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My loving boyfriend had to unexpectedly leave me this past weekend. Which left my weekend wide open. Before he left I asked him.

“Can I call Duan?”

“Um, yeah of course baby.” he replied sweetly and I gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek in return.

Duan and my boyfriend had met. I made it a point to invite Duan over one weekend to meet my boyfriend just to let him know this is the black guy I would be with. After meeting Duan my boyfriend felt at ease letting me alone with him to do whatever we pleased sexually. And that night as well. My bf went upstairs to watch a movie leaving us alone. That night I sucked and fucked Duan’s big black cock. After Duan left my boyfriend admitted to hearing me screaming out in pleasure. And admitted to jerking off to the sound of me getting off on Duan’s big black cock. He added he didn’t mind it if Duan was over while he was home or not. As long as he knew about it ahead of time.

Now back to this past weekend. Duan knocked on my door around 4:30pm. I greeted him wearing a black dress, black heels, and my beautiful smile! I gave him a big hug and kiss on the lips. He held me in his long arms rubbing my back with his strong black hand. He’s 6’2” and makes me feel small whenever I am with him. And I love that feeling! By 5 o’clock I was nude wearing just my black heels kneeling down sucking on his long thick black cock. I usually worship his black cock for a good hour. Running my fingers, lips, and tongue all over it. Licking his heavy black balls and even his asshole out. Before stretching my mouth and lips around his black cock. And this past Saturday was no different. And Duan rewarded me with a freckle face covered with his thick warm cum!

Soon enough with cum dried on my face I’m riding his black cock. He has his strong black hands all over my body. Sucking on and playing with my breasts while I ride up and down. Fucking myself good with his long thick black cock. Pressing my lips against his several times. As I rock my hips back and forth he moves his hands to my white booty smacking it and holding onto as I ride up and down faster and faster. Causing sweat to drip down from my forehead. I swear my toes were stuck in the curled position as his bare black cock slid in and out of my wet white pussy hole!

“Oh God Fuck me! Oh God Fuck me!” I let out as I feel myself about to orgasm before holding it off for as long as I could.

The irony about me saying oh god fuck me is that Duan is very godlike. I often let him know how he is my “black god!”

“Oh fuck yeah! I’m cumming!!!” I said loudly as my body convulsed. I pressed my lips against his black juicy ones as he held on tightly to my body as I came hard all over his bare black dick. I kept on fucking myself on his black rod. And kept kissing him our lips and tongues mixing together as he turned me over onto my back. Still on the couch in the living room I wrapped my both white legs and arms around his sweaty muscular black body as he thrust in and out of my stretched out pussy. He continued his powerful thrusts digging my pussy out making me moan loudly still clutching onto his black sexy body.

Both of us moaned and grunted loudly my cute white toes curled as he filled my white pussy up with his big black cock. And then after much thtusting, grunting, moaning, and begging by me for him to keep on fucking me. Duan grabbed my white booty with his strong black hands as he continued to fuck in and out of me. And then he filled my white pussy up with his first round of hor sticky cum! If my boyfriend had agreed that I go off the pill I would probably have got pregnant off that one load! I laid there for several minutes after he came inside of under his black body. Of course I was kissing his juicy black lips every chance I got. Which other than getting fucked by black cock it’s my most favorite thing to do!

Question? What do you do after getting fucked by bbc and filled with cum? Well you move to the next room and repeat what was done in the living room. Duan pounded my white pussy from behind as I held onto the kitchen countertop bracing for the impact of his big black cock going ina dn out of my loose whtie pussy hole. Amazingly his cock got bigger with just a few minutes of rubbing it against my white booty cheeks. And a little help from my hands as I reached behind me and stroked his cock a little bit to help him along. He continued fucking in and out of me holding onto my ass as I stood on my tip toes taking his big black cock as I moaned and groaned begging him not to stop.

And Duan didn’t stop. He continued pounding my stretched out white pussy faster and faster like he was some kind of fucking machine! He kept on thrusting as I grabbed on tightly to the counter top and braced for yet another intense orgasm. Breathing heavier and heavier I let out several moans and grunts and honestly started to feel any tension or stress melt away! Minutes later he grunted loudly pulling his cock from my beat up white pussy and blowing his hot sticky load all over my ass and up my back! I turned around facing him squatting in front of him cleaning his black cock with my mouth. Looking up at him thanking him.

“Thank you! Duan! I love your black cock!” I said like I always do making him smile back at me.

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oh that a good story Thanks sexyemily
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Nice story very Sexy!
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great story!
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iwant my dick suck for hours
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great story
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very hot! the perfect girl :)
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one hot story from a very sexy lady
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