by AB

Cuckold (Mf, Mm, f***ed, voy, impreg.)

f****y Problems By A. B.

I really felt that this was the first day of my life - the best and the most wonderful. Everything was totally and completely perfect. And why shouldn't it be.

Two weeks before, I graduated from college. My new job with one of the up and coming Internet companies started in two weeks. Best of all, today I married the most beautiful and loving woman I'd ever met. Now we are at one of the nicest (and incidentally most expensive) resorts in the country, high in the mountains, isolated not only from the rest of struggling humanity but even from other parts of the resort. Very luxurious, the two room "cabin" overlooking a lake and the mountains reflected in it, had wonderful floor to ceiling windows in living room and bedroom to view everything. Down a nicely manicured trail a few hundred yards was the main building with its gourmet dining room and full services. All this courtesy of my father's wedding gift that would allow Amy and I to really understand the meaning of love and marriage for the first two weeks of our union.

At five feet and fewer than 100 pounds of very intelligent blond beauty, my new wife was my ideal woman and a perfect complement to my small 5-7 130 pound self. When we were dating, several of our friends told us we looked like perfectly proportioned miniatures. I've long since gotten over being insulted by references to my size or physical attributes.

All this was a contrast to my life just a few years before.


The summer before my senior year in high school, my mother died in a car wreck as she turned into the grocery store a few blocks from our house.

Apparently, that loss was much worse for me than for my father who I found out later had been "tempted" by his secretary for some time. In fact, I disapproved heartily when he married Elizabeth at Christmas that same year after alternating beds (her house and ours) from the day of my mother's funeral. I'd hated that then and really hadn't forgiven him for it since. It had considerably strained our relationship.

What strained everything even more was the addition of Edward and Philip, Elizabeth's sons from an early marriage that failed miserably when the boys were very young. Though no one talked about him, their father had been an abusive high school boyfriend who married Elizabeth because he'd gotten her pregnant with Edward and compounded the offense by doing it again with Philip before consenting to support them.

Elizabeth had taken the boys and disappeared after two years of fighting and abuse.

Possibly, under different circumstances, you would have had to give Elizabeth a lot of credit. She took a high school education and built it into a living for the three of them.

Unfortunately, she'd had to work hard, leaving the two boys to their own devices all those formative years. She'd never been able to control Edward who, I thought, must be a carbon copy of his father - dark, brooding, big and strong, and mean. If she did have some effect, it was on Philip who was still dark and large but was a mama's boy.

Elizabeth made some effort to include me in the new f****y. I didn't, to be honest, give her much chance. I resented her from the moment I first met her and soon she'd given up any pretense at anything more than staying out of my way.

Very quickly, I wished that the boys would do the same. Instead, they took great pleasure in establishing their dominance over the much smaller and weaker son - me. Edward, the more dominant of the two, took pleasure in taunting and hassling me from the moment they moved into our house and never let up at every meeting. Philip simply chuckled and went along with whatever his b*****r started. Edward, a year older than me, was still hanging around the house with little ambition and fewer prospects during the last of my senior year in high school and the summer before I went to college. Philip, a year younger than me, showed as much ambition toward finishing his high school career at my school.

Summers and school vacations had been a study in trying to stay away from my bigger step-b*****rs.

Only the year before, Edward and Philip had finally decided to get an apartment together and actual jobs, though low paying and menial. A large measure of my great feeling of the day was that I was finally totally independent of them all, though I still loved my father. One of the grand differences in my new situation was that we'd be living several hundred miles from them all.


I told you that Amy is perfect for me. Really, she would be perfect for any man. Tiny, her body is fantastic with tight B-cup breasts I'd found wildly responsive through teeshirts and dresses but had never seen or touched directly, a minuscule waist I could literally touch thumbs and fingers around, and beautifully flaring hips and bottom.

Stuck with clothes designed for teens, she leaned toward short skirts, tight tops, and casual outfits in college. One of the first outfits she'd had specially made for her, her traveling clothes for this trip were a gorgeous white suit that was truly a very short skirt over white stockings and heels with a jacket that covered a white bra that peeked enticing between the lapels. A tiny pink bow between the cups made itself known only to me from the vantage of a few inches not shared by the other guests at the wedding, the reception, or others on our way to the resort.

In some long make-out sessions, I'd touched her tight thighs and learned how she loves to kiss. But, in spite of how wildly excited she got as we necked, she adamantly insisted that she was going to be a virgin on her wedding night.

And this, of course, was the big night.


"Oh, my darling," I gasped as I held her tight to me in the middle of the living room, my hands on her tiny waist and beautiful bottom, kissing her. Her arms around my neck, her leg had curled up behind mine in that totally sensuous stance you occasionally see in torrid love scenes in the movies.

She blushed as she moved a tiny way back from me. "I love you so much, Andy," she said. "You know what?" She was shivering. "It's time for me to show you how much." I knew what she meant and smiled at the knowledge that finally I was going to be able to sl**p with this perfect woman.

The only reason I would have let her go then was the promise of so much more and I knew she wanted to make as big a production of it as I did. Though a cliche, I was sure she would go into the massive bathroom and change into a nightgown so impossibly beautiful that neither of us would ever forget it or the moment.

It was beyond belief that at this high class resort and at this very moment, a knock came at the door. As she sighed and I let her go, I fully intended to see that whatever bellboy or room service clerk was out there wouldn't be working for the resort the next day.

When I opened the door, I wished fervently that I'd just ignored it.


