Natalie was in the kitchen pouring herself a cup of coffee as
son, Mark, came in the back door. Seeing his mother like that,
bundled in that towel, casued a stir in his groin. Without turning,
rebuked him, ‘You’re late, Mark!’ Turning around quickly to
him caused her towel to flap wildly upward allowing him a
fleeting glimpse of
her blond-haired groin.

‘Sorry, mom,’ he apologized. ‘I was at Dave’s and I guess
the time just slipped by.’
Grabbing both his arms, she again
rebuked him. ‘You guess?’
‘I said I was sorry,’ he
pleadingly apologized pulling free from
her grasp. Pushing open the
door, he remarked, ‘I’ll go and change.’
Natalie jerked his arm
back causing his hand to brush against her
covered breast. ‘Oh no you
don’t!’ She angrily blurted. ‘I sure as
hell don’t want you dripping on
my carpet! That swimming suit comes off in here, young
‘But mom,’ he protested pulling free of her grasp.

She glared at him. ‘No buts, young man. You either
lose that
suit or you spend eternity in here.’ Noticing her son’s
hesitation, she simply asked, ‘Worried about running into your
s****r?’ As he nodded sheepishly, his mother continued, ‘Hey,
problem. You can borrow my towel.’
Mark looked at
his mother. Was she serious? Would she actually
let him borrow
her towel? Did she realize, if she did give it to him,
she’d be
allowing him to see her unclothed? Trying not to seem anxious, he asked,
‘Are you serious?’

Sipping her coffee she sat down at the table, and grinned an
answer, ‘Absolutely.’ Looking at him the way she was he was sure
could see his hardening penis clearly outlined against the thin red
fabric. ‘Now get that suit off,’ she ordered. Seeing her son’s
hesitation, she added, ‘I need some insentive, honey. Tell you what, you
take off that wet suit and I’ll give you my towel. Okay?’ Looking at
him she smiled seeing her son’s full erection clearly defined. With a
sexual smirk, she said, ‘Come closer so I don’t miss anything.’

Stepping almost into her lap, he wondered if she was putting
on the spot. Sure, he’d take off his suit and then she’d boot
out smack into his s****r. ‘Well, what the hell,’ he thought and

slipping his hands into the waistband he saw a hint of excitement in
mother’s eyes and, as she bent down practically kissing the suit, he could just
see the tops of her breasts. Sliding the suit off caused his flaying
erection to slap her in the face. ‘Sorry, mom.’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ she said as he stepped back.
Getting up she looked intently at the member sticking out in front of her
‘Gee honey,’ she commented with a smile. Taking a sip of coffee
for courage, she untied the knot in her towel. Just as she was about to
hand it to him, she jerked it back not even allowing her son a
Teasingly, she said, clutching the towel tightly against herself, ‘Go
ahead and take it.’

Mark stepped forward and, slipping his hands under the towel,
his mother’s breasts and, tweaking her nipples, yanked it off. He
smiled at, at last, seeing her breasts. As she looked down at
hardon, he noticed her nipples begin to swell up. However, he
possess the towel. He looked at her and noticed the towel was
clenched tightly against her crotch. Without hesitation his hand went
under it and, as his hand felt her hairy forest he smiled, and jerked off the

Natalie stumbled into him, due to the sudden jerk, and her
nipples grazed his lips just as his hard penis jammed against her blond
triangle. Regaining her footing, she apologized, ‘Sorry,
Mark shrugged it off. Here she was, his own
mother, completely
unclothed in front of him, her twelve year old son.
He admired her
body seeing, due to the lightness of her blond hair, just a
hint of her slit, and commented, ‘Gee, mom, you’re pretty.’

Suddenly hearing her daughter’s footfalls on the stairs, she picked up the
towel. ‘You better let me put this on you. Kim’s coming.’
Girding him with the towel, taking liberty to figorously stroke her son’s penis,
and folding it up under the towel she felt
pre-cum moisture.
Withdrawing her hand she licked it off. ‘Umpth,
not bad.’ She
went to get another cup of coffee just as Kim entered.

As his s****r entered the kitchen Mark saw that she was wearing her
silk robe. Being tightly tied about her it actenuated her developing
figure and Mark could just make out the outline of her small breasts. Upon
entering Kim noticed her b*****r in the towel and stared at the elongated
bump. As she sat down at the table she nudged her hand against it as
Natalie sat down quickly putting a bowl of pretzels on the table.
Looking at Mark, with an inquisitive look, she asked,
‘What you got hiding
under the towel, dear b*****r?’
‘Don’t be so nosey, dear,’
Natalie interjected. And winking at Mark, she added with a giggle, ‘I know
but I’m not telling.’
‘Okay fine then,’ Kim shot back looking at
her mother as she ate a pretzel. Noticing her mother’s naked breasts, she
sighed, ‘Oh mom.’
Being curious, she dropped a pretzel. ‘Oh geez, I
dropped a pretzel,’
she blurted out and bent under the table to pick it
up. As she did
Natalie quickly spread her legs apart affording her
daughter a view of
her pubic forest. Returning topside, she blushed,
and said, ‘Oh.’

As Mark sat down at the table Natalie went for another cup of
coffee. Staring at Kim he wondered what she looked like under that
robe. Hoping to catch just a mere glimpse under it he went to
get some
soda. As he gave her a soda she decided to cross her legs and,
deliberately lifting her leg high, he saw her fuzzy, sparsely-haired mound
plainly seeing his s****r’s slit. He straddled his chair with his legs on
either side of it.
Grabbing another pretzel, Kim suddenly said,
‘Shit, I dropped another one!’ Bending under the table to pick it up she
looked in her b*****r’s direction. Eating the pretzel she grabbed another
and just smiled at her b*****r. He grinned back at her and she knew
he knew that she had seen under the towel.

Natalie sipped her coffee and turned around. Putting her
on the counter, and spreading her legs, allowed her c***dren to
her pussy lips. ‘What say we all go into the living
‘Yeah,’ Kim replied. ‘First one gets the lounge
chair.’ Both Kim and Mark bolted for the door. Arriving at the door
at the same time his hand brushed against the bumps in her robe and slipping
under his arm, she pushed the door open and sprinted for the lounge
Natalie came in shamelessly sprawling on the couch as Kim
jumped into the chair. Mark sat down next to his mother and looked with
envy at his s****r. With her legs slightly apart she jerked the handle to
recline. Doing so allowed Mark a fleeting glimpse of the entrance hole to
his s****r’s vaginal cavity. ‘Please Mark,’ she pleaded as she looked over
at him, ‘please let me see you without the towel.’
‘Go ahead,
honey,’ Natalie prodded. ‘I dare you.’
Getting up he went over
to the lounge chair, and looking down at her, asked, ‘Gonna show me what you’re
‘Setting conditions, are we, Mark?’ She asked
stroking the covered bump in the towel. She smiled up at him as he looked
at that tight silk robe, and added, ‘Oh, what the hell, why not. But only
one condition though,’ he looked at her wondering what it could be, as she set
her condition, ‘I get to remove the towel and you, dear b*****r, can take off
this robe.’

