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The last place I ever thought I would be hooking up with a black guy was on a recent f****y vacation. Even though my parents booked me a room all by myself I really didn’t plan to hook up with any black guys while on the trip. And yes I’m 26 and my parents still take me on vacation from time to time. I guess I am spoiled in many areas of my life. Including when it comes to my white pussy getting black cock too!

About the third day of the trip I decided to stay at the hotel pool while my parents went out for the day. I had been laying poolside for about an hour when I just happened to look up as Anthony came walking through the gate at the pool. I u*********sly licked my lips at the sight of him. Over 6 feet tall handsome face, chiseled ebony body, just so hot from head to toe. I stared at him through my sunglasses. Anthony walked right by my chair before sitting across from the pool facing me. I decided to cool off for a minute and sat by the edge of the pool with my feet in the water facing him. I swam into the pool and over to where he was at. I got out of the pool and sat on the edge with feet in the water. My back to him.

After a few minutes of sitting there I looked back at him and meekly said “hello.” Smiling at him as he smiled back.

“Water warm?” he asked.

“It’s not bad.” I replied.

It wasn’t long before I was sitting in the chair next to him talking. Anthony was cute and nice but he wasn’t naive.

“I’m not your bucket list item am I?” he asked.

I laughed and assured him he wasn’t.

“So you’ve been with a black man before?” he asked.

“Yes I have!” I said proudly.

“Your parents know?” he asked.

“Not really.” I replied.

“So they only know about the white boys huh?” he asked.

“Not all of them.” I replied with a giggle.

“Well what do you want to do about this girl?” he asked.

“I don’t know?” I said.

“Well do you want my black cock or not?” he boldly asked.

“Yes!” I said smiling at him as he smiled back at me.

“Well prove it when we stand up to go to my room hug me and kiss me and hold my hand all the way up to your room.” he said.
I agreed and when we both stood up we embraced and our lips met. He wrapped his arm around my waist and felt on my bikini bottom covered booty. My heart was thumping pretty hard as we walked back into the hotel holding hands as we walked up to my room which was right down the hall from my parents who were still out. I knew Anthony was having his fun with me and soon he would be having his way with me and I was fine with both. As soon as we were inside of my room I squatted down and raised my sunglasses up resting them on my head as I plopped the big head of his black cock into my mouth. His trunks on ground as I licked and sucked his black cock still in my bikini and flip flops
While I stroked and sucked Anthony’s big black cock he reached down and undid my top as I let it fall exposing my beautiful c cup breasts. I ran my tongue all over his big black ball sack as I stroked his long thick ebony rod. I slobbered all over his black cock and balls. He had me begging him to fuck me with his big black cock as he slapped it against my pretty freckled face.

“I want your black cock!” I begged from my knees,

“What do you want me to do with it?” he asked playing with me.

“Fuck my pussy please!” I begged staring up at him from my knees
Anthony was having his fun with and I really didn’t care as long as I was going to have fun with him. He had me stand up and turn around my ass facing him. He yanked my bikini bottoms down and had me bent over my breasts resting on the table facing the balcony and of course the window looking out of the hotel. My legs spread wide as he slowly parted my wet pussy lips with the head of his awesome thick black cock. He started picking up the pace as our skin starting smacking together creating this loud echo in the room! He fucked me hard from behind holding onto my ass as he thumped his cock in and out of my ever stretching white pussy. He had me cumming in no time as he continued plowing and out of me. He spanked my ass no doubt leaving red marks on it.

Anthony moved to a chair where he sat with his erect black cock and I rode him my bare feet off of the floor as I humped my white body up and down as he held me with black hands. Helping me up and down on his big black cock as I rode myself to yet another intense and amazing orgasm while his strong black hands felt up my body. Even though I was tired and already came I was still riding his black cock up and down trying to make him cum inside of me. This hook up was already hot enough being it was with a black guy but the fact that my parents could have knocked on my room door at any moment added an element of danger. They had no idea that their white daughter had a thing for black guys and this would be one hell of a way to find out.
Especially if they saw me down my knees again stroking Anthony’s big black cock with both of my little white hands. His cock head aimed at my freckled white face. My mouth open my tongue out waiting for a hot load of black guy cum to blast my pretty white girl face. I stroked his slippery black cock hard and fast as he moaned and grunted. And then he grunted much louder shooting his thick hot cum load all over my mouth and cheeks. Whatever landed in my mouth was swallowed. Whatever landed on my face I wore like a proud white girl slut for black men. I simply love the feeling of hot cum on my face especially if it came from a black mans balls
I washed my face and put my bikini back on and walked back down to the pool holding his hand. As we agreed before we left the room. I hugged and kissed him one more time before I went back to laying poolside and he probably went prowling one of the beaches for more white women who love black cock. And yes we planned to meet back at my room at 11pm that night! So you know I had a huge smile on my face the rest of day knowing I was getting more black cock later on!
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