s****r is a slag part 2

well what can i say when i left this story the last time it was a bit of a cliff hanger so i thought due to the ammount of comments i would post part 2 of this idea

just to let you know that this story is completely fictional

.......And then she moved.......

i was frozen solid looking over my s****r with my hard cock in my hand and her shorts moved to one side, i cringed at the impending doom and shouting that was about to happen. not a single work was spoke as we both look at each other in what i can only describe as shock and utter embaresment. her mouth opened slightly, the same mouth that i had previously wanted my cock to be swallowed by, a small sound came from her and then it started.........

i couldn't possibly reply to that but all i could think to say was this...

"well....ummm.....i kinda thought i would stand here and wank over your amazingly tight and perfectly formed body, and then maybe slide a finger in your pussy"

i was definatly not expecting what came next
a small smile formed at the corner of her mouth, a smile that could only be one of lust her eyes narrowed as she laid back on the bed she arched her back in a stretch, and as she did her top was removed in a second my cock was instantly stiff again seeing her topless, her DD tits hahd flopped free and were there within arms reach but i couldnt move. i stood there staring at her from the edge of the bed suddenly aware that my cock was still on show and that my trousers were by my ankles i bent down to pull them up when my s****r said "no! i wanna see my b*****rs stiff cock while i get off" the words she spoke sent a rush through my cock and i thought i might cum any second.

i watched over her as slowly her shorts were sliding down her lushious thighs.
her head rolled back as her legs flung into the air with her shorts flying off to some corner of the room, by now i was so horny that i had grabbed hold of my cock and had started to wank but slowly so i didnt cum over my s****r,
her eyes were fixed on my member as i tugged on it, i wasnt looking at her tits any more because her hand had made its way down her body over her thighs and was not between her legs rubbing the wet spot on her thong that i had seen earlier, her subtle moans were getting louder and she rubbed harder, her pussy juices must have been flowing hard because within minutes of her starting to rub her mound she was whipping off her thong and before she could throw it away i had grabbed hold of it and started to wrap it round my cock as i wanked.

she smiled wide as i was rubbing her thong over my hard member, her eyes said she wanted me but her body said no.
i had stood there long enough i stopped with the rubbing and i sat on the edge of the bed next to her, i lent in to kiss her soft red lips and as i did i felt a hand on the back of my head she pulled me in close and we kissed hard and passionately i found it weird to start with but feeling her tongue rolling over and around mine moving together made it feel right.
her hand started to wonder over my body my back shivered at the touch and her hand moved around my body exploring until it reached my cock, i felt her hand wrap around my dick and start pumping hard we kissed more and more deeply as i felt her moans in my mouth i reached over and moved her hand from her pussy and slid mine in its place.

i slid my fingers over her mound and down over the soft wet lips of her pussy she moaned as i slowly let my finger glide into her velvet smooth hole her moans were more prominent now as my finger moved in and out moving between her lips faster and faster as her hand wandered down to meet mine she rubbed her clit as i finger fucked her.

we were both so close to climaxig and we both knew it so at the same time we stopped, looked at each other and i saw the look in her eyes as she pushed on my shoulders pushing me into the bed she mounted me and said "so baby b*****r i have let you finger my tight pussy now would you like to fuck it?" i felt her soaking pussy just above my cock hovering as if waiting for permission i smiled and nodded and with that her hips shifted slightly......

i laid there naked with my s****r on top of me and thought wow this might actualy happen.....
and with that came the next feeling that will stay with me forever........................

until next time k**dies that all god i love these sort of endings :P xxx
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4 years ago
Tell us how you split your sister wide open and filled her pussy with your jism.
4 years ago
You are very good!!! Always leave them wanting more!!!!
4 years ago
yes continue please
4 years ago
yeah cliffhanger endings, the suspense is killing me.
4 years ago
you got us all waiting in suspense with hard cock in our hands
4 years ago
Please continue this story!