Natalie interrupted and called Mark over to the couch.
Grabbing his neck she pulled him down. As she whispered in his ear he
massaged her pubic mound probbing a finger into his mother’s vaginal
cavity. Kim was straining to hear what was being said as Natalie let Mark
go and, readjusting the towel patted his covered butt, said,
Making his way back to the lounge chair, he stopped
midway and,
turning his head, winked at his mother. ‘Hey, Kim,’ he
said. As she looked up he strutted, causing the toweled bump to sway back
and forth, upto the lounge chair. Putting one hand on the sash of his
s****r’s robe he grabbed her hand with the other. Shoving her hand under
the towel he quickly removed his hand, putting it on the farther lapel of her
robe nudging her breast in the process. Meanwhile as Kim felt her
b*****r’s balls and hard shaft he slowly slipped his hand under her robe palming
her pussy. Looking at his mother, who nodded, he yanked the lapel pulling
off his s****r’s robe as he pulled away sliding her hand on his dick. Both
the robe and the towel came off at the same time.

Mark surveyed his s****r’s thirteen year old body as she
at that thing between his legs that was sticking out. As she put
a hand on the arm rest he came back upto the chair sliding his balls against her
hand as he gently massaged her small breasts. As she slid her hand on his
dick he felt her nipples swell. As he bent down to lick her pouty nipples
she felt pre-cum moisture.
Feeling the moisture, and his
tongue on her nipples, she breathed a sigh of es**tasy, ‘Oh,
Natalie joined them as Kim gently continued
stroking Mark’s hard shaft. As Mark explored his tongue downward he licked
her clit which caused to sigh heavily with delight. Grabbing her
daughter’s hand, noticing that her son’s penis was slippery, she cautioned
‘Stop now Kim,’ as she pulled her hand off. Lifting Mark’s head
she probbed her daughter’s vaginal opening, rimming it with her finger.
Kim squirmed against the pleasant intrusion, Natalie sighed with
delight, ‘Oh
sweetheart, you’re so wet.’ Withdrawing her finger, she added, noticing
her son’s dick was glistening with moisture its entire length, she whispered
sexually, ‘Oh sweetheart, let Mark put his penis inside you.’

Kim looked at her mother, and breathing heavily, her chest
rising and falling rapidly heaving her hard nippled little breasts,
‘Oh, mother, please, please let me feel my b*****r inside me.’

As Natalie helped Mark on top of his s****r he could feel
heaving breasts against his chest. Grabbing her son’s hard shaft
and, rimming it against her daughter’s pussy lips, slipped it slowly into her
sex cavity. She whispered, ‘Mark, enjoy the sensation. Do it slow.’

As Natalie slipped his dick into Kim he felt the
tightness of her vaginal muscles against his penetrating penis. Pumping
slowly, penetrating his s****r deeper with every stroke, he felt a strange
sensation in his groin. Kim sighed in es**tized delight as she,
felt a strange moist sensation on her vaginal walls as Mark
deeper and deeper into his s****r.
Natalie grabbed her
son’s nuts and, massaging them gently, felt them tighten up as he started to
breathe heavily, along with his s****r. Natalie, utterly delighted, felt
his balls constrict as he streamed hot cum into his s****r’s tight little pussy
her just as she moistened his shaft. As both came, they
sighed together, ‘Oh, mother, oh mother.’
As Natalie helped Mark
off his s****r, she sighed, ‘Oh, mother,
I loved it, oh mother, I loved

Meanwhile Mark stood up still breathing heavily and looking at
his s****r still heaving her pert little breasts, he sighed, ‘Oh, mom,
so tight, so lovely.’
‘You both are,’ Natalie commented.
Grabbing Mark’s hand she rimmed
her vaginal opening with his finger. As
Kim got out of the chair
Natalie pulled her son down to the floor with
her. As he probbed her pussy she fondled him, stroking his penis
erect. As Kim watched, she withdrew his finger and slipped his, again
erect, hard shaft into her
vaginal cavity.
As he
pumped his shaft hard, deep, into his mother’s pussy he could feel she wasn’t as
tight as Kim’s pussy was. As he pumped faster Kim massaged her mother’s
breasts sucking on her hard nipples.
Suddenly Natalie sighed loudly, ‘Oh god,
don’t stop! Please don’t stop!’ Mark pumped his hard shaft deep into
his mother as Kim sucked harder on her mother’s nipples. As Mark felt his
balls tighten he pumped faster. As he felt himself about to cum he grabbed
his s****r’s tits massaging them roughly. As he kissed his mother she drew
him tighter sucking his lips against hers. Squirming in es**tasy she could
feel that sexual something she hadn’t felt in a long time. Mark felt his
balls tighten and as he streamed a load of his hot cum into his mother’s pussy
she convulsed in es**tasy tightening her vaginal cavity against her son’s penis,
soaking the penis impaling her with her, almost endless, cum.

It had been so long that she had felt a penis inside her she
continued to hump it, milking her son’s penis dry. After she could
no more cum moistening her vagina she withdrew her son’s penis.

All three sat down on the couch. Mark took turns licking, and even
sucking, their tits as he massaged and probbed their vaginal cavities. As
Natalie and Kim took turns fondling his balls, they
alternated stroking and
sucking his penis. Suddenly all three came.
Natalie and Kim soaked his
hand with their cum as they, both stroking
his penis, saw his white cum shoot
into the air. Swaying his penis,
they both felt the hot cum on their
Natalie went to get another cup of coffee as Mark kissed
his s****r deeply, sighing, ‘I love you, Kim.’ He fondled her breasts and
massaged her pussy.
Meanwhile Kim, as her b*****r kissed her,
fondled his unerect penis and balls, and sighed, ‘I love you too,
Mark.’ Upon entering the living room, sipping her coffee, Natalie saw her c***dren on the couch. Almost spilling her coffee, she exclaimed,
‘Oh, my! What have we here?’ Not wanting to be left out of the shenanigans, she set her coffee on an end table and came over to the
couch deliberately nudging Kim who turned her head with a jerk. As she approached the couch Natalie spread her legs a little for support,
and the sudden jerk of her daughter’s head, caused Kim to lick her mother’s blond triangle which caused a shivering tremble to engulf
Natalie’s body. Sliding her tongue on her mother’s slit caused Natalie to cry out as her daughter’s tongue found her clit. Darting
her tongue against the engorged clit caused Natalie to cry out in sheer es**tasy, ‘Oh, god, Kim, don’t stop! Please don’t stop!’
Continuing to lick, darting her tongue against Natalie’s clit, caused her to breathe heavily. Mark, seeing the es**tasy of his mother, bent over and started darting his tongue against her
nipples, sucking them to full hardness.

Sensing satisfaction Mark slid his
hand against her pubic forest, trying not to disturb his s****r, and slowly massaged his mother’s pubic mound. Rimming her vaginal opening
with a finger he slowly pumped it into her feeling her vaginal walls tighten against the finger that impaled her.
Natalie bent down a little more and, spreading her legs further apart, allowed her son deeper penetration as she palmed her hand against her daughter’s sparsely-haired pussy. Sliding her finger along her slit she found Kim’s love nud and rubbed her finger hard
against it causing her to squirm in delight and cry out. Meanwhile,
Natalie fondled Mark’s penis, and testicles, soon bringing it back to
full hardened erection. As she stroked her closed hand against his member, massaging the head with her fingers, she slid her finger downward rimming her daughter’s vaginal opening. Slowly she slipped the finger into Kim and pumped it deeper.
Suddenly the doorbell rang! Natalie pulled away quickly, blurting
out in disgust, ‘Who the hell could that be!?’ She cautioned Kim and
Mark into the kitchen as she donned her daughter’s silk robe.

it quickly about herself, she opened the door. ‘Oh, hi.’
‘Sorry to bother you, Mrs. Evans. But I just thought Kim would like to play cards or something.’ Seeing the top of her breasts and, looking down she saw a hint of pussy hair that rimmed her vaginal cavity, Tammy remarked, ‘Isn’t your robe kind of small, Mrs. Evans?’
‘Well, sweety, I’m sorry about that,’ Natalie answered quickly,
‘it’s all I could find quickly when you rang the bell.’ Stepping aside to allow Tammy to pass, she said simply, ‘Come in sweety.’ As
Natalie bent down to close the door Tammy could plainly see her size 34Cs with their hardened, erect nipples. ‘Kim’s in the kitchen with her b*****r, sweety.’ As Tammy made her way through the room, Natalie
grabbed her arm, causing her hand to palm against an exposed breast.
Tammy blushed embarrassment as Natalie caught a glimpse of her orange-
sized breasts under the loose-fitting halter top.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Kim and Mark were sitting at the table
drinking sodas and snacking on pretzels.

