Kylie was excited when she was allowed out on her first date. Her father regretted his decision when promptly at 7pm the hotted up Chrysler CL Valiant pulled into the driveway of their home.

"He's here, Nick's here," cried Kylie excitedly from her position of the lounge room window.

Sean Thompson had allowed is daughter to organize the date only after a lot of persuasion on her part. They were going to a Blue Light Disco controlled by off duty police officers so there would be no booze or d**gs. Duke, the boy in question had promised to pick Kylie up and return her straight home after the disco had finished.

Realizing that he couldn't keep his teenaged daughter locked up for ever, he reluctantly agreed to the liaison but instantly became uncomfortable when he saw the car. At the best of times the Valiant was a very fast vehicle, but the engines throaty roar was evidence of extra work to improve on its already powerful performance. Even the body had been lowered to lessen wind resistance.

Almost of a mind to cancel Kylie's date, he relented when he saw the excitement on her face but it didn't stop him from addressing his concerns to Duke. "Just remember that you have my daughter in the car. No speeding or showing off and I want her back safely by eleven o'clock," he said.

Sean watched the car carrying his daughter slowly back out of the driveway and move off at a modest speed along the road toward the town centre. Nodding to himself that Duke had seemed to take note of his comment, he retired to the house and sat watching TV waiting for the time to pass.

By eleven-twenty, Sean was worried and pacing the lounge, vowing that Duke would never be allowed to take Kylie out again, no matter how much she pleaded. Half hour later he'd put his jacket on, grabbed his keys and was heading for his car when a highway patrol unit pulled into the drive.

Heart in his mouth, hands shaking he approached the officers as they got out of their car, "Mr. Thompson?" asked the leading policeman removing his cap.

Even though the patrol car used sirens and lights, it seemed to take forever to make it to the hospital. The Valiant Kylie had been a passenger in had rammed into the rear overhang of a stationary truck on her side of the vehicle. Surgeons were working furiously to save her life.

Seth never knew how he got through that night. Sitting in the waiting room, he constantly jumped to his feet as someone walked through the door, hoping it was news of his daughter. Only when the first rays of the sun were breaking over the ranges did the news come and it wasn't good.

Kylie had suffered some brain damage and many broken bones together with severe internal bleeding. Her condition was critical but the doctor assured Sean that if they could get her through the next few days there was hope of some recovery.

Those days become months and the month's years with many operations and therapy before Sean was finally able to take Kylie home. The accident had affected the speech centre of her brain and it was difficult for her to walk unaided. There was a nasty scar on her pretty cheek but that was nothing compared to the trauma her body had been through.

Sean had spent most of Kylie's time in the hospital by her side, giving up his job and security to ensure his daughter had his constant support. His devotion and lack of earnings had pushed his marriage onto the rocks, his wife writing both him and Kylie out of her life.

But now all the trouble and strife he'd had had been made all worthwhile because his precious daughter was home at last. He knew it would be an arduous task caring for her, but day by day she improved a little more.

Their life became almost a set pattern. Each morning Sean would help Kylie from her bed and assist her with toileting. Then he placed her in the bath to soak a little while before soaping her all over and rinsing the suds from her body. For a start it made him a little uncomfortable handling his naked daughter but needs must and he got on with the task at hand without further thought.

Then he assisted her with dressing, feeding and brushed her hair, all the time talking to her before he guided her into a chair for her to watch television or a video. He took her to the supermarket, the park and at least one night a week, into the pub so he could have a quick drink and enjoy some male company.

Initially he was very embarrassed for Kylie when she had her periods. First learning how to fit pads and eventually tampons, after a few accidents he got used to her flow cycle and was able to keep her clean and comfortable.

Then at night he would settle her down in bed and lay alongside her reading from magazines and books until she fell asl**p. Then the next day it would all start over again.

This daily routine continued for some time and Kylie very steadily improved under his care. She was able to walk unassisted if a little shaky in her gait, but the proudest moment for Sean, was when she leaned across the bed while he was reading to her one night and she kissed him on the cheek and managed to say, "Daddy."

That single word was like an arrow into his heart. There was no greater gift he could ever remember receiving in the whole of his life, than the first word she'd spoke since the accident.

If Sean had to figure out what happened later between Kylie and him, he would have picked that moment when it all started. The very next momentous moment occurred a couple of days later.

