Wild night- Part 1

It all started in the club, i saw her dancing, shaking her hips and moving to the rhythm of the song. her body was long,slender with small perfect breasts.
She was wearing tight jeans and a vest and had long black hair, i stared at her until she noticed me, when she did she looked at me with eager hungry eyes that said i want you here right now.
I moved to the dance floor, moved behind her and press myself against her sweating body, both our bodys became one, moving to the slow rhythm of the music. The more we moved the more my cock grew, she felt my cock pressing against her so the more she pressed herself against me, she turned around facing me rubbing my crotch with her hand, looking into my eyes, my cock was throbbing, saying fuck her, fuck her hard, she wants it.
No words she grabs me by the hand and leads me to the exit, the air is warm after a hot summers day, she calls down a cab and we climb in. She tells the driver to stop off at a hotel i have never heard of, After 5 mins we arrive there, We step out and she looks at me and says "come on lets fuck without a care in the world" i dont hesitate i follow her lead through the door and into the elevator. As the door closes she pushes me against the wall with f***e, rips off the button on my jeans and tears the zipper down. She reaches in looking at my cock and like a wild a****l, eargerly leans in and starts sucking my cock, wetting my cock with her saliva deep throating me She pulls away with saliva down her chin she smiles, reaches out her tongue and licks the head of my cock.
The door stops and opens we walk out down her corridor, i still have my cock hanging out as we are walking and get to her door. we walk in she stands there and says "take me now".
I grab her rip off her vest and then her bra they rip easily, Her breasts are small and perky but her nips are big and hard, i throw her to the bed and pull her jeans off, the best thing is she is not wearing any panties. There she is lying there naked looking at me, reaching down she starts to rub her pussy, her fingers slide in with ease her wetness glistening, she licks and tastes, "now its time for the main course".
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