Well I suppose a little history is in order. I am a forty five year old
divorced white male. Young looking and in great shape for my age. About
eight months ago my marriage of almost fifteen years ended.

My ex got involved with a business associate on a business trip. I guess
the thrill of something new and exciting was more than she could resist.

I have no "bl**d" c***dren of my own. But she has a daughter with whom I
adopted and along with her mother had raised from the age of two. If there
was any consolation with the split from my wife, it was that my
stepdaughter is pretty much grown up now. I would have been heartbroken if
she were taken away from me at an earlier age. She never knew her real
father and she and I are very close. Her name is Tina.

Tina moved up north with her mom and her mom's new boyfriend after the
split. About a six hours drive from where I live. She didn't like it
there. Still I was a little surprised when she called and asked if she
could move back in with me. She said that she missed me and that she also
wanted to finish her last year of high school here with all her old
friends. And she has many! She is very popular. She has long brown hair,
blue eyes and a beautiful bright white smile on her innocent looking
face. I asked how her mother felt about it and she said her mom only cares
about one thing right now and that was being with her new guy. So I said it
would be alright.

I have a large house. A rather nice one and on a large and very private
piece of property. Her favorite part however was the large inground pool I
had installed two years ago. She spent a lot of time hanging out there.

She said she would be arriving the following Friday which was two days
after her s*******nth birthday. That worked out perfect as I was just about
to start a two week vacation which I had already decided would be spent at
home. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she just said not to
buy her anything. That letting her move back in was more than enough. Well
I felt like I had to get her something. And what does a s*******n year old
girl want? (besides a new car that is) Well the answer would be clothes of

Now normally I wouldn't even attempt to buy a female clothes. Especially a
young female! But I learned a little trick the previous Christmas. You
simply find a salesgirl who is about the same age and have her pick the
stuff out for you. And many girls her age work in these stores during
summer break from school. All you need is the size! Since she loved the
pool so much I decided to surprise her with a new swimsuit and some type of
swimsuit cover-up.

I headed to the mall and found my target. She was about the same age and
dressed very similar to the way Tina dresses. I told her about my
situation and asked if she could help. After she asked me a few questions a
slight grin swept across her face and she told me she had just the perfect
items. I told her I would also need a gift reciept (just in case) and that
when we're all finished I would need them gift wrapped.

I wandered around the store wondering what was taking her so long when she
returned with a package already wrapped. I told her that I didn't even get
to see the items before she wrapped them. She merely replied "trust
me...she'll love them! And if she doesn't the gift reciept is in the box."
I thought for a minute and decided it wasn't important if I saw them or
not. I wouldn't have a clue if she'd like them or not anyway and I was also
getting pressed for time. So I trusted her judgement.

Tina arrived and unpacked. We had a nice long chat and then I said "oh I
almost forgot!" "I got you something for your birthday." She open the
package and pulled out the swimsuit cover-up first. It was very nice. And
you could tell it was of very nice quality. Tina really liked it and I felt
better about trusting the salesgirl at this point. She asked me if I picked
it out and I didn't want to reveal my secret so I hesitantly told her that
I did. She told me I had great taste. Then she removed the next layer of
tissue paper. "What's this?" she said with a laugh. Well I had no idea why
she was asking that since I had never seen the item in question.

That's when she held up the skimpiest string bikini I had ever seen. There
was absolutely nothing to it. Well of course I was as red as a beet! I
knew I'd been had by that little snot nosed salesgirl. And to think I even
gave her a tip! I tried to tell her that I had the sales girl pick out the
outfits to which she replied with a chuckle "don't give me
already told me you picked them out." I told her there was a reciept in
the box and that we'll just take them back but she merely laughed.

"I can't believe my own dad wants to see me in this outfit. Are you sure
you could handle it daddy?" she said with a laugh. Humiliated, I told her
that when ever she wanted to I would take her to the mall to exchange it.
Anyway I wanted a chance to run into that little twit who set me up. No
doubt she had a few laughs with her friends at my expense. Tina kissed me
goodnight and went off to bed.