"Hey, little b*****r!" Edward said as he pushed past me. His grinning younger b*****r pushed past as well. "Whoa, Philip! Look at this!" he said as he saw my wife. Or perhaps it was the nice room.

"How'd you fall into this, little b*****r?" Philip said to me. "She's way too fucking hot for a little shit like you."

"Hey, you guys get out ..." Philip interrupted me by taking my arm, twisting me around, and pushing me into a chair. My attention was drawn back to the middle of the room as my new wife screamed "No!"

When I looked, Edward had her in his big arms as she pushed hard against his chest, almost doubling her over away from him.

"Come on, baby. I'm just kissing the bride. Right?" His laugh was as nasty as I ever remembered.

"Edward, leave her alone!" I screamed at him.

"Oh no, little b*****r," he said. "We had to put up with you and all that bullshit about being so fucking good."

"Goody goody," Philip added.

"And finally you really connected with something good."

"We're just going to make sure it's as good as it looks," Philip added. I've never hated anyone as much in my life as I did these two guys at that moment.

Edward put his big hand in my new wife's back and, in spite of her struggling, pulled her to him and kissed her roughly. The other hand, I saw, was on the back of her short skirt and for the first time I saw that she was wearing stockings held up by a garter fastened to the back. In spite of myself, I found I was getting very turned on watching them.

"Look at this, man," Philip said from where he was kneeling beside my wife's suitcase. "Bitch came prepared." He held up a tiny white lace nightgown that I was sure was Amy's choice for the night. Having him even touching it disgusted me.

"And look at this!" he squealed as he held up a box labeled K-Y Jelly. Since I didn't know what that was, it didn't bother me. In fact, I thought, there was probably a lot of things that a woman used that I knew nothing about and didn't see anything particularly noteworthy. The fact that he did bothered me. Then he broke out laughing and held up a big box of Trojan condoms that I did recognize. "Man, you weren't even going bareback with your new hubby on your first night?"

"I ... we don't ... we're not ready."

"You don't want k**s?" Edward said as if he couldn't believe it.

"Not yet," she said. "And I'm ... well it's the right time."

"You mean your little eggs are dropping?" he said and she blanched. "Well, I can understand why you wouldn't want little b*****r's baby."

All I could do, in my state of shock at everything I was seeing and hearing, was sit there. I know I should have done something - got up and left the cabin, tackled at least one of the b*****rs, shown my displeasure at what was going on. Something! But I just sat there watching.

"Andy's my husband and when we ..." she tried.

"Yeah, I know. He's a little pencil dick. A pimple. I'd hate to see anybody I like have a baby like him."

"No! That's not it! We just want to wait until ..."

"Hey, I know you don't want to say anything in front of him." He seemed to think. "Not like he's got the balls to smack you around when you piss him off but I understand."

"Noooo!" she said, her frustration pouring out in the word. She didn't understand that Edward was baiting here and working hard to humiliate me. "We don't want a baby! Can't you understand?"

"I guess I can understand but no real man would ever use a raincoat with their own fucking wife." Then he laughed and shook his head. "But we're not talking about a real man anyway, right?"

"Andy is every bit as much ..." she began before he held up a hand.

"You don't know, do you?" he said sincerely and looked at Philip and me with surprise.

With sudden, devastating realization, I knew what was coming.


It was spring vacation my senior year and, with no jobs available to high school students for a two week vacation, my new "b*****rs" and I were home alone.

Though I hated it, they'd verbally attacked me almost constantly from the moment Elizabeth and my father went to work the first day. It's not too surprising that soon it escalated into physically pushing me around and then, one afternoon in the back yard, Edward hit me in the k**ney hard enough that I thought I was going to die. The next day started out badly as they decided I should learn to wrestle and then to defend myself. Completely unequipped to compete with them physically, they soon had me crying and begging to just be left alone.

But that wasn't their way at all and the physical abuse continued until Elizabeth got home and began almost immediately the next morning when they'd left again. Before noon, they had me crying and begging them to stop as Edward strained my arm up behind my back in an armlock.

I remember exactly what I'd said. "Please don't hurt me any more. I'll do anything you want. Just don't hurt me."

The first result of that was my total servitude to them that extended to every moment we were alone from that moment on. I did their chores while they played video games. I got them drinks and lunches. I did what they said to entertain them from dancing and acting silly to renting movies with my money. They strained their limited minds for things to have me do for them.

Until the day Philip decided he wanted a blow job. Totally humiliated and completely in their control, used to doing what they told me to do without question (their demands were enf***ed with physical pain), I still tried to resist this demand. Edward almost broke my arm as he f***ed me between Philip's spread knees, my mouth open, and through the disgusting act.

For the remainder of the spring vacation, I gave each of them blow jobs at what seemed to me to be hourly intervals until I didn't have to be f***ed but only threatened.

The next summer, we all got jobs and, thankfully, I hardly saw the b*****rs alone though, every time I miscalculated I found myself on my knees with my mouth filled with their sweaty cocks.

College was liberation to a large extent. Opportunity for them to abuse me and to use my mouth diminished almost completely. But by the next summer, they had actually grown as Philip worked with the football team and other sports while Edward worked for a tire shop. I softened further with long hours of studying and time with computers. Even with full time jobs, they seemed to be able to catch me occasionally for their favorite diversion and I had little defense to their demands.

