First Time

Marion placed one of her hands on my knees. "Women are so much nicer," she continued. "It takes a female to really appreciate another female."

She looked into my eyes desperately and then leaned forward. I found myself leaning in her direction and soon our lips met. Marion, being older by fifteen years and heavier by fifteen pounds, became the aggressor and pushed me against the sofa we were sitting on. I was twenty years old then and I knew that there were such things as dykes in the world. But this was the first time I had ever really come up against one.

Marion showered kisses all over my face telling me that I was a beautiful girl. She opened my dress and bared my bosom. The woman took one of my nipples into her mouth and started sucking hard. In a way she was much like my ex-husband with her driving, hungry sexual demands. But, at least, I didn't have to worry about being penetrated by a ton of dick.

The still youthful divorcee got me to take off all my clothes and she stripped herself. She was on the heavy side but she was well proportioned. Her breasts were large and round and she had huge nipples the size of saucers. Even though I had never had a homosexual experience before I had the greatest urge to bury my face between those big, juicy tits.

"Women are so much better than men," Marion repeated as she rubbed into me.

I opened my mouth and started sucking one of her nipples. They turned stiff and rigid under my oral caresses. Marion, obviously one who was used to making love to other females, worked me up by fingering my slit. I threw one of my legs around her arm and pushed into her.

The divorcee rammed four fingers of one hand into my gash and masturbated me to a peak of excitement. I grabbed her vagina in the same fashion and was surprised at how much of my hand she could take. It was no wonder she had not been happy with her husband—she was built to take a bull in heat. Too bad she hadn't married Lloyd. He had enough meat to gratify any woman.

Marion slipped over my body so that her bush was just above my face. I knew that she wanted to sixty-nine. When she brought her vagina down I buried my mouth between her legs and started performing cunnilingus. How wonderful it was to mouth a cavity instead of a raging, bl**d-engorged tube of flesh.

The woman mouthed my vagina and we sucked away in utter abandon. I slipped my hands over her large, soft rump as I continued the oral act. I could feel that the woman was enjoying me as much as I was enjoying her. But, most of all, I could feel her desire to please me. With Lloyd it had always been take, take, take on his part. He had never been interested in giving pleasure in all the three years of our marriage.
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