you, Rick?"

"Thirty five."

"And have you ever watched your lovely wife with another man


"Well that's good. It was once normal for a chieftain or a
king to have his way with whichever woman he desired, but things have changed."

He was not obese, but he was fairly overweight. I knew he
was past sixty, he'd had several wives, several c***dren, and some
grandc***dren. His big ass moved up and down, driving his big cock into Joyce's
body as he spoke.

"This is something primal, Rick." He continued, "I'm alpha
male right now, I'm having your woman and you've chosen not to oppose me. As
you watch, you will probably feel aroused; this is nothing to be ashamed of.
Your instinct is to have her as soon as I'm through, so that your sperm will
have an at least equal chance."

My wife was sprawled on the sofa below him, one leg trailing
on the floor and the other thrown over his pudgy thighs; she stared into his
eyes with a strange expression, as if unsure what she felt herself. As if she
was ashamed of her own feelings, her unspoken consent to his desire and my
utter humiliation.

"The thing you should know is that your wife is more than
willing, Rick." He said as he thrust himself into her, "She was flirting with
me for hours yesterday. You have to realize what I represent, I'm the ultimate
successful male. She's flattered that I should choose her, that a man like me
would compromise myself this way for her. Yes, I'm old and not in perfect
physical condition, but I'm top dog."

He loomed above her, his hands on her slim hips; her knee
fell to the horizontal, and I could see right between them, I could see her
sweet pink snatch and the stiff old cock slipping easily in and out of it. She
looked so sweet and young below him, so fine, like a c***d. It was too horrible
to watch, too fascinating to look away from.

He stopped for a moment, and taking her head in his hands,
kissed her tenderly for a minute before resuming.

"You're a lovely woman, Joyce, but what really gets me is
your intelligence. The idea of mating with a really brainy woman is totally
appealing to me. Tell me, do you love Rick?"

He stopped fucking her while he awaited her answer.

Joyce spoke for the first time since this madness had begun,
several minutes and an eternity before; "Yes... yes I do."

"Excellent! And you Rick, do you love her as well?"

"Of course." I said, my voice sounding weirdly normal.

My employer started up again, banging my wife hard at the
end of each stroke, so her body shuddered at each impact.

"You love her even at this moment, as you watch me defile
her, as she succumbs to me?"


"Say it again, tell her. Go on, tell her!"

"I love you, Joyce." I said, as my eyes began to run and my
voice choked.

Her hands gripped his wide shoulders, her skinny legs
wrapped around his middle, and her breath came in short sharp gasps; her long orange
hair fell over the edge of the sofa onto the floor, her green eyes stared at
the face of the old billionaire she was coupled with; he fucked her hard, his
big body dominating her totally.

My wife came, groaning with the intensity of the sensation;
the conflict, the outrage, the pleasure, the passion. He groaned as well, and holding her tightly,
ejaculated deep inside her.

"Fantastic." He said after a minute's quiet. He kissed my
wife again and sat up, his cock pulling out of her. "There's nothing in the
world that can top that, and believe me, if there was I'd know about it." He

Joyce lifted her leg over him and got to her feet. She
looked at me with tears brimming in her eyes, and silently went into the

"Ok, Rick, here's the deal." He said, making no move to
dress himself.

"You, and your wife of course, will spend a few weeks
traveling around with me and my entourage while you write your piece on the new
owner of your paper. Is she on the pill?"

"She has an IUD."

"All right. That will have to come out as soon as possible.
You can catch up with me in a few weeks."

"Wait a minute! You want to make my wife pregnant!"

"Of course, Rick. Why do you think I find her so attractive?
I want fit c***dren, smart c***dren.

"As a wealthy man, I want to diversify my assets. As a
father, I want the same thing. I don't have the time to raise and love all the
c***dren I'd like to have; so this is the deal. I place my c***d in your house.
No one will know, you will bring him or her up as your own. That's it, that's all.
I know, you know, Joyce knows, no one else. I keep your paper open, you're in
charge, good salary, respect. Joyce doesn't have to get that job in the city to
pay her student loan, she can stay home with her computer and our c***d,
thinking deep thoughts, perhaps solving a theorem or two, while being a mother."

I stared at him; even after what had just happened, this was
way too far.

"Forget it! No way. I know you're a big guy, but we have our
pride too! We'll get by somehow."

