just aconvo between me and a gril m8

IL get u to lie down on the sand n get on top of u, u start to kiss me n put ur hands on my bum as i undo ur tracks, u slow take my long pink top of then u undo my bright yellow bra, u get on top of my n start kissing my body then u undo my trouser n then u put slowly put uur dick in side me n start to push as ur lips touch me lips then u get faster n faster i start to scream x .

I wanna put my arm rownd u and slide my hand down your top and into your bra rubbin ur tit before taking it owt ov there and slide it down the front of your jeans rubbin ur pussy through ur pants gettin u nice and wet before puttin it down into your pants and sliding 2 fingers slowly inside you

ok ur in my room u undress ur self say u lie on my big dubble bed, walk in n drop my food on the floor i hhave a big smile on my face i start to walk to u n get in my bed u undress me as u kiss my lips, then u put ur fingers up my pussy to get me nice n wet then after u slide ur dick up me xx

Your in mi rm n i just go t shop and leave u in my rm
I cum back but you dont hear me
I find you lying on mi bed with ur clothes spread across my floor and your there with 3 fingers in ur tight pussy i stand there watchin u
You then look rownd and see me standin there so you just lie there not doin anyfinso i walk towards you and you open ur legs inviting me into ur tight hole
I walk towards u n start t undress u tell me t stop and that you wana do it
As you pull my trackys down you see that i av a hard on as you move my boxers away u put ur lips rownd mi cock and start suckin it
U stop and stand up u kiss me as i slowly push you onto the bed as soon as you hit the bed u feel mi dick slide slowly inside your wet pussy

i am make a nice hot bath u see me bent over the bath nacked as u open the door u put down ur trackes then u tell me to hold on the bath u slide ur dick up u ars n ride me like a horse

as u go u to the bar to get me a drink of vodika i come up be hind u n pull ur boxers down u turn around n smile then u start kissing me u slowly take my dress of n stick ur fat dick up my pussy n get my on the bar xx

hope u enjoy these
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4 years ago
sorry bout that m8 what parts dont u understand
they arent linked btw
4 years ago
hard to understand