‘I wonder who that could be?’ Kim asked as she ate a pretzel.
‘Sounds a little like Tammy, s*s,’ Mark answered slurping his soda. Feeling somewhat frisky, he blurted out without thinking,
‘Maybe Tammy’d like to play.’
Taking a sip of soda, Kim commented casually, ‘Don’t be frisky, Mark. I don’t think she’s that kind of girl. If you know what I mean.’
Mark grinned at her and, getting up, quickly shot back with a wide
grin, ‘Maybe she is.’ He came around the table, not necessarily for
convenience but just to get a glimpse of his s****r’s practically bald
pussy mound, and strolled toward the door. Kim quickly grabbed his
hand as he walked past causing him to blurt out, in a whisper, as it
flattened against her breast, ‘Gee, s*s, you got nice tits.’
As he was facing her she took the opportunity and stroked the erect penis that afforded itself to her as he massaged his s****r’s
tits tweeking her nipples causing them to become more pronounced.
Sliding his other hand downward slowly, against her chest and belly,
he soon encountered her groin. Slowly he massaged his s****r’s pussy.
‘I must say, sweety,’ Natalie whispered with an approving smile,
‘you got nice round looking breasts.’ Sitting down on the couch hastily caused her robe to open a little more.

Looking at Tammy, she
simply asked, ‘Can I see them?’
Tammy looked at Natalie seeing more of her breasts and could just make out her slit framed by the light blond hair. She smiled, answering, ‘Now come on, Mrs. Evans, I just want to play cards with Kim.’
Again starting for the kitchen, Natalie said, ‘I wouldn’t go in
there if I were you.’
Tammy turned with a start, affording Natalie a good view of her
swaying breasts, remarking, ‘And why not? It’s not like they’re naked
or anything like that.’ She noticed the grin on Natalie’s face, and
exclaimed in a whisper, ‘Oh, wow!’


‘Come on now, sweety,’ Natalie said as she looked at that loose
fitting top, ‘won’t you just let me see your lovely breasts?’
Natalie’s eyes gleamed with excitement as Tammy started to unbutton
it, ‘Well, maybe. Afterall, Mrs. Evans, what’s the real harm? Aren’t
we both girls?’
Natalie nodded, getting up from the couch, as Tammy removed the
top. Approaching Tammy, she commented, as she palmed her hands against the little girl’s exposed breasts, ‘Gee, sweety, nice and firm.’
Tammy didn’t seem to mind Natalie’s hands on her breasts, actually
enjoying it.

Just as Natalie began to carress her nipples, causing
them to swell up instantly, Tammy slipped her hands against the almost
exposed breasts of the woman in front of her. Doing so caused the robe to part completely affording her a complete view of Mrs. Evans’
body. Feeling somewhat bold, actually excited, she slipped a hand
toward the blond forest.
Just as her hand grazed against its upper fringes, Natalie pulled her hand away, rebuking, ‘Oh, no, you don’t sweety.’ Stepping backwards she commented, ‘Just let me see what you got.’ Crossing her
arms thereby hiding her breasts from Tammy, she stanced a pelvic thrust, and stood there, glaring at Tammy, wondering, anticipating, what could be under the pants. ‘Come on now, sweety,’ she whispered,
a little excitement in her voice, ‘I bet you got a pretty pussy. Don’t you, Tammy?’
‘Well,’ Tammy answered, somewhat embarrassed by her blunt remark,
‘I never really thought much about it.’ Looking at Natalie, who had by now discarded the robe completely, she added, ‘Mine has darker hair, you know.

And maybe you won’t see too much.’
Meanwhile Kim was wondering, ‘I wonder what could be going on in
there,’ as she ate a pretzel.
‘Yeah, I’m curious too, Kim,’ Mark said, slurping his soda,
‘I mean, if it is Tammy, and I’m sure it is, well, afterall, it’s
been a good ten minutes since she got here. Wonder what’s going
‘Don’t always be so nosey, b*o,’ Kim shot back in a rebuking tone
of voice, ‘maybe mom’s just talking to her. Afterall, Mark, you know
that mom likes her and all, and well, maybe, she just wants to talk.’
Thinking a moment, licking her tongue against the rim of the glass and
wetting it against the soda, she sipped deeply, adding, ‘Let’s just
let mom talk. Okay?’
Disappointingly Mark sat down, sighing, ‘Yeah, I guess.’
‘Well, Tammy,’ Natalie replied as she looked at the tight blue jeans, ‘even so, I’d really like to see your lovely pussy.’ Looking
her in the eye, she winked, adding, ‘Come on, sweety, please. Let me
judge, for myself, if it’s actually something to look at . .

. and
‘Oh, Mrs. Evans,’ Tammy shot back quickly, ‘you’re so funny.’ She
undid the button, adding, rather bluntly, not believing what she was
saying, ‘It’s just a pussy. Not much to see really.’ As she started to unzip her jeans, she continued, ‘I mean, you know, boys probably
have more to see than us girls do.’
Natalie laughed, remarking, ‘Oh, sweety, they sure do. Believe me
they do.’


Undoing the zipper slowly downward, Tammy slighted a comment, ‘I’d
sure like to see a boy sometime. Maybe I could even .

. .’
Tammy didn’t finish the statement but Natalie knew what she was
hinting at and, laughing heartily causing her breasts to flop wildly,
continued Tammy’s comment with a grin, ‘play with it. Hell, sweety,
you can even lick it, and suck on it, just like a tootsie roll pop.’
Since Tammy was somewhat high waisted the zipper seemed to be endless as she continued sliding it slowly downward, she brightened
up, smiling, ‘Oh, wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!’ Suddenly she
blurted out in disgust, ‘Shit, shit, fuckshit! My zipper’s stuck.
Shit. This always happens.’
Natalie came to her aid. ‘Let me help you, dear.’ Sticking her
hands quickly into the blue jeans she felt a fuzzy forest. ‘Gee,
sweety,’ she remarked, ‘I see you don’t wear panties.’
‘No, I don’t,’ she quickly replied, ‘I don’t like the way they

They always rub me.’
As Natalie helped her out of the blue jeans she looked at the black
fuzzy forest barely able to make out her slit, she commented, as she
rubbed a hand against the fuzzy black mound, ‘Gee, honey, you’re growing quite a little forest here, aren’t you?’
Not wanting to feel left out, Tammy rubbed a hand against the naked
woman’s blond forested triangle, commenting, ‘Yeah, I know. Hell, it’s almost like yours.’
Natalie just smiled and, watching the nipples of this f******n year
old girl swell up and stick out prominantely, rimmed her pussy entrance with her finger causing Tammy to squirm slightly. Natalie
embraced her, drawing her in tight, causing the girl’s lips to graze her nipples, and called out, ‘Hey Mark, can you bring me another cup
of coffee? Kim, you too, bring some sodas and the pretzels.’
As Mark and Kim entered with the stuff, Mark noticed Tammy’s firm
little ass as his mother jiggled her butt with her hands. Kim was
surprized at what she saw. Afterall she never thought Tammy, her best friend, and kind of an old fashioned prude at that, would even
consider letting a boy, even her b*****r, chance seeing her like that.
Mark set the coffee on an end table and slowly approached his mother and Tammy, glaring at the firm tight butt. Natalie saw his
firm hard dick swaying as he approached and, nodding, slipped a knee
in between Tammy’s legs spreading them apart.

