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I am a 26 year old . This is a real incident has happened almost 2 years back when i was working for a multinational bank in delhi. I am a very shy and reserved kind of person. A young girl (sonal) the age of 21-22 years has joined my dept as a trainee. She is freash graduate and come for 6 months training. She is extremly beautiful, perfect figure, 5.6 inch height, whitish color, slim and nice, firm round boobs and lovely ass. She is damn sexy. I think every male wanted to have girlfriend like her but everyone is not that lucky. I was excited when i came to know that she will be working with us for next 6 months. Lucky there is a desk just in front of my cabin was vacat so i asked her to use that. Her dressing sense was really great she use to wear tight jeans and tight top so that you can easily guess each part of her body. Initially i tryied to maintain the distance from her but slowely she started getting engage in day to day routine work. I have also involved her few onging project also. She was a young charming and very nice girl whereas i was very shy and reserved person. Slowly i started the converstation with her. We also started going for tea/coffee in panrty and sometime lunch as well. I was very much attracted towards her and always looking for a chance to talk to her. After month a half we become very open to each other and stared sharing jokes, sms etc. . One days during the lunch i asked here do you have boyfriend. She said that she was having a boyfriend but six month bach he ditched her for someother girl. I was very happy to know that. We have to stay late in office also sometime because of the project work. Whenever we are getting late in th office we are having dinner outside and after the dinne i used to drop her at home. So i was having good time so far with her. We also started sharing non-veg jokes over the sms as well and used to talk more openly. I also started praising her beauty whenever get a chance. She generally replied back with a naughy smile but i though she knows by that time what i want. One days moring she came to my cabin and was explaing something about the project and bent down little to wirte something. Her beautiful round white boobs in black bra are clearly visible to my. I just lost my consious for a second after seeing such a beautiful thing. Suddenly she also relaise and moved straight. She gave me a sexy smile and went back to hear desk.

One day we all in office planned to go for a movie. There was multiplex very closed to our office. I asked sonal to organise the same and arranged the ticket for everyone. It was friday and show time was 6pm in the evening. So we all are planing to leave office around 5:30pm. But unfortunately i got a urgent meeting for half a hour so i told everyone that i will late by 15-20 min. Sonal told me that she has tickets with her and whenever i reach there give her. I reached around 6:20pm at there and sonal was waiting for me outside. Theatre was not completely full so i asked sonal to take the seat at back row and luckly the corner seat was free there. We started watching the movie, it was a good hindi romantic movie. I want to hold her hand but bit scared was not sure how she is going to take that. It’s almost half an hour and i am able to get enough courage to go and hold her hand. Finally i dare and hold her hand but i was very nervous. But i was surprise to see there is no reaction from her side. May be she is expecting the same. I got bit relief. There was some romatic scen going on so i hold her hand bit tight and my shoulder is also touching her. After few minutes she put her head on my shoulder. I wasn’t expected that at all so i gethered some more courage and put my right arm on her shoulder. We both were looking towanrd screen. I guess i was not ready yet to have eye to eye contact with her. Just before the few minute of interval i went ahead and kiss on her forhead and said i don’t know if that right or worng but i feel that i am in love with you immediately fter that light got on because of interval. She told me that it doesn’t look good if someone from office came to know that we are sitting together to watch the movie. It’s better if i go and sit with other staff members. I said fine and she moved to her seat with other colleagues. But i was feeling top of the world, so happy, relaxed like won a big battle. After the movie i asked her to drop but intially she said that she will manage but i insist and finally she agree to that. Her home was about half an hour drive from that place but we both were silent during the drive. I don’t know what to say but i decided to break the silence and hold her hand i aksed how was the moive but she didn’t replied. Again i told that i really don’t know it’s right or wrong but i am in love with you. She was still silent and didn’t responded. That makes me much worried. Final we reach at her home. I stoped the car and waiting her to open the door to move out but she turned towanrd me and kiss on my cheek and said i also feel that i am attracted towards you. After that she turned and opened the door to move out but i hold her hand and said if that the case then pls give me a good night kiss so that i am go back and sl**p. Before she respond i pushed her inside the car and just kiss her. She kissed me in return and said good night. I was very sort kiss, our lips just touch each other but i was so happy and thank god to bring sonal to my life. Next day morning she was looking more beautiful and sexy then usual. I was not able to concentrate on my work i called her to meeting room and closed the door as soon as she entered the room and hold her face in both the hand and started kissing her lovely and jucy lips. I forget for sometime that we are in office. My toung was exploring her mouth and i hold her tightly to get the feel of her body. Her boobs are touching my body and making me more horny. It was so good that i felt this is the first time i kissed anyone. After few minutes she pushed me and requested me to have control on myself because we are in office. I also reliase the same and back to work but that moment onwards i was not lossing any chance to kiss here whenever get time. She was also bent a little bit so that i can have glance on her boobs to tease me.

