first bbc blowjob....i enjoyed it :)

first story, so apologies for typos etc :)

i'm pretty discreet about my fantasies of being a shemale for a day, and rarely get the chance to act on it, let alone get a nice cock to play with!!

i was out on saturday in town, and ended up in a predominantly straight, hipster-ish bar, with good music etc - so the last thing on my mind was this alter ego of mine.

then i noticed a black guy, around my own age (i assume!) but a lot bigger, looking at me as i walked to the bar, and it suddenly popped back into my head :)

i made sure to make eye contact when i walked past again; my mind was already racing. i pretty much forgot about it after that, and the usual pub nonsense took over, but when i went to the toilet the next time, he was just buttoning up his jeans (i'll never forget those buttons). the place was empty, and i just froze, staring at his boxer shorts through his still unclosed jeans. i really needed to see what was under those boxers, and i think he knew. he wrapped his hand around his cock through the boxers, and slid it just outside his jeans. his big hand didnt cover the length of it, and he had big hands!

i mumbled something about it (can't remember - nervous!) and he walked into a cubicle. he didnt say a thing, but there was an understanding that i'd follow :). he was sitting on the toilet, seat down obviously! his jeans were already down around his ankles. there was a little stain on the front of his grey boxers so i knew he was keen! i got down on my knees, forgetting to even close the door! he closed it, what a gentleman!!

anyway, i licked the top of his cock through his boxers.

at this point, i just wanted to get that cock into my ass and make him cum before cleaning up and getting out of there, but his cock seemed so big that i didnt feel ready. i hadn't had cock in a few years, and this was big.

he then said the only thing he'd say to me, ever - "turn around". perfect timing really, i wanted something in my ass!
i turned around, the floor wasn't too bad but to be honest the filthiness of being in a cubicle was a big turn on!!
i undid my belt, and he pulled my jeans and boxers down in one go, and slapped my ass hard - not really into that, and afraid of making noise, but whatever - and then stuck a finger in my ass!!
it was a bit rough, but he'd lubed his fat finger up with saliva i presume, it slid right in :)

he got two fingers in before i just had to see, let alone suck his cock. i just turned around, still on my knees, starting to hurt a bit but so horny i couldn't stop. he was still sitting on the toilet, but his cock was so big that it had opened the buttons all on its own! and it was beautiful, my ass was tingling for it. big - i had no guidelines but at least 9 inches, cut, and already glistening from all the precum!! i licked around the top of his cock, and tried to get as much of it into my mouth as i could. gagged on it a bit, but again the noise made me stop that!! damn, wish it was a hotel room!!

i really wanted his cock in me, but no condoms and no machine outside - so he slid down on the toilet seat, and gestured for me to stand up, turn around and straddle him. my ass was in his face and i could reach his big cock, but not with my mouth yet!! it was tantalising!!! he licked my asshole, and finger me with at least 2 fingers! almost came, but stopped just before - i wanted to make him cum instead.
my fantasy is just to make cocks cum.
i got back down on my knees and sucked his cock as best i could, forgetting about my noise policy!! it was too big to get anywhere near all of it in, but i love a challenge! after about a bit i felt his cock throb in my mouth, and pulled my mouth off just in time for his first load to hit the roof of my mouth and splash all around :) it felt amazing, so i put just the head of his cock into my mouth and twisted my head around like a crazed slut while he came over and over into my mouth!!

best thursday ever. no idea who he was, or where he was from, but that memory always gets me horny. it only took 5 minutes, but it felt like an hour :)

wish i had condoms though!!
100% (12/0)
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1 year ago
Fuckin great story.
1 year ago
what a great nite out that.... horny story...
1 year ago
Puts a smile on my face sexy sub. I'm glad you had fun with the BBC, I love those types of adventures and Had to stroke my BBC when I read it. I love sexy, Attractive sub,white tgurls who know there place.
1 year ago
u can do mine next
1 year ago
hot storie