first time making love as a gay man ( true story o

One day me and a friend were coming home from a badass party, and boy were we smashed. When we got back to my house my friend chris told me about how he had experienced gay sex with a friend. He went on about how it feel far better than a women. As my friend was talking i started to getting really horny. " chris?" i said, " i know this might sound weird but ive always wanted to try it with a guy". we agreed not to tell any of our other friends about it. we were both a little skeptical about the idea because we both have never had anal with a man. we agreed to flip a coin to see who gets fucked first.

Now this is where the story gets interesting, he was lost the coin toss making him the first one. i promised him a blowjob though because i could see he didnt want to. The first thrust was hard to get in but i was amazing. i grabbed his neck and threw him on my bed and told him im gunna give him the ride of his life. i fucked his virgin ass hard with powerful thrust. we were both moaning loud when i rammed my long smooth penis deep into his ass. at one point i got carried away and he hit his head on the wall.

As time went by i fucked him harder and harder and i could tell he enjoyed. " fuck me!, oh yea fuck me harder!", chris said. so i grabbed onto his shoulder and thrust my waist as hard as i can 5 or 6 times. i felt an orgasm coming so i thrust my dick as far into chris' ass and as hard as i could and had the most intense orgasm.

shortly after chris threw me on the bed and said " im gunna teach you a lesson for fucking me so hard"
he ripped my pants off in a vicious way the just made me wanna bust. he then ripped my boxers off. so i jumped on top of my friend and licked his penis slowly from the bottom to top. i then put the tip in my mouth and sucked while i played with his balls. i then grasped his butt and shoved him further in my mouth to give the deep throat of his life. after he busted in the back of my throat and i sucked him dry i grabbed his dick, stuck in my virgin and told him to punish me

i put lube on his penis and he slowly pushed it in. i could tell i had a tight ass by the sound he made and the tip passed through. " fuck me hard like youve never fucked before " and he did that same thing. he spread my cheeks as far as they could go rammed his cock as far as my ass would take it
" oh god, im cumming" said chris as he came to his last thrust we both moaned in great pleasure as he came into my ass.
i then ripped his cock out my ass and started stroking it more some of his salty cum. he busted another load all over my face where we both lick it off. i found it sexy as he licked hole clean with his tounge
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9 months ago
i like to use my imagination too but sadly it doesn't stretch far enough to believe a word of this, sounds like it was written by a 12 yr old
2 years ago
I met a black man when I when in the army and we were together the whole time I was in the army,I never had anal sex with him but he was the best dick I ever suck
2 years ago
fun storie
3 years ago
it was that easy your first time i though anal sex hurt the first time
3 years ago
if anyone thinks i should write another story, please send me a message with a storyline you want me to write about. i like to use my imagination so give me something interesting
4 years ago
4 years ago
I remember having a fuck budy like that it was fantastic thanks for the reminder