I have planed to go for a movie with here on coming friday. After couple of request she finally agree to come for the movie. I was very excited about the movie and desperately waiting for friday to come. Finally friday has come and after office we went for a movie. I manage to get gold class ticket because seats are much comfortable and bit relaxed there. There was not many people in theatre and luckily we got seat where no one around us. After 15-20 mins i took her into my arms and started kissing her. I don't see any resistance from her side that means she has also prepared for it. My hand also started exploring her body. I was sucking and biting her lowe lips and getting the response from here as well. That made me more excited. I thank her for coming with me for movie and again started sucking her jucy lips. My hands were busy exploring her body and finally reached on her boobs. I started pressing her boobs from top of her shirt and my tongue is exploring each and every corner of her mouth. I was fully excited and my tool was trying very hard to tear off the pant and come out. I opened couple of buttons of her shirt from the top so that i can touch her lovely boobs. I kissed all over her face neck and shoulder and back to her lips again and my hands were busy to find out the way to hold her boobs. By that time she has also started feeling the heat and moaning aaahhhaa. I can feel the warmth of her body. Finally i moved her bra a bit and hold her fresh, lovely, round and soft boobs. I was in heaven and enjoying every bit of that movement. She was also enjoying and not stopping to do anything. Her sound of aahhhh has increased a bit. I was pressing her boobs and nipples one by one. After kissing on her neck and shoulder for some time i moved bit down and took her boobs in my mouth. As i started sucking her nipples her sound of moaning has increased. It was more loud now ahhh ohhh yeeessss. I try to take her boobs to my mouth as much i can and biting her nipples. She is also enjoying with every move of mine and her should of ahhh and oooohhh in increasing that making me more excited. I manage to open her bra and started sucking both the boobs one by one. I have kissed on her lips in between for few minutes and back to her boobs. I starting my hand but down on her belly button and tried to go further down but her jeans was so tight. I started rub her pussy over the jeans and keep sucking her boobs. She become very hot and horny and started kissing me. She has opened few buttons of my shirt and kissed me on my chest. She was rubbing my chest with her hand and finger. That was giving me great feeling which i never felt before. This keeps on continue till the time light gets on for interval. We sit properly back of our seat. I went out to get some cold drink and snacks. After the interval we started again and my hand explored her body as much they can at that time, more then that is not possible in movie hall. After the movie we had diner and i dropped her. I couldn’t sl**p that night and feeling the smell of her body whole night.

Next day morning in the office i asked her how was the movie and she replied with a sexy smile. She came to my cabin to discuss something about he project and bent little bit. Now i can clearly see her cleavage and boobs. It seems see was not wearing the bra on that day. I was staring there only. She release and ask to stop staring like that. I asked her when i can see you beautiful body complete nude. She replied never and gave me sexy smile. I was dreaming for that day to come. I have to travel to singapore for some business purpose for next week so i requested sonal to spent a full day with me in some resort outskirt of the city before i travel to singapore but she didn’t agree. I was trying to convince her as much but she is bit afraid. I was just wondering how to convenience her for the same. Finally i figure out something. I requested her to take a off for a week and let’s go to singapore with me. I will take care of all the travel etc and we are much comfortable the because no one knows us there. She like the plan but still lot’s of “if and buts” going in her mind. I finally i requested here to spare these 5 days to me from her whole life after that i will never ask anything from you. I try to convince her that you can told at your parents that company is sending you to singapore for the project you are working on and it’s good for you career. I knew that it will be most precious 5 days for me for my entire life. I put my best effort to convince here, whole day in office i was behind here to hear yes from her. Finally after so much of request she agreed to come with me for singapore. I contacted y travel agent and asked to book a ticket for here in the same flight. I wanted to enjoy every second of these 5 days because i was not sure if would ever get that chance again in life. We did some shopping a day before the flight. Flight was 11:00pm in the night and i reached airport at 8:00pm and waiting for her desperately. I called her to find out and she said that she is on the way and will reach in another 15 mins. That make me bit relaxed. She reached airport and we boarded to flight after completing all the formalities. Flight was almost full and on time. I hold here hand and said that i will thankful to you for my whole life for coming with me. She smiled and replied that she also wanted to come. I kissed her and our honeymoon started from here. After the snack all the lights got switched off. I requested for a blanket because feeling bit cold. My hand started exploring her body again in dark. She requested me to control but i said i can’t specially when such a beautiful young girl sitting next to me. I started pressing here boobs and kissing all over here face, neck and sometime boobs as well. Flight in on time and reached early morning there.