"Rick." Joyce spoke from the bedroom door. "We should do

"What? Are you crazy?"

"I want to do it, it's a good arrangement."

She was now wearing a short robe; her hair was disheveled,
her feet were bare, but her green eyes were clear.

Janet was a stunning woman, and the big man's PA. She was
about 5'9", six feet in her heels. Her complexion was perfect and pale, her
eyes clear and blue, her hair very blond. Joyce seemed almost dull next to
Janet; although the PA was dressed for business in a dark skirt and white
blouse, she reeked of an efficient glamour. She took my wife away to a
gynecologist for a complete checkup and to have her birth control removed.

We heard nothing from the man himself, but after another
couple of weeks, Janet turned up again, and took us and our luggage in a limo
to the airport. We boarded a private jet, and were flown to New York. Another Limo took us to the
Waldorf Astoria hotel, where we were booked into a suite.

That night, the mating of my wife and the affluent man who
had bought us began for real.

Janet came by our suite first. She brought some things for
Joyce to wear; black pumps and stockings, a pair of diamond ear studs, a bottle
of perfume. She helped my wife get ready, fixing her hair and telling her what
a wonderful man our employer was. I wondered why he didn't breed with Janet
instead; she seemed pretty suitable. But then of course for all I knew, he had.

He let himself into our suite with his own key. He shook
hands with me first.

"Good to see you again Rick, how are you?" he said affably.
"Janet. Ah, Joyce; I've been thinking of little else for these last few weeks,
how are you feeling?"

He took both her hands and looked down at her in apparent concern.

"I'm fine, thanks." She said. She was wearing a short silk
robe over her nakedness, but the sexy nylons and shoes were very much in

"Excellent." He said, "Let's go into the bedroom. You too,
Rick. I want you to be there."

"Why?" I asked despairingly; the reality was bad enough
without having to actually witness it.

"Because it's more fun that way." He said with a laugh,
leading my wife through the door.

"Sit there and watch." He instructed, waving at a chair
opposite the bed. I sat down as he gently removed the robe from Joyce's
shoulders, as they tentatively kissed each other.

She was small in his arms; tiny and young, vulnerable. We
were just ordinary people, we stood no chance against his charisma, his
confidence, his awesome wealth. He'd pressed us into a corner; we could save
the paper, the jobs of all our friends, we could jump into the life we wanted.
All we had to do was let him impregnate Joyce. Just pretend that his c***d is
mine; the c***d would be mine actually, I would be the psychological father.
All He wanted was the biological part. And the sex of course.

Joyce was on the bed now, and he was lowering his head
between her thighs. He pushed her knees farther apart, spreading her so wide
that I could see his tongue stroke her gleaming pink vaginal lips.

Joyce shuddered, clutching at his head, squirming at his
attentions; he didn't have to pleasure her. He could have just done the deed
and gotten back to his very busy schedule, but he clearly intended to take his

"I adore the taste of woman, don't you?" he said to me.

"I like the taste of my woman." I answered.

"The way Joyce wraps her thigh around my neck is sweet too."
He said, reaching behind himself to stroke her foot as he licked her some more.

"There's just one problem." He said, looking up from his
task again; "The smell on your mouth can be offensive to some women. My wife
won't kiss me after I've been in her box. Take over for me, Rick, while I rinse
my mouth."

"Take over?"

"Come on, man! She's your wife after all, keep her warm for
a minute."

He gestured at her orange framed hole, the entrance of her
womb, soon to be filled with his seed.

Her pale thighs were spread wide in invitation; against my
better judgment, I stepped to the bed and lowered my head to my wife's waiting
clit. I didn't have the gumption to disobey him, even here in the privacy of
the suite.

She moaned, clamping my head between her legs. I pushed my
tongue into her, tasting her sweetness while I still could.

After a minute, I wondered what had become of the other man;
I looked up to see that he was back already. He was kissing Joyce on her mouth
as I did her lower parts. There seemed to be something wrong with that, so I
pulled away, back to my chair.

He rolled into the gap I'd left, filling the vacuum between
her thighs with his bulk; I saw her reach down to guide him into herself.

"Ah, that feels good." He said to her with a smile, "How is
it for you, my dear?"

"Wonderful." She
said, "It's really nice."