I didn't sl**p well that night. Partly because I wanted so badly to get
even with that sales girl. And partly because I kept picturing Tina in that
swim suit! No matter how hard I tried not to. I tried not to think about
my little girl becoming a women. But it was hard to ignore. She was
somewhat thin but shapely and very chesty. Just like her mother. Anf her
mother would use those big tits of hers to her advantage whenever she
wanted. If we were having a fight for example, she would just smile and
remove her top. One look at those beautiful big tits of hers and I would
forget what we were even fighting about. Anyway, shamefully I woke up with
one of the hardest boners I've ever had.

The next morning she came down for breakfast as if nothing ever
happened. We had a long talk to catch up on things. It was at this point
that I realized how much she had grown up in the last eight months. She
used to ask me a thousand questions on every topic you could think of. Now
suddenly there were no questions. It was as if she already knew
everything. I felt a little sad that she didn't seem to depend on me to
teach her anymore.

I didn't really want to but I felt it necessary to bring up the subject of
the bathing suit again. I said "I'll take you to the mall today to
exchange those gifts if you want." To which she replied "now daddy you
don't just go and take back gifts people buy ya! That's so rude! And
besides I'm sure you gave those outfits a lot of thought" she said giggling
and left the room. It was just as well that she walked away. I couldn't
think of what to say to that anyway.

I threw on my swim trunks, grabbed my coffee cup and headed out to the
pool. I sat on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water. It was so
relaxing. When all of the sudden she came running out of the house and just
dove right in. I was happy to see that she wasn't wearing the suit I
bought. I really did have to get that suit back to the store! Especially
before her mom found out about it.

She emerged from under water right between my legs and grabbed hold of the
side of the pool. "Wanna join me" she said. I told her that I wanted to
relax a little more first. As she hung on the side talking to me I noticed
that she was wearing a suit she had bought the year before. Well her
breasts must have grown a little since then because they were ready to
burst out of her top. They were the size of coconuts and they were less
than two feet away from my downward gaze. I tried not to stare but they
were simply too magnificent. Eventually she noticed where my attention had
been focused and she said "are you staring at my boobs daddy?" with a grin
on her face. Then she looked directly at the crotch of my very loose
fitting shorts and could see that I had the beginnings of an erection.
"Looks like something's waking up in there" she said giggling. Then she
asked me if I had "gotten any" since mom left. I told her that I didn't
think that was a proper conversation for us to be having. She said "why
not? We're both grown up?" "Just answer the question will ya?" Well
after some badgering on her part I finally yelled out " I haven't!
Are you happy now?" To which she replied "wow must be playing
with that thing a lot huh?" while staring right at my crotch. Then she
smiled at me and swam away. Seemingly content that she had f***ed my

I sat down in a chair and she got out and pulled another one up directly
across from me. Her legs on either side of the chair. With a wicked
looking grin on her face she said "you know mom told me a while back that
whenever she wanted to control you she would just bare her breasts and you
would turn into her little puppy dog." "Is that true?" she asked. I
couldn't believe she told her that! And although it was true, I wasn't
about to admit it. By now though I had to admit to myself that between
seeing her hot young body in that skimpy bathing suit along with all the
sexual talk, I was getting quite aroused!

She noticed I was getting fidgity and she giggled. Then she started to
lower the strings of her top very slowly over and around her smooth
shoulders while looking me right in the eye. I should have gotten up and
walked away but I couldn't move. "Is this the way she would do it daddy?"
she said. Slowly and teasingly she exposed her beautiful ripe young
mellons. I was speechless. They were just perfect. With nice big pink
nipples that curved upwards and seemed to be looking right at me. She
watched my crotch again as my dick made a slow but steady rise
upward. Smiling confidently as she watched it stand straight up for her.