Sean had soaped Kylie all over in the bath and had the flannel ready to rinse the suds from her. Starting at her neck, he began to rinse the suds away and as they washed away, he saw that her nipples were firm and erect. He stopped stunned at the sight in front of him and then he looked at Kylie's face.

Kylie was as surprised as her father at the betrayal of her body, it was the first time she'd had any sexual sensations or thoughts since her accident and there hadn't been too many before that. Weakly she held onto the grips and the side of the bath and managed to repeat the one word she could say, "Daddy."

Shaking himself out of the trance, he leaned forward and softly kissed his daughter on the forehead, "Ok baby let's get you swilled off and in front of the fire."

Lifting her out of the bath he got her to stand while he toweled her off, still her nipples were erect but he couldn't avoid not touching her breasts while drying her body. He slipped a tee-shirt over her head and assisted her into a fresh pair of cotton panties before guiding her to a chair in the lounge.

Sean gave a lot of thought about what had happened. "Its progress," he told himself, "Her body is slowly healing, that's what we wanted, it's just another sign that she is getting better." But, even though that's what Sean was saying to himself, he found that he was hard again and not for the first time that day.

That night as he lay on the bed as normal reading to Kylie, she snuggled up close too him, her head on his shoulder and a weakened arm cast over his lap. Sean found it hard to concentrate and the hardness returned between his legs. Finally he gave up attempting to read and just cuddled Kylie until she fell asl**p. Quietly he left the room with things to think about.

It was an uncomfortable night for Sean but by the time the first rays of the sun struck his bedroom window he had come to a conclusion. Kylie was a young woman with the needs and desires of her sex. The accident had robbed three years of her youth, years when she should have been courting and exploring with boys her own age.

Because of Kylie's inability to communicate her wants, he'd had to second guess her needs and most of the time had been successful but he'd seen the frustration in her eyes when he had failed to understand. For Seth, the hardening of her nipples had been a sexual signal and had sent a clear message that her body was looking for more than just basic needs. The damndest thing though, he was the only man that could provide her with what she needed.

He heard the bell tinkling from Kylie's room and got out of bed to start another day but this time with a purpose in mind. Kylie smiled at him as he entered the room, her pretty face somewhat flawed by the scar on her cheek. He knew that scar upset her because she never allowed herself to see her reflection in a mirror.

Sean bent and kissed his daughter, "Come on sl**py, let's get started. It's going to be a special day today." Kylie weakly lifted her arms as the nightie was pulled over her head and was then assisted to her toilet. She looked puzzled when Sean guided her back to the bed and laid her on a clean towel.

Kylie was used to being naked in front of her daddy and it had never bothered her until yesterday when her nipples had become erect. She could see that it had flustered daddy, he would have been even more flustered if he had known that her pussy was wet and getting wetter by the minute.

She wasn't sure exactly when taboo thoughts first entered her head, what she did know was that her daddy had given up everything to take care of her. The love she'd felt for him as a father had changed and when she was alone began dreaming i****tuous thoughts. More than anything, Kylie was frustrated that she couldn't tell her daddy of her feelings. Speech was non-existent and her motor control; wouldn't allow her to use pen and paper. However, as weak and useless as her body seemed to be, she knew that she wanted her daddy to i****t her.

Kylie found her knees being raised and then parted widely, this is the way Sean normally changed her tampon but she hadn't got her periods. Understanding came, when she watched him with a small pair of scissors and start snipping away at the small amount of pubic hair above her vulva. Hot creamy foam was then applied before her daddy skillfully wielded a safety razor, shaving her completely clean.

The shaving didn't stop there, the next thing she knew he was shaving her armpits followed by her lower legs until every trace of hair had vanished. It made Kylie feel more feminine than she'd felt for a long time.

Strong arms then swept her off the bed and gently carried her to the bathroom and deposited her into the prepared bath. This time though Sean used his hands and a bar of soap to lather her body instead of the flannel.

Kylie held her breath hardly daring to hope that her fantasy was going to become reality. Then suddenly her daddy's hand was caressing her small breast while soaping it, his thumb grazing over the nipple before finger and thumb gently teased it toerection, Sean and Kylie both watched the tiny miracle of nature.

Seth looked into his daughters' eyes seeking some form of signal or recognition for what was happening, Kylie had her eyes cast down to where he was playing with her nipple and there was an undoubted look of pleasure on her face. Seth let his hand trail downward over her stomach to the cleft between her legs.