The second summer was less difficult because they were working more hours and I'd gotten a decent computer job that kept me busy and out of the house. Both also had girlfriends who were apparently taking care of their sexual needs. That didn't mean I was completely free of their blow jobs. It just didn't happen often. What it was in the case of Philip, who was still living at home at the time, was a series of near misses. Times too close to dad and Elizabeth's coming home times, times just after they had gone to bed just a few yards away from us, and one notable time in the bathroom with them sitting in the living room watching television. And one awful time in my own bed after we'd all gone to bed, only the wall between my room and theirs.

The last summer of college, I only gave them a couple of chances at me but they took full advantage. The difference was that on the handful of occasions, they made me strip naked (laughing wildly at the size and softness of my equipment) and made me lay on the floor or bed or couch while they fucked their large cocks fully into my throat. The last two times I'd done it, they made me masturbate while they fucked my mouth and, most humiliating of all, I came both times as they filled my mouth.


"You didn't tell your little wife, Andy?" Edward said as if he couldn't believe it. "Well, I don't think that's very honest of you. I mean ..."

"Cut it out, Edward," I said but of course I could only see his look at me hardening from his teasing look to his mean look. She couldn't see it but I could and knew with a certainty that I was trapped. Fleetingly, I thought of options. I could run but I was pretty sure Philip expected that and would intercept me. If somehow I made it out the door, he would surely catch me before I could reach the resort center. I didn't relish being the object of one of his flying tackles.

The telephone was an even poorer option. Even if I got it off the hook, I didn't know what I could say that would get help. Anything physical against them, I knew from experience, was a ridiculous option. Either of them could beat me into submission easily and I hated pain.

The thought of talking them out of it all was so patently silly that I actually chuckled. Edward grinned at my chuckle, probably recognizing it for what it was. After all, this was hardly the first time the two of them had put me in a nasty position where I reviewed the options.

What he didn't know was that there was no way possible that I could simply comply with whatever he was going to suggest - demand. I steeled myself for the effort and the pain that I knew was as inevitable as anything I'm aware of. I didn't expect Philip to sit on the flimsy arm of the chair and, hidden from Amy's view, grab my hand. The way he squeezed it accomplished several things at one time. It was painful and promised far greater pain if he bore down. And it immobilized me, cutting out my options of running or diving for the phone. Whatever I did, he would hold on. I'd tried it before and knew that was true.

"Well, let's not just dump the whole nasty thing right away." He smiled the nasty smile I was far too familiar with. "Let's see that little sissy body. Take off your shirt." I knew I was going to have to do it as Philip squeezed my fingers together just short of real pain before releasing my hand. I got the message as he stood up next to me but between me and the door. I took off my shirt.

In a similar way, he got me to take off shoes, socks, and pants before commenting.

"Look at this," he said as I covered the front of my underpants. "Philip? Show her what a man looks like." Philip chuckled but took off his shirt as he kicked off his shoes. In a second, he had his pants off too. I personally thought the considerable dark hair on his legs and arms was disgusting. I knew from experience that his arms were about the size of my legs though his arms were more muscular, and his legs were almost as big as my waist. When I looked at my new wife, she was looking his muscular body up and down with her mouth partially open.

"You think that's a difference? Philip, take off your shirt. You too, little b*****r." Though it hadn't happened just this way, I'd had my clothes taken off before. One of Philip's little tricks was to pull my teeshirt up around my neck and then hold it tight around my neck until I thought I'd pass out from loss of oxygen, so I took the teeshirt off myself.

Philip's hair coated his chest that rippled with the muscle he'd built lifting weights for football. In contrast, I'd literally never had a hair on my chest and the light colored ones on my lower stomach were virtually invisible. I knew too well what she was seeing when she looked from one of us to the other. And I knew the comparison was hardly favorable to me.

I also noticed that Edward was now stroking my wife's side from armpit to waist. I doubt she was even aware of the movement let alone the fact that the downward stroke exposed her bra to his view. When he looked up from it, he winked at me. God how I hated him.

I watched his hand slide up under her breast on the outside of the suit's jacket, his arm wrapped all the way around her.

"Show her the real difference, Philip," he hissed evilly. Of course, Philip stripped off his underwear in a half second and stepped out of them.

"No!" I said with the last bit of my pride or at least I thought this was it. "I won't ..." and even as it came out of my mouth, Philip neatly pantsed me as he or his friends or my b*****r had a dozen times in that last few months of high school. And like those other times, both Philip and Edward laughed loudly. You say this wasn't as bad as being pantsed in front of the girl's gym class and in a way it wasn't. But this was my new wife and I guess from her perspective it was funny in spite of the rest of the situation. They say comedy is the unexpected, contagious from other people's laughter, and that watching someone's surprise is always funny. But her smile made the old experience many times worse than any before. Her smile brought tears to my eyes.

She saw my distress and started to say something I hope would have been support for me. But at that moment, Philip caught my wrists and pulled my hands behind my back, holding them there with one hand before reaching for my soft cock and laughing uproariously again as he held it up to display with a rather prissy finger and thumb as if he was holding a tiny tea cup.

"Look at this little pecker! Can you believe it?" he choked out through laughs. Then held me aside and grabbed himself. He wasn't hard either. I knew what he looked like hard. But I knew the contrast in sizes. One of his balls was bigger than my cock. He was getting hard too, I noticed peripherally as I tried to use my body weight to get away from him. Typically coordinated, I tripped myself up and found myself on my knees. "Look at this!" Philip said as Edward laughed. "Little b*****r likes it so much he's on his knees for it already."

"I bet you didn't know your hubby is a little fag too, did you," Edward said.

