Craiglist virgin

I often look at ads on the Internet when I'm bored to see what kinky things people want to do.

I saw one for a 19 year old anal virgin who was looking for someone to fuckfor the first time.

Me being 19 also with a good body sent a pic and he was down to fuck. We talked to a few min

And he gave me an address to go to because his parents were gone. When I got there we started off

With a blowjob, and holy shit did he do a good job. It was the first time someone sucked on

My balls then he started licking up the shaft of my dick and kissed the tip to tease me.

He started deep throating and I was amazing at his gag reflex, he did this thing with his throat that

Massaged my dick until I busted the biggest load ever down his throat

He then told me to turn over and when I did he spread my cheeks and starting licking my asshole

Clean. The way he could move his tongue around inside me while he rubbed the tip of my dick was

Unforgettable. He licked inside and around my tight asshole for 20 min until he stuck his whole

Inside me and was able to get my prostate gland and busted all his feet and hands from him rubbing

The tip of my dick. I decided it was time to try his Virgin ass. He weight about 120 so I knew he was gonna be tight. I put lube all over my dick and inside his tight ass. I stuck a couple fingers in to loosen his up then put my head up to his hole. I pushed as hard as I could and he was still to tight. So I grabbed his shoulder with on hand and my dick with the other and rammed my dick a few times until it felt like it popped through. He gave a loud moan and told me to take it slow so I starting with the head and added a little at a time until I had all 7in deep inside his tight ass. After a few minutes he was moaning and living every second of it. He had me take my dick out and slap him in the face with a few time which I thought was pretty hot. It didn't take long to bust since his ass was so tight. I busted a huge load of warm cum and filled his ass. Pulled out my dick and slapped with it one last time. I told him to clean my dick and so he sucked it clean but while in the middle of sucking let out a wet fart and ally cum came shooting out of his ass hole. But didn't stop sucking until I came down his throat again
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1 year ago
It's hot but you know it could have been better!
1 year ago
Message me what you'd like to hear more of
1 year ago
love to hear more..
1 year ago
Anyone like the story I can explain in more detail through message. I got lazy with it lol