Stepping back a little,
holding onto Tammy tightly, caused her to bend over thereby affording
Mark a clear view of her pussy opening framed against her thighs.
Mark touched her legs with his pre-cummed dick causing a drip of
moisture against them as he rimmed his penis against the spread lips
of Tammy’s pussy. As he pumped it slowly into her small tight cavity,
she squirmed at the impalement, sighing a cry of pain. Mark, trying not to hurt her too much, slowly pumped the head of his moistened stick into her deeper and deeper. As he pumped his penis he fondled her breasts as Natalie rubbed the black forest earnestly fingering Tammy’s clit.
Kim was getting excited as she played with her own body, masturbating her pussy to a full climax just as Tammy climaxed her
wet cum against the erect penis that intruded her pussy as Mark
drenched Tammy’s vaginal cavity with hot cum which dripped out running
down her legs.
Meanwhile, being bent over the way she was, Tammy had ample access
to the blond forest in front of her. She slowly massaged Natalie’s
forested mound rimming her finger against the moist pussy lips. Slowly she impaled it into Natalie, pumping it deeper as Mark pumped his hardened shaft into her pussy.

All four, climaxing at the same time, breathed heavily with cries of sheer es**tasy.
As Kim and Mark sat down on the couch Natalie and Tammy came over
to them. Mark glared at their bodies noticing that Tammy’s tits were
somewhat bigger than his s****r’s and that she had more hair, though
somewhat fine, between her thighs which formed a really cute little
black triangle. As he wiped his penis with the robe he reached out rubbing his hand against the blond and black haired forests presented in his direction.
Tammy just stared at that shaft with balls as Mark spread his legs.
She reached out and fondled his balls sliding her closed hand upward
against his penis, she excitedly remarked, ‘Gee, so this is what I felt. Wow, yours is nicer than mine. I never thought it could be
like this. Gee it sure is hard.’ Thinking a minute she remembered what she had been told about the tootsie roll pop.

She knelt down and
licked the erect penis. As her tongue grazed the tip of his penis,
Mark squirmed a little causing her to swallow it. Tammy seemed to know what to do as she slowly slid her lips against the penis in her
mouth, glancing her tongue, periodically, against the tip.
As Mark was getting turned on he fondled her bouncing tits with one hand as he impaled his s****r with a finger. Natalie knelt down
to caress the black forest as she massaged her own pussy. Tammy slid
her hand against Mark’s testicles, fondling them gently. As Natalie
rimmed the pussy lips, framed by the black fuzz, she felt wetness and pumped her finger up and in.

She immediately felt the tightness of
the cavity just as Tammy could feel that Mark’s balls were starting to tighten up. Suddenly Mark erupted a stream of cum into her mouth
as she trembled in climax against the impaling finger deep in her pussy. Meanwhile Mark could feel his s****r’s vaginal muscles tightening against his finger and, as she shivered in delight, drenched his finger with her cum. As Natalie had been fingering herself she felt that tingle and moistened her hand with her cum. Hey,’ Natalie inquired as she got up, ‘does anyone want some soda?’
Almost immediately Kim and Mark chimed in, ‘Yeah, mom.’
‘Okay then, I’ll be right back,’ she said as she started for the

Tammy ran toward Natalie. Grabbing her arm caused Natalie to stop
abruptly and she was grazed on her thigh by the girl’s prickly bush.
‘Do you have any ginger ale?’ Tammy asked as she put her arm around
Natalie’s waist.
‘Sure, sweety,’ Natalie answered as she cupped the girl’s vaginal
mound. Together they went to the kitchen. All the while Natalie kept her hand on Tammy’s mound and felt the undulations as she walked.
Mark had seen what had gone on and remarked, ‘Gee, mom’s sure
frisky. Ain’t she, Kim?’
‘Oh that? I really didn’t notice,’ Kim replied looking at her b*****r’s flacid penis. As she stared at it, she slipped her hand
toward it.

Sparking it back to full erection didn’t take long. Moving her head toward it, she looked up at Mark. ‘Do you mind?’
Seeing no objection she licked the head of his penis, sending a shiver throughout his body, and slowly swollowed the full shaft.
As his s****r tightened her lips on his hardened shaft, he slipped
a hand toward her pussy. Ever so gently he rubbed her mound, slid his
finger slowly down the slit, and pumped his finger into his s****r.
This caused her to pump her mouth faster on his shaft whereby he
jerked his finger quickly against his s****r’s vaginal walls, impaling
it deeper with each stroke. This caused her to sigh in es**tasy.
Unable to hold back any longer Mark erupted his hot cum into her mouth
and she had no choice but to swollow all of it. Within seconds of his
ejactualation she let his finger feel her warm cum.
Tammy returned to the living room with a tray of soda as Natalie
set some popcorn on the coffee table.

Looking over at her c***dren,
she commented, ‘Geez, leave them alone for minute.’
Embarrassed, Kim looked up at her mother. ‘I didn’t . . .’
‘Hey,’ Natalie answered quickly, cutting her off, ‘I don’t care,
honey.’ Thinking a minute, she had a real sexy thought. Taking a
handful of popcorn she laid down on the floor and cascaded the popcorn
over her body. ‘Anybody want some popcorn?’ She asked as she saw their eyes look on in wonder.

‘Come and get it.’ A wild thought shot
through her mind and she added, ‘And you can’t use your hands.’
The c***dren looked at each other. They all smiled at each other as they knew full well what that would entail. Kim surveyed her mother with the popcorn all over her body, and asked, ‘Mark, why don’t
you go first.’

Mark knelt down, looking at where the popcorn was. Slowly he
kissed her breasts, licked her nipples, and ate the popcorn. Glancing
downward he noticed more popcorn. Quickly he gobbled the popcorn near her navel and quickly moved toward the remaining popcorn nustled
in his mother’s pubic forest.

He opened his mouth wide so he could get all of the delight and got all of the treat in one huge gulp. As
he started to get up, he chanced his tongue against her lips tasting
the sweet nectar of his mother’s loins. He grinned up at her as he got up.
With more popcorn added, both Kim and Tammy had the pleasure of
satisfying their hunger. Both of the girls delighted at the thought
of getting the popcorn off her body and thoroughly enjoyed every second of the ordeal. Heck, it wasn’t that easy to do which the girls soon found out. They soon realized that Mark had some difficulty, too, but did his best.
Suddenly the doorbell rang and Natalie jumped up off the floor as
all three c***dren noticed the titty bounce.

