Bonnie Jean was feeling the excitement and
anticipation of the occasion of her cousin, Anna's
wedding. It was less than three days away – Saturday.
f****y and friends were arriving from out of state
for the wedding; this promised to be the biggest
event of the decade for the f****y. The groom's
f****y had already arrived, along with several
friends, the best man and others; Anna's wedding had
been a much-anticipated event for the f****y: no
expense was being spared for this special occasion.

Bonne and another cousin, Katie, both thirteen was to
be the flower girls. Bonnie stood in front of the
mirror in her room holding up the long antebellum
Southern style maroon satin and cream lace off-the-
shoulder gown to herself; wearing just the sheer lace
panty she imagined how she would look in the gown on
Saturday afternoon. The maroon enhanced the emerald
shade of her eyes and copper shade of her long dark
silken hair; the gown's deep scoop front would show
her nice petite full firm young breasts; the low back
was nearly to her waist.

Every girl in the wedding party had matching gowns,
necklaces, shoes, antebellum style hats, clutch bags,
and lingerie. All the girls had matching sheer maroon
lace bikini panties and lace garter belts with dark
ultra-sheer stockings, also as an added touch,
matching silk and lace garters for their right legs;
matching high heel sandal shoes, and elbow length
opera gloves. She couldn't wait until Saturday
afternoon for the wed
ding and the chance to put the on dress, the shoes
and gloves.

Thursday afternoon when everyone began to arrive and
the f****y was in a festive party mood, she met Phil,
one of the groom's friends who would be in the
wedding party. At first Bonnie was shy as she stood
back watching him. As her friends said of boys, or
even older men they were attracted to: She liked what
she saw.

Phil was tall, dark eyed, wavy hair, athletic type.
Bonnie felt a certain thrill when Phil took notice of
her and sat with her and talked to her that evening.
Phil made her feel relaxed and like one of the older
girls there; this was the first time that a man gave
her this kind of attention. During the evening she
would get him drinks and snacks. Later during the
evening whenever she crossed the crowded room, Bonnie
glanced back at Phil; his eyes had a deep searching

The moment that she glanced back, it felt as if he
were using his eyes to undress her, that he was
m*****ing her with his eyes that was the first time
Bonnie ever felt that a man was mentally m*****ing
her. A heat washed through the girl giving her a
strange feeling that she had never experienced
before. Later as they sat together, they began
holding hands, Phil put his arm around her; no one
gave it any thought, they were too interested in
their own conversations and Anne to notice Phil was
showing an interest in Bonnie; he had become
infatuated with the young girl.

However, Phil was gently, with light touches stroking
Bonnie's long silken copper hair, the effect of his
fingers gliding through her long silken hair sent a
thrill of delight through her. The feel of Phil's
fingers stroking her hair and sliding his hand across
her shoulders sent a comforting feeling through her
that soothed her; she moved closer inviting him to
continue caressing her hair and back.

Phil savored the feel of the young girl's satin
smooth skin and the feel of her hair. His male hood
was stiff and hard. He knew by the time the wedding
was over on Saturday he'd have this young girl in bed
and there was no doubt he would take her c***dhood
virginity. The young girl was all but sitting on his
lap as he gently caressed her back and neck; she
softly moaned with the feel of his hands brushing
across her shoulders.

Friday was the day of preparation and there was
something for everyone to do to prepare for Saturday.
Bonnie found herself in the company of Phil as he
drove her around on errands; she enjoyed his
attention as she felt herself becoming taken by him.
She slid across the seat to sit beside him as he
drove across town to a shop to pick-up more material
for the bows and flowers. She was wearing short
cutoff jeans and sandals.

At a traffic light, Phil laid his hand on her leg
just above the knee. She glanced down at his hand on
her leg but only smiled letting him put his hand on
her leg; she wished she had a boyfriend who did that
to her. At the next light, Phil noticing that Bonnie
did not become offended by his gesture casually slid
his hand up her leg.

He slid his hand along her legs until the light
changed; Bonnie glanced down watching as Phil slid
his hand along her thighs, slipping his hand between
them almost touching her pussy. The effect sent a
wave of tingling warmth through her; she could not
help but allow a pleasing smile that was not lost on

As Phil withdrew his hand the girl felt an
uncomfortable moistness between her legs. She didn't
realize it at the time but Phil's caressing her
thighs caused her c***dhood juices to seep in
anticipation of what a man could do to her for the
first time.

That night when she finally got into bed she had
vivid images of Phil making out with her, she hugged
her pillow kissing it, imaging Phil kissing her;
warmth filled her as she felt the first tingling of
her c***dhood, her c***dhood juices seeped wetting
her again as she moaned with the pleasurable feeling.
She slipped a hand down between her legs to feel the
moistness, rubbing herself she made more of the
juices seep on to her panty.

Although she had not yet been allowed out alone with
a boy, her close friends had already had affairs with
older men, but to the young girl this was all new to
her. She often imaged herself on a romantic date with
a couple older boys at school who she was interested

Later Saturday morning Bonnie along with the other
girls in the party had late sessions with the
beauticians. Saturday after the luncheon her mother
finally permitted her to put on the gown as they
prepared for the wedding that would take place at two
and the photo shoots at three. The ceremony took
place with precision; everything was in place at the
proper time, Anne's mother wanted to faint with joy
when it was over.

During the photo session, Bonnie saw Phil watching
her, his eyes were constantly on her, again his eyes
seemed to be undressing her; a warm pleasing
sensation filled her; her face flushed with her
excitement, she felt as if she were doing this just
for his pleasure.


The evening of the reception, which was held at one
of the big hotels, Bonnie was elated that she was
seated at a table with Phil. Throughout the evening
she was delighted that Phil was dancing with her. As
they sat together he put his arm about her shoulders
and stroked her long dark silken hair.

The feel of his hands on her was making her feel
good. Bonnie sat close to him the whole evening
letting him touch her, kiss her, and give her the
attention she craved from an older man; she almost
could not get enough of Phil's attention at times. No
one around them seemed to be giving any attention to
what Phil was doing with Bonnie.

As the evening progressed, and Phil held her close,
her body pressed close to his,
she felt the slight bulge at his hips pressed against
her as they danced close; his hand about the small of
her back, he slipped his fingertips under the waist
band at her back. Lifting her eyes, she noticed that
Phil seemed to be looking down the front of her gown
at the fine delightful form of her little breasts.
Something stirred in her giving her a feeling of
unexplained excitement that she was pleasing to an
older man.

She watched her cousin Katie enjoying herself too
with an older boy from the groom's f****y who Katie
was also taken by. Throughout the evening the boy was
kissing Katie and holding her close, their bodies
pressed against each other, she watched as his hands
seemed to be all over Katie's body; just as Phil was
doing to her at times. Bonnie knew this would be a
weekend she would always remember.

However, during the evening Bonnie never realized
that Phil was adding small amounts of whiskey to her
sodas. She was feeling light headed and giggly, but
she was happy that Phil would occasionally kiss her
and whisper things to her. She blushed but was too
enchanted to realize what he was doing. Then the
moment came when the bride and groom would leave. The
throwing of the bouquet and the taking off of the
bride's garter brought the festivities to a close
late that night.