We checked in to hotel by that time we are tired and also feeling sl**py but i don’t wanted to waste any time in sl**ping. She went to bathroom to get fresh and i switch on tv and relaxed on bed. I was waiting for her to come out and start the actual fun. She came out and was wearing a sexy nighty. She was looking damn sexy. I went down from bed and hold in my arms. I kissed her and said welcome to singapore. She put her arm on my shoulder and kissed me back and said thank you for this trip. I pushed her on bed and start kissing madly. I request her that i wanted to see your beautiful body naked. She replied that i am all yours so you can do whatever you want. I slowly opened her nighty. She is in bra and panty only. She was looking sex goddess in back bra and panty. Her lovely and round boobs are waiting to get freed so i went ahead and remove her bra. Now she was laying nude (only in panty) in from of me. I also removed my cloth and come top of here body. She was a perfect girl is all the aspect beautiful body, nice smell, round and firm boobs, jucy lips, slim legs and sexy ass. She was having everything you can think of in a girl. Suddenly doorbell rings. I forget to put no disturb sign at the door. I got a towel from bathroom and opened the door. It was someone from hotel to ensure we are comfortable. I said thanks you we are very much comfortable and please not to disturb us. I closed the door and found she is lying on bed covered her body with blanket. I push the blanket so that i can see her nude body. She was looking like apsara. I asked her to come in front of mirror. She did as i said now he was in front of mirror and i hold her from here back and started kissed her shoulder. I hold her boobs and started press them gently. We are watching the same is mirror that made us more excited. My other hand is busy rubbing her pussy over the panty. She was already wet i can feel the same over panty. She was watching my activity in mirror. She turned back facing towards me and started kissing me. After few mins she kissed on my chest. I was so good i can’t express. She pushed me to bed and now i was lying on bed and now she is no on top of me and started kissing me. My hand was on her back and slowly going down on her butts. She requested me not to move my hand just relax and watch what she will be doing. She started kissing on my chest and biting my nipples. Oh god was amazing and great feeling. I was in heaven. After few mins she going further down and remove my boxer. My tool was just stand up like a rod. I just closed my eyes and waiting for her next move. She took my tool in her hand and started pressing it. I can feel her softness of here hand on my tool. Now she has touched her boobs with my tool. Oh good it was a great feeling. I never had so much of pleasure before. Now my tools in between of both the lovely boos. She is pressing her boobs. I was enjoying every moment. Now she kissed on top of my dick and took it into her mouth. I have seen the oral sex in blue film but this is the first time someone took my dick in her mouth. I just moved a bit and asked her what are you doing. She told me to just lay down and enjoy whatever she is doing. She also said to me that i will be having the best pleasure of my life today. He was moving her tongue all over it. What a feeling i was in heaven and i never though it is so great. She was moving her head up and down and rolling her tongue all over my tool. I was a great pleasure. It will continue for 5 mins and now i asked here to stop because i am about to cum. She stopped and came top of me and kissed me on my lips and asked how did you feel. I said i was great. This is the first time someone has taken my tool in mouth. I never knew that it gives so much of pleasure. I kissed and thanks her for all this. She came down from bed to get some water. After that she again staring sucking my tool and i went back to heaven again. Again i was about to cum and i asked here to stop. She looked at me and smiled and after a minute again started sucking. Now it’s become very difficult for me to control so i asked here that i am cuming but his time she didn’t stopped and keep sucking. I was on peak of pleasure and about to cum and finally bubble blasted. She removed here mouth and keep stroking my tool till the time last drop has come out. What a feeling it was great. I think it 10 time greater than having intercourse. Now she came top on me and we kissed each other. I again thanks for such a great pleasure. I took here in my arm and just laid like that for few minutes. Now it’s my turn to return back atleast some part of it. This time i moved on top of her. I started kissing her all over the face and sucking her lips and slowly i moved down on here boobs and tried to took full in my mouth but it bigger so i try as much i can and started sucking here nipple which we very hard now. I started sucking both the boobs one by one and biting her nipple. She was moaning with pleasure aaaaaaaahhh hhh…..ooohhhhhh …….yeaahhhhhh. I love that sound, that was encouraging me to suck harder. Slowly i went further down and moved my tong on here belly button. Her sound was increased by doing that. I am also pressing her both the boobs. Now i was very desperate to see her most precious part of body. Her hands are holding my head and pushing to go further down. Finally i removed here panty and her cleaned shaved pussy in front of me. It was amazing feeling. I started exploring it further with my finger. I was moving my finger all over it and finally inserted into it. This time her sound has gone bit high. It means she was also enjoying whatever i was doing. I just kissed on lips of her nice pussy. She has moved moved her head here and there now. Although it was my first time but i started licking pussy. I was trying as much effort i can put to make her happy. She was crying now with pleasure, her sound was very loud now and it’s increasing as i am going further, i keep inserting my finger also while sucking that make here more horny. I was also pressing here boobs also in between. Her sound was very loud aahhhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhh our aaannnnnnnnnn uuuummmmmmmm. After few minutes liquid started fluid from her pussy. My fingers are still inside her pussy and try to insert as much i can. After few seconds she has completely drained out. I moved up and kissed her and asked the same question did you enjoy because it was my first time to lick any pussy. She kissed me back and replied that she never had so much of pleasure before. After hearing i felt top of the world. She put her arm around me and we both were very tired by now and slept in the same position.

