It was right after the New Year. Last years production in the shop was way up and the guys all had big bonus checks burning a hole in their pockets. As the black men talked, trying to decide what to do with all their money, there were many different ideas. Then one of the horniest bastards of the group said, "Lets answer one of those swinger ads." “Let’s get us a little white whore.” A silence fell over the bunch. The guys all looked at each other until someone said, “Sounds good to me.” The rest said, “Yeah!” “Who’s gonna do it?” someone asked. They all pointed at me, the one white guy in the bunch. I told them, “OK, But you’ll do as I say, I’m in charge.” They all agreed. I also said, “It’s gonna cost.” They said let us know & we’ll take care of it. Well I checked around and came up with an ad. It was for a girl who lived up north. The ad read SUBMISSIVE SLUT/WHORE WIFE, NEEDS LARGE GROUPS OF MEN/STRANGERS FOR GANGBANGS. MY HUSBAND HAS INSTRUCTED ME TO WRITE THIS AD, AS I AM VERY HAPPY TO DO. HE WANTS ME TO BE USED AS A WILLING SEX SLAVE. TO BE USED BY GROUPS OF STRANGERS BEING DEGRADED AND TREATED AS A NASTY SPERM WHORE. A BALL DRAINING BITCH/SLUT/WHORE. LOVE LARGE COCKS FOR DEEP ANAL FUCKING. USE ALL THREE OF MY FUCK HOLES TO MILK THE SPERM OUT OF YOUR COCKS. WELL HUNG BLACK MEN GET SPECIAL TREATMENT. HUSBAND LIKES TO FILM ME BEING USED. THEN HE FUCKS ME AS HIS USED & DEGRADED WHORE AFTER THE GROUP HAS LEFT, SHOVING HIS COCK INTO MY CUM FILLED ASSHOLE. I WILL TRAVEL ALONE FOR LARGE GROUPS OF BLACK STRANGERS WHO WILL USE ME AS THEIR CUM SLAVE, FORCING ME TO EAT ALL THEIR LOADS OF CUM!!! GETTING HOT JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!! I WILL DANCE FOR YOU AS I STRIP, THEN USE MY FINGERS AND TOYS IN MY PUSSY & ASS TO MASTURBATE FOR YOU. THEN, I'LL GET TO KNOW EACH OF YOUR WONDERFUL COCKS INDIVIDUALLY, KISSING AND SUCKING THEM ONE AFTER THE OTHER. THEN WHEN YOU'RE ALL READY, I'M OPEN TO BE USED ANYWAY YOU WANT TO USE A CHEAP WHORE LIKE ME. SPANK ME, PISS ON ME, HAVE ME LICK YOUR BUTTHOLE, ANYTHING. I WANT ALL MY HOLES FILLED AND FUCKED REPEATEDLY AS I WORK FOR MY ULTIMATE REWARD, DRINKING AND BEING COVERED IN GALLONS OF HOT STICKY SPERM. I JUST LOVE SPERM OOZING FROM MY ASSHOLE & PUSSY AS THE NEXT MAN STEPS UP TO USE ME! I ALSO LOVE TO HEAR LEWD COMMENT AS I'M MADE TO DO NASTY THINGS FOR YOUR PLEASURE. CALL ME ANYTHING YOU LIKE, A FILTHY WHORE, A CHEAP SLUT, A FUCKING TRAMP, OR BALL DRAINING BITCH. ANYTHING THAT IS NASTY AND LEWD WHILE YOU WAIT FOR YOUR TURN OR REST UP FOR YOUR NEXT TURN. I'M GETTING WETTER JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. IF I SOUND LIKE THE BALL DRAINING SLUT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS WOULD LIKE TO USE HURRY UP AND WRITE, I NEED IT!! I NEED YOUR SPERM!! I AM FOR REAL AND ONLY NASTY MEN NEED APPLY. USE ME FOR BACHELOR PARTIES, BUT THE GROOM MUST GO LAST! When I showed the ad to the guys they went completely nuts. “GET HER!!” they yelled. I set it up and flew her down here. I went to the airport to pick her up while the rest of the guys waited at the hotel. They were a nasty bunch of black men who loved to use & ream nasty white tramps. When she got off the plain I looked her over. She was a petite little thing, she stood about 5'4". Pretty and very nasty looking. She had on a fishnet type top and the shortest skirt I’ve ever seen. Long spike high heels and pantyhose. Her face was beautiful and she had long red hair just past her shoulders. She had a very sexy body with nice big firm titties and a hot ass that could kill. I knew the boys would be excited. We introduced ourselves. I told her everyone was waiting at the hotel. She said, “Let’s not keep them waiting.” We took off and headed to the hotel. On the way I had to ask, "What makes a fine little lady such as yourself run an ad like this?" She took a drag off her cigarette and said, "Simple, I love to be fucked by groups of men." "And I love to have them shoot their hot sticky cum all over and in me, I love the feeling of being used for their pleasure." "If we weren’t going to meet all your friends I'd fuck you right now in the back seat." I told her, "Honey, you've come to the right place." When we arrived I went in and