Just when i thought i was dreaming, she made me cu

i know most people if not everyone has known or see a super sexy mom, or as we like to call them milfs. you know the ones im talking about, 36D, tan, slim sexy body. it was always my dream to be with one of those when i was younger. And lucky me,, my dream came true one day

Back in high school my best friends name was kevin, not only did i like hanging with him, i loved hanging with his mom. she was on the sexiest milfs ive seen to this day. big tits, jet black hair, and i body that was perfect size. one day i went to my friends house to get him ready for a party that night. i was ready, 12 pack of beer and a pack of rubbers, nothing could go wrong.

i knocked on his door and to my suprise him mom opened the door with a big smile. she must of had a day off from work because she was in sweats and a tank top that made her body look 10 times as good. i could help notice her nippes popping out a bit and being a guy i just had to take a good stare.

she noticed me day dreaming in her huge amazing tits and gave me another huge smile. she invited me in and i sat down on the couch. she told me kevin would be home soon and i was welcome to stay at wait for him. i couldnt complain since i had something good to look at.

she sat down close to me while we watched tv together. i couldnt help looking at her tits as i looked out the window for kevin. after a good look, i looked up at her smirking at me.

" have you ever been with an older women before?" she asked. i told her no, but im pretty damn sure i can keep up. i could feel her hand move up my leg and onto my almost hard cock. she rubbed it through my pants as i started kissing up and down her neck.

i must have hit the right spot because she quickly put her hands down my pants and whipped out my hard cock. she began stroking it with her soft small hands, man it was the best hand job i ever got, and that wasnt the beginning.

i began to rub her pussy while she rubbed me off waiting for cum so she can suck me dry. as i began to rub her clean smooth pussy she was getting more and more wet with every rub and finger. she gave a good loud moan and i felt her squirt all over my fingers.

she stopped stroking my cock and wrapped her lips around me head. she had lots of experience with this cause i felt an orgasm coming as every second and every deep throat went by. the way she licked my head with the back of her tongue in a deep through was unforgettable

my orgasm came quickly as i expected when i first felt how good she was. she jumped on top of me and i could tell in her eyes she wanted to take me away. i flipped her over on her back and pulled her sweats down. i started kissing down her stomach and took her thong off with my teeth. she had one of the nicest looking pussies, it was smooth and tan. i just had to get a taste

she moaned loud as soon as my tongue licked her juicy pussy, she started yelling "deeper, use the whole thing!" i had my tongue deep inside her pussy, she gave a long moan and squirt in my mouth, i licked up the remaining pussy juice and moaned one last time.

i wasnt done yet though, now she got me heated and horney. i whipped out my hard dick and bent her over the coffee table. i shoved my hard 7in dick deep inside her wet pussy and she let out a long moan and grabbed my leg. i could tell i was doing her right.

her pussy was way more tight than i expected. i felt and orgasm coming with every pound of her wet pussy. " oh yea, fuck me harder, give me the young cock ive needed" i fucked her harder and faster as time passed. she grabbed my leg and squeezed as hard as she could, then i felt her warm pussy juice dripp down my hard dick

"oh shit, im about to cum" i said, she quickly pulled my dick out of her pussy and shoved it in her ass. It was the best feeling in the world, i grabbed her waist and busted a long orgasm inside her ass. the feeling of her tight ass had me cumming for what felt like a few minutes of long streams. i moaned after my last stream and pulled my cock out of her tight ass. i saw the cum running down her leg. she licked the last of my cum of my tip

just when i thought i was dreaming.... she made me cum in ways nobody can
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3 years ago
more details but good
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great story