Chris & I experiment ( true story )

One day a friend and i went on a vacation to the beach to relax and have some fun. When we got to the Motel we were both tired and decided to relax for the night. we got tired of the shitty hotel channels and turned to the laptop for some porn to pass time. As we watch porn hours went by and our dicks got hard as they could be. I pulled out a joint and chris and I smoked it, but as i went to hit the joint i could feel chris' hand rubbing my hard cock through my pants. It felt good so i let him continue. As i passed him the joint he asked if i wanted a hand job, i quickly pulled my pants down and showed him my 7 in cock that was wet from him rubbing it. He stroked my smooth cock and i felt the urge to pull his dick out and do the same to him. We were jerking eachother off so good we got each other moaning at one point. I started to feel and orgasm and he knew it by my dick pulsing. He bent over and sucked me off until i busted a huge load in his mouth. He didnt stop their though, he told me he need some more of my sweet salty cum, he was good for the first time, the way he licked up and down my dick make me bust another huge load in minutes. i was getting curious to what it would taste like so i stroked his dick hard and shoved it as far down my throat as i could. He moaned with pleasure as i went from the bottom of his dick to licking the tip. i could feel his orgasm coming on so i shoved his dick down my throat until his warm cum shot straight down.

At this point i was feeling a whole lot more confertable with chris than the begining. after i came in my mouth i grabbed his head and slammed into into the pillow. i ripped his shorts off as he laughed, i could tell he was even more excited than me to what would happen next. i spread his butt apart and covered my dick with lube. i shoved my dick into his tight virgin ass and it felt better than an orgasm. i started off with small thrusts slowly inserting my penis. once it was in i didnt go easy on chris, i shoved my dick in his as with powerful thrusts until my balls were slapping against his ass. i ripped my dick out and told him to try, he lubed his dick up and as soon as he put his dick inside me he was moaning with pleasure. his powerful thrusts turned my ass red and within minutes he busted a huge load as he moaned with each steam of cum. i turned him around to finish my job, i lubbed up again and fucked him harder than before, i felt an orgasm coming on so i grabbed his shoulders and took one last deep thrust, i released a mouth full of cum in his ass and moved to my knees to taste my own cum. i licked up tounge fulls of cum and swallowed it
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1 year ago
i like what your doing here...
3 years ago
Great story keep them comin
3 years ago
if anyone thinks i should write another story, please send me a message with a storyline you want me to write about. i like to use my imagination so give me something interesting
4 years ago
very hot story!
4 years ago
sounds pretty similar to my first time
4 years ago
mmmmm nice