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The Boyfriends Friend

It was a friday night me and the boyfriend and his friend ben had chosen to have a quiet night in and watch a film with some food, little did I know I would be taking every slippery inch of ben in a very short time.

So we were all sat down just finished watching the film starting to get hungry
my boyfriend was the only one who could drive so him being the only one to go pick up the food, so here we were home alone together.

Ben is so hot i was thinking to myself fantasising about what he would look like inside me then whoops he caught me staring at him! I blushed and he just smiled then said are you thinking what im thinking? I giggled with excitiment and butterflys and said i think so yes i can only be sure if you show me though..

He stood up and walked across the room picked me up wr****g my legs around him then started to kiss me softly on the lips slowly moving to the side of my neck as It shivered down the side of my body, at this point my heart was pumping and so was my soft wet pussy, he put me down on the side of the sofa and qwickly pulled my bottoms off with his head now resting on my legs moving closer to my sweet smelling pussy, he moved my thong to the side and I was ready for it.

He slowly put his tounge on my arsehole and tickled it in circular motions then slowly moved up into my deep wet sweet tasting cunt, at this point my boyfriend was on his way back although I felt like i was in love with him now as the plessure was somthing i had never felt from any other man before.

Ben took his huge cock out and rubbed it on my clit I slapped him for teasing me and he slapped me back, he held my legs back past my head and pounded my big wet pussy all i could hear was his balls slapping on my arse I couldnt help but call for my boyfriends name, he slammed it in me harder everytime i said it after ten minuets i was sore and wanted to stop as my boyfriend would be back any second but he didnt i kept saying we have to stop now but he wouldnt he just kept on pounding me and I couldnt do a thing but just take it and wait for my boyfriend to get home.

He finally filled my pussy with hot cum and it was over just as he got in,
We sat down and had our food watched another film then it was late and time to call it a night and ben went home.

It was far from a night though as me and my boyfriend lay there in bed my boyfriend whispers to me "I love you and im going show you how much" I didnt reply, he slowly went under the covers and took my cum soaked thong off and started eating my sore wet pussy he starting pushing his tounge into my hole he mubled your so wet tonight and you taste so good, little did he know why
I felt bad but i couldnt tell him what happend so i let him eat away at my pussy as bens cum leaked out on to his tounge and down the back of his throat.

THE END btw I rushed this..
Posted by sexyfuckme 2 years ago
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2 years ago
mmmmmmm I'd love to be the lucky one to eat you that way every night!