told them to be gentlemen even though I knew they were going to gang **** this girl. She knew it to. She came in looking like a total slut. With a nasty look in her eyes, she danced and stripped like her ad said she would. She then danced with a big dildo and then laid back on the bed with her legs spread high in the air and slowly worked it into her pussy. She worked it in and out with one hand and the other hand held her tit lightly pinching her nipple. She then rolled on her knees and bent over shoving that dildo deep into her cunt. She nastily pumped her hips with that dildo sticking out as we all watched her. The guys were saying, "She's one nasty slut." You could tell she was having fun teasing us like that. She then pulled it out and said as she stood up "OK, Line up boys and drop your parts. I heard zippers and pants hitting the floor. She enjoyed watching them strip as she sized up their big black cocks. Then every one stopped and looked at Tree. We called him Tree, which was short for Trellain, his last name. But one look at his cock, and you’d think it was because of the size of his dick. That thing was a monster. Damn, I’ve never had a lady complain, but next to Tree, I looked like a wood chip! My 7.5” didn’t hold a candle to his BIG FAT 13”. She said to him, "I've got to watch out for you." "You're going to need special attention." With just her crotchless panty hose and spiked heels on, she walked to the center of the room and then dropped to her knees. They got in a line and she started sucking on the first cock. The line didn’t last long, as they all encircled her. She didn’t seem to mind. She took a cock in each hand while sucking one in her mouth. She’d suck one cock then another, from man to man. She looked so nasty, a little redheaded whore encircled by big black cocks. All sticking in her face waiting to be sucked. We could tell this whore was loving it. Everyone wanted to use her. She sucked them all. From one cock to another she worked her way around the circle. Until she got to Tree. Looking at his cock witch almost hung to his knees and was as big around as a baseball bat. She took it in her hands and started stroking it. She looked up at him and said, "I can only suck you honey, you're the biggest I've ever seen." She then stuck the tip of his big dick head in her mouth and sucked it. She could barely get her lips around the head as her hands wrapped around his black shaft. This little whore was struggling with the size of his dick. It did look nasty though with her pretty white face and red lips stretched around Tree’s big black cock. She stroked his shaft and sucked his big cock head, as the guys said nasty things to her. The look on her face showed she liked being the center of attention. This was just teasing them though. After a while she said, "You're too big." and stopped sucking Tree's cock saying, "My mouth's tired. I can't stretch my mouth that big anymore." She got up off her knees and went over to the bed and said, “Who wants it? Who wants to be the first to fuck me?” Tree wasn't to happy, she hadn't hardly done anything with him. He said, "She should at least jack me off." She ignored him and got on her hands and knees butt in the air. Man she almost started a stampede with the rest of the guys. The first guy lay on his back on the bed as he pulled her over the top of him. The rest of the vultures circled. They all watched as she raised up taking his cock in her hand. She lined it up with her pussy and put the tip in. She wiggled as she sank down on it. We could see his black cock disappearing into her pink cunt. She had the nastiest lustiest look on her face, as she loved to be fucked by total strangers. As the heat was rising the next guy stepped up. She was riding a hard cock in her pussy and her asshole looked inviting, so he took his turn before she got her asshole used. He started kissing on her asshole. Then licked her pretty little pink puckered asshole. She loved it, saying, “I love it baby. Eat my as….” But never got finished as another cock was shoved into her mouth. When her asshole was good and wet the man licking it shoved his cock deep into her butthole. In a whining tone you could hear her murmur, “MMMMM”. But