‘Who’s that? And at
this hour?’ Natalie asked.
Kim and Mark, a little embarrassed by the thought of a stranger
seeing them as they were, sat down on the couch, quickly covering up
with the afghan. Kim said, ‘Mom, you should really put something on
before you answer the door.’
Natalie grinned at her daughter and went to the front door. ‘Who
is it?’
A male voice came through the wooden door. ‘It’s Bill and Betty.
Is our daughter here?’
‘Yes,’ Natalie answered, ‘just a minute.’ She turned to Tammy.
‘It’s your parents, Tam.’
‘Oh, shit!’ Tammy blurted out. ‘I can’t let my dad see me like
this!’ She ran for the cover of the kitchen.
Natalie watched as she entered the kitchen. Feeling unashamed,
without the least bit of embarrassment, she opened the door.

Bill looked at Natalie, standing in front of him completely nude,
and remarked casually, ‘Aren’t we a little underdressed?’
‘Sorry,’ Natalie replied, ‘but I didn’t have a chance to put anything on.’ Stepping aside, she added, ‘Come on in.’
Natalie turned sideways to allow them entry. Being the gentleman
that he was, Bill let his wife enter first and quickly followed her
in. As Bill entered Natalie accidentally slipped, deliberately, and his hand grazed against her blond forest. ‘Sorry,’ he blurted out.
Natalie just joshed the notion. ‘Tammy’s in the kitchen.’
‘Yeah, we were just wondering if she wanted to go out to dinner,’
Betty said, looking at the c***dren huddled tightly under the afghan.
Looking at Natalie she just smiled as a crimson hue flooded her face.
‘I’ll get our daughter,’ Bill interjected making his way toward the

As Tammy saw the door swing, her face blushed. Very frightened at
the thought of letting her father see her nude, she quickly opened
the refridgerator and took shelter behind its door.
Her father noticed her bare foot and lower leg.

Now he knew that she had worn her jeans and it didn’t take much guessing as to her
present attire. Surely it didn’t take a rocket scientist to assume
that since he had already seen a naked blond woman. And, he had to
admit to himself, she was quite good looking at that. And the fact that her c***dren were huddled under an afghan. Hell, a c***d could
add. He slowly made his way toward the concealing door knowing full
well what he would encounter.

The thought of actually seeing his
daughter, his sexy brunette daughter, nude caused a thrill to cross his mind. ‘What you doing, hon?’ he asked as he rested on the open
‘Getting some more ginger ale, dad,’ Tammy shot back trying
desparately to conceal her nakedness from her father.
‘Well, hon, your mother and I were wondering if you wanted to get
some dinner out?’ She shook her head ‘no’ which perturbed him to no
end. ‘Tammy, will you close that damn door before everything thaws.’
‘As soon as you leave,’ she answered, fully flushed.
‘Leave hell,’ Bill blurted out grabbing her arm. He yanked her out
from behind the door and nudged it shut. Yanking her quickly,
as he did, caused his hand to brush against her breast.
Meanwhile in the living room Betty sat down in the lounge chair, but didn’t recline it, and asked simply, ‘So why are you k**s hiding
under that afghan, anyway?’
‘We’re cold,’ Kim shot back quickly, ‘and it’s quite warm.’
Mark cut in with, ‘It should be. It’s real wool.’
Betty just nodded.

Smiling at them she casually commented, ‘Heck,
how could you be cold? It’s actually quite nice in here.’ As she
looked over at Natalie, who was standing by the couch, she said, ‘Say,
Natalie, you know the k**s could get overheated under that. It’s not good that they should be under that thing on such a balmy night.’
‘You know, Betty,’ Natalie replied, ‘ I think you’re right.’ As Betty nodded, Natalie added, ‘You should really get out from under
that afghan.’

‘But, mom,’ Kim protested as they both clutched it tighter.
‘Oh, come on, c***dren,’ Betty said, ‘don’t be embarrassed.’ Getting up out of the lounge chair, she glanced over at Natalie and
noticed her nod, and slowly came over to the couch. With a mile-wide
grin, she commented, noticing a slight crimson hue on their faces,
‘Looks like you two are too hot.’ As she reached for the bottom hem
of the afghan, she said in a doctorly tone, ‘It’s not good to be
too hot.’ And that said, she tugged the afghan from their grasp. She smiled at the sight of their naked bodies as neither had the chance to cover themselves.
‘Are you satisfied now?’ Mark asked, grinning at her.
‘I sure am,’ Betty replied. She bent over, grabbed Mark’s penis,
which was still somewhat erect, and asked, ‘What’s this thing?’ She
looked over at Natalie and saw her giggle, and added, giggling herself, ‘Can’t be much good. Too puny.’ She let go of his penis.
Mark jumped into her face.

‘Oh yeah, lady!’ Rather grimly she
nodded as Mark shot back with a, rather erotic, comment, ‘Wanna try it on for size!?’
She just smiled at his comment and walked over to Natalie, nudging
her into a corner. She was quite audible in her comments to Natalie.
Actually she was intriqued by his notion, delighted at how really nice Mark’s penis was, but just wanted some fun with him.
‘Well, Betty,’ Natalie replied, ‘why don’t you? You might actually be surprized.’
‘You have got to be k**ding. Aren’t you?’ She saw Natalie smile
and shake her head. Brushing her hand against Natalie’s crotch, she
said, ‘You mean that little thing of his actually,’ and with a finger
she rimmed Natalie’s pussy lips, ‘went in here?’
Mark stepped up boldly, slamming his hard dick into her hand.
‘Put your money where your mouth is, Betty!’
Turning to him, she commented, ‘Oh, do I have a dare?’
‘You sure do!’
‘Well,’ she pondered, rubbing her chin, ‘maybe, just maybe, I might accept your dare.’ Thinking a moment, she admonished him, angrily with a smirk, ‘If I accept your dare, you had just better be
good.’ Noticing the question in his eye, she continued, ‘Or I’ll
slap those things between your legs silly.’
Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Tammy’s whole body seemed to color
itself a pale red. She jerked her arm free, trying desparately to
cover herself. She started to cry.

‘Oh, daddy, I’m sorry.’
‘Nothing to be sorry about, sweetheart,’ he comforted her, hugging
his daughter tightly. ‘No, don’t cry, Tammy.’
‘Daddy,’ she whispered, feeling the bulge in his pants with her
hand, ‘what’s this?’ She knew full well what it was. Actually, she
had fantascized for some time about seeing her father. She often
wondered what he looked like nude? Would her father sprout a big
penis. She longed to find out, and unashamedly whispered, ‘Daddy?’
‘Yes, sweetheart?’
‘Could I please see it?’
‘Well, to be honest, Tammy, that’s not really right, you know.’
‘I know, daddy. But really, I only want to see it.

That should
be all right. Shouldn’t it?’
‘Well,’ he answered, not the least bit ashamed, ‘I should think that’d be okay. Afterall, you only want to see it.’
As he started to get undressed, he glanced over at her. ‘You know
something, Tam?’
‘What, daddy?’
‘You’re actually a very pretty young lady.’ He jabbed a finger at
his daughter’s bush, commenting, ‘This is cute.’ She giggled as he rubbed it with his finger. He hesitated to remove his underpants. He turned his back to her and slipped them off.

Turning around, he
asked, ‘Well, Tammy, are you satisfied?’