She looked me right in the eye as she smiled and asked if I thought that
they were as nice as her moms. I tried to talk but no sound would come
out. She teasingly cupped the undersides with her hands. Then she lifted
them up and played with them a little. She laughed as she asked me "what
did you say?" Knowing full well that she had me unable to talk. "I can't
hear you daddy" she laughed. She giggled some more and then very slowly
and seductively returned them to their holders. She stood and looked down
at the raging hardon that was trying desparately to escape my shorts. She
said "let's see what you have in there daddy!" She pulled out the elastic
band of my shorts and looked in. I couldn't have stopped her if I wanted
to! "Why daddy that's a nice hard boner you have there" she said
giggling. "In fact it looks painfully hard!" Then she told me that maybe I
shouldn't try to stand for a while. "You might hurt yourself" she said once
again giggling as she walked away. Shaking that nice ass of hers along the

I laid there for a while but I couldn't get my boner to subside. Finally I
couldn't take it anymore and once I was sure she wasn't coming back out I
slid my trunks down and started stroking it. I thought about those perfect
tits of hers and started shooting cum all over the place. I wondered where
she learned to dick tease like that. But one thing was for sure, that
little dick tease had me right where she wanted me. I guess she had grown
up more than I thought!

That night she went to a party with some friends and the next day she
slept in late. I had already had breakfast and was relaxing by the pool
when she finally strolled on out. She was wearing the bathing suit wrap
that I bought her for her birthday. That was ok. I was hoping she would
keep that anyway. She sat down and we talked.

I had a little trouble looking her in the eye after yesterday's events but
I figured I was going to have to get over it sooner or later. Thankfully
she didn't bring it up. Instead she told me about how much fun she had at
the party. She told me that she did a lot of video taping at the party and
that she would show it to me later. Then she said "well I'm going for a
swim!" "Are you coming?" And she dropped her wrap on the ground revealing
the string bikini that I had bought. I almost passed out!

She walked away shaking that perfect little teenage ass. But this time
with nothing but a piece of dental floss between those awesome ass cheeks
of hers. My dick got instantly hard. She dove in and I followed suit just
to hide my erection. She got out and sat on the corner of the pool at the
shallow end. I stayed in the deep end and tried not to think about that
awesome and nearly naked body of hers. "What's she trying to do to me?" I

She told me to come over there. And that she had a question for me. As I
got closer and my view got better I could see that the suit was almost see
through when wet. The material on her chest was nothing more than two
little triangular patches. One covering each nipple. It was the same on
the bottom. One little triangular patch that barely covered her slit and
the rest of the suit was just thin strings connecting the triangles. Being
tan in color, it gave the ellusion that she wasn't wearing anything at all.
"I kinda like this suit!" she said with a big grin on her face. "What do
you think?" It's crazy but at this point I was starting to think that
maybe I didn't give the sales girl a big enough tip!

Once again I couldn't speak! She said "you can't see it very well from
there!" "Come closer." She sat with her legs spread and knees up. She used
her index finger to signal me to come closer. The evil grin on her face
told me she knew exactly what she was doing to me. But yet I couldn't stop
moving toward her. When I was about three feet away she lean back on her
hands with her legs still spread open and asked me once again how I like
the suit.

I didn't know where to look first. It had been a long time since I had
seen so much fresh young teenage flesh. And never had I seen a body so
perfect. I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed just how perfect her body was
before. My cock was rock hard and my balls were tight and ready to
explode. My eyes jumped around from those amazing tits on down to her flat
stomach and then finally resting on to the rounded mound between her long
silky legs. Once there I noticed how closely shaven she was. I could see
her big puffy pussy lips right through the thin patch of material.

Since I was now standing in only three feet of water I was towering over
her. She said "you can't see it from way up there!" "Get on your knees
silly!" I obliged and when I did I had the most perfect view of her
crotch. She smiled and slowly pulled the tiny patch of fabric to one
side. Exposing those big pink pussy lips. "Do you want to taste it daddy?"
she said giggling. My mind was racing. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't
help myself. As predicted, she had reduced me into nothing but her little
puppy dog. "You know you want some daddy!" she whispered. I slowly slid
my hands along the insides of her smooth wide open legs. She smiled down at
me in victory as I made my way toward her sweet young cunt. My cock jumped
as my tongue made contact with her protruding clit.