As the groom took Anna's garter off, Bonnie watched
with delight as he slid his hands up her right leg.
She felt a stirring as she watched the groom lifting
Anna's pristine white lace gown higher up her slender
legs; she could only imagine then what it must feel
like to let a man do that to her, the feel of his
strong firm hands sliding along her leg then the
tingling feel of him slipping the garter off. Then
she remembered the garter she wore on her right leg.
The momentary thought of letting Phil slide his hands
up under her gown to take the garter off her sent a
warm trill through her.

As Bonnie danced a final dance with Phil, they held
each other close, her head resting against his chest,
she watched as her mother left with Larry, one of her
bachelor uncles. During the evening's festivities she
noticed her mother dancing with him almost all
evening; especially that her mother danced the slow
ones close to Larry, her head on his chest his hands
along her back. Then a few minutes later, her father
was leaving with one of the younger girl cousins who
could not have been more than a couple years older
than her. She wondered what that was all about. She
had never seen that before.

After a moment as people were leaving Phil took
Bonnie by the arm, they collected their things from
where they had sat during the party, and he led her
toward an elevator. Bonnie did not realize what Phil
was doing, taking her onto the elevator; the whiskey
he had slipped in her soda had made her just d***ken
enough that she wasn't aware Phil was taking her to
his room.

Bonnie willingly went with Phil, he was the only one
she knew since most of the f****y had already left
and the other girls from the bridal party were
leaving with the guys they had been paired with for
the wedding.

They were the only ones on the elevator. Phil slipped
his arm around her holding her close he kissed and
nibbled at the Eros spots on her neck: the girl
sighed with the erotic feeling Phil was giving her.
The sensations coursed through the girl as Phil slid
a hand over the firm gentle rise of a breast.

Phil mused: Damned she is so nice... nice and
desirable. Damned what I'd like to do to her tonight.
Looking down the front of her gown to the nice sight
of her nice small firm breasts, he grinned with lust
and desire for the girl; the little nipples erect and
begging to be kissed and sucked.

When they reached the spacious room, Phil closed the
door and locked it. Bonnie heard the click of the
lock and turned as he took her in his arms to kiss
her. He slid his hand down along her back to her
waist, slipping his fingers under the gown's
waistband at her back. Bonnie noticed a large silver
bucket with a white linen towel wrapped about it with
a green bottle in ice and glasses on the table near
the windows.

Phil led her to a chair at the table. Sitting her in
the chair, he took his jacket and tie off then took
the bottle from the bucket of ice, showing her the
label, Champaign. He popped the cork from the bottle
and poured her a glass of Champaign.

They toasted and drank two glasses. He kissed her
with passion as they sipped the Champaign slipping
his tongue into her inviting mouth. Bonnie sighed
with the feeling of letting Phil kiss her so much and
the feel of his hands moving over her young body.
This is what she dreamt about last night, letting
Phil make passionate love to her in a romantic

As they parted for the moment, getting her breath
back she said in a soft quivering voice: "I–I've
never done anything like this before..."

"Ssssh," he said brushing back the long silken curls
of her dark copper hair gazing longingly with lust
and desire into her emerald eyes, "there's a first
time for everything my little one. There's even a
first for love and passion."

Bonnie felt a smile fill her angelic face as Phil
leaned down to kiss her again.

"Do – do you love me then, Phil?"

Phil nodded his head. "Yes." He loved her young
virgin body.

However, Phil's love was more lust and desire for a
young girl than passion.

Phil took her by the hand and led her over to the
bed. He sat Bonnie on the edge of the bed then knelt
in front of her. She watched him through the haze of
the drinks she'd had now.

A tingling warmth filled Bonnie with a heat as Phil
knelt in front of her, a stirring in her made Bonnie
feel excited that a man would do these things to her.
Phil gazed up into her green flexed eyes, his eyes
roved over the subtle form of her young body. He
liked what he saw. Bonnie watched him as he placed
his hands on her ankles; the feel of his hands
touching her nylon clad legs sent a tingling up her.

Her resolve slowly melted as his hands slid up her
legs slowly lifting the gown past her knees, and then
to her thighs and the silk and lace garter at her
thigh and the satin garter straps holding up her

When Phil first met Bonnie Jean, he liked what he
saw. She was a young innocent girl who wanted to be
grown up in the worst way. Bonnie was not the most
beautiful little girl but she was also the most
desirable. In a way, he considered her a cute little
fox; she was all girl and more than willing to please
an older man.

That weekend of the parties and festivities she was
at his beck and call, she would willingly do anything
for him that he wanted. His hard thick virile
malehood was aching for the relief of a little girl's
nice tight young pussy and the feel of her virginity.
He gazed down the front of Bonnie's gown at times
during the evening the little rosebud nipples were
hard and erect, tenting the fine satin fabric.

As they danced, he held her close feeling the full
firm swell of her
fine little breasts against his chest.

Phil smiled approvingly up at the girl gently
caressing her calves, gently and slowly, not rushing
her, he was enjoying watching her reaction as she sat
back on the bed letting him caress her legs. Bonnie
held her breath, watching as he lifted the gown up to
her hips in folds of satin, lace and cream crinoline.
The feeling sent shivers of anticipation up her back
as she watched Phil slowly lifting the gown until he
reached his first goal, the satin and lace garter on
her leg.

Then with slow deft movement of his hands taking hold
of the band of lace and silk he slid the garter down
her leg then slipped it up his right arm. Phil held
the gown up to see the little sheer maroon nylon lace
bikini panty and matching garter belt. His cock ached
with the need for relief as he looked at the fine
little panty and the soft shadow of her thatch of
fine dark shade of downy hair between her legs.

Standing, Phil moved on to the bed beside Bonnie;
taking her in his arms he laid her back on the bed.
Bonnie looked up at the man who was to become her
first lover with a sense of longing and desire. The
girl's long fine red silken hair lay back about her
small head like a burnished halo. Her arms were laid
back above her head, the full-length opera gloves
added to Bonnie's sensuousness and willingness. Phil
gazed down in to her green flexed eyes seeing a girl
willing to let him have his way with her that night;
Bonnie was willing to let him make a woman c***d of

Bonnie gazed longingly in to Phil's eyes as he slid a
hand along her side then to the firm gentle rise of
her nice small full breasts. The little nipples were
erect and rigid, pressing against the satin bodice of
the gown. The tempo of her breathing quickened as
Phil cupped the little breast in a firm hand; his
fingers fondled the erect little rose bud nipple
pinching it through the satin fabric bring a soft
moan of delight from the little girl.

"Be gentle, Phil... please," she whispered in a voice
mixed with the fear and awe of her first time. "I – I
don't know what to do... I've never done this

"Sssh," he said kissing her as he slipped his hand
inside the bodice. "Nothing to fear, my little love.
Just don't resist, just give in and be willing is
all, you'll enjoy this as we make love tonight. Would
you like me to make a woman of you tonight?"

"Will you make love to me, Phil? I'll be yours...
I'll do whatever you want..."

"Yes, sweet heart. I'll make passionate love to

Making passionate love was what Bonnie wanted to hear
from him. She was willing to give herself and her
virginity to him that night. Holding her on her back
Phil drew the top down from her breasts; sighs of
anticipation escaped her lips. With gentle subtle
gestures Phil fondled Bonnie's little breasts, he
kissed her in all the right places bringing sighs and
soft moans of delight from her. He kissed her down
her breasts, taking his pleasure with each little
pert dusky rose bud nipple, her breasts swelled with
her arousal.