it was muffled by the cock in her mouth. With his hands on her hips, he worked her asshole fucking it hard. We watched her pretty little brown ring stretch as his dick slid in & out. Three men stood by waiting their turns as this little slut got stuffed by cocks. What a sight, her little white body bouncing and reeling from all the black cocks being shoved in from different directions. I said, "Look at this nasty little whore, She just loves getting used!" "Don't you?, you nasty little tramp." "Yea, suck'in, fuck'in, tak'en it hard in your pussy & ass." "Just look at her!" She murmured, "MMM,HHHMMM" muffled by cock in her mouth. The guy in her mouth said, "I’m going to cum, drink it you bitch.” “HERE” As his body shuddered. You could hear her gulping down his load. The first of many to come. The next guy wasted no time. She opened her mouth and said, "Wait," but it was muffled by another black cock going in. Her red lips stretched around his shaft. She couldn't speak and she didn’t fight too hard either. She had no choice, She was in for the long haul, she knew she couldn't fight it. She knew it was no use, she was going to be used no matter what she said. Her ad said to be used as a willing sex slave and she was going to be used. Then two guys stepped up beside her. They took their cocks in hand and rubbed it on her face as she sucked the one in her mouth. She had two cocks being rubbed on her face, one shoved down her throat, one in her pussy, and one working her butthole hard. While others waited their turns. This slut was really getting worked by the men's cocks. Then the guy under her came, pumping her pussy full of jizz. As did the guy in her asshole. Dumping their loads into her. Then the guy in her mouth shot his load. It was too much for her to swallow and some dribbled down her chin. This slut was being filled with sperm in all her holes with a fresh new cocks taking their places. The two guys rubbing her face with cock, stepped up to take their turns. One for her ass, the other for her mouth. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks as the guy shoved his well hung cock deep into her asshole. You could hear her moan with pleasure then another cock was shoved in her mouth. They fucked her mouth and asshole hard. What a sight watching her little white body being bucked back and forth by big black cocks. She was suspended by big dicks form her mouth and ass. From cock to cock she bounced back and forth. The recoil from one cock would caused the other to be shoved into her. They worked her over good. Then the guy in her mouth pulled his cock out and shot his load all over her pretty face. Sperm hung from her lips and chin. Then the other guy in her asshole pulled his cock out and shot his load onto her now red and swollen asshole. Her little asshole pucker was swollen from being fucked for so hard and so long. Then Tree stepped up saying, “It’s my turn, I want this whore’s asshole stretched around my cock.” She panicked and tried to get off the bed. But two guys grabbed her by the arms and held her there, bending her over. She was a slut that liked her asshole used, But she was about to be used in a way she had never bargained for. She liked big cocks in her ass, but she had never had one that big. She struggled but it was no use. She was going to be anally fucked in her tight swollen asshole by a monster black cock. She looked over her shoulder with a panicked look on her face. As Tree positioned himself behind her, he laid his huge dick across her ass as he laughed saying, “You’re going to take my cock you little white whore. Straight up your ass!” She struggled some more but it was useless. The guys held her there and chanted Tree on saying, "Yea Tree, ream her, ream her, ream " "Fuck it good!" Tree said, "You're going to remember me honey for a long, long time." He took his huge cock in his hand and put the tip to her asshole. She squirmed and said, “No, No Please.” "I'll let you fuck my pussy, but not my ass, Please." Tree didn’t listen to her as he wanted her nasty little asshole.. He pushed forward as his cock tip went into and stretched her swollen asshole to the hilt! She looked straight ahead and moaned, “OOOHHOOO” with a concerned look