"And you Rick, are you alright over there?" he asked considerately,
"Why don't you pull it out and please yourself while you watch?"

It did feel good to have my cock in my hand, to stroke
myself while they did it together. It was a humiliation of course, but it
hardly mattered; there was no lower to go, so I figured I might as well take my
small pleasure.

He wasn't very talkative this time, which was a relief
really. He just held my lovely wife tenderly as he screwed her energetically,
his big barrel of a body moving above her, pushing his big stiff cock in and
out of her, readying her to receive his sperm.

Joyce began to come; he pumped her harder. She began to
whimper, clutching him tightly; he stiffened, she cried out, he held her tight
and grunted in satisfaction as he filled her waiting tubes with his premium

I held my stiff dick as they finished; he turned and looked
at me. "Joyce darling, would you like to take Rick in your mouth? He's looking
a bit left out."

She looked at me sadly, her big clear eyes regarding my
lonely dick. She nodded her assent. I went to the bed, and she sucked me off as
he watched.

It was a busy few weeks for me, I had to follow him around
all the time, staying out of the way and making notes for my article. Every
night, he made love with my wife, and I had to watch.

The second week though, he asked Janet to come into the

"Yes sir?" she asked.

"Janet, would you please give Rick a blow job? Watching his
wife and I has been getting him a touch frustrated."

"Of course." She said, as though it was just another task. I
guess it was.

"Janet loves cock." He explained. "You don't mind, do you

"No, it's a good idea." She said. "Then I won't have to feel
sorry for Rick anymore."

The stunning Janet dropped to her knees in front of me, and
took my cock into her mouth; it was incredibly friendly, so warm and wet. She
sucked me gently, stroking my balls as I watched the couple on the bed.

She was very beautiful, in a very different way to Joyce;
she used cosmetics skillfully, her lips were ruby red, her lashes teased out,
eye shadow accentuated her face, her thick blond hair was done twice a week,
never a split end on Janet.

I came in her throat, and she milked every drop from me
before she was through, pulling at my cock and balls for more.

After that, she would sit with me each evening, and we'd
make out as we watched. Janet loved two things, kissing and giving head. She
liked me to strip down, but she never took her own clothes off. She'd feel me
up, playing with my cock as we shared some tongue; then always sucking me off,
swallowing it all down.

She was an extremely proficient woman.

At last, our strange time with the superrich was over; we
returned to our town, our life, our friends.

And Joyce was pregnant.

We didn't see him for about five years. Administration
people would come from headquarters to check up on the paper, he didn't waste
his time with such trivia.

Joyce and I never discussed those weeks, the dark secret of
our success as well as the conception of our first c***d. We just got on with
our lives, and I loved our first baby as much as our second, which came along a
couple of years later.

Then one evening there was a knock on the door; it was him.

He shook my hand and kissed my wife; with some passion, too.

How are you, Joyce?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

"Very well, thank you." She said, her eyes shinning up at

He strode into our house and our lives; he was too big, too
powerful for us to change his set course, and we all knew it.

"So, I see a lovely house now, a happy f****y... two
c***dren, mother, father. Very nice. How are you two getting along? Has your
relationship held up well?"

"I'd say so." I said, following after him as he looked
through our ground floor.

"Me too." Joyce said. "I love being a housewife and taking
care of my c***dren. I have enough free time to do some nice math as well. I've
had a couple of papers published, one of them has picked up a lot of

He sat in our living room and we talked for some hours, he
smiled at the baby photos and

played with the c***d he'd fathered. It was strange to see
him this way; he wasn't an omnipotent financier, he was just an old man, a
father who had never known his own c***d.

As little Amy fell asl**p in his arms, he got to business.

"Rick, I know you've been trying hard, but your paper still
lost three million dollars last year."

We discussed the details for a while; they aren't important
to this story.

"I can't justify keeping you afloat much longer." He said,
"It's a bit hard to explain to the board."

"So you're going to shut us down?" I asked, deflated. "Just
when I've got sales on the rise?"

"Well, I could give you another five years to get it into
the black. If..."


He looked at me piercingly, then shifted his gaze to Joyce.

"Amy is a wonderful c***d." He said, "I've listed her on a
scholarship trust fund I started a while back. If she gets accepted to one of
the top ten universities, tuition is covered."

