My dad and I (me being like 16 an my dad 31) were going to a bar. I wasn't allowed in, so I had to stay in the car. 2 hours later they were sickened. They fully were d***k. I heard punching and screaming. "NO THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!!" I heard my dad scream. "What??" I questioned myself. I heard the car door open and 5 guys with dildos and knives came in and surrounded me. "Please don't hurt me or touch me!" I yelled. They looked at each other and then charged at me. One guy ripped off my shirt and threw it out the window. Another 2 guys reached down my pants and fingered me. They pulled me onto the ground and started eating me up. Sticking things inside me I didn't even know! They sucked my pussy and they were naked. All 5! They brought oil too, and poured it all over my naked body. They wiggled my boobs. They finger and fucked my tight ass!! They tossed me around and one threatened me with a knife. They ripped open my pussy, and the worst part, they got it on tape. Legit, taping the whole thing! They showed my pussy and I slapped their phone away. He got up and turned me over and oiled up my ass. They fingered me so bad and fucked me so hard. "Stop!!" I screamed they kissed my pussy, and sucked on me a while more then stopped. I was relieved! "Ow!!!" They hurt my back a lot...
50% (4/4)
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