"Do it, little b*****r," Philip said grabbing the back of my hair and pulling it to his swelling cock. Released, I put my hands on his thick thighs and tried to keep him from pulling me closer but using both hands he pulled me against it and was rubbing it on my face or my face on it as I struggled.

"What are you doing?" my wife said, re-energizing me. When I turned my head in spite of almost pulling my hair out in the process, I saw that Edward had unbuttoned her jacket, pulled it down her arms to trap them behind her, and had unsnapped her bra. She hadn't been objecting to what Philip was doing to me but what Edward was doing to her. In the split second I watched, he had the shoulder straps down, further disabling her arms, and her breasts freed to the open air. "Nooooo!" she squealed. He smiled at her and put one hand under each of her beautiful small breasts as if to display them for me.

"You just have to see this, honey," Edward said to my wife. "You won't believe what a little queer he is."

"He is not. He loves me. And we're ..." Philip had taken the moments of her distraction to lean close to my ear and whisper, "you're gonna suck me you little fag or I'll twist your ear off first and then pull those little balls off next. You understand me?"

"Fuck you," I hissed at him. I didn't like the look on his face at all. The rage.

As he had before, he took hold of my ear and wrenched it so hard it turned my vision red with pain. "Open," he said softly as I went numb with the pain. Maybe I opened my mouth. I'm not even sure. At any rate, it had been open enough that I felt the head of his cock in my lips. His other hand on the back of my head probably looked as if it was just gently stroking my hair but it was guiding me as the other hand, still curling my ear painfully, pulled me further onto the disgusting piece of flesh.

"Oh yeah. Even if you are a fag, you sure do that good," Philip moaned as he stroked it in and out of my mouth.

As I did what Philip wanted, his hold on my ear eased and, though I couldn't do anything about the cock in my mouth, just as I hadn't been able to do anything all those other times, I could concentrate a little and could look around a little. I almost wished I hadn't tried as I saw my wife letting Edward finish taking off her jacket and bra.

I wished heartily that she would object to the way his hands cupped under her perky young breasts, capped with hard nipples I'd never suspected would be so large or upturned. I wished that she would do whatever possible to stay away from Edward and his attentions instead of watching what I was doing with such interest.


"Hey, I can understand how you're not ready to have a baby with this little fag," Edward said as he used his thumbs to brush across those hard nipples. She was almost panting at the never before felt stimulation, her mouth open almost as wide as her eyes. "You know what? I just remembered. There's a better way to keep from getting pregnant than using those nasty rubbers."

"I, ah, know about the, ah, pill," she said, squirming as his thumbs moved back and forth across her obviously sensitive nipples. "My doctor says, ooooo, I, ah, can't t-take ..."

"Well, that's not important anyway since your not on it," he said dismissing the option. She couldn't see his nasty look and the evil glint in his eyes. "You know though this is sort of a way you might not like. Some women do but never can tell. You know?

"Usually, some guy tries it on you and that's the first chance you get to decide whether that's for you or not."

"I d-don't understand," she stuttered.

"You're luckier than most. You don't have to experiment," he said. I had no more idea of what he was talking about than Amy did. I was just certain that I wouldn't like it. "Here, Philip," he said flipping the tube of K-Y jelly to him. Almost grateful, Philip had to release my ear to catch it and allowed me to pull my mouth most of the way off him.

Letting it flop out of my mouth, I looked up at his confused face as he looked at the tube of lubricant. But then I saw his cruel smile appear and knew he understood what Edward wanted even if I didn't. I was sure when he pushed me away from his cock and moved around me. His hand on the back of my neck left little doubt that he wanted me down on all fours.

Unable to turn my head as he held my neck, I heard the disgusting sound of him squirting something between my ass cheeks and, in that second, knew what he was going to do.

"No!" I screamed. "No you can't do that! Please! No!" His finger, poorly lubricated, slid into my asshole painfully in a single stroke, making me cry out with both the total humiliation, pain, and surprise. The two had done many disgusting things to me since I'd met them, but nothing approaching the degeneracy of this.

"What are you doing to him?" my new wife asked.

"It's called anal sex, sweetheart," he told her. "That's the way all fags like him have sex. Guaranteed you can't get pregnant that way and a lot of girls like it, too."

"You're k**ding," she said, showing the first touch of reality I'd heard from her for a while.

"No. Lots of women love it. And, of course, all the fags do. They'd rather do that than be with a beautiful woman like you."

I was mute, feeling Philip's thick finger pushing into me, wiggling against parts of my insides never touched, moving out like taking a shit, and going back into me. Another of those disgusting squirts of the lubricant preceded a still more painful penetration with a second finger. I tried to fight its entry but there was no hope. I heard my squeal echoing back from the wall of the room as the two fingers went all the way into me.

"See how he likes that?" Edward's voice whispered.

"I don't think ... it doesn't ..." She obviously saw more than he did and knew I hated it.

"Go ahead and show her how much he loves it," his voice said. I didn't like Philip's evil chuckle.

Again, I heard the squirt of the lubricant but not on me. Then his fingers were out of me and another squirt that I felt between my legs. I was panting and trying not to panic as I felt him touch me back there again.

"Just relax, baby," he whispered over my shoulder, wondering why he would care and what he was talking about. Then he was pushing against me, his hand on my shoulder to pull me back toward him.

"Owwwwww," I howled as something tried to invade my ass. And I knew it had to be his cock. Never had they humiliated me so totally and completely. "Noooooo!"