"That's good to know." I said.

"Another five years." He said again; "In return, I want
another c***d with Joyce."

I looked at my wife; she just stared at me wide eyed. That
same blank poker faced look I'd seen the first time he proposed his little
deal, that look that meant nothing, but really meant everything.

"I'll just step into the other room and make a call while
you two discuss it." He said, easing our sl**ping c***d onto the sofa as he
stood up.

"What should we do?" I asked.

"Have another baby." She answered. "We sort of wanted one
anyway, so why not?"

"But I wanted it to be my baby."

"It will be your baby. Isn't Amy your baby? Don't you love
her as much as Sam?"

"Yes, of course I do."

"So what's the problem then? You aren't uptight about the
sex are you?"

"I was never really comfortable with that."

"Well you'd better get used to the idea then."

What else could we do? If I lost my job, we'd have to sell
our house and move to the city. And of course, nearly everyone we knew was
employed at the paper. It was more than a job, it was a community.

We had a responsibility to do what we could; all my wife had
to do was let him fuck her a few times, and we

Could keep everything floating along.

He came back to the living room, and we told him our

"Do you know when you'll be menstruating?" he asked her.

"In a week or so." She answered.

He stood, took Joyce's hand, and kissed it gallantly. "I'll
be counting the hours." He said.

She stepped closer to him; she reached up and put her arms
around his neck, he put his hands on her narrow hips. They kissed, lips and
tongues, bodies held close, their passion for each other nearly palpable. Their
passion had an odd simplicity; it was sexual in the purest sense. They didn't
want to live together or know more about each other, they just wanted to have
sex to make a baby. They wanted to mate, each respecting the reproductive
fitness of the other.

"You're welcome to stay." She told him.

He hesitated; "I should get back to town. I have a plane

"Let it wait." She suggested.

In response, he lifted her off of her feet, he kissed her
again, deeper, harder. He lifted her teeshirt from her, he began to fumble with
her bra.

"You have big breasts now." He observed.

"Suck them." She whispered, ignoring my presence in the room.

The old man held her, his big hands under her ass, her legs
wrapped around his waist and she arched backwards as he lowered his face to her
pale breast. He sucked one nipple, then the other; she laughed in glee,
clamping herself to him.

"Where's your bedroom?" he asked.

"Upstairs." She told him.

He set her down, and they started up the stairs, holding
hands. Joyce stopped for a moment, turning to look back at me; I was just
standing there in our living room, waiting for feeling to return to my legs.

"Put Amy to bed and then come join us." she said with a
grin, as if it was all about nothing.

By the time I got to the bedroom, my wife and her wealthy
lover were undressed, legs entwined, kissing on our bed.

The years and two c***dren had left their mark on Joyce's
young body; she was now 29 years old, with a more generous rear and larger
breasts about the size of small g****fruits. They hung slightly, but were full
with enormous nipples. Her hair was as ever, that angelic orange. Her skin was
still smooth and pale, and her belly was fairly flat, the stretch marks the
proud trophies of her c***dbearing.

Her lover, on the other hand, was definitely looking the
worse for wear; his age had caught up with him now. His hair was very thin, and
white. His belly had grown significantly, and he had bags under his tired eyes
that weren't there before.

I watched them for a minute, standing alone in the doorway.
I could understand she wanted him as a sire for our baby; he was a self made billionaire,
he'd been born in utter poverty. He was still essentially fit at sixty eight
years old; what man could be better breeding material? But I didn't understand
why she was so into having sex with him. He just wasn't very attractive physically.

He pushed her onto her back, then spread her knees so that
her soft middle was open and vulnerable.

"Look at her, Rick; her long red hair, her smooth skin, her
big breasts. She's a perfect mother, nurturing and loving. She does higher math
just for fun, yet she likes to keep your house and care for our k**s."

His big hand stroked over her naked body.

"Just now, she told me that she's never been with another
man since she met you, except me of course. Do you love her as much as she
deserves, Rick?"

I looked at her, shivering at his touch, waiting to mate
with him, eager for his old dick to slide into her pale frame. She had his
organ in her hand, she was pulling on it gently but emphatically.


"Does it hurt you to see me make love with her?"

"Of course."