on her face. Eye browse drawn up together and her lips pouting. With her swollen butthole already lubed by sperm, Tree slowly drove deeper into her bowels. You could hear her going, "HHHAAAA, HHHHAAA." "Please wait, let me get use to it, please." Tree stopped for a minute letting her get used to his massive size. Then surprisingly she said, "OK,,, Go deeper." Tree’s massive cock was doing one hell of a anal assault on the little whore’s asshole. When he got all 13 big fat inches buried into her bowels, she was speechless. She couldn't even moan. She just went limp as the guys held her in place. Her face was blank, expressionless with her mouth hanging half open. She had broken a cold sweat which glistened on her face. The men said things to her like, “Look at that whore take that cock.” “ Look at that asshole stretch, how can she take it?” & “That bitch’s ass will never be the same.” Then, when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, Tree started to pump his massive tool in and out of her butthole. With each stroke she would softly moan, "HHHAA, HHHAA, HHHAA." Then he shoved his tool balls deep and rotated his hips. She moaned, "OOOHH YYESS." She had never been fucked in her ass like this before. She was starting to enjoy it as she mumbled, "Yes, I've never,,, I've never been used like this." "OOOhh, fuck me." "You're so big, I've never,,,,, Use me." "Use meeeee." Then one of the other guys stepped up and shoved his cock down her throat. The two men started pumping her mouth and ass. Back and forth she was bucked again on their big black cocks. Her stretched asshole was bright red from Tree's cock, and there was nothing she could do, except take the anal and oral abuse. 13 inches buried in her ass, 10 inches shoved down her throat. They used her like that for a long time. Her butthole and mouth stretched to the hilt around their big black fuck poles. She was still kind of moaning a whining sound, but it was muffled by cock. When the guy in her mouth was ready to cum, he pulled it out and started to jerk it at her face. He told her, “Open your mouth and take my load!" he commanded. That concerned look returned to her face. Her eye browse drawn up as she gazed at his cock, her mouth open and waiting for his load. “Here you anal whore, take it!” he jacked it hard and fast. The first shot went right into her open waiting mouth. The second and third waves of cum splattered on her lips and cheeks running and dripping from her face and hung down off her chin. The next guy stepped up and shoved his cock right down her throat. She couldn't do anything but be used by the black men as they took their turns. All the men used her mouth and asshole one after the other as she was bucked back and forth, her little body getting pounded by cock. Sperm dripped from her chin and oozed from her asshole as their cocks worked her over. Then Tree said, "I'm cumming whore." "Take it deep in your butt." He held her hips tight as he pulled her hard onto his tool pumped her bowels full of sperm. With a cock in her mouth her eyes opened up wide as he drove it home up her ass. When he was done he pulled his massive tool out of her. Her asshole started to close but not all the way. It had been stretched too much and wouldn't close. All the men were so turned on by this nasty slut. They were saying lets cover this whore with cum. They put her on her knees on the floor. Telling her to sit there on her heels. They told her to hold her titties out and to tilt her head back and open her mouth. They all encircled her as they jacked their cocks. She was breathing hard with anticipation. It was time for her reward. She loved cum and she was going to be covered with load after load. The first guy was ready to cum. He jacked his black cock at her face. Spurt after spurt of jizz shot into her open mouth. It ran out the sides and down onto her tits. She looked down as it ran down the front of her. She then looked up, and faced the next guy ready to cum and opened her mouth. He shot his load all over her lips and into her mouth too. She then turned to the next man in the circle, mouth open and waiting. You could tell she just loved it! He told her, "I want you to drink all my load you nasty