Whether relief or lack of air to power it, I gasped instead of screaming as I felt the big head of his cock pop into me.

"That's it," he sighed into my ear. Now I knew it was his cock because both his big hands were on my shoulders. He pulled me and pushed it into me at the same time, grunting with the effort that brought red to my tear filled eyes. Easing his hold on me, he pulled back slightly and then took my breath away by pumping forward hard. Then with shorter strokes, he moved out, in, out and back in until I felt his pubic hair against me and knew he was completely buried inside me. All I could do was whimper as my ass spasmed and insides cramped against the intruder.

"Oh my!" I heard Amy sigh.

I could barely see her through my tears as I turned my head. She was staring at what was happening to me, her eyes even wider. But what I saw far more clearly was that Edward had undone her short skirt and was just dropping it to her ankles. Didn't she know what he was doing?

And for the first time I now knew that she was wearing a lacy garterbelt, the white stockings, and the tiniest pair of white lace panties I've ever seen. His arm now around her ribcage, his finger and thumb manipulating her nipple, his other hand moved up and down stroking her stocking covered leg.

But I lost track of what he was doing as Philip began long steady strokes in and out of my butt. Impossibly, what riveted my attention wasn't the pain or the humiliation or lingering cramps or even what was being done to my new wife. What commanded my attention was that what Philip was doing to me felt increasingly good.

It was impossible that he could even be stroking in and out of my body as he grunted with his own pleasure and moaned "that's it, pussy. That's it. So tight. Feels good. Love it, don't you?"

"He's hard," I heard my wife say and, with a shudder, realized she was talking about me. I WAS hard.

"Yeah. Of course. See I told you fags really love it this way right? You can tell."

"But it must hurt," she said softly.

"I've never tried it of course. But I heard it just hurts a little at first. But then they love it. Hell, you can see how much he loves it, right?"

"Yeah," she sighed. "I didn't ... know."

"I knew there was no way to prove it to you but to show you," Edward hissed.

There was a long silence broken only by Philip's whispered comments and my breathing. The longer he did it, the better it felt to me. Strangely, Edward and Amy's softly muttered words just made the experience more intense. Somehow both more real and more fantastic.

"So, I guess since that's the guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy, that's what you want to do too," Edward said to her.

"No!" she said firmly but softly. "No I, ah, I can't. I mean. The pain. Even ... well. I don't like pain."

Mistily, through my own strange mixture of pain and pleasure, I still knew what he was doing. He was maneuvering her and I was pretty sure what he was maneuvering her toward. Glancing to the side, I could see his hand inside her panties, stroking her, even through my tears. A moment later I heard Philip moan disgustingly. "Oh yeah." Whatever the reason for his sigh, I knew I wouldn't like it. He was either getting close in his climax from his continued pounding of my ass - something I hated to even think about - or he was seeing something Edward was doing - that I thought I'd hate even more. When I blinked my tears away to clear my vision somewhat, allowing them to roll down my cheeks, I turned my head and saw my worst fears realized. Edward had pulled my wife's panties down to her ankles. I hoped he'd done it rather than her cooperating with him. But as I watched, listening to Philip's disgusting grunts, she stepped out of one of the leg holes to spread her legs further. She was staring at what Philip was doing to me and, I realized with another wave of humiliation, my bounding hard cock dangling between my legs. She sighed and the look in her eyes softened as I saw Edward's thick finger slide into her pussy deeply.

Was it wrong that I thought at that minute I'd never seen anything so wildly sensual in my life. Garter belt and white stockings from the white, strapped high heels pointed to her pink pussy lips surrounded by wisps of pinkish white pubic hair I'd only dreamed of. A squishy, wet sound emanated from where his finger moved in and out, spreading her own wetness in the trench above the opening. The way his arm covered one small breast to allow his fingers to play with her other nipple while holding her in place against Edward, just made it worse.

Her face was a study in female sexual excitement with the pink tip of her tongue peeking out between her pink lips, the back tilt of her head, and her soft eyes. Even the way one hand clutched at the bedspread and the other rested on his arm across her chest, showed her cooperation and enjoyment of what was happening.

"Ohhhhh! Oh man yeah. Oh fuck!" Philip moaned and suddenly stiffened inside my ass. Not having any way to know what to expect, the first fiery hot splash of his cum inside of me made me squirm and squeal. It was as if he'd suddenly gotten longer, touching new parts of my body.

With the second, even bigger splash of cum inside me, I whimpered and then cried out as I shot my own orgasm onto the rug below me. A long gasp of what could only be described as pleasure escaped my lips as my head went back and my arms went watery. My head and shoulders dropped to the carpet as Philip pulled back, slammed forward with another grunt and blast of cum. Again I squealed and felt myself squirt again.

His next thrust, slid my upper body across the floor, pressing me against the rug completely as he continued to fill me. He seemed to have a never-ending supply of cum as he filled me over and over again until he finally relaxed against my back.

"Oh yeah," he sighed softly against my ear.


Trying to f***e air into my lungs in spite of Philip's considerable weight on top of me, my feelings covered the waterfront. I was desperately humiliated to the point that tears poured down my cheeks and I couldn't look at my wife who'd watched it all. At the same time, I felt his cum hot inside me and was filled with a kind of mellow afterglow fostered by a kind of pleasure I'd never experienced.

Now I had the very strange feeling of Philip softening inside me, slowly retreating from my body. The first priority at that moment though was that I was having trouble getting a decent breath and Philip's weight on my ribcage that felt like it could break easily.