"Ahh That's it daddy." she giggled "Lick my sweet little pussy!" "I knew I
could just spread my legs and you'd be in my control!" "You just love
licking my little teenage twat don't you daddy?" "That's it daddy!"

"I think you'll do whatever I tell you to do now won't you?" she said in a
whispered voice. "You're so horny for me I can just guide you around by
your big boner can't I daddy?" she said laughing.

I didn't answer but the answer would have been a definite "yes!" I would
have died for her pussy at that point! I had my face buried in between her
legs and was savoring the taste of her fresh young pussy as she continued
to let me know who was boss. Then suddenly she said "that's enough pussy
for you for now daddy" with a chuckle. Besides I need you to put some
suntan lotion on my back.

She undid her top but left the string bottoms on and laid down on her
stomach in a lounge chair. I went over to her with a raging hard on and
precum oozing all around inside my shorts. I could barely walk. I got on
my knees and started rubbing lotion all over her back. Slowly working my
way down. When I got to her ass I started giving her a nice butt
massage. I've always had a thing for young girl's tight little butts. And
hers was perfect! I was getting off on rubbing those nice little ass
cheeks of hers. I guess she must have noticed I was spending an awful lot
of time on that cute little ass when she suddenly reached her hand back and
inside my shorts. She grabbed a handful of cock and I almost came right
then and there.

"Aaaaw....daddy you poor thing.. your cock is still hard as nails" she
said. "I hate to see you going around with your balls aching like that."
"Why don't you take off those shorts and slide your boner up and down along
the crack of my soft little ass?" That will make it feel better won't it?"
she giggled. I couldn't get my shorts off fast enough! I started sliding
my dick up and down in between those silky mounds of flesh while spewing
pre-cum all over. She laughed and said "someone's getting a little slick
back there." "Now doesn't your cock feel a lot better now?" she laughed.
"I'll bet your dick has never felt this good before has it daddy?" Somehow
I fought the urge just to slide my cock down lower and plunge it into that
tight teenaged pussy of hers.

"Ummmm.. Why don't you cum for me daddy?" she said. "I just love making
guys cum." " Show me how much your hard cock loves sliding along between
your baby's little ass cheeks." As soon as she said that I started jerking
and spurting cum all over her back and even hit her in the back of the
head. She laughed and said "there, there daddy calm down!" I don't want
you to have a heart attack!" "You just loved getting your rocks off on
your little girls ass didn't you daddy?" "look at the mess you made!" she
said while laughing. "Now I want you to rub all that protein in." "It's
supposed to be really good for the skin!" I of course did as I was told!

"You shot out as much cum today as you did yesterday" she laughed."
"That's pretty impressive for a guy your age!" she said. I wondered how
she knew about yesterday! Then she said "you can thank me later for
releasing six months worth of your backed up sperm in just two short days!
In the mean time I have a mountain of dirty clothes that needs to be
washed. Make sure that you separate lights and darks. And I don't want you
sniffing my thongs either" she said laughing. Tina controlled me from that moment on. She knew she had me (and my cock)
wrapped around her little finger. She would constantly tease me by giving
me little glimspes of her sweet young pussy and ripe melons.

Maybe see would bend over to pick something up in front of me. Or walk from
the shower to her room in the nude. She would giggle as she observed my
reactions. Especially when she would see movement in my shorts.

It was only a day after she had me sliding my rock hard cock along her
beautiful ass crack and I was lounging around the house in nothing but a
loose pair of cotton shorts. I was contemplating all that had happened. And
what her mother would do if she ever found out. Tina came into the house
with a male friend. I assumed he was a new boyfriend. She introduced him as
Billy. They sat across from me and we talked a while. Soon she began to
tease. She had on a very short pleated skirt for which she let ride higher
and higher up her legs as the conversation went on. Eventually I had a
perfect view of that awesome pussy. She smiled at me as she saw my cock
starting to slowly rise within my shorts. I grabbed a couch pillow to hide
my erection hoping that Billy didn't notice. She giggled and open her legs
wide. She really loved the power she possessed with her beautiful pussy!