As he nibbled and licked the little nipples, Phil
left little dark love marks on her breasts and places
only she would see them later. Phil moved his hand
down to her waist and then under the gown, gathering
it up along her legs, again to caress her silken
smooth thighs, drawing his hand back up to her hips.
He nibbled and sucked at her nipples, then the round
firm form of her breast, enjoying the sighs and moans
from the little girl as he caressed and stroked the
slender form of her legs and thighs.

Bonnie drew in a breath as she felt the firmness of
Phil's hand on her as he slipped it between her legs.
This had never happened to her before. This was the
first time a man had touched her like this. Until
that night she could only imagine in her dreams what
it would be like to give in to a man and let him have
his way with her.

She felt his hand pushing between her legs, the
strong fingertips pressing firmly into the sheer silk
lace against her virgin c***dhood. Then he began to
caress her pulsing little pussy with firm gentle
gestures, caressing her virgin pussy, the silk
rubbing against her pulsing virgin clit sent a thrill
of delight through her; Bonnie felt the first throes
of her arousal as Phil caressed and fondled her

Bonnie sighed with contentment as she let Phil have
his way with her. She felt her hips begin to move in
rhythm with his stroking gestures. Phil sucked and
licked and kissed Bonnie's little breasts and back
along the tender length of her neck to her ears.

He was kissing and licking in all the right places as
he fondled and caressed her virgin cherry pussy.
Bonnie's hips rose and fell with the caressing
strokes of his fingers on her pussy and clit. He
could sense that she was close to her first virgin
orgasm; the first wetness of her c***dhood juices
seeped from her pulsing little pussy.

The young girl moaned with the sensuous feeling as
Phil brought every nerve alive in her young body. The
strong yet gentle touch of Phil's hand gliding over
her body sent waves of ecstasy through her.

"Oh yes, Phil... oh I've never felt like this

"Sssh, sweet heart, sssh, just relax my sweet heart
and enjoy what I am doing..."

Smiling with his pleasure, Phil wanted to make this
moment last for Bonnie. He knew how to make young
girls crave the sensational feeling of their first
time. Bonnie wasn't the first young teen-age girl
he'd seduced and she wouldn't the last. He had a
desire for young girls like Bonnie and had a magic
way with them they craved. Stopping, Phil just held
his fingers against her pulsing little pussy as it
throbbed with her arousal, pressing firmly for a
moment, then held his hand there enjoying the look of
ecstasy in her young green-flecked eyes. Bonnie was
enjoying this splendid new experience.

Bonnie felt the firm pressure of Phil's fingers
pressing against her pulsing pussy. After a moment
Bonnie began moving her hips, rubbing her pussy
against his hand wanting to feel his fingers
caressing her virgin c***dhood. Bonnie's virgin
c***dhood juices wet her as Phil fondled her pussy,
his fingers pressing the silk against her pulsing
virgin clit the movement of her hips made his fingers
brush firmly against her swollen virgin clit. Phil
grinned with delight as Bonnie shifted her hips
moving them to give herself pleasure; he delighted in
her virgin wetness as she sighed with the momentary
relief of her juices. He began to caress her a little
more, firmly pressing the silk panty against her
pussy; Bonnie sighed loudly with the erotic pleasure
it was giving her. Bonnie thrust her hips, her
c***dhood juices seeped as she savored the feel of
Phil's finger pressing into her virginity.

Bonnie thrust her hips with vigorous motions against
Phil's fingers. Waves of heat washed over her in a
tide of strange feelings she had never experienced
before brought her to a level of arousal that sent
her tumbling over the edge in a climax, she finally
cried out with her first male induced orgasm.

"Aaaaah, Phil... Ohhhh, yes!"

Phil smiled with pleasure as Bonnie's first virgin
orgasm soaked her panty and his fingers. Then Phil
drew his hand back up to the waistband of the little
panty. Bonnie felt the tears of her fear and wonder
trickling down her face as she let Phil have his way
with her for the first time. Phil deftly slipped his
fingers under the waistband and down to the moistness
of her c***dhood, her downy thatch of virgin hair was
wet with her relief. She moved her hips with the
gestures and caressing of Phil's fingers.

"Ooooh, yes, yess, oh, please, Phil...Please... be
gentle with me, please..." she begged him as she felt
his fingers caress her little virgin c***dhood.

Then Phil slipped his finger into her throbbing wet
pussy, she was nice and wet, savoring her virgin
tightness made it feel good as he caressed her pussy
probing the little love hole. Slipping his finger in
just a bit Phil began to gently finger fuck the
virgin tightness of her little c***dhood. Phil
gently, with firm strokes began to probe a little
deeper fingering the virgin sweetness of Bonnie's
c***dhood. Bonnie moaned with the erotic pleasure of
Phil's finger touching and caressing her c***dhood.
Phil's virile masculine malehood ached it was so
hard; it was almost as hard as a steel rod.

Bonnie's little pussy was silken wet with her
c***dhood juices; the wetness made it easy for Phil
to slip his finger into the little girl's nice and
sweet pussy, penetrating her now for the first time.
Bonnie gasped with surprise as Phil began to
penetrate her virgin c***dhood with his finger. He
gently caressed it as he went deeper, stroking and
caressing her throbbing little c***dhood.

Bonnie gasped as she felt Phil's finger inside her
touch her virgin cherry, that gossamer thin membrane
that kept her virgin. Phil gently probed Bonnie's
cherry; tears flowed down her cheeks as he continued
to finger the girl's cherry until she felt the surge
and then the erotic release of her male induced
orgasm juices. She cried out with a second pleasing
release of her virgin juices.

Bonnie's little c***dhood pussy throbbed with her
excitement and arousal as Phil fingered her, his
finger gently moving in and out of her with deft
strokes that made her moan with the pleasure of her
first time. She had never dreamt this would happen to
her quiet this way. She was beginning to realize the
enjoyment in letting a man have his way with her as
Phil finger fucked her. He took his time bringing her
to another orgasm. She looked up at the sheer grin of
male pleasure on his face as he caressed her pulsing
clit. Phil was enjoying this moment of male pleasure
he was having with a little girl.

With a gasp and moan, Bonnie thrust her hips in rapid
motion as she reached her first multiple-orgasm. She
felt exhausted and emotionally drained as Phil
slipped his hand out from her panty and then
loosening the garters, he reached up again, grasping
the waistband, he pulled the little panty down from
her slender girlish hips. Bonnie realized as she felt
him pulling her panty down, that she was vulnerable
to him that he was going to make a woman of her that

Slipping the little wisp of lace from her, Phil
tossed it aside as he made Bonnie spread her legs for
him. Phil drew in a quick breath as he glimpsed that
pretty little pussy, the downy soft thatch of hair
glistened in the pale lamplight with her juices. Phil
kissed her from her mouth and neck then over the firm
swell of her breasts, nibbling the nubs of her hard
little nipples, then slowly down to the perfect plane
of her stomach, then he kissed and licked the wedge
of her downy hair between her legs, her pussy
throbbed with the wetness of her juices.