"Philip," I gasped. "Please. Get off."

"Mmmm," I heard near my ear as he stirred. "Oh yeah. You got to see this."

I gasped in my first full breath in a while as his weight lifted off me, his cock slipping the rest of the way out. He rolled to the side as I breathed deeply and felt my ass leaking as you normally only feel when you're sick enough for a case of diarrhea. Truly unable to lift myself from the floor, I turned my head away from Philip who had lifted himself onto an elbow, looking past me.

It only seemed it had been seconds since I'd last looked at what Edward was doing with my beautiful wife. But it was obvious that it had been longer as I looked toward them.

Amy was still sitting on the edge of the bed but Edward was now standing with his hairy back to me, slightly bow-legged to accommodate his powerful thighs. He was now dressed only in a pair of white briefs that clearly showed the definition of his butt. Hands on hips, he was standing just enough to the side that I could see my new wife's face as she stared at the front of his briefs. He was standing between her spread knees.

"It's okay," he said softly. "Sure you want to look at it. Go ahead. Just pull them down. I won't stop you."

She licked her lips and looked up into his eyes. I knew he was smiling but I was sure it was the cruel, curled lip smile I'd seen a hundred times. Impossibly, I watched my virginal wife put her fingers nervously into the waistband of his briefs at his hips and slowly pull them downward. Her total lack of experience showed. The underwear was still caught on his ass and, I was sure, probably caught on his cock as well. His hand went back to move it off his ass before her fingers went to the front in that feminine way only women used, thumbs and index fingers grabbing it and lifting it clear.

Strangely, she and I were sharing one of the first things that both of us had seen from the same perspective. Though not nearly as willingly as she appeared to be, I'd done exactly the same thing and had been presented with the same close up view. I could see it leap out toward her as it had me.

Uncircumcised, the purple head was surmounted by a quarter inch slit that I was sure already sported a large drop of pre-cum even though I couldn't see it. The foreskin covered half the head, hiding the crown flare of it. f***ed, I'd had my hand around it and could barely touch thumb to finger. Standing almost straight out, slightly up, it was longer from my profile view than I'd thought it was though I couldn't estimate the length. Suffice to say that it was nearly twice as long as mine and twice as thick. I wondered if that meant it would weight four times mine or more than that.

As I watched, it hardened more, curving upward and making more of the head appear from the foreskin.

Amy's eyes got big and, as the sex researchers said, her pupils dilated and then returned to normal size. A kind of smile appeared on her lips as she stared at it. I prayed he wouldn't make her take it in her mouth but, as I fervently asked the gods for that favor, she leaned forward, put her tiny hand around it, and licked the drop of pre-cum from the open slit. He wasn't even going to have to ask!!!

I moaned.

"If you want to suck a little, that's okay," he said softly as he reached out and stroked her golden hair. She shook her head jerkily. "It's pretty big and sort of hard to do at first." He'd never cared whether it was difficult for me to do. I'd been f***ed to gag on it more times than I cared to remember.

"So I guess if you don't want any possibility of getting pregnant, you can just turn over," he continued, still petting her hair as she looked up at him like a tiny a****l caught in a trap. "You saw that little b*****r liked that but, well, it hurts at first."

"No," she said quickly. "I don't want to do that."

"Well, only one possibility I guess. If it makes you feel any better, most people have to try almost every day for months or even a year before they get pregnant. So the chances are ..."

"Yeah," she said in a whisper.

"Yeah? You want to do that?"

"Uh huh." It was still a whisper but she couldn't have gone to the top of the mountain outside and screamed it to the world at the top of her lungs and made me feel lower. She couldn't have made me felt more desolated. Could she know what she was saying?

"I guess I need to make sure what you're saying. You really want me to make love to you?"

"Uh huh," she said her head jerking up and down.

"Say it for me okay. Just so I'm sure."

"Uh well uh make ... love to me," she said hesitantly. It was as if Philip and I weren't anywhere near. To remind her, to remind them both, I opened my mouth and Philip smoothly stuffed my dirty underpants into it. His hand on my throat, he whispered in my ear.

"Shhhh. Just watch."

"Okay then. Just lay back here. You don't have to do anything but if you want to do something it's okay. Okay?" She nodded again and lay back onto her elbows.

Thinking it was either very strange luck or very good planning on someone's part, I had a perfect view as he used the club of his cock to rub up and down through the moistened trench between her labia. She watched what he was doing as intently as all the rest of us. I realized that all of us knew exactly what was going to happen with the possible exception of Amy. I saw the way her muscles shook throughout her body as the fat head of his long cock came into contact with her virgin pussy's entrance. As it very slowly opened her, her legs and mouth opened at about the same rate.

Gratingly slowly, tiny fractions of an inch of his cock disappeared into her until I thought perhaps two inches was inside. A tiny whimper came from her. Then still almost imperceptibly slowly, he pressed another inch inside and perhaps another inch. A tiny bit more and she winced with pain.

"A true virgin," he said and laughed. Then his head turned for the first time since I'd lost being the center of attention. His look was not at all a pleasant look when our eyes met. "Let him talk. What the fuck," he said to Philip and the underwear was pulled out of my mouth. I noticed that Amy's eyes were on me too.

I started to but realized that nothing I said could make the situation better. Maybe I could frighten Amy and, in spite of everything, I didn't want to do that. All I could do was try not to cry again as my eyes misted.

