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After I cheated and told my husband, he was so mad he left for 2 days. I had no idea where he was! When he returned it took about 3 weeks for things to get back (somewhat) to normal. He constantly asked me about the details of the cheating experience. We had another friend closer to our age that he worked with too who was single,( I will call him Joe) and we did a lot of fun things with. Joe had a boat and so did we so we went skiing a lot together and Joe came by the house a lot and we would watch movies and just hang out. Hubby started asking me if I would do Joe, I was not sure what to say, so I said no I was scared of a STM. The next few weeks while we were (finally) fucking again he would ask about me doing Joe that secretly would make me so hot.

One night we were watching TV and Joe called and said he was coming by for a little while to hang out so hubby started in again about me being shared. I really loved it but acted like I did not. Hubby made me put on a pair of nylon jogging shorts that had no liner in them with no panties and a T-shirt with no bra. When Joe got there I was sitting on the couch kinda of spread I am sure Joe got a good shot of my pussy! Joe brought some beer and Hubby made me a 7&7.

The movie was over and I got up to go to the bathroom, when I got back the guys had made it so I had to sit between them, so I did. The conversation turned to sex, and Joe asked me about my fantasies, I told him I always wanted to be shared with 2 men, hubby's jaw hit the floor!

Hubby could not believe it but I reached over and kissed Joe. Then Joe started rubbing my tits through my T- shirt, I loved it. Then Hubby scooted over and started rubbing my tits too I was in heaven!!!!!! I was getting so wet, and to my surprise Joe moved his under my T-shirt and was rubbing my tits nude hubby did the same. I loved it 2 men rubbing my tits.

Then after all of the surprises figured what the hell I would give them one and took my t-shirt off, and reclined the chair back. Joe immediately took his shirt off and hubby followed. I was dripping wet as these 2 men licked and sucked my tits and nipples. Another surprise for hubby as I started to gently rub Joe's crotch he was already hard as a rock!!!!!!! I was feeling bad so I started rubbing Hubby too, then Hubby stood up and took his jeans off so I could get at him better. Hubby then nodded at Joe and he stood up and peeled his jeans off too! Now here I am between 2 men with no shirt on and shorts with no panties on and they are almost nude (just underwear) and both hard as a rock

After a few minutes of both of them sucking and playing with my tits I was about to explode!!!! I can't believe it but I grabbed Joe's hand and put it on my wet pussy thru my shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby just watched as he caressed my tits then he reached up and gave me the deepest kiss he has ever. It was sooooo good!

Joe was gently rubbing my crotch and I could not stand it any longer. I got up and grabbed their hands and led them to the bedroom. Once there I pushed each one of them on the bed. Then ever so gently I slid my hubby's underwear off and licked his hard cock up and down the length.

Then I leaned over and slid Joe's underwear off and did the same while I rubbed hubby. The only thing was after I started licking Joe's hard dick I had to swallow it so I did!!!!! I felt so bad as I rubbed hubby's cock but loved sucking a new one! It was so hard, while I was sucking it hubby got up to go grab a towel.

Then Joe got up and moved to where he could slide my shorts off, so I helped him. Now here I was totally nude with 2 nude men (with extremely hard cocks) in me and hubby's bed!!!!! What am I doing??????????? LOVING IT!!!!!!

Joe could not stand this he went straight to rubbing my wet pussy it was so good I was squirming all over the bed. Hubby came up and offered me his cock so I immediately started sucking him. Then Joe moved his loving tongue to my waiting wet box, I thought I was going to die!!!! One hard cock in my mouth and a warm tongue in my pussy.

I sucked hubby and played with his balls while Joe pleasured me, then Joe started to spank my pussy while he ate me! Hubby never did this before, not sure about it but I liked it verrry much.

I tried to hold back as long as I could but I came all over Joe's lovely tongue and then hubby pulled away from my mouth and shot warm cum all over my tits, at the same time Joe got up between my juicy wet gash and jacked off all over my pussy!

Here I am covered in man juice and literally wore out, one towel was not near enough to clean my dirty self-up but the men tried. I fell asl**p and not sure where the men went.
I don't know how long I slept but it was a good sl**p, guess because I was so satisfied! I woke up and went to the shower to clean up I had dried cum all over me! While I was soaking in the tub I thought about shaving my pussy bald! What would hubby think? Oh well I did it anyway, my gosh it felt so different and good. After a long hot bath, shaving and a little rubbing I felt so horny again, I put a bathrobe on and nothing else and walked into the kitchen.

MMMMM no one there but coffee was on, so I poured a cup and stood there thinking about what had happened earlier. Damn I started getting wet. I heard noises coming from the living room so headed in there. Joe was on the couch watching TV and I sat down beside him, asked where hubby was. He said he had gone to town to get breakfast, town was 15 minutes away (mmm do I have time? Do I care?). We were watching the news and after a few minutes Joe broke the ice and asked me if I had fun last night. I told him I had a ball (4 to be exact LOL). We watched the news for another few minutes and I kinda let my robe fall open on purpose. Joe looked at me and said "hubby won't be here for a while do you want to have a little more fun". Not sure what to say I just said "without hubby?”

Joe said he will never have to know. So I said I guess I do (knowing I wanted Joe's dick in me). Joe then leaned over and kissed me so passionately I thought I would cum right then. He immediately started rubbing my tits I was once again in heaven! Then I stood up and removed my robe to show him my new slick cunt, he was so impressed he scrambled around and got under me and started sniffing of me. I actually felt my juices running down my leg as he started to lick my bald kitty (my gosh what to do).

Then Joe moved me to the couch and laid me down and continued to lick and suck me. I stopped him and asked to move so I could suck him again because I loved it so much last night. He arranged himself so we could do a 69 man I was on cloud 9! About 5 minutes and could not stand anymore and Joe was hard as a rock. I got up moved around and started to lower my slick, wet pussy on his hard cock. I had to guide him into my gash but when he entered me I was crazy in love with this cock. Never once thought about poor hubby (was this wrong?). I bounced all over Joe's hard cock until we both came together, it was so good I shook all over and my juices covered Joe and the couch.

I then remembered hubby would be home soon, so I jumped up and headed back to the shower and Joe came too!!!! We showered together mmmmm great. I put my robe back on and made it to the living room about 5 minutes before hubby got home (thank goodness). We all had breakfast and talked then Joe left

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11 months ago
That sounds like a really good time. Wish I could go next
11 months ago
Awesome sounds like it would be loads of hot wet fun too