more pool cock. black of course

Ever since I was young I’ve always loved being in and by the water. When I moved to a metro area far from a beach I didn’t get to be by the water as much as I would like to. So when I was looking for a place to move into I wanted to find an apartment complex with a nice pool. And I did. And for the last three years every summer I lay out by the pool and swim every chance I get. I usually lay out in the day time when everyone is at work. But my new job didn’t allow for that. So when I did layout and swim I would see and talk to more people than I did before. I had never met a guy at that pool before I met Carl who is of course black.

It was just after 6:30 and I noticed people started leaving the pool area and it was just me and a few other people. And as I was laying there with my eyes closed getting some sun I could sense someone standing over me and felt like my sun was getting blocked. And when I opened my eyes I was staring at a tall, muscular black guy smiling at me saying hi. He asked if he could use the chair next to me as if there were no other chairs to use. And of course I told him it was okay. He started talking to me asking me personal questions and not so personal questions. I could tell he was interested and knew if I wanted something to happen I had to let him know I was interested.

“I’ve had enough sun today, would you like to come back to my apartment for a glass of water or something?” I asked him.

“Sure I am a bit thirsty and it is kind of hot out here.” he answered.

And we were off I wrapped my towel around my waist and we walked back to my apartment. Back at my apartment I told him to take a seat in the living room area while I got us some water. When I came back into the living room I sat next to him handing him the water leaving just one couch cushion between us as we talked. The more we talked the more personal it became and then he started complimenting me.

“You have such a pretty face!” he said to me.

“A lot of guys tell me that but some don’t like the freckles!” I replied.

“The freckles make you even prettier!” he replied.

“Thanks!” I replied as I grabbed the remote control to the tv and began flipping through the channels trying not to be nervous.

“You like black guys?” he asked.

“Would I asked you back here if I didn’t?” I said to him smiling.

“I would love to see that pretty body naked.” he said to me.

I turned to him switching off the tv and setting the controller down. I untied my bikini top moving closer to him so close our thighs were touching. I pulled my top off throwing it on the floor exposing my breasts and erect nipples to him. He put his hands on them without asking as I threw my head back and moaned he started to lick my nipples making me sigh loudly. I reached over putting my hands on his hard black cock which was still covered by his swim trunks. I rubbed his cock through his trunks until I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Let’s get these off!” I said to him as I went down to my knees pulling at his trunks until they were off and on the floor and his big black cock was standing tall almost fully erect in front of me. I grabbed a hold of it tugging on it hard. Stretching my white lips around it licking his head and getting my lips sticky from his precum. Being a somewhat experienced black cock sucker I managed to get half of his cock down my throat within just a few minutes.

“You’re good at this!” Carl said to me.

“I know I love sucking black cock!” I said to him taking a brief break from sucking on him.

“You just suck black cock?” he asked.

“Why you wanna fuck my pussy?” I asked stroking his cock with both of my hands smiling at him.

“What do you think?” he replied.

“I think you’re gonna be fucking my white pussy as much as you want.” I said letting him know I was ready to get fucked by his big black cock.

I stopped tugging and sucking on his cock and stood up in front of him pulling my bottoms down kicking them off before climbing on t op of him. He put his arm around my waist I gave him a kiss on the cheek and lips. I held onto his strong arms while I lowered my body downward letting his heads split my pussy lips and slide into my hungry pussy hole. We both sighed and moaned together as I did this. His cock slid in and out of me with ease and it didn’t surprise seeing how I had a lot of training to be able to take a thick and long black cock inside of me. I humped my ass up and down as our sweaty skin made loud smacking sounds and I was moaning super loud because I was cumming super hard!

“Oh fuck me fuck me fuck me!” I said to him as he helped me up and down on his cock with his hands under my booty cheeks helping me up and down.

“I would love to see that ass from behind.” he said spanking my ass hard. I instantly got up and walked over to a chair across from the couch. I sat up on my knees leaning forward presenting my white pussy and tanned ass to him. He walked over grabbed a hold of my ass and pushed his throbbing black cock back inside of me as I grabbed onto the arms of the chair to brace myself. He pounded me from behind smacking my sweaty ass cheeks. I was now holding onto the back of the chair as he was fucking me so hard he was moving the chair!

“I’m cumming, I cumming! Fuck me I’m cumming!” I begged of him. My body convulsed and shook as I had another awesome orgasm from a black cock fucking me. And then he was pumping my pussy full of his hot black cum! To show him how much I appreciated his fucking of my pussy I turned around and was on my knees in front of him cleaning the cum off of his cock and balls swallowing it all down to my tummy. Before he left he told me his apartment number and told me to stop by any time I needed anything. I let him know he just might have a frequent house guest in me by saying.

“I am a total slut for black cock I’ll be by soon!”

He just smile and walked out the door as if I was joking. As my readers know I wasn’t joking I love black cock!

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1 year ago
You could be my neighbor
1 year ago
ull be the one laughing in the end!
1 year ago
Good for you Emily :)