Sex with my ex

I was in a relationship with an indian guy. He is 2 years younger than me. I was with him for 3 years before we decide to break up. I found myself was depressed and down. I traveled to island for few days to release my broken heart. But my mind was only for him.
I didn't talk to him for few days until he told my s****r to message me so we can talk again. Then we talked again. I was missing him badly, while he tried to act cool and nothing happened.
I don't know if I'm bitching out cos I asked him to do sex with me, but he refused cos he said we were just friends.
So after few days just having regular talk, I went to his house just for regular visit as our houses was close to each other. I thought I could build a normal friendship with him. But when I first saw him, I couldn't hide my feeling that I still missed him. We talked in clumsy way. He tried to hide and I tried to hide my feelings. After regular conversation, he suddenly asked me to pull down my panty. He said he wanted sex just for fun.
I couldn't refuse that I miss his presence and our hot night when we were into relationship. It's forbidden feeling between us.
We went to his room. I just did what he ordered me. I rubbed his pants while he slowly removing my clothes. He ate my nipples like anything and rubbing my clit. I unzipped his pants and taking off his cock. I was about crying when I saw that huge cock. After break up, I was afraid that this 8 inches cock may find another hole and I hate if I see him with another girl. I sucked his cock like I was starving. He closed eyes while I'm doing blowjob.
"Suck my cock, slut," he commanded me. And I obeyed him. He pressed my head and deep throat me. "You, bitch! You eat my cum! I just use you like my toy. I need your pussy to release my cum! Suck it, bitch!!" He was tempered and harsh. He slapped me while I cried.
I knew he missed me like anything. I know him, he is full of anger everytime we do sex. He pushed me into his bed and f***e my to spread my legs. He starts sucking my pussy. I was like anything.. He pushed his cock as soon as I start moaning hard. Without waiting for moment, he shook my pussy hard. "Cry now, bitch!!" He pulled my hair and slapped my face. "I'm fucking you! You are under me!" I was powerless and crying. His slap was painful on my cheeks. "Say it, chingy! Say that you love my cock! Say how bitch you are!!" *SLAPPP*
I was horny and pain as I enjoy being submissive during sex. Hardly I said it slowly "I am your bitch.. I love your cock..." I was bursting in tears.
I didn't know how long he worked on me until he released his cum inside my pussy.
As normal as other man, he felt bad. He said, "It's just sex between friends"... He left me, didn't even give me last kiss. I was crying and feeling empty the moment he took out his cock from my pussy. He was done on me. And he left me broken with "just friends".
It's just part of my story. I do still love him.
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