The little gasp from Kylie was both involuntary and instinctive as her daddy caressed her shaved pussy for the first time. She felt his gentle loving fingers trace over every part of her vulva testing both its tight firmness and pliability. Then a searching finger was slipping up the length of her slot, which even though covered by the bath water, could not hide the warm moister that was forming within.

Kylie weakly gripped the sides of the bath for support and hoped what was happening was not a dream. During the long process of recovery from her accident she'd often thought about sex but had given up hope that anything would happen due to her scarring and poor motor skills. But here she was naked in the bath and her father was tending to her needs as he always had, but this time it was needs of a different kind.

Sean hesitated for long moments before easing his finger into Kylie's tight pussy; again he heard her gasp and her knuckles turned white as she gripped the bath. Kylie dare not look at her father in case she broke the spell. If he stopped now she didn't know what she would do, at that moment there was nothing more she wanted in the world that to please her father. Keeping her eyes closed, she reveled in the intimacy of her daddy's touch and the movement of the finger within her.

Sean could never in the whole of his life ever remember being as hard as he was at that moment. After Kylie's accident his sex life had come to an abrupt stop, the only thing he was interested in was her recovery and he'd worked tirelessly to that end. What he hadn't counted on was the extra bond that had formed between them, how much closer they had grown together during the recovery period and the surprise that he not only loved, but needed her.

Even before he actually slipped the finger into Kylie he could feel the heat emanating from her pussy, he was even surprised how wet she was and how easily his finger had penetrated her tight love tube. Father and daughter looked into each others eyes as he masturbated her tight pussy, both completely lost in the passion of the moment.

For Kylie it was more than she'd ever dared hope for, trapped physically in her wrecked body she'd tried often to communicate her desires to her daddy and now he'd picked up on the smallest of signals. She could feel her heart beating wildly in her breast and her hands gripped as hard as they could to the sides of the bath as she felt the pressure building between her legs. New connections were laid between her damaged brain, making direct communications with her pussy, signals were instantly transmitted in urgent sexual coding and for the first time since the accident, Kylie trembled out a cum.

For one horrid moment, Sean thought he had gone too far and that Kylie was engaged in a fit, that was until he looked at her face and his concern drained away. He recognized a woman in complete orgasm, the pleasure on her face was obvious.

Kylie's body shook so badly that Sean had to steady her with his free arm while he finished her off, feeling the sweet warmth of her cum spilling over his finger and hand. Only when he felt the final pulse did he take her in his arms and kiss her like a woman for the first time.

Moments later Kylie found herself swept up in her daddy's strong arms and wrapped in towels before being carried to the master bedroom and laid upon the soft bed. She hadn't lain on that bed since well before the accident, not since she was a small girl when she used to climb into the warmth and cuddle next to her father. Those were special memories for her but she guessed that what was about to happen would be even more special.

Her daddy propped her up against heaped pillows before pulling the towels from her body, returning her to complete nakedness. Kylie was nervous but excited at the same time watching her daddy remove his clothing. The muscular chest with short grey curly hairs, his narrow frame, thinning hair and tight butt, were all part of the man she had come to love so much.

It was only when he dropped his shorts that Kylie's heart missed a beat. She had never seen a male erection before so had nothing to compare it with, her daddy looked so big, so powerful and so dangerous, she was mesmerized by the size and beauty of the pole that would deflower her.

She had no idea how her daddy would take her, she assumed he would just lie over the top and stick his thing in and move over her until he was finished, well, that's what she had mentally prepared herself for and was prepared to accept. So when Seth climbed on the bed and lifted her arms before he straddled her chest, she was surprised.

She was even more surprised when he guided her lips to the head of his cock and realized she was expected to take the monster into her mouth. At first the thought horrified her because it seemed so rude and dirty and wondered why her daddy wanted to subject her to something like that. The she remembered the changed pads and tampons and the other messes she'd made since the accident and how her father had taken care of her with no complaints, just love and gentle reassurances. It was those memories that slowly parted her lips and accepted the head of his penis between her soft lips.

Strangely, the moment the velvet head pressed into her warm mouth the revulsion of what was happening passed, sudden warmth filled her being and her heart was bursting with love for the man who had fathered her. Her tongue swirled around the head gathering the precum off the slit, tasting the male essence for the first time in her life, it was both sweet and salty and she loved it.