After few hours i opened my eyes and found sonal is in bathroom and having shower. I was feeling bit hungry. After few mins she came out from bathroom. She was in towel with wet hair looking gorgeous. I just keep looking at her and she asked what are you looking. I said i still can’t believe that such a beautiful girl is standing next to me in towel. She replied what i should do so that you believe the same. I went closed by and kissed her and said you are most beautiful girl i have ever met. She gave me the smile which i can never forget in my life. I asked her to order something to eat because i am feeling hungry and have go to office for few hrs. I will try to back as soon as i can. She said ok and called room service and ordered something to eat. I went to bathroom to freshen up and when i came out from bathroom she is still is towel and looking herself in a mirror. I hold her from the back and kiss on her neck. She asked me to get ready because i have to go to office. I was not listening to her and busy in kissing her neck and shoulder. Her smell was too good. I opened the towel and hold here tight. I started kissing all over her back neck and shoulder. She is also excited and turned here face so that i can kiss on her juicy lips. My tongue started exploring each corner of her mouth and my hands are pressing her boobs again. We are getting ready for the next round of session. Her eyes are closed and i can feel moment in her body as i was pressing her boobs. My right hand going further down and rubbing over her lovely pussy. She again started moaning ahha ahhhaa. She just turned towards facing me and started kissing all over my chest. I pushed her to bed and came on top of her and continue kissing her. My hands are exploring each and every part of her body. I started sucking her lovely boobs and biting her nipples. She was moaning bit fast i was moving one by one to both the boobs and continue the same for next 10-15 mins. Suddenly door bell rings and we are back to earth from heaven. It was room service to deliver the food. We are both nude and sit on the sofa to have food. After the food she told me to get ready because i have to go to office but i was not in mood of leaving her alone at this moment. I called office and said that my flight was late and it’s just landed so reschedule the meeting for tomorrow. She was looking at me at smiling. I laid on sofa and pull her also on top of me and started kissing again where we left. She kissed me all over my chest again and slowly further down and took my tool in her mouth. I was in heaven again what is amazing feeling that was. She continue and her tongue rolling all over my dick and balls. She was having breaks in between so that i will last few more mins. This will continue next 5-7 mins and i was in different world and hoping this will continue forever. But finally it’s ended with a ultimate pleasure and my cum spread all over her body. She got towel to clean that and after cleaning she came top of me. I again thanked and kiss her. Now it was my turn so i moved top of her and spread her leg. Her lovely pussy is from of me which i am very desperate to fuck but this time i just started licking her clits and finger fucking. This time i was more comfortable in licking. She started moaning ahhh oohhhhh ummmmm and requesting me to pls continue. I was also pressing her boobs in between and squeezing her nipple. I can feel by volume of moaning that how much she is enjoying all these. I guess i have leaned by now how to give a best pleasure to a women. My tongue is going inside her hole as much it can and making her horny. I inserted 2 fingers and continue licking. She has reached at peak and moaning very loudly aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm you are great oh god…i will die. Now her liquid start flooding from her pussy and she body is shaking. But i continue moving my finger inside and pressing her nipples from other hand. She is still screaming with pleasure and this continue few more minutes till the time she asked me to stop, i kissed her and ask was it better then first time. He replied with return kiss and said that you are a great pussy licker. I was very happy to hear because that certifies i am no more a new comer to this game now. We started talking to each other i asked when did you had sex first time. She told me when she was in 12th standard with her classmate. She had 2-3 boy friend since then and having regular sex. She was telling her college stories when she used to go for party with group of friends and all of them getting complete nude and dancing and drinking. We missed all those things in our time. I think this generation is really enjoying sex. Our time we used to very reserved and conservative related to sex. But these days oral sex in common in school days itself and i had the same at the age of 28 see the difference. This generation is really enjoying the life. I asked her did you ever though one day we will be having sex with each other. She told not at all initially she hated the way i used to stare at here but slowly i start liking it. I asked what are qualities you find in me which has changed your mind. She told me your simplicity and being a down to earth. You are so simple and the way to respect everyone in office. I feel everyone is office has high regards for you. You have never tried to flirt with me and become over smart to impress me. I read the hunger for sex in you eyes which you are staring my boobs. Slowly i also started attracted towards me. I never thought modern girls of this age like the simple and down to earth people. I again thanks here to full fill my desire of sex.