He smiled; "But you've had her all to yourself for all these
years. Surely you don't mind sharing her a couple of times with your

He lifted his bulk over her, he kissed her, his knee pushing
against her groin.

He rolled back again, and stroked her open crotch. "Do you
give her head when you make love?" he asked.

"Sure." I said.

"Show me. Come on, man, pleasure your lovely wife. You owe
her everything you have, don't you? So then. Put your face between her thighs."

Joyce looked at me expectantly; she looked so edible, so
tender, so tasty.

He was right, of course. Although I was the boss at the
paper now, the editor in chief, a respected man in our little town, it was all
fake. My position was entirely due to Joyce and Him, my true job was cuckold,
playing father to another man's c***d. That was what I was really paid to do.

I crawled onto the bed and did as he told me.

As I licked her, they kissed; after a while, they twisted
around, and she sucked his cock as I licked her clit.

"Move aside, Rick." He said at last. "I'm going to have sex
with your wife now. Sit back and watch, watch closely; see how much she likes

As he spoke, he took my place between her legs. He held his
powerful old cock in his hand and pushed it into her wet waiting tunnel. Joyce
arched her back and pushed back, her younger body sucking the big man's organ
into herself with a happy sigh.

I just stepped back and watched in painful humility.

We'd been happy the last 5 years. We had fun together, we
laughed at each others jokes, we had good sex. But somewhere underneath all
that, this was always present; the knowledge of Him, the awareness that she
would have sex with him anytime he wanted her to, that she would accept his
sperm and carry his baby not only for the material gain it brought, but because
she wanted to. Because she wanted him, his time, his approval, his attention,
and his genetic material. She wanted his kiss, his cock, and my suffering was
included in the deal. My humility was part of their foreplay, it turned them
both on as much as the potential for procreation did.

He pushed her knee onto the mattress, so I could see where
his cock was clamped by her wet vaginal lips, and he began to pump her that
way, his bulk rising and falling over her small frame, his billionaire cock ruling

"One of the things that I find so special about Joyce is the
way she sees me; not as an overweight old man, but as a powerful and attractive
man. Am I right Joyce?"

"Of course! Powerful and sexy."

"You want to have my baby, again?"

"Oh yes!"

"Now that's sexy to me. Very Very Sexy!"

With each word he spoke, he drove his big cock home for
emphasis, bouncing the mother of my c***d, and his, below him.

"Are you going to come, my lovely?" He asked her, "Will you
come for your daddy?"

"Oh yes! I will if you just... if you just... Ahhh..."

I sat on the edge of the bed as she climaxed in his arms,
pinned below his expensive expansive bulk.

He pulled out of her and held his cock to her lips. She
opened wide and took him into her mouth, sucking happily at his pleasure. His
cock was perfectly rigid, the shaft quivering in her mouth, on the delicious
edge of climax.

"Ah, that's good." He said, kneeling over her face, "Do you
ever have anal sex, Rick?"


"You should try it, it's great. What about you, Joyce? Anal

She stopped sucking for a moment. "I haven't done that for
years, since before Rick and I were together." She said. It was the first I'd
heard of it.

"Honey, there's some Vaseline in the medicine cabinet." She

I got the jelly and came back into the bedroom, where Joyce
was still working the rich man's cock with her mouth, stroking his big loose
balls with her hand.

"Don't just stand there, man! Grease yourself up." He

Joyce lifted herself onto her hands and knees, her knees
splayed out, her rear end open in invitation.

Well, I was pretty horny; watching her with him always did
that to me, despite the pain and jealousy that was always there as well. And
Janet wasn't there this time to administer her efficient blowjob. And I'd
always wanted to try it...

Her ass was tight as a fist around my dick as I pushed it into
her. She kept sucking his cock while I reamed her, I fingered her clit at the
same time, and she started to come again.

He held her head in his hands, sliding his dick in and out
of her mouth. I avoided looking at him, I closed my eyes and reached forward
and around to fondle Joyce's generous breast. She was shaking and moaning,
clenching my cock in spasms of her ass; I came.

Soon afterwards, the tycoon squirted into her mouth. My wife
rolled over onto the mattress, exhausted.

"Get packed Rick." He said, stepping off the bed, "You'll
have to spend the next week with me."


"So I can be sure that you don't make Joyce pregnant, but I
do. She has to take care of the k**s, otherwise she could just spend a few
weeks with me like last time. Quick now, my plane is waiting for us."