Kylie then took the initiative, taking as much into her mouth as she could manage and careful that her teeth would cause no damage, she began sucking in the cock that made her, her tongue gentle caressing the glans as she bobbed her head up and down. All the time she was doing it her eyes were firmly fixed on the face of the man she had come to love so much, watching every little expression of his mounting ecstasy.

She wondered how long it had been since the daddy who had cared for her with such devotion had allowed himself to have sex. How much pent up passion he had been holding back as well as the reservoir of man cream stored in his huge balls.

The answer came a whole lot quicker than she expected, like an uncontrolled hose pipe Sean's cock blasted semen into his daughter's throat, the f***e so strong his cock jerked uncontrollably as jet after jet pulsed into Kylie's mouth.

Kylie had sense enough to swallow what she could; greedily gulping down the essence of her father but there was far too much for her to take for her first blow-job. In danger of choking from the unusually high quantity, she pulled her mouth away, taking the rest of the load over her pretty face.

Sean's relief was evident in his face, he rarely masturbated and what had just happened had made him feel more of a man than he'd done for a long time and he had his precious daughter to thank for it. Kylie was still licking his sperm of her face when his lips met hers in a passionate and lasting kiss, his man juices smearing across their lips and still running from the corners of her mouth.. Her heart beating so quickly, Kylie thought she must surely die from the happiness of the moment.

It took Sean ages to for him to clean up the mess he'd made using tissues and finally a clean flannel before some semblance of order returned to the bedroom, only then did he lay beside Kylie, his head propped up on one elbow while he plied her lips with soft and tender kisses.

Then the slow vanilla type love making began. Sean's mouth sucking on the soft inner flesh of her neck so hard Kylie knew he was drawing bl**d to the surface and tasting her saltiness. Knowing her daddy was feeding off her body made her toes curl with passion.

Suddenly his mouth was at her breasts, licking first between the valley and then attacking each orb in turn. His tongue trailed around the outer perimeters of the soft flesh before gently working a path inward to the areola. Even as he worked those, he was careful not to allow his tongue to touch the nipples, preferring building her passion to such a need she would almost have to beg him for release.

Kylie had never been in such a state before; her body was trembling with excitement and need and not just from the sex. It was her father's love, which seemed to be cloaking her like a blanket of soft mist on a slow moving river. She knew what her daddy and herself were about to do was wrong, but that special mist made it secretive and secure, no one would ever know.A sharp gasp left Kylie when Sean's hot mouth finally closed over her stiffened nipple. The hot tongue rolling around the proud nub created a tingling sensation so powerful it felt as the whole of her breast would burst out through the nipple into the loving mouth that was feasting on her. Kylies weakened hands lovingly caressed her father's head into her, using all of her strength to draw him as tightly in as possible. Kylie said the only word she was able to utter, "Daddy."

Sean spent so much time suckling at Kylie's stiff nipples they were becoming sore from the attention, even so, she never wanted him to stop. The feeling of him sucking on her was so intense and exquisite she would have gladly died in those loving arms of his.

Then his lips were upon hers kissing her deeply, their tongues sneaking into the mouths of the other, clashing and entwining together in a sexual frenzy of their own. Kylie felt her father's hand on her inner thigh gently easing her legs apart, she savored the feeling and the moment, knowing that at long last, her time was close.

Kylie was wet and lubricated long before her daddy slipped a finger into her tightness, the finger carried to her mouth and she parted her lips to accept the taste of her juices, sucking every last delicious drop from pleasure digit. The finger delved again, this time the juices went to her daddy's mouth and he tasted his daughter's pleasure fluid. Both of them found the juices to be a very powerful aphrodisiac.

With her heart beating wildly Kylie watched her daddy between her legs. He'd lifted her knees up and then spread them widely to allow himself a full uninterrupted access to her tight love-box. She looked at his beautiful cock standing tall and proud with the bulging veins ridging the whole length of the shaft, ridges that would provide that extra pleasure as he penetrated and stretch her for the first time. Strangely she found herself grateful for the accident that had placed her in this position because she knew that had it not of happened, her dear daddy would not now be preparing to fuck her.