bitch." She wrapped her lips tightly around his big dick and drank everything he gave her. You could hear her gulping down the load. What a sight! This redheaded whore on her knees, sucking and drinking cum from black man after black man, as Tree's sperm oozed and dripped from her gaping asshole. The next man up told her to close her mouth, as he shot his big gooey load all over her face. Sperm ran & hung from her face as she licked her lips. She looked so nasty, a redheaded slut on her knees taking cum from a small army of black men, taking turns shooting their loads into her mouth & onto her face. One right after the other. She had sperm all over her face, in her hair, running & dripping all down the front of her, glisteing on her little pert tits. She was a sperm sloppy mess and she loved it. Then it was Tree's turn again. He was going last. He told her to take his cock in both hands and to jack him off all over her face. She willingly did as she was told. He also told her to say over and over that she loved black cum when he shot his load on her face. Again what a sight watching her jack that big black monster with two hands right at her sperm covered face. Both hands wrapped tightly around his big shaft stroking him for all she was worth. The look on her face was total submission and ecstasy as she worked his big tool, waiting for her final reward. Tree said, "It's getting ready to cum honey." "You know what to do." She jacked him feverishly at her face as she tilted her head back. She started saying, "YES, YES SHOOT YOUR CUM ALL OVER ME!!" "I LOVE BLACK CUM." "I LOVE BLACK CUM." she kept jacking his shaft and put the tip of his dick to her lips, kissing it several times. Then she opened her mouth as though it was going to shoot sperm right then. She again said, "I LOVE BLACK CUM," " I LOVE BLACK CUM." "GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE ME YOUR HOT SPERM." "I LOVE IT!," "I WANT IT" "FEED IT TO ME, FEED IT TO ME!!” GIVE ME YOUR BLACK SPERM!!!" Tree said, "Here it comes, take it you filthy whore! She tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide, two huge waves of cum filled her mouth. Still jacking, she closed her lips and a third and forth wave covered her pretty cum covered face. She squeezed and stroked his big hard tool straight at her face. And a fifth, and sixth shot sprayed out all over her. After all seven men had dump their loads on her face, she was really a sloppy spermy mess. She still slowly stroked Tree's cock with a very nasty grin on her face. Sperm was all over her, she couldn't even open her eyes as her face was totally covered with their jizz. It was everywhere. Thick loads of white cum dripped from her face, and was strung through her hair, it was running down her shoulders and hanging from her tits. She took Tree's big black cock and smeared the cum all over her face. From side to side saying, "I LOVE HOT STICKY SPERM, I LOVE IT ALL OVER ME, I LOVE THE TASTE OF HOT CUM." When she finally let go of his cock we watched her sitting there licking the sperm from her lips and blowing little jizz bubbles. She took her finger and smeared the cum over her lips and then sucked her finger clean. She really did love to be used by strangers. And she really did love hot sticky cum. She thanked us for using her like that. We said our pleasure. She had done exactly what her ad said she'd do. She serviced all of us, draining all of our balls several times each, She truly was a wonderful little cum loving whore.....

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3 months ago
Sounds like some parties I have been involved in. It was my younger days.
7 months ago
1 year ago
Absolutly the way a true BlackCokCraving WhoreWife should be used and abused !!! Even better if she,s collard, leashed and shackled with her sISSYcUCK tied up and forced to watch then later clean her and all those kuntkumcovered black cocks N balls clean !!!!!!! I,v trained them and and love every time a CuckCouple beg to be !!!!!!!
1 year ago
Ooooooooh fuck yessssssss, can I be next pleeeeeeease. My white slutty TGIRL bubble butt ass loves to be gangbanged by BIG BLACK 12" COCKS balls deep.
2 years ago
super sult nice
2 years ago
3 years ago
Hot story.