Couples Retreat

My wife and I had been having a tough time in our relationship, we be both still loved each other, but it was obvious we were fighting quite often and were constantly on each others nerves. We needed to fix a leaking ship before it sank completely. I was not looking forward to the next few days, but something had to be done. My bags were packed and the two of us jumped in a taxi together, bound for the local airport.
We just made the flight because, like always my wife has no concept of punctuality. We were getting off to a flying start. no pun intended. I sat down and my wife put the night shades over her eyes immediately, I guess I, or she was on a timeout. either way I could just relax and enjoy the flight. That's when a woman asked, "Excuse me I just have to slide in here." I looked up to see a gorgeous woman standing besides me. I grabbed my bag off her seat and apologized. OMG she was amazing, the most sensual lips I have ever seen. Constructed for sucking cock. Long flowing black hair. Her body, she could have been a porn star. Massive tits a tiny waist and a nice round ass. I looked up and thanked God. She sat down and her husband sat to her left. I could sense some tension between them and like my wife he immediately put the night shades and took a nap. I introduced myself and she did the same. Bella stated, "I hate flying." To which I responded, "Don't worry if anything should happen I know mouth to mouth recesistation." She laughed at my corny joke but it broke the ice. She replied, "Well then I may just fake an injury."

Two minutes in and we were flirting. The flight took off and before long we were chit chatting about sex. I said, "something about stewardesses are so sexy." as one in a tight skirt poured us each a cup of water. Bella then asked, "Are u a member of the mile high club?" Sadly I responded, "No." She replied, "I am, there is nothing hotter then fucking in semi-private places knowing someone may be watching or hearing you. It makes my pussy drip just thinking about it." Ok , now my cock was throbbing. Did she really just say that? I replied, "IF my wife were not here would you take my airplane virginity?" She stated, "If your wife were not here I would be between your legs on my knees as we speak." She noticed my hand grab my cock under the try table. She whispered, "U hard baby?" I replied, "Fucking throbbing." She slide her legs apart in her miniskirt and felt her own thong. She then looked at me, one word came out of her mouth, "Drenched."
I wanted to pull her on my lap right there spread her legs and ass cheeks, and impale her with my big piece of meat. SHe leaned into me stating, "I have a treat for you, ill be right back." She unbuckled her seatbelt and got up. I didn't know what she had In store but I was excited. She was gone for a couple of minute and then came back to the seat. She sat down and handed me something, I opened my fist to find her thong within it. She whispered. "I just came all over them. My pussy gets drenched." I lowered them into my lap, nervous my wife would wake from her slumber. I opened her thong to find her moist spot. She wasent k**ding her pussy soaked her thong. My cock nearly ripping through my slacks. I looked to my right at my sl**ping wife then held her thong to my noise, smelling her pussy sent. I nearly blew a load in my pants. Bella insisted, "Go ahead taste me." I licked her thong, tasting her pussy juice. I cant believe what was going on. I was indirectly eating her out with my wife and her husband sitting only inches away.

I was so fucking horny I had to blow my load. I unbuckled my seatbelt and told Bella ill be right back. My bulge grazed her face as I passed her, I grabbed he empty cup and literally ran to the bathroom. I slammed he door and stroked my cock, it didn't take long before I blew a massive load, stream after stream into Bellas cup. I walked out of the bathroom much more relaxed. I walked back to my seat and placed the cup on Bellas tray table as I sat down. Bella asked, "Whats this?" figuring it out as she asked. She didn't hesitate, pouring it down her throat. Then cleaning the glass with her finger and licking it clean. She insisted, "I absolutely love hot cum, baby u taste amazing." As her tongue probed the inside of the cup, licking it dry. Who was this sex Goddess. I think I fell in love right then and there. The plane started it descent, and we exchanged phone numbers. I shoved her thong in my pocket and bid goodbye. I figured I would never see Bella again.

We got to the couples resort and while I was at the check in counter I looked up to find Bella in the lobby, her husband on line as I was awaiting to check in. As I was standing there I got a text from Bella, "OMG you two are here for the couples retreat!" I texted her back, "We have to meet up, I need your pussy." She replied, "Im craving your cock right now, my mouth is watering and pussy is dripping. I need more of your cum ASAP. Class intro at 3pm see u there." My wife walked up and asked who I was testing. I said work. I thought to myself, "this weekend may do more harm then good."