He slid his tongue down to Bonnie's pulsing little
c***dhood pussy, her juices seeping as he ravaged her
clit and pussy with his tongue, m*****ing her as she
moaned with the erotic please as Phil used her for
his malehood gratification.

Phil slowly with sensuous movements of his tongue
slid it up and down her throbbing pussy, m*****ing
her clit, as the girl squirmed and cried with the
erotic sensations of her clit being orally m*****ed.
Phil grinned with male pleasure and satisfaction
sliding his tongue back down then probing her,
ravaging her until she had another orgasm.

Bonnie thrust her hips with the motions of Phil's
tongue r****g her clit. She cried with the sensation
of the penetration of Phil's tongue, the feeling
finally brought her to a climatic orgasm, her
c***dhood juices surged on to his tongue, the feeling
of her juices seemed to flow for long moments until
she felt as if he had used her.

Then Phil, satisfied with his pleasure he had in
taking the girl stood up to loosen his pants. His
malehood ached it was so hard with the need of little
Bonnie's c***dhood pussy he nearly lost his load

Bonnie gasped as Phil loosened his pants; his hard
thick virile malehood was big and thick as a steel
rod. He softly moaned with the pain of his aching
malehood. Phil quickly lowered himself on to her:
"Ssh, don't resist, honey, just be willing and give
in now. You'll enjoy it more that way... tomorrow
morning you'll be a woman c***d..."

He was now on top of her, his malehood touching and
probing her virginity; the little girl gasped at the
feel of a man's malehood being rubbed up and down her
virgin pussy for the first time. The girl was just
right for Phil, her little pussy was nice and wet and
ready for his pleasure.

Bonnie gasped as Phil's malehood touched and probed
her pulsing c***dhood. A shuddering sob of panic
caught in her throat; with a deft thrust of his hips,
Phil penetrated the little girl's nice small tight,
throbbing c***dhood. With a cry of the stinging pain,
Bonnie thrust her hips to meet Phil's. She cried out
as she felt the head of his malehood touch and probe
her virgin cherry.

Phil stopped short of r****g Bonnie's virgin cherry.
He held back ever so slightly letting her become used
to the feel of his malehood inside her nice and tight
little cherry pussy for the first time.

He did not want to f***e her just yet. He wanted her
to become used to the feeling of a man taking her,
sliding in to her wet virgin tightness for the first
time. He moved in and out with slight gestures of his
strong waspish hips with precise thrusts; Bonnie felt
the stirring and warmth of her juices as they seeped
from her with Phil's malehood inside her now. Her
gasps became moans of pleasure as she realized she
was enjoying the feeling of letting a man have her
body for his pleasure for the first time.

When he knew Bonnie was ready with a strong hard
thrust, Phil took Bonnie's virgin c***dhood, popping
that gossamer thin tissue; she cried out in shock as
Phil f***ed his malehood deep into her. Then with
skillful thrusts, he began fucking Bonnie; her little
pussy throbbed with the sensations of her first time;
a man was fucking her and she was beginning to enjoy
what he was doing to her; her young slender girlish
hips rose and fell with his cock as he thrust in to
her with rapid strokes.

Within a few moments Bonnie felt the warm surge of
her juices flowing, gasping with the pleasurable
release, she felt it again as she gave in to the
enjoyment of another orgasm. "Aaahh -- Ooooh, oooo,
Phil, yessss...!"

"My little Miss Nice and Tight," he whispered to her
as his hips moved up and down with the rhythm of a
trip hammer, thrusting his steel rod hard cock into
her c***dhood. "You're enjoying this now, aren't

Bonnie moved her head as she gazed up at her lover
through her tears of joy and happiness. "Yes," she
gasped, as she wrapped her arms about his neck. "I
want to be your girl, Phil."

"You are," he told her, her gasps and moans coming in
rhythm to his fucking her.


Soon after the reception, the various couples went
off in different directions. It was a few days later
that Bonnie learned she wasn't the only girl from the
wedding party to have been seduced and taken by a man
that night. The Best Man, Paul took the Maid of
Honor, Anna's young sixteen-year old cousin Sally up
to his room where he seduced her and had his way with

Within a short time, Paul had Sally across the bed,
her gown pulled up and her little bikini panty off;
Sally was too d***k on wine and Champaign to realize
what he was doing before he f***efully penetrated her
virginity; Paul drove his hard thick virile malehood
into her virgin c***dhood r****g Sally's virginity.

The two Brides Maids Susan and Sarah, both fifteen
and sixteen were taken to Motels by the guys they
were with where they were seduced and ****d; and
little Katie, Bonnie's little thirteen year-old
cousin was taken out by Tom, the guy she had been
with; Tom found a secluded place outside of town to
park where he had his way with Katie and ****d her.

Meanwhile, Bonnie's mother spent the night with Uncle
Larry who had his way with her, fucking her until she
was too exhausted to have another orgasm; her father
had his way with a young eighteen year old cousin
taking her to a motel where he seduced and ****d her,
taking her virginity.

Phil thrust deep and hard in to Bonnie's tight little
c***dhood as she reached another multiple orgasm.
Bonnie began to feel the sensations of ecstasy as
Phil brought her to another orgasm. Then with a hard
thrust, he drove his malehood into her and with a
groan, he finally let go releasing his thick creamy
male juices in long thick ropes of cum in to Bonnie's
tight little c***dhood. Bonnie cried out again as she
came with Phil, his thick cream surging into her
virgin pussy.

It was early morning, just the first gray streaks of
dawn at the hotel room windows when Bonnie awoke
beside Phil. Phil slid his hands along her young
body, kissing her down to her c***dhood, then made
her spread her legs once more for him. "It's dawn my
little angle," he told her as he f***ed his hard
thick malehood into her little pussy one more time to
have his way with the girl. "You're a woman c***d
this morning."

Bonnie moaned with the feel of Phil's steel hard
thick cock thrusting into her again.

Phil had taken her twice more that night – he fucked
Bonnie twice that night and now a third time. After
he finished with her the first time he had her take
the gown off and they got into a Jacuzzi where he
fucked her again as they soaked in the big tub. Then,
as they were drying off and he gave her a sensuous
full-body rub down. The feeling of his hands moving
over her young body, soothed and relaxed her and then
made her feel good and began to turn her on.

Phil moved her on to her back, he spread her legs,
her little pussy once more vulnerable to him; he
kissed her from her neck over the swell of her
breasts, nibbling her nipples and renewing the little
dark love marks on her breasts. Then he moved down to
her waist and then her hips. He paused to kiss and
lick and caress her waist and then down to the fine
silken wedge of hair between her legs. Her pussy
throbbed with her excitement as she felt his mouth
moving down to her warm wet pussy, her juices flowing
with her anticipation that he was about to lick and
suck her c***dhood again.

Then Bonnie felt the thrilling sensation as she
moaned, the tempo of her breathing coming in gasps as
his tongue licked and probed her, his tongue was
literally ravaging her c***dhood clit until she
gasped and then let a shuddering moan with the sudden
release of her juices, her juices flowed on to his
tongue in a warm stream of her c***dhood cream.