She reached out touching the head of her father’s penis. ‘Wow,
daddy,’ was all she could say. She noticed that her own father was practically fully erect. She was intriqued by the fact that she could do that. ‘Oh, daddy, can I?’
‘Can you what, sweety?’
Tammy knelt down in front of her father, darting her tongue against
the bulbous purple head. She was surprised that he didn’t scold her.
She noticed that he actually seemed to enjoy it.

Suddenly, without
warning, she quickly took most of its length into her mouth, closing her lips tightly on it. She could hear his shallow sighs as she pumped her head. Reaching up between his legs she felt her father’s nut sack, immediately noticing how they seemed to constrict tightly.
‘Oh, god, Tammy, oh god,’ he whispered as he felt his sticky juice
climb up the length of his penis. Suddenly he erupted with the f***e
of a volcano.
Tammy couldn’t swollow it fast enough as he continued to erupt
gobs of hot cum into her mouth. She slipped her mouth off and felt
her father’s white juice spurt onto her breasts. Finally, with small
rivlets sticking to her breasts, she saw his cum subside to just a

She could feel it dripping down her body embedding itself
into the hair of her pussy.
They looked at each other. ‘You should get cleaned up, sweety.’
‘But, daddy, we don’t have anything in here for that,’ she
advanced, hoping to feel her own father’s tongue on her body.
‘Well, that’s a problem.’
‘No really, daddy.’
‘Oh, you think not, sweety?’
‘Sure, it’s not a problem.’ Hoping he’d accept her proposition,
she continued, ‘Why don’t you just lick it off, daddy?’
‘Now, that’s an interesting idea.’ He looked at her, at his own
daughter’s naked body glistening with his white cum, and picked her

‘What are you doing?’
He didn’t make any comments to her as he laid her on the table, as he d****d her legs over the end, he spread them slowly. He could see
the swollen lips of her pussy. Slowly, with a darting tongue, he started to lick one breast, swirling the pouty nipple in his mouth, and then the other one. He could feel his daughter tense up as he
lapped his way toward her little black forest.
Tammy jerked as her father’s tongue penetrated her lower region and
he twirled it against her. As he licked his sticky juice from her
prickly hair, she shuddered as his tongue darted against her swollen

Slowly it entered and she sighed in es**tasy. As his tongue
touched her clit, she cried out. As aroused as she was, she couldn’t
hold back, and streamed hot moisture right into his face. Meanwhile back in the living room Mark stood, quite naked in the
center of the room, his hardening penis sticking out in front of him,
and looked over at Betty. True, he thought, it was him that had
initiated the dare. But could he actually accept the possibility that
she might accept his dare? Would he, if she did take him up on it,
be willing to actually do it? He knew she was a strict parent, according to what Tammy had mentioned, and would not hesitate to
make good her threat to thrash his penis and testicles. Boldly he
stepped upto her. ‘Well, Betty, gonna take my dare?’

She turned to him, answering, ‘Well, you do know the consequences.
Are you willing to accept them?’ She noticed his hesitant nod as she
sat down on the couch along with Natalie. ‘Tell you what, Mark.

do a little dance and then I’ll decide.’
‘You want me to dance?’
‘Oh yeah,’ she shot back. ‘I wanna see that little dickey dance.’

Natalie mentioned to Betty that should probably get the coffee table out of the way. So that’s what they did and returned to the couch. They prodded Mark to do his little jig.
He was extremely hesitant. But all three girls started to nag and
urge him on. Unbelievably he started to dance about.

His now full
erection bounced all over the place. He noticed that all were enjoying his jig and danced more briskly, more stripper style. Getting into it more and more, he started to get friskier. Grabbing
his penis he stroked it vigorously and fondled his balls.
Betty went wild and urged him on. ‘Yeah, baby, beat it good!’
As the others egged him on, Betty noticed a few drops of clear liquid
glistening on his penis head. ‘Okay, Mark, you can stop dancing.’
Turning to Natalie, she added, ‘Gee, I loved that.’
Mark steped upto her.

Practically kissing her, which he was tempted to do, he demanded an answer. ‘Well?’

She looked at him, directly into his eyes. She knew, from his expression, that he was serious. She moved slightly and kissed him
as she reached out and caressed his genitals. ‘Maybe, just maybe,
I’ll accept your dare.’
‘Great!’ Mark thought a moment, then continued, ‘But you gotta do
a little dance.’ Grinning, he added, ‘And ya gotta go all the way.’
As Betty got up from the couch he sat down. ‘Well?’
Betty was surprized at his request.

But realized that it,
probably, was only fair. She was extremely embarrassed about exposing
herself to him and the others. But with their nagging encouragement,
she started to dance. She tried to do it elegantly, remembering
the strippers of old, and slowly peeled off her blouse.
As she unbuttoned it she swayed her hips to an imaginary song causing her short dress to flap wildly. As her dress flapped
upward all could see her white cotton panties. Even though only
fleeting glimpses could be had, Mark was able to see quite well and
glued his eyes to her crotch.

She noticed his staring eye and didn’t mind.

Within minutes she
flung her blouse to the floor and kicked it out of the way. She was
wearing a rather skimpy bra which displayed, quite prominently, the
roundness of her breasts. As she danced they jiggled. However she
was careful not to expose them just yet.
With a flamboyant flair she flourished off her dress. All three
were astonished that she wore full panties. She pelvic thrusted
forward, pulling back on her panties, allowing all three, especially Mark, to see her pussy pressed tightly against the material.
Suddenly she collapsed to the floor and, as she pumped the air,
slapping her butt on the floor, unhooked her bra.

Her bra now being
loose caused her to quickly turn over and, booty pumping, let it fall
to the floor. With her back to them she jumped up and swayed to her
imaginary music.
She knew, thinking to herself, that she was getting into it.
Slowly she peeked over her shoulder at the three on the couch and
winked at them. She even kissed the air in Mark’s direction. She
bounced her way around, flaunting her breasts, with their big brown
nipple splotches, in their direction. Bouncing her breasts she
pinched her nipples, causing them to swell hard. She tweeked them
vigorously sticking them out noticeably.
Suddenly, quite unexpected by her audience, she advanced quickly forward.

She, herself, was surprized by her actions. As she bent over toward Mark her hands
probed against the pubic mounds of the girls. Without any warning to Mark she grazed her nipples against his lips as a hand groped the thing sticking up between his legs.
‘Touch my covered pussy,’ she whispered.
His hand slipped forward against the panties. Slowly he pushed
it into her panties and deliberately outlined her mound. ‘Oh wow, Betty,’ he blurted out, ‘you’re something else!’
Quickly she stepped back, dancing all the way. ‘Oh yeah,’ she
replied as she slowly slid her panties down.

However she stopped just
just short of exposing herself. She continued to dance, the panties just above her genital area, and wondered if she actually had the courage to expose her sex organ to them — to him. She thought about
what her husband might think, if he happened to come in just now,
seeing her like this.
‘Take it off! Take it all off!’ was chanted by her audience quite
loudly which caused Bill and Tammy to come in to see what all the
commotion was about.

Seeing her like this, in her stripper dance, caused him to catcall,
‘Oh yeah, baby, take it off!’
‘Yeah, mom,’ Tammy blurted in, ‘show your coochie!’ She went to sit on the couch between Mark and Natalie.
Bill squished his way next to Kim and joined in the chanting,
‘Take it off, take it off!’
She realized that the chips were down. She had to do it. She realized that if she didn’t, she’d never live it down. But in doing
it she’d allow them, especially the c***dren, to see her naked.