Billy seemed to be paying no attention to her and at this point all he had
to do was look in her direction and I'm sure he would get an eye full. Me,
I was now trapped on the couch with a full blown hard on. Tina told me how
Billy was quite the cameraman. And that he had planned to do it for a
living. "He filmed the party last night" she said. "He even has you on film
daddy" she giggled. "In fact we all watched it at the party!"

I was confused as I had never even met this k** before. She went over and
inserted a disc into the player and there before my eyes was her first
little dick tease show. The one where she seduced me with her awesome
breasts. The camera zoomed in on my cock tenting up in my shorts. It
cleverly zoomed back and forth between her big tits and the crotch of this
dumbfounded old man. Tying the two together perfectly. I had been set up!
And this k** new his stuff. Even the sound was perfect as she cockteased me
with her body and her words. It even showed her walk over and peak in my
shorts. You heard her reaction and watched her dickteasing and ass shaking
strut as she walked away.

My cock was aching by now and I couldnt help but reach in my
shorts. Tina's skirt was now around her waste and her legs were wide
open. I was going nuts as I was still trapped on the couch. I glanced back
at the screen and there I was now jerking off. I couldn't believe that
everyone at her party had seen this. I was both embarrased and excited at
the same time. Tina got up and snatched my pillow away. There was now no
hiding the fact that I was rock hard and lightly stroking myself.

She nodded at Billy and he got down on all fours and started crawling
towards me. I remember thinking"what the hell is going on?" "Billy can help
you with that!" she said. "You see he's not interested in girls" she
laughed. I was so busy staring at the show she was giving me in person and
the show I was giving on the screen, that I didn't even feel Billy slip my
shorts down. Before I knew what hit me Billy slid his talented mouth down
on my engorged cock. Now I'm not gay or anything but here I was with this
young guy giving me the blowjob of a life time. My legs parted as if they
had a mind of their own. Tina started coaching us. "That's it daddy" "Just
sit back and relax as Billy takes care of your aching cock for you" she
giggled. She picked up Billy's camera and started filming as Billy ran his
tongue up and down my shaft. He licked my balls and ran circles around my
cock head with his tongue. I didn't want to admit it to myself but it felt
sooo good. It had been a long time since anyone had sucked me. I glanced at
the screen and there I was still going to town stroking. Just then I
watched the cum flying on the video. And I knew it would soon be happening
again live.

Tina told Billy that she wanted to see her dad's sperm before he swallowed
it. All this talk was driving me nuts and I knew it wouldn't be long. I
could feel it welling up in my balls and I couldn't help but start to fuck
Billy's mouth. "That's it daddy" 'Give him that cock he craves so much"
"Fuck his horny little mouth daddy" she said with a laugh. I was ready to
explode and Billy knew it. He grabbed hold of my ass with both hands. He
planted his mouth on my swollen cock and held on for the ride. Tina got up
close with the camera and I just started spewing stream after stream of my
hot sperm into Billy's mouth. I came in gobs and gobs of gooey cum and
Billy milked my balls for every drop in what seemed like an hour. Somehow
he didn't miss a drop. Finally my convulsions subsided. I watched as Billy
carefully removed his mouth and opened it for the camera.

I couldn't believe how much cum was in his mouth. Tina laughed! "Wow daddy
you sure were horny weren't you?" "Now swallow daddy's cum like a good boy
Billy" she said. Billy swallowed obediently. Then she asked him if he like
her daddy's jizz. He said he loved it. She laughed and said she loved it
when everyone wound up happy! "Wait until you see the party video daddy"
she gigged!
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Very Good story
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Excellent story reminds me so much of how my step daughter teases me ...
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good stuff :)
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very nice!!