By that time by cock has again getting hard and ready for next session. I started kissing her and the way she has responded means that she is also ready for the real action. My hand again started pressing here boobs and rubbing here pussy. This will continue for next 10 mins and now i wanted to have real action. My cock was desperately wanted to fuck he pussy. I made here to laid in sofa and spread her lag. I came top of her and trying to put my cock on top of her pussy. She suddenly stopped me and asked let me fuck you. Now she came on top of me and guided my cock to go inside her pussy. I was surprise with her boldness. Now slowely my cock in going inside her pussy. I hold her both the boobs in my hand and pressing them, she sat down on my lap so my cock can enter fully in her hole. Her pussy was very tight. I was having bit pain initially because of tightness of her pussy. She was also crying as my cock going inside her pussy. Now she started fucking me by pushing her ass up and down. I was still holding her boobs pressing them hard. She has increased her speed now. I was again in heaven and enjoying her fuck. After few mins she stopped and stared kissing me all over my chest. This was the best moment of my life. I never had so much of pleasure before. She was too good in this game. My cock is bit hard and full of his length. She has again stared her movement and my cock in penetrating deep in to her pussy. She was bit hot now and started moaning very loudly. Now i hold her ass and started pushing my cock to penetrate as deep as it can into her pussy. This has made her bit crazy. She started pinching on my chest. I also increase my speed and she also did the same to complete with me. We are moving like a fast train and this will continue for another 5 mins. Now i moved bit upward and start kissing here. She is also kissing al over my face very madly. I try to suck her nipple as well and she was crying aaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh. Now i made her laid down i moved top on her. We are now in missionary position. Her eyes were closed and i started pushing my cock inside here bit hard. I increased my speed and with each push her sound become more louder. I was in full action and tryed as much hard without hearting her. She was also encouraging me to go bit more faster. Room was full of her screaming now aaaahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh more more pls continue……..or fast…..or fast….good ….keeping going. She was not able to hold more and started creaming that she is cuming. But i will continue and stroking here on the same pace. He voice have changed an bit and i can feel her liquid flooding in her pussy. I guess she had her first cum by that time. But i keep continuing storing her. She asked to me stop but i didn’t listen keep stroking and soon she had her 2nd as well. I was also not able to hold any more and cum inside her only. I slowly down the speed and keep stroking here till the time my cock has come out from her pussy by itself. We laid in the same position for few mins like that only. We are very much exhausted with this great fuck. After 10-15 mins we are back to earth from heaven and she kissed me and said i never thought it would be that great. I was happy to hear that i performed above her expectation. I was really great that was the best for play i have ever had so far. We will enjoy more if you are very excited and your partner is also fully in mood and helping you. It was great sex for both of us. We are very tired by that time and went to bed and relaxed.

We have planed to go for night safari in the evening so i called hotel travel desk to organize the same for us. She kept her head on my chest and i was holding here from her back and slept in same position. We wake up when phone ranged that cab is waiting for us at down for safari. We started getting ready for night safari. We had a shower together. I wanted to have another round of session there itself but getting late for safari. Night safari is very good we both enjoyed a lot. We are holding each other hand i was kissing her also whenever getting the chance. We had great time during these 5 days at singapore. We had sex in almost each and every position and everywhere got a chance like bed, sofa, floor, bathroom, balcony, table, chair etc. That was the best time for my life so far. jo koi bhi ladki mujse chudna chahti hai mail kare i m wait u r mail

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