We got to the classroom, the desks were set up in a circle. My wife and I took seats. The room quickly filled. I kept staring at the door waiting for Bella to enter. Then she walked in and sat across from us. Our eyes locked and she blew me a kiss. She sat down and crossed her beautiful legs hiding her goodies. The class began but my focus was on Bella's glaring beauty and those massive bombs. During the class I Texted her, "Uncross your legs." I saw her check her phone, and shortly there after she uncrossed her legs holding them tight together. She looked around making sure everyone was focused on the teacher, except me, then she slowly opened her legs and I could see her tight pussy lips. She text me back, "YOu have my Thong." I smiled and patted my pocket. I looked across the way to find Bella staring at my crotch. I unzipped my fly as Bella licked her lips, while placing a finger in her mouth. I pulled out the tip of my erection, looking around I then pulled out my whole cock under the desk. Bella sucked on her finger and then slide it under her low cut V-neck shirt, massaging her nipple. When she pulled her hand out of her shirt. I could see her nipple rock hand poking through her blouse. That is when the instructor chimed in. "That is the end of the introduction." As we were exiting the classroom I invited Bella and her husband to join them for dinner. They agreed, and we went back to our rooms to get ready.

7 pm we headed out to the restaurant located on the resort grounds. We meet our new friends in front and made our way to the bar for a drink. Bella's husband engaged my wife in conversation, and they seem to take a liking to each other. Bella and I did the same but it was as if we had known each other for years. We were eventually seated and enjoyed our meal together. We decided to have a night cap at the bar outside our rooms which was located adjacent to the pool. As we continued to drink Bella and I came up with the idea to jump in the hot tub, located only a few feet away. My wife and Bellas husband were not too keen on the idea, actually they declined the invite. We ran back to our rooms and quickly changed. I threw on my little speedo and met Bella as she was exiting her room. We awed at each other beauty as sexual impulses fired throughout our body. I would have pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and fucked her right then and there but we were in the view of our spouses. We walked over to the hot tub and slipped in. My wife and her husband were deep in conversation. As they too were close to d***k.

We sat next to each other. Bella instantly grabbed my massive hardon under water and began to stroke it while still in my speedo. I found Bellas love mound held in her bikini bottoms and did the same, Massaging the outside of her Bikini driving her pussy wild. My other hand pulled her tits out of her top still under the water. I then pulled her onto my lap under water. My cock straining to get out. She began to grind her ass on my thick shaft, massaging and teasing her pussy with what could be 8 inches inside her. We needed to fuck each other so bad. Every so often my wife would ask me a question from the bar, but not directing her attention on the fact that we were nearly fucking. I moved Bellas bikini to the side, and slide my finger into her tight little pussy. Even under water I could tell she was dripping wet. She moaned as I moved her hair and lightly kissed the side of her neck. Bellas husband stated, "What was that dear?" and continued chatting with my wife. It was apparent that they were beginning to flirt with each other. Before Bella realized I had a second finger in her pussy. She couldn't take it anymore. Bella ripped my cock out of my speedo and slowly lowered herself onto my shaft. Just as she drove my meat into her tight pussy a second couple walked up to the hot tub. We sighed in disappointment as they said hello and jumped in. We just sat still with my cock deep inside. Bella would move her hips slightly and let out a soft moan. The couple just smiled. It was not long before our spouses had enough and wanted to call it an evening. Come on Bella her husband prompted. Bella kissed my cheek and slide off my cock. Uggh, my balls were turning blue.

The following day was the final one of the trip, I was worried I would never see Bella again. We had therapy in the morning, and group meditation in the afternoon, the groups were small and Bella was no where to be found. Finally as we were walking to our room to get ready for dinner we ran into them. I was so happy, my heart fluttered. I immediately invited them to a final dinner together before we departed for home the following morning.

We once again met up and entered the restaurant together. We sat down and Bellas hand immediately found my lap under the table. She started to fondle my cock and before long it was rock hard. The waiter took my order but it was so hard to concentrate with what was going on. I reached up Bella's skirt to find her not wearing any underwear, my fingers slid right into her dripping pussy. Bella excused herself from the table, announcing she had to use the bathroom. I did the same and followed right behind her into the women's bathroom. I pushed her up against the sink area and pulled her skirt up. My fly was still open and my dick came flopping out. There were other woman in the bathroom but we didn't care. Within a second my hard member slid into her dripping pussy. Pumping feverously as the solid tile room great for acoustics filled and echoed our moans. One woman smiled as she washed her hands next to us as we fucked. Bella was about to cum when my wife stormed in.

"I knew it you asshole she yelled." She went to run out and I grabbed her by her hair and pushed her to her knees. As she did I shoved my cock covered in bellas juice in her mouth. I then pulled out and shoved her face into bellas pussy. She licked it clean of all her moist juice. Then Bella came in her mouth, her pussy was pulsating from my wifes tongue. Bella then joined my wife kneeling as the two sucked my throbbing cock. It didn't take long before I shot massive load all over Bellas Tits. My wife and Bella licked all the creamy cum from bellas. Then we kissed tasting my cum. We all returned to the table sweaty, sticky and smelling of sex.

We departed the following day but I always stayed In touch with that sexy goddess.

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