Phil continued licking and sucking, Bonnie's slender
little hips rose and fell in rapid succession with
his tongue ravaging and r****g her. She came again.
Phil moved back up onto Bonnie then lowered himself
on to her to f***efully take her and fuck her again.

As Phil fucked her in the early twilight, he said
with a leering grin: "After this, my little angle,
whenever I call, you'll come, you understand?"

Bonnie nodded her head as she gasped, Phil drove his
hard thick male hood into her; the sensations of
being fucked during the night made her feel the need
for a man. Phil made a young woman of a girl that
night and this is what she wanted it to be like now.
Despite the experience, the girl was sore from being
fucked by Phil that night. He assured her the pain of
her first time would go away and after that she would
enjoy what he would do to her the next time they met.


Bonnie got in the house and upstairs just ahead of
her parents getting home. She had the gown off and
hung up in the closet when she heard first one then
the other arrive. She wanted to take another shower,
she took one at the hotel with Phil but she felt the
need to take another. She pulled her robe on and just
opened the door to her room when she heard them in
the living room talking – she knew both were still
d***k and still hung-over. Bonnie still felt the
effects of the of the alcohol that Phil had spiked
her sodas with; which was how Phil was able to so
easily take her and used her for his pleasure.

"Have a nice time?" her mother asked her father in a
sultry tone, as she dropped her shawl on to a chair.
She was wearing a sleeveless lavender dress with a
low cut bodice that showed a nice amount of her

Her father muttered a few slurred words as he took
his wife in his arms.

"How about you? Was he good?"

Bonnie was shocked at what she heard. It sounded like
this was all planned.

"Mmmm, he was okay. I bet you enjoyed her – her first
time, eh?"

"Mmmm, like the first time we did it. Remember?"

"How can I forget? A girl never forgets her first

Bonnie crept from her room to the top of the stairs
to look down to the living room. She watched in awe
and wonder as her parents stood in the middle of the
living room to kiss, her father kissing and nibbling
at her mother's neck as he slipped the dress strap
from a shoulder to kiss her feeling her up; his free
hand grasping her back he pulled her tightly to him,
she gasped with passion as she felt the thickness of
his engorged cock pressed against her waist.

Her mother was breathing deeply as her husband
fondled her back. Gathering the soft material of the
dress up until he could put his hand under her dress,
he lightly caressed her pussy bringing another soft
moan from her. Her mother grasped his arms as she
pressed herself against him, rubbing her pussy
against his hand and hard thick cock.

Bonnie could only imagine what her father was doing
to her mother to make her swoon and move her hips
back and forth against her father the way she did.
Bonnie had never seen her parents doing anything like
this before; it was all new to the girl.

"Take me, Dean," the woman moaned in a husky tone:
"take me... I'm still yours..."

Bonnie watched now as her father pulled her mother
over to the sofa, laid her down, her fine auburn hair
spread out over the pillow; gathering the dress to
her hips, he deftly pulled the little black bikini
panty off tossing it aside, then loosened his pants
freeing his engorged hard thick cock. Her mother
lightly gasped as he lowered himself on to her
penetrating her then with deft thrusts of his hips he
drove his cock in to her. She moaned with the
penetration then he began fucking her in long hard
strokes, the woman moaning as he went deep in to with
each thrust.

"Better than what he had done to you, eh?" he asked
in a deep thick voice, his hips rising and falling
driving his engorged cock in to her.

"Yes...oh yes...Dean don't stop... do whatever you
want to me now..."

Bonnie watched spell bound as her father fucked her
mother with lust and abandon, her mother withering
under her husband as he fucked her to an orgasm, then
another. Bonnie watched for a moment longer before
slipping back to her room. Laying across her bed she
pushed a hand in to the little panty to rub her clit
and pussy remembering now how Phil had taken and used
her that night.

Despite her soreness, Bonnie felt the need for a man
like Phil to take and use her. After a minute she
bite her lip as she came. "Oh yes, Phil... I'm yours
now..." She came again that morning, the image of
Phil fucking her for a third time that early morning
clear in her mind wishing she could feel his malehood
thrusting deep into her girlhood again.

"Oh god yes... yes I want it... I want to feel you
inside me... again!"

It was a quiet weekend, bright, sunny and a warm
early summer morning two weeks later on a Saturday.
The young girl was beginning to miss Phil wishing
he'd call or write letting her know that he still
cared for her and he'd come to take her somewhere to
make passionate love to her again.


Bonnie was going to play tennis at the municipal
tennis courts with a friend of hers from school to
take her mind off her depression. She arrived on time
but her friend, Susan had not yet arrived. A car
pulled in to the parking lot and a tall man in white
tennis shorts and tennis shirt, and white tennis
shoes got out. He looked at the courts looking for
his tennis partner also; swing his tennis racket
around for a moment loosening up.

Then he noticed the young girl sitting on a bench by
herself. He had seen her here before and about town.
He liked what he saw: Young, pretty, nice slim body,
nice small breasts; the shade of her long copper
hair; the short powder blue pleated tennis skirt and
white sleeveless pull over shirt; the perfect tennis

Bonnie glanced toward the car and the man standing
beside it in white tennis shorts, shirt and knee high
socks. Tall, tanned athletic build, short blonde
hair, she had a vague recollection he was in high
school, the local tennis pro and on the varsity
football team. She took him in a glance; she liked
what she saw; a twinge and stirring overcame her as
she gave him a quick glance then tried to look away.
Something overcame Bonnie at that moment; all
thoughts of Phil evaporated.

He glanced at his watch, looked around a moment then
walked over to sit on the bench by the tennis court
he had reserved, not happy his tennis partner was
late arriving.

He shifted a look toward the girl; she seemed to be
waiting for someone also, also probably late or
worse, a no-show. Looking around again he stood to
cross the area to where the girl sat.

"Hi, waiting for someone?" he asked getting her

Bonnie looked up surprised that he was talking to
her. She replied: "Yes, a friend, we were going to
play a set this afternoon."

He sat down beside her: "Yeah, me too. Got a big
match coming up next week and I need to get some
practice in before then."

Bonnie looked away a moment then asked: "So what are
you going to do if he doesn't show?"

He shrugged: "I don't know..." then he asked: "Hey
want to play a set? Just for the heck of it and it'll
give me some practice anyway."

Bonnie smiled and nodded her head.

They entered the court, the guy serving first, Bonnie
returning the serve with ease. About half way through
the match Bonnie realize she didn't even know his
name although she had seen him around town with one
or two girls from her class. The name had been
mentioned a couple times by girls she knew at school
but she could not recall what it was.

He liked what he saw as the young girl bounced around
her side of the court chasing the ball, returning the
serves; the whole time he watched her little skirt
flipping up showing the nice white little linen panty
she wore. He could tell she wasn't wearing a sports
bra the way her nice small breasts bounced.

The ball was returned six times before he
deliberately missed letting it go rolling across the
court. Bonnie allowed a thin smile. This was the
hardest she had played in several weeks since school
ended. The guy stood with hands on hips taking deep

"Good... good match. You're destined for the pros,"
he laughed seriously as they walked toward each
other, the net between them.

He stepped under the net, Bonnie smiled. "You don't
jump over the net?"

He laughed. His laugh was intoxicating, Bonnie
laughed with him.