"Amy," he said returning his interest to her. "I'm going to make you a woman completely and fully. Your little pussy husband could never have done it right. You've seen what he likes.

"Not only that but that puny little thing of his wouldn't have even reached this far into you, let alone take care of this little thing that's in the way." She shuddered.

"Will it hurt?" she asked with a quaver in her voice.

"Just a little," he said. "But as soon as it's out of the way, we can move on and I guarantee that you'll love it a lot. Okay?"

He waited for something from her.

"Okay? Are you ready for me to take your virginity? To fuck you for the first time in your life?" Then his head turned to me again and the most evil look blazed in his eyes. "Right here in front of your little fag husband and my b*****r? Are you ready?"

"N-n-no," she said. "I ... I want Andy ... AHHHHHH!" she screamed as he plunged forward into her and through her maidenhead. Her head had gone all the way back and her legs were flung out wide. Her breasts were very prominent as she still held herself on her elbows for a long moment. "Ohhhhhh noooooo," she moaned as more than half his length sunk into her.

My tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched from my unique and unenviable position on the floor.

"God, is that hot?" Philip hissed into my ear behind me and, disgustingly, I felt his again hardened cock rub against my sore butt. "Jesus that turns me on."

With no aid or resistence, he lifted my upper leg and slid his hard cock back into my ass as I watched Edward pull most of the way out of my wife and slide still further into her. With a gasp, she moved her elbows and fell back on the bed. I saw her cringe as his cock obviously made contact with some part deep inside her, perhaps two thirds of his massive manhood buried.

"Oh yeah," he moaned. "We can get more than that in here, right baby?"

He reached down and took her ankles and, as he lifted her legs high, he pressed forward into her body further. "Uhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh," she moaned as he pushed deep into her, retreated slightly, pushed into her again from the vantage of an inch, retreated, pressed forward. Then she squealed and I wondered what new had happened even as Philip started stroking smoothly into me.

"My god, it's ... oh please. My cervix. Please. It hurts," she cried. It was like a spur to my sadistic b*****r, I knew from experience. He smiled as he stroked into her at the absolute maximum of his length, holding her ankles over her shoulders to give him the best possible access to her.

It was like a new lease on the whole idea of fucking my wife as she squealed with each hard thrust into her. She squealed and he pumped and pumped until I saw his fat testicles draw up just before he tensed. I knew he'd climaxed in my wife and probably directly into her receptive and fertile womb.

Philip, who seemed mentally welded at the hip to his b*****r, came in my ass at almost the same moment. This time, thankfully, I didn't cum though I might have if he'd touched me.

But I could see Amy having orgasm after orgasm as my b*****r filled her with his sperm.


It didn't surprise me at all when, satisfied, Edward pulled out of her and turned away. It also didn't surprise me that he looked disgustedly at me.

"Done, Philip?" he said to his b*****r. "Amy needs to be cleaned up a little and I think the pussy should do that, don't you?"

He didn't wait from his b*****r to answer but went on into the bathroom where, a moment later, I could hear him draining his bladder with the door wide open.

"Come on. You need to clean her up now," Philip said, pulling out of me. I wasn't sure what he meant for sure but allowed him to help me weakly up onto my knees. From there, he guided me over to the edge of the bed between my wife's spread legs hanging uncomfortably off to the floor. She didn't move and looked totally relaxed to the extent I was almost certain she was asl**p.

"See how messy she is?" Philip asked and I only then really looked at her widely opened, red pussy with a pink froth of juices leaking into a puddle under her. He lifted her right leg onto a tentative position on the edge of the bed and indicated I should do the same with the left. I did and saw her completely opened before me, her swollen pussy lips gaping open. She sighed as if in her sl**p.

"Oh my. Her little asshole is just covered with that nasty cum. You'd better start with that," he hissed. She was out of it. Totally compliant to everything Philip was arranging her legs and unknowing, I thought, of what he wanted me to do. She might as well have been a rag doll for all the reaction there was.

Really looking for the first time, I saw that her vulva was actually open a quarter to half inch and her inner labia bright red either from the arousal earlier or the friction against them. A narrow stream of wetness flowed down to her tightly puckered asshole and dripped viscously from just below it into the puddle on the silky bedspread.

I leaned forward and licked across her asshole with absolutely no reaction but a soft sigh from her. Tasting it, I thought it was something new. As new as the smell that emanated from her mixed with familiar perfume. I wasn't sure but I didn't think the new taste or smell was the small amount of bl**d or Edward's cum that (unfortunately) I'd tasted before. It must, I thought, be her own taste. Her own cum. And that was exciting.

When I returned to finish licking it off between her bottom and open pussy, she moaned slightly and rolled her hips slightly. I watched from close up as her pussy's opening closed then opened again to emit a glob of pink, foamy fluid. I caught it and tasted the same taste before it had moved more than an inch.

"Put your tongue right in there. Hold it open with your fingers." It wasn't a suggestion. His fingers found my still sore ear and I licked. Not knowing how sensitive she was in these parts, I was cautious in opening her pussy lips with my thumbs but it had no effect on her but to open it wide for another glob of cum to jump out at me. I licked it up. "Get right in there," he said as he pushed my face harder into her.

Whether she was sore or sensitive there, she moaned and rolled her hips up further.

I was sure it was instinctive or simply physical reaction that made her gasp with obvious pleasure and clasp the muscles of her insides tight. The effect was that it almost looked as if she were having another orgasm and a large glob of white cum was expelled from her widened hole. I dove to catch it before it joined the puddle under her and immediately recognized the taste of Edward's cum.