Could she chance that? Would she actually have the courage?
She looked them all in the eye. The chants echoed thoughout the
room. She saw her daughter’s hands move seeing them fondle pussy
and dick. She saw her husband’s hand move toward Kim’s mound, gently massaging it as she slipped a hand around his dick, stroking it slowly. As she watched them, amid the chants of ‘take if off’ she
noticed that they were watching her with eager eyes, especially the twelve year old boy.
‘Go ahead, sweetheart,’ Bill remarked, ‘do it. Take it off.’
She thought about what they’d think.

Would she still be respected after exposing herself? Thinking about it caused her to smile as she danced toward Mark. She grazed her nipples against his lips, whispering softly, ‘Touch my pussy.’
Mark thought to himself, wondering if she was actually serious.
Was she inviting him to touch her naked vagina? Sure, he had touched his mother’s, his s****r’s, and yes, even Tammy’s. But could he actually bring himself to touch another woman’s pussy?

‘Oh shit, Mark,’ Bill blurted out, ‘go ahead. Touch my wife’s naked pussy.’
Betty stepped back inviting Mark to dance with her. ‘Touch my
naked coochie,’ she whispered. As his dick jammed against her panties, she added, ‘Go ahead slip your hand in.

Feel my hot pussy.’
Mark looked into her eyes. Slowly, hesitantly, he slipped his
hand past the waistband. As his hand slid deeper she kissed him
passionately, flaying his tongue with hers.
She knew, from his action, that he was extremely embarrassed.

Embarrassed at the thought of actually touching her mound. She thrust her hips forward causing his hand to slip against her vaginal mound. She gyrated violently allowing his hand to explore every inch. As his hand probbed against her, she slipped off her panties.
As his hand probbed against her mound, he sighed, ‘Oh, Betty, it’s so soft, so naked.’ As his hand slipped against this woman’s mound, he realized that it was hairless.

He looked down, seeing the smooth pussy of a woman, of Tammy’s mother.
‘Oh, wow, honey,’ she sighed, stroking his penis, ‘stick it in.’ She eased her way to the floor as Mark’s finger rimmed her lips.
‘No, Mark,’ she pleaded, ‘make love to me. Oh, god, Mark,’ she sighed, rather bluntly, ‘fuck me hard.’
As Mark climbed on top of her she eased his hard penis past her lips. He pumped it deep into her causing her to cry out in es**tasy. She tightened up, as his dick jammed deeper in, allowing him to feel her vaginal walls sliding against his intruding member.

He pumped it slowly, savoring every stroke, as she writhed along with his every stroke inside her. He could feel her moisture against his penis and heard her heavy breathing. Sensing she was about to
cum he pumped furiously soon feeling a tingle as his hot semen erupted into Betty’s cavity.
‘Oh god, oh god!’ she cried out, feeling his cum erupt like a volcano into her pussy.

Suddenly she cried out, ‘Oh god, honey, I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming!’ And suddenly she convulsed her body as her juices flooded against his penis, mingling with his cum. She held him tight against her, pumping herself against his dick, and
sighed, loudly enough for all to hear, ‘Oh god, Mark, I loved it! I loved you fucking me!’Now that was worthwhile to watch," Bill commented as he embraced
his wife, giving her a big kiss. As he swiped his hand against her
bare mound, he asked, "Did you enjoy his penis inside?"
"Yeah, mother, how did it feel?"
"Honestly," she replied surveying the inquisitive faces in the room, "it was
something else. He’s not that big but his hard penis
rubbing against me was quite an erotic sensation." Turning to Mark,
she smiled, adding, "Mark, you’re a good fuck." Stroking his penis,
she continued, "A real good fuck."
Natalie came over to Bill and, looking down at his erect penis,
asked, as she slipped her hand around it, "Tell me, Betty, how good
is this thing?"
"Why don’t you try it on for size, you sexy blond?" Bill asked
as he jammed his full hard erection at her blond forest. He palmed his hand
against her mound, sliding his finger down her slit until he
reached its end. "Just imagine, Natalie. If I spread these lips just a little,"
and spreading apart her tight pussy lips, he continued
with a grin, "you could feel this hard shaft in there."
"Yeah, do it, daddy," Tammy said.
"Yeah, Bill," Natalie shot back quickly, "slide that dick of yours
inside my pussy." She laid down on the floor, spreading her legs wide
affording them an erotic view of her cavity.
"Geez, Natalie," Bill remarked as he looked down at her pussy,
its lips spread wide, "that is real inviting." As his penis approached her open
mound, he rimmed the outside.

"Thanks for inviting me in, you sexy blond." He
jammed his penis hard into her.
Natalie cried out as his penis slid into her. Wanting to feel
the intensity of his hard shaft she tightened up her vaginal muscles.
As Bill’s penis slid up and down inside her she could feel that she
was starting to feel moisture. She couldn’t be sure if it was him
cumming or her own juices. She was so into the moment that, as his
finger massaged the outside, she cried out loudly, "Oh god, Bill, I’m
Bill pumped faster as he quickened his massage. He wanted her to
feel his stream of white cum. As fast as he pumped his shaft in her
blond-haired pussy, it wasn’t long before he felt his penis erupt
into her just as she shivered in delight as she juiced the hard penis
impaling her pussy.
"Gee, Bill," Betty remarked as she watched him pull his still dripping penis
out, "that makes me hungry."
Bill helped Natalie up.

"That makes you hungry?"
"Yeah," she answered. "I’d sure like some peanut butter. And it
just has to be the creamy stuff."
"And why is that, Betty?" Natalie asked as she looked at her.
She couldn’t help but notice how nicely formed Betty’s pussy was. Being
completely shaved allowed her a pleasant view. Smiling, she
approached her, and rubbing her hand against Betty’s naked mound, she
asked again. "Why is that?"
Trying not to be outdone, Betty massaged her hand against Natalie’s blond mound,
and simply replied, chuckling, "Cause sweety, I’ve seen enough nuts."
"Well, Betty," Natalie replied, "you got that right." Making her
way toward the kitchen, her hands fondling her son’s and Bill’s testicles, she
added, "Four nuts is enough for anyone." She entered the kitchen.
"I like mine on white bread," Tammy said as she sat down on the couch.
"Not on your life, Tammy," her father replied.

Looking at her and
at Kim, who was sitting next to her, he grinned his response. "We put
the peanut butter on plates." He noticed their eyes question his
reply. "And then we use our tongues to lick it off."
"Oh, that sounds like fun!" Kim blurted out.
"Yeah, it is," Bill answered. "Especially when you two girls are
the plates."
"What do you mean, honey?" Betty asked, glaring at her husband. She also noticed
the wide-eyed look of the teenagers.
Bill stood there, folding his arms. He just smiled.

As Natalie
returned to the room with the peanut butter and a knife, he set their
questioning minds at ease. "You two girls are the plates."
"Oh, wow, daddy, you’re sure kinky."
Bill had both girls lay on the floor. Taking the jar from Natalie he slowly
spread the peanut butter over Kim, making sure to splotch it
heavily over her small breasts. Spreading it into her fuzzy blond mound, he
said, "This’ll be good." He made sure to blade a little
peanut butter on her lips. Then he slowly spread the peanut butter over his own
daughter. As he bladed some against her dark forest, he
remarked, "Gee, honey, this’ll take some licking to get out."
Natalie looked on intently at what he was doing.