"Um, the last time I tried that trick I was lying on
my face on the ground and sprained my left wrist.
Nope. I don't think so."

Holding his hand out to her she took it and they
walked to the bench to sit. "I don't think I caught
your name?"

"Bonnie," she told him with a warm smile. "And

"Richard Marlin," he replied.

Suddenly then name registered with her. Richard
Marlin had the notorious reputation as a "ladies man"
about the high school. She now knew who some of the
girls had been talking about. It was even rumored
that he had seduced one of the single women teachers
last term.

They sat on the bench, Richard started to small talk
about tennis and his ambitions to be the next McEnroe
of the tennis world. Staring in to Bonnie's emerald
eyes he leaned toward her to kiss her on the cheek.

Richard asked in a soothing tone: "You don't mind
that I kissed you?"

Bonnie shook her head as she allowed a shy smile, her
long hair slick with perspiration swished in the
slight breeze: "No."

Thoughts of Phil and how he kissed her and caressed
her that first night were still vivid in her mind as
Richard kissed her again placing an arm about her.
Gently entwining his fingers in her fine silken
copper hair, Richard drew her head back just enough
that he could kiss and nuzzle her neck. Bonnie drew
in a soft shallow breath then released it in a sigh
of delight that Richard was giving her good feelings
that flowed through her in a wash.

Richard slowly moved his other hand up her side to
cup and fondle her nice small pert breast, the
nipples were hard and erect tenting the lacy fabric
of the bra and cotton T-shirt top. He felt the little
hard nub of flesh tenting the T-shirt. Taking the
little rose bud nub in his fingers, Richard began
squeezing it bringing a sharp gasp from the girl.

Fondling her breast for a moment he continued kissing
and suckling on her neck and then her inviting mouth,
her mouth open inviting him to slide his tongue in to
taste the inside and caress the roof of her mouth.
Bonnie softly moaned with the sensation that he sent
coursing through her; she felt the stirring in her
that Phil gave her moments before laying her back on
the bed in the hotel room just a couple weeks ago.
The emotion of the moment took her breath away.

Richard parted his mouth from Bonnie's to say: "Like
that, don't you?"

Bonnie could only nod her head as Richard moved his
hand from her nipple and breast down her side to her
waist and hips to her legs. Richard made a soft noise
under his breath as he slid his hand along her legs
and thigh then slowly caressing it until he slipped
it under the hem of the short tennis skirt.

The feel of Richard's hand sliding under her little
blue tennis skirt brought back in a flash the feel of
Phil slipping his hands under the gown that night.
She drew in a shallow breath as Richard lightly slid
his fingers along her legs stopping short of her abs
and throbbing pussy. He slid his hand along her waist
feeling the outline of her little bikini panty; his
hard, thick malehood ached now with his lust and
desire for the young girl.

"Oh yes..." Bonnie sighed as Richard kissed her along
her neck and down to her heaving chest. "Mmmm..."

As their mouths met again and their tongues exchanged
caresses, Richard continued to feel Bonnie up,
fondling and caressing her pussy that seeped her
girlhood juices on to her panty. The girl
u*********sly moved her hips in rhythm with the boy's
hand as he caressed her until with a breathless gasp
she felt the hot release of her c***dhood juices.

"Ahhhh...ooooooo... I–I... came... Rich," she moaned
into his mouth as he stifled the moan of her

"Yeah you did," he told her softly as he moved his
hand to the waist band and then slid it down in to
her panty to her warm wet downy soft thatch of
girlhood hair.

The two were oblivious to their surroundings as he
slid his hard thick finger over her erect sensitive
clit bringing another cry of ecstasy from the little
girl. Within moments as Richard m*****ed the girl's
clit, the young girl cam again, her juices flowing
over his fingers.

"Damn you come easy," he said grinning devishly. He
knew then it wouldn't be hard to take her home to
fuck her.

Bonnie opened her eyes in fear that someone passing
bye would see or hear them.

She looked left and right of where they sat beside
the tennis courts. She could see the traffic passing
by on the nearby street, another couple walking
nearby had stopped under the bordering trees close to
the street to kiss; the guy had his hands all over
the girl, almost as much as Richard was doing to her.

Sensing Bonnie's sudden apprehension, he looked
around then turned to see the couple close by under
the low hanging branches of a tree, partially hidden
from view. He could see that the guy was feeling up
the girl making her moan and sigh as he slid his hand
under her short skirt until he could see a hint of
red of her little panty.

However, Richard glanced back to Bonnie then slipped
a finger into her pulsing wet pussy slowly thrusting
it in and out of her tight wet pussy. As he m*****ed
her pussy with his fingers, Richard asked: "Want to
take this someplace else that's a bit more private?"

Bonnie nodded her head in quick agreement. "Yes."

The girl knew she would not have much choice now.
Richard would have his way with her no matter what.

Taking his hand out of her panty, Richard licked her
warm juices from his fingers but avoided wiping them
on his clean white tennis shorts. Taking a towel from
the bag he carried the racket in he carefully wiped
the juices off his fingers. Picking up the tennis
rackets, he held a hand out to Bonnie helping her to
her feet he led her to his car.

As Richard turned the car around, an older car with a
full front seat, on impulse, she slid across the seat
to sit close to him. Richard allowed a faint smile
then laid his right hand on her legs and slid it
under her little tennis skirt up to her panty.

Bonnie attempted to maintain a passive face as she
let Richard slip his free hand between her legs and
fondle her wet pussy as he drove. She moved a bit but
that only encouraged Richard to caress her more.
Bonnie did not like the feel of her panty being wet
with her juices and wished she could have taken them


Shortly they arrived at a large white three story
house just off the Main Street. Richard pulled into
the gravel driveway and drove around to the back and
a standalone garage. They got out and he led her to
an outside stairs that led to an entrance on the
second level of the house.

"My private entrance," he told her with a chuckle
holding the door open for her.

Bonnie stepped inside the cool interior pausing to
look over the small efficiency type apartment that
was Richard's room. It seemed to have nearly
everything in it to include a small refrigerator.
Richard led her over to the sofa.

"Drink?" he asked her crossing the room to the

"Soda?" she replied looking around admiring the room
then noticed on the opposite wall a large plate glass
mirror; she could see her reflection the way it was

"Just orange juice, Gator Aide, and milk. Gotta be
pickie about the diet ya know."

"Orange juice then."

Bonnie's eyes were momentarily riveted to the mirror
and her reflection on the sofa.

Richard took out the large jug of orange juice to
pour her a glass. He poured a glass of the Gator Aide
then sat beside her. They talked tennis for a few
minutes Rich slipping an arm behind her feeling her
long silken hair. Pulling the girl closer to him,
Rich kissed her. Bonnie turned to face Richard as he
leaned over to kiss her.

They embraced as he ran his hands gently all along
her body. Richard let his fingertips just barely
touch her, waving them back and forth very slowly, as
though he were playing a harp made from spider silk.
Bonnie drew in a sharp breath, he held her tightly,
kissing her again.

Richard worked his way slowly down to her neck, her
shoulders, her breasts, her belly. He paused a
moment, running his hands across her skin and
pressing his face tightly to her, just enjoying the
feel of her. He pressed his lips against her, kissing
her, nibbling at her tender place to leave a small
love mark that only she would see later.