At first, I gagged on it but I was being f***ed to do this. Then again, I couldn't help the fact that I liked it. I'd never felt anything so exciting as eating this strange mixture of her juices and his from her body and, incidentally, giving her obvious pleasure in the process.

Her orgasm was sudden and massive. She screamed and tried to roll to the sides and tried to squirm away. I held onto her thighs and tried desperately to keep up with the masses of fluid her spasming body was expelling. I swallowed as fast as I could and it was still drooling down my chin. Squealing, she continued to react even as I felt her body clench again in another orgasm.

Finally it seemed there was nothing left for her to discharge and her energy was flagging, reduced to grunts. Unable to close her knees because of my position between them, she let them drop to the bed surface in a way only young women possibly can because of their flexibility. Moving back slightly, I could see that her thighs were open and laying flat on the bed, her arms at her sides, her breasts still heaving with her breathing but slowing, her stomach indented. Her mound was pushed upward with the wet mat of her pubic hair. Very visible, her pussy was open more than the half inch it had been before and the tight pink labia around it was now reddened and floppy looking flesh more reminiscent of a fairly large flower's petals. The outer lips that had outlined something that looked like a narrow straight line were also much larger and looser looking. Used and defiled, I thought to myself.

Edward laughed behind me and was tentatively joined by Philip.

"You really get off on cleaning your little wifey's pussy, huh?" he said. "The best of everything right? You get to suck cock and make her happy at the same time.

"Well, you know what? You're going to get a lot of chance in the next two weeks." He laughed again rather nastily.

"Won't you ... please ..."

"Go away? Are you k**ding? Not a chance, little b*****r. This is just too good to let go to waste."

I felt the tears welling in my eyes again.


That night, my beautiful new wife learned how to suck Edward's big dick and at least act like she enjoyed it. She learned how to take Philip's somewhat smaller cock in her virgin ass. But mostly, she took them into her fertile pussy in every way they could think of. What they didn't think of that first night, they thought of during the first few days.

She bent over for them, she bounded on top of them. They took her doggie style, over the backs of chairs, on the floor, on the table, and up against the walls. They took her in the bathtub/shower, on the small balcony/porch, and in the woods. One day she was naked every minute. One day she dressed in each of the outfits she'd brought including shorts and jeans.

Philip and Edward had taken turns going to the resort center and brought back food for the rest of us for the first two days. The next two days they got what passed for room service to bring food. The second day, they had Amy give the room service guy a blowjob as a tip. The next they had me lick a room maid to orgasm as her tip.

After that, we all dressed (at least to some extent) and went to the center for meals. Without exception, Amy had fingers inside her as we ate and at least one orgasm in that public place.

The absolutes were that Amy was fucking or sucking one of them multiple times each day and night until there was absolutely no doubt that she was enjoying it. Another was that the only sex I got was from Philip unless you could count the orgasms I gave my wife when I cleaned her up with my tongue. And whatever my b*****rs wanted her to do, no matter how outrageous the things they could think up, she would do them.

Short skirts without panties and teeshirts or blouses without bras were standard. I thought she looked wonderfully sexy barefoot in a minuscule skirt or a tiny nightgown. But I could only watch my b*****rs play with her and make love to her.

When the two weeks were over, I ended up in Philip's car with him, my pants around my ankles for the trip. Edward had Amy strip completely for the ride in his car, telling her it would be easier to show her off that way.

When we got back to the house we'd bought together, things fell into a routine. Philip and Edward had to work just as Amy and I did. Feeling powerless, I didn't do well at my new work but got along. On the other hand, Amy was a star at her work and was rising quickly.

Several times, unannounced, one or both of my b*****rs stopped at the house for a quick fuck or to stay the night with my wife. Occasionally, Philip slept with me and, increasingly, I came to enjoy it since none of the three of them allowed me to sl**p with my wife. I was virtually the only one of the four of us who wasn't the least bit surprised when my wife found she was pregnant.

When Amy told me that her bosses had offered her a job at the national headquarters half way across the country, I thought I'd never been so happy. Finally, after four months of married life, we were going to be alone.

But my premonition was that somehow my b*****rs would find a way to come with us. I was ecstatic when Edward got involved with another woman and Philip got arrested and sent to jail for attempted ****. As a going away present, Edward told me that he was bored with Amy and that "her pussy is too fucking loose anyway."


Even without my b*****rs to encourage her, Amy refused to sl**p with me though she occasionally let me eat her pussy. I did that with relish.

In her sixth month, just as the baby began to show in her slightly larger stomach, I learned why she didn't need my b*****rs' encouragement. On a Friday night, she brought home her boss. The one who'd insisted on her promotion to the national headquarters.

As he groped under her tiny skirt just inside the front door, he spotted me watching. Looking appropriately nervous at having been caught by her husband, he acted as if he were going to leave. But, laughing, Amy told him in no uncertain terms that I didn't matter. To prove her pointed, she stripped off the dress under which she wore nothing but thigh high stockings, took his hand, and led him to her bedroom.

Two hours later he came back out, looked at me nervously, and said she wanted me before he left. Obediently, I went to clean her up.


We have three c***dren now - two boys and a girl. None of them are mine. I know that because the only time I made love to my wife I could only enter her ass. She said it was tight enough that she might feel my tiny dick.

But it's okay. Really. Sometimes she brings Oscar, the assistant to the CEO, home. He likes to make love to me.
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