She had never thought of this
before. I mean the popcorn was one thing, and that
was quite erotic, but peanut butter. Wow! Bill sure was kinky.
Turning to Mark, he simply said, "Okay, son, you go first.


your girl and lap up that stuff." He noticed Mark was deciding, and
added, "I’ll lick the peanut butter off the other girl." Noticing that Mark was
having a tough decision, glancing at both girls the way he was, he nudged him
toward his own daughter. "Go ahead, son," he
said, "eat the peanut butter off Tammy." Thinking a minute, he added, "And you
can’t use your hands." As Mark knelt down next to
Tammy, Bill added, "Yeah, suck that stuff off."
As Mark sucked on Tammy’s tits he felt her nipples swell up and
fill his puckered lips. As her father watched, Mark swirled his tongue around
her nipples lapping up the peanut butter. Opening his mouth wide he was able to
swollow Tammy’s breast completely.

As he
closed his mouth tight against her breast he twirled his tongue around it,
licking up the peanut butter. Shortly he finished, quite neatly on both breasts,
licking up all the peanut butter on her breasts. He looked at her black mound
splattered with the creamy peanut butter. He had a feeling that a girl’s pussy
was sensitive so he was careful not to be too frisky. He was able, due to the
area of Tammy’s pussy, to smother it with his open mouth. His tongue twirled
against the prickly hair and against her lips causing a shiver to engulf her

As his tongue licked the creamy peanut butter from her black prickly forest she
felt that she should really help him out. Afterall, she reasoned, peanut butter
is gooey, sticky, and quite dry. Trying to be somewhat funny, she asked, "Would
you like some
milk with that?" As he stopped licking off the peanut butter and
questioned a look into her deep brown eyes, she added with a giggle,
"Go ahead, Mark, have some milk to wash it down."
Mark wasn’t sure what she meant by her comment. But as he looked
down at her black-haired mound, and the thin layer of peanut butter
remaining, he noticed a lot of moisture glistening amid the creamy
brown peanut butter. He lapped up the remainder of the peanut butter and washed
it down with her cum.
Bill had watched him eat the peanut butter off his daughter. He sure had noticed
how well she understood how gooey it was.

And he
had to admire her for adding some milk to aid him. He wondered, as
he swollowed Kim’s tits, and sucked the peanut butter off, if she would be as
accomodating. He wasted no time in licking the peanut butter from her breasts.
He was anxious to lick it off her little blond mound. He hoped she’d let him
have a little liquid, at least.
Kim sighed as he twirled his tongue around her sticky mound. She
shivered a little as his mouth sucked against her lips.

As he licked the creamy
brown goo from her vaginal lips she added her vaginal juices. Bill lapped up the
remainder of the peanut butter and swollowed it along with her accomodating cum.
As Bill wiped his hand against her vaginal mound he took a little
liberty and inserted a finger into her. Afterall, he had to make sure
that he had gotten all of the peanut butter he could from Kim. Satisfied tht he
had done his job he helped her off the floor as he
turned to Mark. "Are you sure you got all the peanut butter? Better
check to make sure."
Mark massaged his hand against Tammy’s mound slipping a finger into
her tight pussy. "Damn," he thought to himself, "this girl is really

Withdrawing his finger slowly, to savor her vaginal tightness
as long as he could, he licked the finger that had probbed her cavity.
"Yep, sure did."
"Now young man," Bill said, "seeing that you got all of the peanut
butter off my daughter, it’s your turn." He noticed the question in
Mark’s eyes as he stuck the knife into the jar. Withdrawing a good
amount he looked at Mark. "Oh yeah. Now it’s your turn." Bill didn’t even flinch
as he grabbed Mark’s penis and, slidding the brown-covered blade lightly against
it, coated it and the little sack below
it in peanut butter. "And we do this differently. All the girls
get to eat that peanut butter." Bill thought a moment.

"Let’s see,
who gets to be first?" Pondering a little more, he added, "I know!
The youngest goes first. That would be your s****r, Mark, then my
daughter, followed by your mother and then my wife." Turning to the
females, he smiled and said, "Okay, girls, let’s do a good job."
"Wait a minute, Kim," Betty interjected quickly, "don’t you dare!"
Turning to her husband, she asked, "Aren’t we being a little unfair,
Bill?" Snatching the jar and knife from his hand, she added, as she
smothered her husband’s genitals with the peanut butter, "You’re not
a priviledged character, you know." She smirked at him and looked at
the others. "And all of us get to get that peanut butter off of him."
Turning towards Mark, she added, "Even you. And, I might add, the
youngest goes first." Turning to her husband, she said, "And guess
what, Bill, I changed your rules." She noticed his squinting eyes
and added, "Kim goes after you."
"Oh, is that how you want it played, Betty?" Bill looked at Mark’s
penis smothered in the creamy brown goo. He slipped his mouth over the head and
licked off a fair amount and was, likewise, accomodated by Mark.
Admittedly both of them enjoyed the attention of the girls’ mouth
swollowing their hardening penises into their mouths. As the girls
licked off the peanut butter both felt like adding some milk to aid
in their digestion.
Just as Natalie was about to taste Bill’s penis the telephone rang.

All eyes
were glued to her tits as they flopped wildly as she
ran to answer the phone. "Hello."
The voice on the other end was terse and hurried. "Mrs. Evans?"
"Yes, this is Mrs. Evans."
"Mrs. Evans, this is Captain Lewis."
As Captain Lewis spoke softly a tear came to her eye.

"Are you
sure, captain?"
"Oh yes, absolutely, Mrs. Evans. Good night."
Natalie dropped the phone and, crying, drew her two c***dren close to her,
hugging them tightly. "Oh, God, I . . ." She was so choked up with emotion,
flooding her c***dren with her tears, that she couldn’t say anything.
Bill cradled the phone.

Walking over to Natalie, he comforted her. "Why don’t
you sit down, Natalie." He f***ed her to sit on the couch and sitting down
beside her he embraced her. "Natalie, it’s
all right. I’m here for you. I know you’re grieving."
She wiped her eyes, and sighing deeply, sniffled, "No, Bill, it’s not that."
Both c***dren were deeply concerned. After all they didn’t want their mother to
be hurt.

"What’s wrong, mom?"
Weeping, trying to talk, she looked at them, pulling them toward herself. "Oh,
God," she weeped, "it’s your dad, c***dren." She tried to continue, but amidst
her weeping she couldn’t.
"There there now, honey," Betty comforted. Stroking Natalie’s brow she added,
"It’s okay, honey. Just calm down. And calmly tell us what you heard."
Natalie sniffled, tears still dripping from her eyes. She sighed heavily, trying
to calm herself down.

Drying her eyes a second time she laid her head on Bill’s
shoulder. "Oh, God, Bill."
Bill knew something was up. Afterall the army didn’t call unless there was a
real big deal. And if it was bad news, didn’t they normally come with a
telegram? "Calm down, honey. Tell us what you heard."
Sniffling her answer, she blurted out, "It’s Dave! Oh God, it’s
Dave!" Looking at her c***dren, tears still pooling in her eyes, she looked
upward toward the celing. Her eyes seemed to burn through as they saw her smile.

"Oh God, thank you!" She cried out. Returning
her eyes to her own c***dren, she reigned them in tightly, and said, "Your
father, my husband, is alive!"
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family incest is the best love the story i so enjoy my family
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hot n favorite :)