Sean settled himself over the frail frame of his daughter, delighting in the softness and the warmth emanating from her welcoming body as he gently crushed her down to the mattress. Their lips met in a long lingering kiss, tongues once again entwining as his cock-head searched for her tender opening, the sensitive glans on target like a heat seeking missile. The tip moved easily between the puffy distended lips of her pussy and was immediately lubricated by the excessive juices spilling from Kylie's tight pussy. Willingly, the lips parted to allow her daddy entry into the depths of her very soul and being. She groaned involuntary as it progressed into her love tunnel and the excessive stretching of her tight cunny began, never, had she felt anything more wonderful in her life.

At that very moment Kylie knew in her own mind that this was what she had been born for, to be her daddy's lover, give herself, body and soul to the man that had fathered her. He'd done so much for her since the accident the only thing she could now do in return is sacrifice her body to his lust but she knew she meant more to him than that.

She was still his little girl, his baby. The sun rose with her birth and he had loved her for so long and so hard, the cuddles at night, the sc****d knees, colds, bad dreams and the accident. Her daddy had always been there with arms open and comfort to give, protecting her but always prepared to set her free again. "Daddy" she gasped as another couple of inches tunneled their way up her tube.

Never in the whole of his life could Sean ever remember being so stiff but he realized why. There's no greater gift a daughter can give her father than her body. Society and the law prevent what should be a natural progression of love between the father and daughter and only a few find the path to the ultimate love. Sean was hard because it was his daughter he was mounting, she was forbidden fruit, an unattainable dream, but here she was beneath him. surrendering her virginity.

Sean's cock came up against the obstruction of Kylie's maidenhead; he pulled his lips away from hers and looked into those beautiful eyes so filled with love for the man that was taking her. For long moments they held each other's gaze before Kylie slowly closed and opened her eyes, clearly giving her daddy the "Yes" signal.

Kylie couldn't talk but the dialogue she would have used was clearly running through her brain.

"Take me daddy, it's all for you. Push that big cock of yours into your little girl and turn me into a woman. I can feel you pressing against my..... Ahhhhhh daddy, oh I love you so much please don't..... Daddy oh my lovely daddy, I love you so much. You'll never know how much I wanted you to love me like this."

Sean's cock sliced easily through Kylie's hymen, she was so hot and wet she barely felt any discomfort at all, only the wonderful probing and stretching and the feeling of being filled to her absolute limit paramount in her mind. Then came the ultimate feeling of being so thoroughly filled, her daddy's balls connecting with her ass while the tip of his cock bounced off the deepest part of her and then came seemingly, the endless pleasure of slowly being fucked.

For Sean it was the moment of truth, which was the instant he knew he couldn't live without his daughter as his lover. She wasn't the injured sparrow with a broken wing that required love therapy, but a grown woman who would thrive and heal on her father's love. Crushing her body lovingly beneath his, his movements began to consummate the deep love they had found for each other.

Sean had brought Kylie to one orgasm and held her lovingly as she trembled beneath him before he began to bring her slowly to arousal again. He was amazed at how quickly she recovered and felt the weak movements of her body urging him to do her deeper and faster, her eyes constantly giving him the 'Yes' signal.

Forgetting her delicate condition, Sean began fucking Kylie's slight frame as he would any other woman, demandingly, almost brutally ripping into her as hard as he could. He heard her sobbing but quickly realized they were sobs of joy, not of despair and that she liked the brutal treatment he was handing out to her.

Kylie learned to grip the base of her daddy's cock with her cunt muscles, while the rest of her body was weak, those muscles were still strong and powerful and milked mercilessly at the rod she was impaled upon.

No man, not even the strongest man in the world could resist his daughters' insistence that he should flood her womb with his seed. Sean's balls convulsed and his shaft erupted into uncontrollable jerking. Jet strong blasts spurted the creamy white sperm into Kylie's pink interior coating her walls with the life giving liquid.

The first jet of semen carried Kylie right over the top, her body seemingly flying into a thousand pieces, her feelings so intensely tuned, she bordered almost on the edge of unconsciousness at the untold pleasure of the massive orgasm.

Even then it wasn't over; Kylie felt her daddy slide down her body and then his tongue lapping rapidly at her wounded sex. She felt the lips of her pussy parted and the loving tongue probing far as it could reach within her.

Sean loved the earthy smell of his freshly fucked daughter and the sight of her crack seeping their combined juices together with the pinkish colour of her wounded virginity. Leisurely he began mopping up with his tongue enjoying the cocktail of tastes and scents, delighting in the intimacy of his actions. Once again, Kylie trembled at his touch.
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Very loving and tender story and just the way it was meant to be between father and daughter.
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