As he held her to him, he slipped his free hand down
to her waist and under the T-shirt feeling the satin
smoothness of her skin. He held her for a moment then
slowly slid his hand up to cup her breast feeling the
silken lace bra. He ran his hands under her breasts,
cupping them through the fabric of her bra. He
watched her face in the mirror over the sink, watched
his hands roaming across her body. Her lovely eyes
fluttered open, watching the mirror.

Softly moaning, Bonnie closed her eyes a moment
remembering what it felt like giving in to Phil as he
loosened her gown to fondle and caress her breasts
and then her legs gathering the dress up to her waist
and then laying her down across the bed.

The vision faded Bonnie opened her eyes as Richard
bent down to kiss her breasts; he sucked her nipples
until they hardened, and then lightly teased them
with his cheek. Not speaking, she opened her legs
allowing him access to her tender young c***dhood. He
started at her feet, and kissed her legs all the way
up to her inner thighs, and then kissed around her
swollen mound. She was moaning with pleasure as he
gently kissed and sucked her, his tongue laving her
mons until she could no longer stand it.

The girl's nipples went hard and stuck straight up,
begging: she moaned softly, and pressed herself
against him; she held him, and moaned as she felt him
grow larger; he ached now from the pressure in his
shorts: he wanted her now more than anything else. He
moaned low and hard in his throat as he cupped her
breasts, a thumb pressed over her nipple savoring its
feel while he kissed her neck and face.

The boy savored the sight of the dark shadows of her
areolas and pert nipples tenting the lacy material of
the bra. Rich squeezed and fondled the little hard
erect nipple through the lace of the bra. Slowly with
soft kisses, he moved along the girl's chest and then
to the other breast to give attention to that one;
the girl sighed with the way the boy was kissing and
fondling her.

Bonnie sighed willingly spreading her legs more as
Richard pushed his hand down to the wetness of her
c***dhood. His hand touched the thatch of hair
between her legs then the tender little nub of her
stiff clit that was aroused by Richard's fingers
m*****ing it, the girl began thrusting her hips in
response to his fingering her until she cam in a mind
wrenching orgasm. The surge of the girl's juices and
her cry of ecstasy nearly made Richard come. He slid
the finger into her pussy, feeling the wetness he
knew he would find.

His finger slid in her moist girlhood tightness
without resistance. Not a virgin. He mused, Nice.
Lucky guy whoever.

She was expecting him to enter her then, she wanted
him to enter her then, but she hesitated as he
continued to finger fuck her to another orgasm.
However, Richard sensed she was close to an orgasm;
he stopped but holding his finger inside her
c***dhood. He grinned with lust and pleasure watching
the girl; she showed a sudden sense of frustration
that he had stopped, she was close to an orgasm – she
wanted him – she wanted it – he was denying her

Pulling his hand out of her panty, Richard shook his
head, pressing her against the cushions raising her
short skirt to her waist, he mused: "God she was so
beautiful," as he ran his hand over her legs. Then
with a deft movement he turned her to lay her back on
the sofa.

Bonnie looked up at him with a sense of fear and
wonder as Richard then knelt beside her on the sofa
gazing down at this little beauty that lay beneath
him, her copper hair spread out as in a fan about her
angelic face. He slid his hands along her legs
pushing the little blue linen skirt to her waist; he
slipped his hand between her legs again feeling the
firm tender V between them and the moistness there.
She was nice and wet; he slid his hand along the nice
firmness of her pussy then grasped the waist band of
her panty starting to pull it down.

Bonnie said, her voice tinged with fear that he was
about to take her: "Richard... please... gentle!"

"You said you wanted me," he whispered, pulling the
little linen panty down her legs and tossing it
aside. He drew in a sharp breath at the sight of her
copper colored thatch of hair between her slender
thighs and the beads of moisture glistening on the
soft reddish hair: she was ready for him. Quickly
opening his shorts and pushing them down from his
hips he shifted between her legs; he leaned over the
girl, his hard thick malehood jutting out toward its
goal, he shunted forward over the girl then in a
quick thrust slid his malehood into her; he took her
in a single thrust sliding his hard cock into her.
"Now you have me."

Bonnie gasped with the penetration.

She pulled him up onto her, and he was in her. She
cried out with the pleasure of his penetration. He
was so big! They moved together, at first, slowly,
but as time went on they got faster, harder, in and
almost out again and again. Breathing in large gulps
of air, their bellies slapping,

She moaned, closing her eyes as he pumped in and out
of her. Her breathing changed, her body beginning to
shake and shudder as she approached her orgasm.
Grabbing a towel that lay close by he propped himself
up, his thick hard malehood still deep inside the
girl as she cried, he folded it lengthwise into
fourths, sliding it between her teeth to muffle her

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he held her
through the orgasm, then started pumping into her
even harder, faster, stroking her clit, making her
squirm and groan even more. When she climaxed again,
he came with her, shooting his cum deep inside her.
She came twice, a small one and then as he came in a
gush, a second, stronger. He emptied himself in the
girl letting out a low moan of pleasure and relief.
They lay together, staring up at the ceiling a
moment. She cuddled close to his warmth and he held
her tight.

"Good, eh?" he said after a moment.

Bonnie merely nodded her head. It was the "best".


Yet, still no word from Phil. Bonnie felt as if he
had abandoned her. She was reading one of her teen
magazines and an article for girls who are abandoned
by their older lovers. Basically, get over it and
move on. She finally consoled herself that she may
never hear from Phil again.

"Hi, Bonnie," male voice called to her.

Bonnie was sitting on the front stoop of the house
staring at the street and cars passing.

Dennis Shaffer was looking at her from his car.
Dennis, s*******n was the "boy down the street" whom
Bonnie had known all her life but never gave him any
real thought. They had their own friends and social
circles but never attracted to each other.

"Hi yourself. When did you get a car?"

"Yesterday. Like it?"

Dennis liked what he saw. The girl was a little
beauty. He knew she was just f******n, but for a
f******n year old girl, she was definitely nice
looking. She was wearing only denim cut down short-
shorts, a white halter top and sandals.

"Want to go for a ride?" he asked reaching across the
seat managing to open the door inviting her in.

Bonnie gave it all of thirty seconds thought then
said: "Let me make sure everything is alright and
house locked."

Soon the two were on their way across town and out to
the west suburbs and on to a road that seemed to lead
nowhere. He finally turned on to a rutted road until
he reached the edge of the grove of trees he knew
several of his friends brought their girlfriends out
here to get laid.

Bonnie looked over the area and instinctively knew
why Dennis drove all the way out here – to get a
piece of ass from her.

Dennis looked the area over a minute then spotted a
nice grass area that overlooked the reservoir.

"Let's get out and go over there under the trees," he
said to Bonnie.

Bonnie got out following Dennis over to the area the
grass which was lush and soft. They sat down finally
Dennis put his arm around Bonnie drawing her closer
to him.

Bonnie reluctantly let Dennis draw her closer to him.
He kissed her on the temple then the cheek; turning
her head toward him he kissed her on the mouth,
making her to open her mouth so he could slide his
tongue in brushing it against the bridge of her

Slowly, he leaned her back until she was lying in the
grass. His right hand brushed her small full firm
breast, feeling it, savoring the feel, tweaking the
small erect nipple; the girl finally moaned as Dennis
slipped his hand inside her halter top to feel her
breast and nipple.