We flew to New
York, and then to London, then by helicopter to his estate. We
had a lot of time to talk; it was a privilege to have that much of his time
nearly to myself [he was on the phone a lot, and there was a flunky or two

"Janet doesn't work for you anymore?" I asked him.

"Janet? No. he's gone back to being Gene now. Has a wife and
a c***d on the way."


"Just an experimental phase he told me. Too bad, he made a
great girl; multitalented one could say."

"Do you know what a cuckoo is, Rick?"

"A stupid person. A type of Swiss clock."

"A cuckoo is a large black tropical bird. It lays its egg in
the nest of a crow, among the crow's eggs. The cuckoo hatches first, eats more,
and grows faster than the crow chicks. The parent crows feed it diligently,
unaware that they've been fooled. Or, if you prefer, cuckolded. Of course, what
I'm doing with you is slightly different, you know you're nurturing my

"I love her like my own."

"I know that Rick, and I appreciate it."

His wife was a few years older than mine, a few years
younger than myself. She seemed surprised that he was home at all.

She was a remarkable woman; I'd never been in the presence
of someone so gorgeous. It was very difficult to not simply stare at her

She was tall, at least 5'10". She was thin, yet shapely; she
had long auburn hair and longer legs.

Her face was stunning from every angle; every expression was
a new delight, a new vision of beauty. Yet she seemed sad; her life wasn't a
very happy one.

We had dinner together, but my boss was gone before
breakfast the next morning.

"Make yourself at home, I'll be back for you in a few days.
We'll travel back to the states together." He'd said.

I guess I made myself more at home than he might have
intended; I slept with his wife.

She was hungry for company, and I had little to do. She told
me all the anguish of her life, and we became intimate.

It somehow doesn't have much to do with my story, except to
add a small touch of poetic justice. She was into appearances, and I was still
a good looking guy; powerless, [relatively] young, and handsome. The opposite
of her husband. I fantasized of making her pregnant, and did my level best;
blasting my sperm repeatedly up her middle, as she clamped me between her long
shapely legs. It's a rare privilege to make love with a [former] supermodel, but
it was a bit spoiled by fact was that I love my wife.

He phoned me from New York;

"I'm going to leave you with my wife while I'm with yours."
he announced. "I like you Rick, and I don't mind. Hell, I'd have divorced her
years ago except it would cost me too much. She isn't too bright you know, but
she did get one over on me; she's not fertile."

He laughed, as if that was something really very funny.

The tall beautiful woman seemed to loose her allure; we
slept together anyway. We chatted, kissed, made love, and enjoyed our artificial
relationship, passing our lonely hours together.

Her husband sent his
jet to take me home, after he was sure my wife was pregnant with his c***d. I
never saw either of them again.

After his suicide, it was revealed that the whole empire was
built on massive debt.

He had plundered the pension funds; my newspaper was closed immediately,
and we had little to fall back on.

We had to move to the city. I keep the house now, and take
care of the three c***dren. Joyce, with her PhD and published math papers, got
a high paying position with an international bank.

The only resources that seem to be entirely intact, and
cunningly protected from all creditors, was a massive scholarship fund. The beneficiaries
are 97 c***dren of varying ages; as well as 26 older k**s that have already
been paid through school. It wasn't hard for me to discover that all of these
c***dren have a parent who had been promoted to a top position by the big man
personally, mostly in loss making divisions that just kept making losses until
the whole corporation went under.

They say he was a loser, he was never the success everyone
had thought he was.

But I say they're wrong. Altogether, I believe he fathered no
less than 134 c***dren with 75 different women. Isn't that the true meaning of
96% (41/2)
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1 year ago
what a change from the usual this is, just one word describes it for me ....greed
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1 year ago
What an interesting story it made me want some kind of deal like that but alas I am beyond those times
1 year ago
great story, well told, and good ending. Ignore the first 2 negative comments from assholes.
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Great story. Lovely build up and detail.
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Your a pussy, simple as that!! Your wife is a whore that knows she married a pussy, that's why she liked fucking him bc she knew all along what a pushover cunt you really are. What a sap. Have fun raising his kids..... Pussy!!
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You should have ass fucked him......raped his old wrinkly brown eye! Hahahaha!