Visit to the Doctor

A nurse walks me to the exam room and closes the door behind her. She asks me to strip down and take everything off. While she tosses a sheer thin gown on the examining table for me to slip on before she turns and leaves the room. The front of the gown if completely open. I put the gown on and my 36C tits are barely covered and are easily visible in the gown. My nipples are hard from the cold exam room. I lie back on the cold table in just the gown and wait for the Doctor to enter.

I hear a knock on the door and he enters with a young thin blonde nurse. The doctor is a hot muscular guy around his late 30's and the nurse must only be around 24. He directs me to lie back still as he comes to my side. He then slides his cold hands around my breasts and starts rubbing them. He makes the remark that he is trying to help me warm up as the pinches and rolls my nipples between his fingers. I can't help but to feel myself getting excited and wet as he is messaging my tits. (this was not the breast exam I was expecting) He slowly traces his hands down my sides to my hips. I shiver from his touch.

The nurse walks behind the doctor and pulls a chair in front of the table and the doctor sits in front of me as he spreads my legs wide in a set of stur-up. He takes two fingers and starts to rub my clit and slowly f***es fingers three inside me. He tells me he is doing a pelvic exam and that I should relax. I can tell he notice that I'm wet because he starts to move his finger in and out faster and faster. I'm holding back my moans of pleasure as he is fingering me and the nurse is watching attentively. I notice the nurse starts to rub her tits and slide her hands lower on herself.

The Doctor stands up and slips down his pants as he pulls me down closer on the table toward him. I notice he has locked my ankles in to the stur-ups on the table trapping my legs in to place. The nurse moves closer toward the table and she now has her dress open with no bra on. She bends down starts to suck on my nipples. Rolling them with her tongue. I never had this down by a girl. Her breast are rubbing against my stomach as she is sucking and licking away at my tits.

The Doctor is really starting to get excited and hard by this time. I see him stroking himself before he rams himself deep into me. I'm sooo tight. This is my 1st pelvic exam. He feels so big and long. I want to scream. I almost can't stand the friction as he f***es himself in and out of my wet cunt. He banging into me hard and deep. The stur-up give him easy access to get me so deeper than I ever been fucked before.

The nurse climbs on the table and straddles me across my chest. She has no underwear on and she is forcing me to eat her out as the doctor is pumping away. I refuse at first but she start pinching my nipple really hard as she holds my arms down with her knees.I finally give me because I'm so sore between the doctors hard cock ramming harder and roughly handling of my tits. I see the doctor reach and finger the the nurse in her ass as she start to moan from me licking her clit and the Doctor fingering her ass. Her juices are running down my face as I feel the Doctor explode inside me..........

Let me know if you like and want more......
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3 years ago
oh yeah please write more great begining
3 years ago
Good story,you must be too sexi to turn on a
3 years ago
3 years ago
DEFINITELY write more so hot love where its going
3 years ago
mote please
3 years ago
more, more, more.....
3 years ago
great start next part please
3 years ago
Love it, can't wait for the rest
3 years ago
Sweet Please write more love to hear how it ends
3 years ago
Yes please finish .....too much left open...