"Like that?" he softly asked. As if there was anyone
around to hear him.

Bonnie nodded her head; Dennis fingered her nipple
bringing a sigh from the girl. His cock was hard and
thick. Bonnie closed her eyes letting Dennis have his
way with her that afternoon. The boy was turning her
on. She still wanted Phil but even after her brief
affair with Richard she felt sexually unsatisfied.
Phil had awakened something in her she wanted and
needed, Richard lacked and maybe Dennis, but they
managed to fulfill.

Dennis unhooked the front snaps of the halter top
opening the top exposing the girl's beautiful
breasts. The little nipples were set atop pick
areoles. He drew in a breath leaning over the girl to
kiss and suck her chest and breasts. The little
nipples now stood erect and proud as the boy seemed
to worship her body.

Bonnie opened her eyes glancing up at Dennis as he
kissed her breasts down to her stomach. He kissed her
body fumbling with the snap to her shorts; opening
her shorts he smiled. The girl felt the wetness
between her legs. She was becoming aroused the boy
playing with her. She was enjoying what he was doing
to her, his hands on her body, caressing and fondling
her. Sliding his hand into her open shorts he glanced
down to see the little blue bikini panty.

He was almost home with the girl; his young boy hood
cock hard and stiff. Bonnie smiled as she felt his
hand moving in to her open shorts and to the tender
vee between her legs. She opened her legs giving
Dennis access to her throbbing young pussy. It either
let a boy have what he wanted, or she pleasured
herself at home and still get little satisfaction
from what she did to herself.

Dennis slid his hand in to Bonnie's shorts until he
felt the moistness of her pussy juices. Moving his
middle finger up and down her pussy he felt her erect
and hard little clit. He worked it for a minute until
she gasped, crying: "Ohh, ohhh!" her hips moving up
and down as he kept up the action on her young pussy.

The boy moved himself back and forth as if he were
fucking the young girl. He moaned with the need for
relief soon as he rubbed and caressed her pussy.
Bonnie arched her back in sudden release as the
orgasm hit her, the juices surging from her pussy.
Dennis moved his hand to the panty's waist band and
down to the girl's wet pussy feeling the little
thatch of downy hair between her legs. He began
fingering her pussy feeling the opening penetrating
her sliding his finger into her, the feeling of her
wetness and nice tight pussy nearly made him cum

Bonnie drew in a breath as she felt Dennis
penetrating her. She closed her eyes again
remembering the first time Phil penetrated her with
his finger, touching her virgin cherry. He slide his
finger in and out of her touching and fondling her
little clit until she came, her virgin juices flowing
on to his hand, then came the moment as he thrust his
malehood into her taking her virginity making a young
woman of her that night.

Withdrawing his finger, Dennis tugged at her panties
and shorts until he had them off her tossing them
aside. Bonnie was vulnerable to the boy's lust and
desire for her; he wanted to use her for himself. He
quickly loosened his pants shoving them and his
briefs down, his hard thickened cock jutted at the
girl, positioning himself to drive his hard thick
cock into the girl. Bonnie gasped as Dennis
penetrated her; he slid his cock in to the girl. He
quickly realized Bonnie wasn't virgin, but that
didn't bother him, he'd already taken three young
girls in the junior high who were virgin.

Bonnie was still nice and tight trusting in to her
then slowly pulled out, slowly pushing in alternating
getting the feel of her nice and tight pussy gripping
his young cock. Bonnie wrapped her arms about Dennis
moving her hips with him as he set the pace; she
enjoyed the feeling of being fucked again.

The boy set a steady rhythm fucking, driving his
boyhood in and out of the girl. Bonnie met Dennis'
pace as he drove his boyhood in to her until he could
hold back no longer: "Oh," he moaned emptying his cum
into Bonnie: "Yes, yeah baby!" She moaned with the
release of her own orgasm arching her back with the
pleasure Dennis gave her for the moment.


A month passed before Bonnie received a card in the
mail. She was beginning to think Phil had moved on to
another girl or woman forgetting about her. The
regrets of that first night with a man left her
emotionally empty. Yet, there had been Richard. She
spent two more weekends at his apartment. Despite
what she let Richard and Dennis do to her, the girl
could not forget Phil, and Richard. But Richard like
his kind, was already bored with the girl.

However, there was hardly a night that went by that
Bonnie did not cry herself to sl**p thinking about
Phil and the night he took her c***dhood; yet,
sometimes images of Richard would overshadow Phil.
She would lay there on her bed staring at the ceiling
feeling confused as to who she wanted for her lover.
Almost every night she had dreams about Phil and that
night of illicit love making in the hotel room.

Bonnie would fall asl**p remembering with vivid
detail the feel of his hands on her young body making
her feel good, the first penetration of his finger
into her virgin c***dhood, her first orgasm as he
m*****ed her clit bringing her to another before
taking her; the erotic feel of his fingers grasping
the waistband of her little silk panty pulling it off
her; she was vulnerable to him as he went down
between her legs to suck and lick on her throbbing
c***dhood; then another hot climax as she stifled the
cries of ecstasy.

The young girl lay breathless in her bed, her juices
wetting her from the memory of Phil making a young
woman of her that night, the sensation of his hard
thick malehood as it penetrated her, his f***eful
thrust deep into her, the moment of searing pain as
he took her cherry. She willingly gave in, letting
Phil take her virginity – she would never forget that
night nor letting Phil be her first. But, there was
still Richard and Dennis who satisfied her needs as
she satisfied theirs.

Bonnie had gotten home before her parents and picked
up the mail. There was the card from Phil. Bonnie
nearly cried as she rushed up to her room nervously
finding a letter opener; she slit the envelope open,
perspiration beaded her forehead and chest as she
took the card out. It was a romantic card showing the
silhouettes of a young couple embracing: Bonnie had a
vision of Phil embracing her like that again.

Opening the card she read the lines and the hand
written note with the address of a motel where he
would meet her in two weeks. Bonnie reread the date
and time to assure there was no misunderstanding. He
wrote the date, time, and motel where she was to meet
him on a Saturday noon. In a short love letter he
included what he wanted her to wear to that date: A
dark satin button down blouse; a black velvet mini-
skirt, sheer black nylon bikini panty, and sheer
black lace bra, and the high heel sandals she wore at
the wedding.

Bonnie was thrilled. She would be there no matter

That night, she had dreams of her new lover; she
moaned with the pleasure and ecstasy of Phil taking
her for his, as she fantasized, she felt the
pleasurable seeping of her girlhood juices. She
imagined him with her, his hands caressing her young
body, she spread her legs for him, his hand between
them fondling and caressing her throbbing pussy –
Phil had made a woman of a little c***d; she moaned
taking pleasure in the sensation of her multiple

Her juices flowed on to her fingers, her hips
thrusting up and down; Bonnie reached the peak of her
climax, then, in a warm surge of her juices she was
floating on a pink cloud of passionate emotions. She
could only imagine the feeling of Phil's cock
thrusting deep into her just as he did it that
Saturday night so many weeks before.

Now, he would be only a few days away – she was ready
and willing to give him what he desired of her.

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